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关于”鼓励学生“的英语句子21个,句子主体:Encourage students。以下是关于鼓励学生的考研英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Encourage students


1、By effectively subsidising growers, it encourages over-production and discourages r communities from shifting to more promising ways of supporting themselves.


2、This has an upward spiraling effect, encouraging more neighborliness and more small acts that create attractive social places.


3、The following information is provided by UM AYP Club and posted by the Student Affairs Section.


4、Mr. Pierre founded The Pierre Huber Prize in 2007. Part of the fund has been used to support the creativity of outstanding students over the years. Three students will be awarded the prize.


5、Providers are encouraged to take a holistic approach to care, including promotion of institutional deliveries for pregnant women, and family planning.


6、The carbon tax would take effect from 2015, to encourage developers like EDF planning to have reactors operational from 2017.


7、A bulging purse sometimes can easily turn one from knowledge learning to money pursuing.


8、Being a born motivator, coach and encourager, I couldn't help but get totally drawn into the moment;


9、The teachers played a cameo role at the ceremony as tutors and played a drum for their students.


10、Ibrahim's organisation is encouraging rural communities to plant the trees on all marginal land, where other crops cannot survive.


11、A recent WHO initiative to encourage countries to pay more attention to mental health problems is the mental health Gap Action Programme (mhGAP).


12、The new supplies will meet health standards, and, equally important, will be conveniently located, saving villager time and encouraging increased consumption.


13、The encouragement they received from mostly well-meaning but ill-informed professors was bolstered by the message in our culture that education always leads to opportunity.


14、After the kneeling incident, Li encouraged his female students to shave their heads. So far ody has complied. But his true colors are now clear: he is crazy.


15、We shared some of our real-world customer production numbers. We always encourage people to send us their production numbers so we can continue to share this information.


16、The Italian Senate approved a bill Thursday that encourages doctors to turn in illegal immigrants who they've treated.


17、Photographers are urged to capture the essence of ‘living seas’ – the colourful, diverse and often surprising wildlife and habitats found around UK coasts.


18、Events occur in the universe which no stretch of the imagination could claim you instigated or created.


19、Besides generally inspiring Magnus to investigate and protect abnormals , what more concrete detail of the Sanctuary did Gregory contribute?


20、Supporters argued the ban was necessary to safeguard the traditional understanding of marriage and to encourage responsible childbearing.

21、For example, service-oriented architectures require special governance and lifecycle management mechanisms that encourage their use.举例来说,面向服务的体系架构需要具体的治理和鼓励使用这个架构的生命周期管理机制。

22、The amut park is daring customers to eat a live Madagascar hissing roach in exchange for unlimited line-jumping privileges.这家游乐园鼓励游客吃下一只活生生的马达加斯加岛蟑螂,以此换取在游乐园免排队的优惠权。

23、They will also not encourage the growth of bacteria as long as they are kept dry and the area they are stored in is dry as well.他们也不会鼓励细菌的生长,只要他们一直干和地区,他们都储存在乾燥,以及。

24、But it is "crucial" that farmers are not encouraged to use productive cropland to grow biofuel crops, it says.但是该报告说,关键在于不要鼓励农民使用富饶的农田种植生物燃料作物。

25、Technique prize has been set up to encourage the people who create new technique to help cost-saving or increase the efficiency in production.公司特设技术奖以鼓励发明了节省成本,提高生产效率的技术的员工。

英文句子26:,26、By mowing alternate rows, we encouraged the insects to migrate over the g vines devouring all the bad bugs on the way.通过割草隔行,我们鼓励昆虫迁移到吞噬的葡萄藤上的所有有害微生物的方法。

27、This means that when incomes are stagnant or declining for most people, there isn’t enough demand in the economy to encourage productive investment—unless this demand is debt-fueled.没有足够的消费需求,生产性投资因而得不到鼓励。

28、The outsourcing industry says it does not “encourage or discourage” office romances but tolerates them when they develop.外包行业表示,“不鼓励也不阻止”办公室恋情,但一旦发生办公室恋情,会采取容忍的态度。

29、She encouraged this cl of newly minted MBAs to take risks, even if it means less money at first.她鼓励她的后辈MBA毕业生们要敢于冒险,即使它意味着你将会拿到很少的工资。

30、If I see an overwhelming response encouraging me to tell, then I will admit for you guys "risking my own life"… Hahaha…如果我看到反应激烈鼓励我说,我就会为你们“冒着生命危险”承认吧…哈哈哈!

31、If the "flush reaction" happened to a boy, 41.9% of the boys and 49.2% of the girls thought other boys would encourage further drinking;针对饮酒场合中男生的脸红反应,41.9%的男生和49.2%的女生认为饮酒群体中的男生仍会鼓励男生脸红者继续饮更多的酒;

32、A law enacted in 2005 contains a section that gives businesses an incentive to mix alternative energy sources with fossil fuels.xx年颁布的一部法律中有一项鼓励企业混合使用可再生能源与化石能源的法案。

33、Encouraging utilities of foreign loans is the policy of our country. It is the important way to develop health cause too.鼓励引进和利用外资是我国的大政方针,也是发展卫生事业的有效途径。

34、However, there were also instances where the wish of the widow to commit sati was not welcomed by others, and where efforts were made to prevent the death.但是,也有不鼓励寡妇殉夫并且积极防止此类死亡发生的地区。

35、We are setting up many programs designed to help the orphans as well as educate and encourage the people of Sias and Xin Zheng to take responsibility for some of the weaker members of our society.我们将鼓励引导更多的西亚斯在校学生和新郑市民树立起帮助社会上弱势群体的意识,来帮助社会上的孤儿。

36、WHO encourages clinicians to be alert to two situations that carry a high risk for the emergence of viruses resistant to oseltamivir.世卫组织鼓励临床医生提防以下两种高风险的对奥司他韦具有耐药性的病毒情况。

37、He shows sympathy to them and donates a sum of money to encourage them improve the life.他一时动了善念,丢下了一笔钱财,鼓励他们做些事业,并以此来改善他们的生活环境。

38、Mr Edwin Lau, the Assistant Director of Friends of the Earth (HK), encouraged the partints to be aware of the community environment.地球之友助理总监刘祉锋先生支持及鼓励参加者多留意社区的环境问题。

39、Being able to redound to environment protection, men's study encourage the male to overset the oppression of the patriarchy , and protect the environment hand in hand with the female.男性研究可以对生态保护做出贡献,鼓励男性颠覆父权文化的压迫,与女性携手保护生态。

40、Some life forms may be no more advanced than bacteria. Others may be highly advanced but unrecognizable, a thought that has caused some scientists to advocate the search for so-called weird life .一些生命形态可能不会比细菌高级,可能存在的非常先进的生命并未被广泛认可,这样的高级生命引起了科学家的思考,并大肆鼓励寻找所谓的怪异生命( weird life )。

41、One of the objects of our ociation was to encourage the manufacture of lucifer matches, and similar small industries.我们这个协会的目标之一,就是鼓励火柴和其它类似小工业品的生产制造。

42、Enterprises are encouraged to use advanced testing technology and equipment and intensify quality process control of recycling non-ferrous metal products.鼓励企业采用先进检测技术和设备,强化再生有色金属产品质量过程控制。

43、Encourage people to talk about what's going on for them, to get issues out on the table and addressed quickly.鼓励你的下属通过和他们谈论将要发生的变化,把问题放到台面上来尽快处理掉。

44、In dried-up rivers, fish can survive by moistening each other with saliva. We can also get through these difficulties by encouraging each other.干涸的池塘里, 鱼儿能够濡沫生存, 困境中的我们一样可以相互鼓励!

45、I talked about one low-tech solution in my last column: greater encouragement of breast-feeding, which one study says could save 大力鼓励母乳喂养——有研究称,借此每年可能拯救大约140万条生命。

1.4 million lives a year.

46、In areas where researchers have been encouraging people to use them the incidence of malaria has dropped markedly and epidemics have been all but eradicated.一些研究者鼓励居民使用蚊帐得得地区, 疟疾的发生明显下降而疫情几乎被消除。

47、Recently Mr. Boehner gave a talk to bankers in which he encouraged them to balk efforts by Congress to impose stricter regulation.最近伯纳先生在一个演讲中鼓励银行家们抵制议会对他们实行更加严格的监管。

48、We are building two CET campuses in the East and West of Singapore, and introducing many schemes and incentives to help companies and workers improve their productivity.我们将在新加坡的东部和西部设立两所校园,也将推出许多课程和奖励,以鼓励企业和工友积极提高他们的生产力。

49、Emerson even sets "The innovation awards of wireless technology", encouraging them to attempt wireless products and solutions.艾默生甚至为用户设置了“无线技术创新奖”,以鼓励用户积极尝试其无线产品和方案。

50、This would encourage demand for local livestock products as opposed to the resource-intensive factory farming that is common in rich countries.这将鼓励当地牲畜生产的需求,而非富国常见的资源密集型的工厂养殖。

经典英文句子51:鼓励学生,51、During the next years, it supported research to compare the effects of different strains of smallpox vaccines and fostered efforts to improve vaccine production methods.在随后的数年中,世界卫生组织支持了比较不同菌株天花疫苗效果的研究,鼓励改进疫苗的生产方法。

52、encouraging community-owned and managed ets for energy generation, water and sanitation, resource recycling, and waste exchange (reuse);鼓励社区拥有和管理能源资产,用于发电、提供饮水、保持卫生、资源回收、废物交换(重新使用);

53、Yang Cong, director of the Qi teacher and students call a importance by Yang Cong teacher and prinl on the League for them, and encourage everyone to actively match.杨聪老师和祁主任以及校长把学生们号召一堂,由杨聪老师和校长为他们讲解联赛的重要性,并鼓励大家积极应赛。

54、If you are truly worried about karmic issues, we do encourage you to listen to your higher self and to be present in your life.如果你真的担心业力问题,我们鼓励你倾听你的高我,并临在你的生活。


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