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关于”喜欢一个人“的英语句子24个,句子主体:like a person。以下是关于喜欢一个人的xx年级英语句子。

英文句子模板1:like a person


1、You’d like Jaydee a lot. Most people do.


2、It is definitely an aquired taste, one that you either love or hate.


3、The other person who loved Joey inordinately was the Monaghan girl, Connie.


4、I am a person who likes the material enjoying.


5、Frank Delaney is a man who enjoys a challenge.


6、Nobody likes a smart .


7、Marry a person who likes talking; because when you get old, you'll find that chatting to be a geat advantage;


8、He loves drinking alone in the yard.

Life is what you make it …我是一个很容易相处的人,而且喜欢小狗和动物,喜欢牵手,接吻,喜欢浪漫,我喜欢两个人一起牵着手去海滩上看海的感觉。 生活就是看我们去过。

9、I am easy going, love dogs and animals, holding hands, kissing, romantic, going to the ocean holdin hands and looking into the sea…

10、每个人都喜欢和她玩 Everyone love to play with her 每个人都喜欢和她玩 Everyone love to play with her


11、Like a person is kind of feeling, not like a person is true. The facts to explanation, the feeling is unspeakable.


12、In this cl some like English, others like science.

13、你喜欢那个人吗,喜欢就留i‘ll be expecting the next meet 普通朋友就留here i come,there i go


14、Our picture show and candies. The candies were quite popular, everybody likes them.

一些人喜欢拼图,一些人喜欢组字,一些人喜欢逻辑- 这委实和你选择的种类无关。

15、Some of us like jigsaw puzzles, some crossword puzzles, some logic puzzles - it really doesn’t matter kind you choose to do.


16、This is I , an introversion likes the human who recites, hoped that everybody likes me, thanks.


17、The spitter. And the guy who enjoyed my name so much…


18、Ichinose Kotomi: One of my personal favorite characters.


19、Hold out for someone who you love spending time with, and who loves to spend time with you.


20、So a people who like share, but also like bargain, will she is a rd.

21、With an anime character, you can like one character one day and a different character the next.不过对于动漫人物,你可以今天喜欢一个,明天喜欢另一个。

22、I do love being a Canadian.我喜欢做一个加拿大人。

23、I guess that is popular with many people .What do you like most about it?我想那本书许多人都喜欢。你最喜欢的是这个作品的哪一方面呢?

24、The Law of Liking: People like people who like them.法则 人们愿意和喜欢自己的人交往。

一: 喜欢。

25、Yeah, turns out ody likes shorties, least of all prospective parents.对,好像没人喜欢矮个子,至少那些准父母们不喜欢。

英文句子26:,26、I like record stores; I like music.我喜欢音乐,喜欢逛唱片店。 这是一个连锁店。

27、Some people liked the peony but others liked the plum blossom. 一些人喜欢牡丹,但有些人喜欢梅花。

28、No longer like the lollipop, because a human being.再也不喜欢棒棒糖,因为一个人。

29、Perhaps I can be a reporter. i like writing things. i love to share things with people.也许我可以成为一个记者。 我喜欢写东西。 我喜欢与人分享东西。

30、Everyone seems to like symmetry, but not everyone likes it as much.似乎每个人都喜欢对称,但喜欢的程度不一样。

31、Some people like mild chilies, others like plenty of heat.一些人喜欢微辣的辣椒,其他人喜欢很辣的。

32、I treat women with respect and pamper the woman Im with.我是一个喜欢大自然,喜欢笑的小女人。

33、Is Susie the one who likes combining rocky road with strawberry ice cream, or is she the one who dislikes rainy days?苏丝是一个喜欢把石路与草莓冰淇淋,或者是她一个人喜欢雨天?。

34、It would be nice to find a woman who likes working in business and likes building business relationships with people - after all - I am in a people business.这将是很好找到一个女人谁喜欢在业务工作,喜欢与人建立的业务关系- 毕竟- 我一个人的生意。

35、I like working with people, like being around people from all backgrounds.我喜欢和别人一起合作,喜欢结交不同背景的人。

36、Like a person, do not need any reason. Don't like a person, have a lot of reasons.喜欢一个人的时候,不需要任何理由。不喜欢一个人的时候,拥有很多理由。——许嵩。

37、I hope to find a man who love me and I love him.我现在在中国广西南宁市生活,我希望找一个我喜欢他,他也喜欢我的人。

38、Sure. I'm very big into the Sims. I like creating houses and controlling people's lives.当然了。我很喜欢一个叫“模拟人生”的游戏。我喜欢造房子,也喜欢控制人们的生活。

39、I actually hate this question because I have so many favorite artists.我其实不喜欢这个问题,因为我喜欢很多音乐艺人。

40、One person hates the blue color scheme, while another loves it.一个人讨厌蓝色的轮廓,而另一个喜欢它。

41、Paula likes to walk through the woods by herself, but her brother prefers to walk with a companion.葆拉喜欢一个人在林间散步,他的哥哥则喜欢有人作伴。

42、Does anyone like to read this manga ? Which character do you like best?有人喜欢看《死神》么?你最喜欢里面的哪个人物?

43、A person who simply enjoys "anime."一个人只喜欢谁“动画片。”

44、Today one of her favorite products is Huggable Hangers.今天,她最喜欢的产品是一个逗人喜 爱的的衣架。

45、Like a person, is sweet greasy.喜欢一个人,是甜腻的。

46、One person may like to spend his vacation at the seas, while another may prefer the mountains.一个人会喜欢在海滨度假,而另一个人会喜欢在山里度假。

47、I just wanner find a corner to bury my love.我喜欢一个人,已经很久了。

48、Many people enjoy playing different sports while others just watching them. (P22)一些人喜欢做不同的运动而另外一些人只喜欢看别人运动。

49、I liked them all.我喜欢他们每一个人。

50、Everyone likes the honest person.每个人都喜欢诚实癿人。

经典英文句子51:喜欢一个人,51、In general, I don't think she's a person that loves to date and play the field.一般来说,我不觉得她是一个喜欢约会、喜欢游戏情场的人。

52、This is the key quality that makes people likable, even to themselves.这才是让一个人招人喜欢,也让自己喜欢的主要品质。

53、MRS. FRITH:I certainly do,but I don't like the price.弗里斯夫人:我当然喜欢,但是我不喜欢这个价钱。

54、I love being a Canadian.我喜欢做一个加拿大人。

55、I know a man who loves to knit.我认识一个喜欢针织的男人。

56、我不会再去喜欢一个不喜欢我的人了 I won't to like a person who does not like me.

57、I'm a very friendly person and I like tohave a good laugh.我是一个非常友好的人,喜欢尽情欢笑。

58、Don't fall for a guy at work. - Why?别喜欢一个工作上的人 - 为什么?

59、Danny Summer is one of my favorite musicians.夏韶声是我很喜欢的一个音乐人。

60、It's a refreshing change from when players were admonished in Battlegrounds chat for engaging enemy players.这对于喜欢在战场中和敌人打游击的玩家来说,是一个非常讨人喜欢的改进。

61、Lastly, I like long walks on the beach and cuddling. Just kidding.最后一点,我喜欢在沙滩上走很长时间,还喜欢和别人拥抱,哈哈,开个玩笑。

62、Like to listen to music, watch movies, chat with friends, prefer to be alone, mind wandering.喜欢听音乐、看电影、和朋友聊天,更喜欢一个人独处,任思绪遨游。

63、Liking a person is very heart wrenching.喜欢一个人可真是闹心啊。

64、Because I do not like living alone.因为我不喜欢一个人生活。

65、Surely you loved Yin. Why did you fall in love with another woman?你喜欢的那个女人是慕容嫣,那你为什么又喜欢另外一个女人。

66、LL: That's a generous offer, Li Hua. But I'm afraid there is a reason why I am an outdoorsy person and not an artsy person!今天李华学到了两个常用语.一个是outdoorsy, 是喜欢野外活动的人.另一个是arsty,是喜欢艺术的人。

67、喜欢一个人看落叶 enjoy watching the leaves fall down to the ground.

68、I like travelling very much and I enjoy working with peo-ple.我喜欢旅行,也喜欢与别人一起工作。

69、I like swimming. Swim alone or with other people, both are acceptable.我喜欢游泳,一个人游和跟朋友一起游都喜欢。

70、and my favorite was, a person asked,我最喜欢的一段对话是:一个人问了,

71、Every hitter likes fast, just like everybody likes ice cream.每个棒球投手都喜欢快球,就好像人人都喜欢冰淇淋。

72、Just an average middlecl guy who likes chinese women.只是一个普普通通的人,喜欢中国女人。

73、I love staying with friends, instead of staying alone.我喜欢跟朋友一起,而不喜欢独个儿。


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