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1、And I will try to keep them amusing.


2、A good te acher knows how to turn a boring lesson into a fun activity.


3、We had a lot of fun learning together.


4、Plane geometry is fun to study.

Henry Bollingbroke, British statesman 没有健康就没有乐趣。

5、Without health no pleasure can be tasted by man.


6、The interesting stuff is at the bottom.


7、And there's an interesting irony to this.


8、These early encounters are wonderfully funny.


9、Hi, Myself from Koppal, love to see interesting photography, interesting blogs and currently working as govt employee.


10、He said the play was very interesting.


11、Aerobics-it's fun, a lot of dance-type step.


12、Odar: you are very terrible, and so interesting.


13、This is an interesting story-book.


14、This is so funny and true !


15、You can have happiness and fun.


16、Intrigued, I asked her what the benefits were.


17、Gucci: Interesting! Look, I'm 45kg.


18、This is where things got interesting.


19、He has interests in martial art films.


20、This is a quite interesting book .

21、Adrienne: Well, that sounds fun.埃德里安娜:嗯,听起来很有趣。

22、I”ve never seen so amusing a film.我从来没有看过这么有趣的电影.

23、We used to have a lot of interesting friends.咱们已往常有很多有趣的伴侣。

24、I think his job is interesting. Beacuse he can meet many interesting people and he can talk with people.我认为他的工作很有趣,因为他可以见到许多有趣的人,他可以与人交谈。

25、This is a very funny film.这是一部非常有趣的电影。

英文句子26:,26、Pitcher watched them with interest.皮彻饶有兴趣地看着他们。

27、In content "Interest" can be divided into: matter interest, sentiment and reason interest. In form it can be divided into artful interest arid nature interest.趣从内容上可分为事趣、情趣和理趣三种类型,从形式上可分为巧趣和天趣两种类型。

28、Math is not only intereted but also useful.数学课既有趣又实用。

29、Spicing up a Long Term Relationship.让长期关系变得有趣吧。

30、Learning is fun with KIDZ!我们使学习变得有趣容易!

31、George eis a funny old .乔治是个有趣的老家伙。

32、Bryozoans are interesting colonial creatures.苔藓虫是有趣的殖民动物。

33、Winny Bear is very funny and lovely.维尼熊非常可爱、有趣。

34、Wow this job is really fun.哇,这工作实在太有趣了。

35、Female students' interest in men in the video increased when women in the video appeared interested in the men and decreased if the women in the video appeared uninterested.当录像中的女方对男方表示出兴趣时,女生对于该男方的兴趣会增加。假如女方显得没有兴趣,则女生们的兴趣会减少。

36、Sometimes it is fun to be a big sister.有时它是一个很有趣的大姐姐。

37、They are both really just funny shows.这两部剧真的很有趣。

38、A funny green monster hot-air balloon.有趣的绿色怪物气球。

39、You’ll have lost interest by then.那时你已经没有兴趣了。

40、You know what would be funny?你知道那将多么有趣吗?

41、This is an interesting entertainment.这是一个有趣的文娱节目。

42、This can lead to interesting speculation. And that"s half the fun of valentines."这样可孕育发生有趣儿的猜测,这也正是恋人卡的一些乐趣。

43、might do things like that that'll be pretty interesting.这肯定非常有趣

44、For now I'd say still with positive ines in this case and have fun programming something interesting.现在我想说仍然有积极的整数在这种情况下,乐趣编程的一些有趣的事情。

45、I am interested with this warbler!我对这只柳莺很有兴趣。

46、How interesting a stroy it is . !这是一个多么有趣的故事。

47、It was a very interesting experience.这是一次有趣儿的经历。

48、This is a big problem. -Interesting.这可是个大问题,-挺有趣。

49、There's an interesting sidelight to this story.在这件事上面还有一个有趣的插曲。

50、All right. That's an interesting objection.很好,这是个有趣的异议。

经典英文句子51:有趣,51、Liverl are also interested in Mathieu, but so are teams in Spain, Germany, Italy and Russia.利物浦对马蒂尤也感兴趣,但是感兴趣的还有西班牙、意大利还有俄罗斯的球队。

52、One interesting statue is the Lao .雕像是一个有趣的拉奥孔。

53、Guidry: Well, He is fun to work with.古伯伯:嗯,和他一起有很有趣的唷!

54、George is a funny old .乔治是个有趣的老家伙。

55、Interesting Banana Carving: Human face on Banana!有趣的香蕉雕刻:香蕉人!

56、So this will be an interesting cl.这将是一个有趣的课堂。

57、Do you go for abstract paintings ?你对抽象画儿有兴趣吗?

58、Would you be interested in going sightseeing?你有兴趣去旅游观光吗?


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