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1、Mix together flour, salt, rolled oats and sugar. Cut in shortening and margarine. Add water and soda.


2、Residue processing can be summarized as decarbonization, hydrogenation and asphalt gasification.


3、The original bodies of gas-oil formation are Acritarch and Botryococcus from Precambrian to Silurian.

检查轮胎气压。 气压不够的轮胎可增加油耗5%。

4、Remember to check your tires. Under-inflated tires can increase fuel consumption by five per cent.


5、The gas-phase products of heavy oil pyrolysis in CO2, steam and N2 and the yield of pyrobitumen decrease sharply, while the oil yield increases.


6、You need all the cheerleading you can get, so try not to talk to those who have lost all hope and are trying to get you to feel the same way.


7、The cracking gas of reservoir oil is an important source of natural gas.


8、Itis evident that the lower abnormal area is one of the most important marks for pre-diction oil gas reserve.

这周如果你做领导的话,不要只是用“蛮力”,而要用希望。 像一个教练,像一个激励者那样向上加油,从不泄气。

9、When you lead this week, don't lead with force, but lead with hope, lead by being a coach, by being a motivator, pull up, and never push down.


10、Hydrogen is added to the air mixture, causing it to burn easily and powerfully while the oxygen increases the octane value of the fuel.


11、Beat the egg yolks into the chocolate mixture and mix well.


12、My bike is short of gas, do you understand where is the gas station?


13、Pinghu oil and gas field(PHOGF)is the first-developed field in East China Sea petroliferous region, and H2 is the major reservoir of the field.


14、To solve this problem, the method was presented to inject air into engine when acceleration with an electric supercharger (ES).


15、Vapors from gasoline paint thinner aerosol sprays and cleaning solvents can ignite if they come in contact with an open flame from a candle matches or the pilot or burner of a gas appliance.


16、The asphalt, movable oil and gas shows are quite abundant in the Silurian reservoir in the Tazhong uplift.


17、A third gets to use it, relabelled as “equity”. That equity, in turn, allows the banks to provide additional dollops of credit to companies, thus fuelling China’s economy.


18、Reservoir geochemical exploration in well log can predict petroleum gas and appraise reservoir, because of its quick, accuracy and direct advantage.


19、Once a fire is detected, the engine should be slowed down, fuel shut off from the affected cylinders and cylinder lubrication increased.


20、Abundant oil seepage and asphalt existing in the Silurian and the Ordovician reveal large-scale petroleum migration and accumulation happened in Keping area.

21、There exist 249 giant and large oil-gas fields in West Siberian province, with over 90% reserves of the total.西西伯利亚含油气省共有巨型和大型油气田249个, 其油气储量占了含油气省总储量的90%以上。

22、The Tazhong paleo-uplift is a multiple oil-gas accumulation play, and medium-large scale reservoirs have been found in the Carboniferous, Silurian, Ordovician and Cambrian Systems.塔中古隆起复式油气聚集区在石炭系、志留系、奥陶系及寒武系均发现了大中型油气藏。

23、Whip the cream until soft peaks form, then slowly add the gelatin while hand-whisking until stiff.鲜奶油打至柔软耸立时,慢慢的加入吉利丁一起打发至完成阶段。

24、The problem is bewildering. Along a 17-hour drive from Tokyo to Kesennuma, cars snaked in a line out of almost every petrol station.从东京到气仙沼市的几乎每一座加油站前,都有无数车辆排成长龙等待加油。

25、Cream together the er & sugar until smooth; beat in the egg yolks.将黄油与糖搅拌至顺滑,加入蛋黄打匀。

英文句子26:,26、All it took was the introduction of Opal, a non-sniffable form of unleaded petrol.它采取的措施是在汽油中加入的蛋白石使无铅汽油失去气味。

27、Petroleum and natural gas industries - Rotary-type positive displacement compressors - Part 石油和天然气工业。旋转型容积式压缩机。

1: process compressors (oil-free).


28、To spank a crying child just adds fuel to the flame.欧打一个在哭的小孩,只会火上加油罢了。

29、The Oil &Gas Division offers customers products and solutions for the extraction, transport and conversion of oil and gas.石油与 天然气集团为客户提供用于石油天然气开采、运输和加工的系列产品与解决方案。

30、It was founded that with percent of Zr in Catalyst increased, the yields of gas and carbon residue on it would increased, diesel and heavy oil were on the contrary.研究发现随着催化剂中锆含量增加, 汽油、气体产率和催化剂积碳率增加, 柴油、 重油的产率减少。

31、Exhaust gas trap(EGT) is more effective strategy for mixture dilution and heating, and it is beneficial to reduce pumping loss and fuel consumption than exhaust gas recirculation(EGR).废气滞留比传统的废气再循环具有更好的稀释和加热混合气作用,有利于减小汽油机中小负荷泵气损失,降低油耗。

32、Whisk eggs and sugar. Add milk, light cream and vanilla essence.将鸡蛋、糖打匀,加入牛奶、淡忌廉、云呢拿油搅匀。

33、Pure hydrogen could reduce power consumptions and equipments size and tail gas hydrogenation unit and diesel hydrotreating unit, so it could bring benefits to this units.还可降低汽油加氢装置和柴油加氢装置等氢气用户的能耗和尾气量,减少压缩机等设备的尺寸。

34、The presence of DBT reduced the conversion of hexadecane, the yield of gasoline fractions decreased, the yields of dry gas, diesel fractions and e increased.DBT的加入降低了十六烷的转化率,促使干气生成,汽油产率减少,柴油产率增加,焦炭产率显著增加。

35、Cream the er and sugar until foaming. Add the egg by twice. Fold in the flour ingredients, milk and chocolate chips.牛油及砂糖打至淡白色,将全蛋分两次加入牛油混合物�,再加入粉材料、牛奶及朱古力粒。

36、Coding device can be installed, vacuum (inflatable), sealed, completed a one-time coding.可加装打码装置,真空(充气)、封口、打码一次性完成;

37、Industrial oil-gas current was drilled out by Nanhai petroleum exploration headquarters in Weixinan depression of Beibu Gulf in 1975.xx年南海石油勘探指挥部在北部湾涠西南凹陷打出工业油气流。

38、He(Reagan) sent Secretary of State Shultz to Capitol Hill in an effort to s up wavering Republicans.卿舒尔兹到国会山庄去给意志动摇的共和党议员打气。

39、Alice:Well, just let me know if you need any help with that pep talk. I'll be more than happy to deliver it in the future.艾利斯:好,如果你以后需要什么鼓励的话尽管告诉我,我很乐意给你打打气。

40、A person to call when things gets rough and a plan of action for the days where you need to be refueled in the human ways that aren't easily bought or attained.当你需要加油打气时,可以帮你制定行动计划; 这些都是不容易买到或得到的。

41、After filling it with water, he keeps gazing at it. Will a water monster come cheer him up? Why not go to the sea instead?他接满了水以后就一直盯着那水看……


42、Beat the er and sugar in a mixing bowl until creamy and fluffy. Add the eggs and continue beating until combined.把牛油和砂糖用搅拌器打松发后,加入鸡蛋搅打均匀。

43、Roustabouts, on the other hand, who are oil rig or gas pipeline workers, have the worst job, it said.但每天和石油钻台或天然气管道打交道的石油钻台工人则被评为最差职业。

44、Need to check the oil box's bottom which outlet whether closed or not, after closed surely then open the top of oil box and add the sealing cover for the top orifice.检查油箱底部放油口是否已关闭,确定关闭后再打开油箱顶部加油口密封盖。

45、Strengthen the legislation of industry of oil natural gas, it is the need of development of socialist market economy and practice of exploitation of oil gas perambulate.加强石油天然气工业的立法,是社会主义市场经济发展与油气勘查开采实践的需要。

46、Also, it will make the air in the office heavy and damage the staff’s morale.同时,这还会令办公室里气氛紧张,打击到员工的斗志。

47、The friend is more angry, that 朋友更加生气,扭住那三儿子要打。

3 sons should hit clinch.

48、Oil and gas properties include the mineral interests in properties, wells and related facilities arising from oil and gas exploration and production activities.油气资产是指持有的矿区权益和通过油气勘探与油气开发活动形成的油气井及相关设施。

49、Elsewhere volunteers equipped only with rubber gloves rubber boots and rudimentary tools struggled to cope with the oily waves washing up on the beaches在其他受污染地方,志愿者只装备橡胶手套、橡胶靴、采用原始的工具清理因含油海浪拍打上岸的油污。

50、Older cars with carburetors automatically increase the fuel rate to match the increased airflow going into the cylinders.装有化油器的老式汽车,为了适应气缸内增加的空气,会自然而然地增加燃料比。

经典英文句子51:加油打气励志,51、In a large bowl, beat together sugar and vegetable oil. Beat in egg and moles until smooth. Stir in flour mixture until well combined, then add in candied ginger.取一个大搅拌盆,将砂糖和油搅打混合。加入鸡蛋和糖浆打至匀滑。加入粉类拌匀然后加入糖渍姜肉。

52、I. Use Specially fish the oil-pipe noumenon and oil-pipe connecting hoop.可退式油管、油管接箍打捞筒


53、Jeff han very angry, cursed Han Jinquan this attitude is unable to sit on a golden chair, Han Jinquan anger to Jeff han.韩志杰非常生气,大骂韩金铨这种态度是无法坐上金椅的,韩金铨怒的要打韩志杰。

54、Red Poppy beats out the ambition of Chinese people, brings out the vitality and charm of modern females, and demonstrates the profound and inclusive Chinese culture.红樱束打出了中国人的志气,打出了现代女性的朝气和魅力,打出了中国文化的深邃内涵和宏大的包容性。

55、Triic basin is the main oil and gas bearing basin in Algeria, with excellent geologic conditions for hydrocarbon accumulation. The main source rock is Lower Silurian shale.三叠盆地是阿尔及利亚的主要含油气盆地,油气成藏地质条件优越,主要烃源岩为下志留统页岩。

56、This is an effective method for enhancing oil and gas production and injectivity in the late life of oil and gas field development.该方法是油气田开发后期增加油气产量和注水井吸水能力的有效技术手段。

57、In 1970s , the discovery of Wenliu coal-formed field marked a new period of Neopaleozoic field exploration in North China.上个世纪xx年代文留煤型油气田的发现,标志着华北上古生界油气田勘探进入了一个新阶段。

58、The process flow , prinl equipment and safety measures of LPG car refuelling station are introduced.介绍液化石油气汽车加气站的流程、主要设备和安全措施。

59、Heat peanut oil in a wok and scramble the egg. Remove the egg and set it aside when it's cooked.将花生油在锅里加热然后打鸡蛋进去,鸡蛋要在油里打碎,然后等鸡蛋炒熟了以后盛出来,放在一边。

60、Some details on N32 rotary type air compressor oil were described, including the trial-production, base oil process technique and additives selection.阐述了N32回转式空气压缩机油的试制过程、基础油加工工艺以及添加剂的选择。

61、The fuel oil (gas) the organic heat-carrying agent heating furnace is take the oil (gas) as the fuel, by the heat conduction oil the new heat energy equipment which heats for the circulation medium.燃油(气)有机热载体加热炉是以油(气)为燃料,以导热油为循环介质供热的新型热能设备。

62、Since restructuring, the Yumen Oilfield Company to focus on geological prospecting, oil and gas exploration play the battle.重组改制以来,玉门油田分公司以地质勘探为重点,大打油气勘探攻坚战。

63、Upward micro-seepage of hydrocarbon causes reductive environment in the overlying strata and the oil &gas exploitation intensifies formation of the reductive environment.油气田烃类的垂向微渗漏造成上覆地层的还原环境,油气田的开采则加剧了还原环境的形成。

64、Take away the whipped cream and it has 457 calories.如果忍痛割爱不加掼打奶油,那么卡路里数可以降到457。

65、Tectonic evolution and its bearings to the oil and gas with in the central Tarim uplift of the Tarim Basin, Xinjiang;塔中古隆起复式油气聚集区在石炭系、志留系、奥陶系及寒武系均发现了大中型油气藏。

66、Whisk egg yolk with 25g sugar and vanilla extract until pale, fold in milk and oil.蛋和云呢拿香油拌匀,分次加入糖打至厚身。

67、Dispersants used to fight the oil are also food for the microbes, speeding up the oxygen depletion.用于对抗石油的化油剂也是微生物的食物,加速了氧气的消耗。

68、The technology is used for conversion from hydrofining e-oven gas into the oil, conversion from coal tar into the oil and light benzole hydrorefining.该技术使用于焦炉煤气转化油、煤焦油转化油、轻苯加氢精制。

69、Switch on the ignition, close the choke and gas into the intake of the carburetor by flipping the propeller over counter-clockwise.打开点火系统电源,关闭阻气阀逆时针拨动螺旋桨让油进入化油器。

70、Of course, ongoing military strikes will undoubtedly strengthen the rebels’ resolve.当然,持续进行的军事打击行动无疑会加强反叛军的意志。

71、A sign out in front read: "Last and only gas station that offers FREE air and water, cold drinking water, clean restrooms, towels and hand fresheners , fuel gloves, travel information. Always open."在这个加油站前有个告示牌:「在所有的高速公路中,最后的一个服务站,我们提供免费的轮胎充气、水箱加水、冷饮用水、清洁的厕所、毛巾和洗涤剂、加油手套、旅游资讯等服务,永不打烊。」

72、The receiver puts out the brakes and breaks off the boom just above the dry break valve, as designed.按照设计,受油机将打开减速板扯断加油管上方的真空阀。

73、Most of buried hill reservoirs are superposed to form multiple oil and gas ls.潜山油气藏多与第三系油气藏上下叠置,形成复式油气藏。

74、For two years, the well Qian 通过两年来的研究,在前8井获得了深层油气勘探的巨大突破,展示了前梨园洼陷深层良好的油气勘探前景,并扩大了杜桥白油气叠加连片的场面,拓宽了东濮凹陷深层油气勘探领域。

8 has made a great breakthrough, it is show the well foreground at the depth of Qianliyuan low-lying, and spread the area of oil & gas at Duqiaobai…

75、Chi Ming very angry, the result two people fighting in the street.志明非常气愤,结果二人在街上扭打起来。

英文句子模板76:Cheering,76、The results showed that with the increase of WHSV, the yields of off-gas and LPG increased, but the yields of gasoline and diesel oil decreased slowly;实验结果表明,随着空速的增加,干气和液化气的产率逐渐增加,而汽油、柴油和焦炭的产率呈缓慢下降趋势;


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