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关于”上册“的英语句子34个,句子主体:First volume。以下是关于上册的初中英语句子。

英文句子模板1:First volume


1、This is the first al of Xinjiang Xinmin intends to produce. I look forward to seeing more from him. These als should eventually offer new aspects to this land of infinite varieties.


2、"Detox and cleanse away your body fat" was the headline of one pamphlet I picked up recently.

商标注册类别38 㥞电讯。

3、Cls 38 Telecommunications.


4、If your application has been submitted and eventually be rejected by Companies Registry, the lodgment fee of HK$295 paid to Companies Registry is non-refundable.


5、Van Gundy slams his phonebook on the table, sighs and waits a minute before he responds.

“我们需要从小学开始进行公民教育”。 他把小册子掷在桌上。

6、"We really should be teaching primary school students about citizenship," he said, casting the pamphlet onto the table.


7、In accordance with the Section 16(

3) of the Social Workers Registration Ordinance, all registered social workers should within

3 months notify the Registrar of any change in personal particulars.



8、Otherwise, we would wait for it to be available to register this domain.

基本上,概要文件存储在插件中,并且通过它的 plugin.xml 文件来注册。

9、Basically, the profile is stored in a plug-in and registered through its plugin.xml file.

She enrolled in college yesterday.



11、First refer to this handbook.


12、For instance, Meebo combines a sign-up form with a complete registration and offers users a sign-up wizard in a pop-up window.


13、She enrolled in college yesterday.


14、The printed sample trademark pattern shall be same as the one on the Trademark Registration Certificate;


15、Millions have also signed up to Twitter, the 'micro-blogging' service that lets members circulate short text and picture messages about themselves.


16、No registration fee is required.


17、Put on the table in front of the computer to open, expand the al, with guests about the business.


18、This flyer answers exactly that.

19、对,第一册有 Good morning to you ,good morning to you…


20、Research the ONU dynamic adjustment method of the window, and based on the current EPON deployment scenarios in China, a adaptive algorithm of the ONU registration cycle is proposed.

21、Kubota guide f2450cb parts.久保田f2450cb零件手册。

22、Here she got two pamphlets.这里有两本小册子。

23、This unit group includes registered nurses, nurse practitioners, registered psychiatric nurses and graduates of a nursing program who are awaiting registration (graduate nurses).该项中包括注册护士,护师,注册精神科护士和那些结束护理培训等待注册的毕业生们(经过护士学校训练的护士)。

24、Not every photo needs to be preserved for a hundred years in an archival-quality al.并非每张照片都需要在档案夹质量的相册中保存上百年。

25、Please identify the registered trademark.请认明注册商标。

英文句子26:,26、She treasures her photo al.她珍爱她的像册。

27、"The al, " said Edward sulkily.“画册。”爱德华说道。

28、Youku.com in Chinese characters was previously registered, but not by us, unfortunately.“优酷”的中文域名此前已经被注册了,不过遗憾的是并非我们注册的。

29、There is an instructional manual !有一本使用手册!

30、As things stand, no self-respecting auditor would sign off the G8's books.在目前情况下,没有哪位自重的审计师会在八国集团的帐册上签字的。

31、Do the workbook Lesson 完成练习册第


17 课。

32、Trademarks are protected through registration.商标通过注册保护。

33、The WHO Registry Network provides prospective trial registries with a forum to exchange information and work together to establish best practice for clinical trial registration.WHO注册网络提供前瞻性的试验注册,并提供一个论坛交流信息,以及协同建立临床试验注册的最佳实践。

34、There are volumes of data about rare trees and leaves and plants and all their medicinal properties.一册册资料记载了罕见的树木、叶子、植物及其医疗特性。

35、Register and unregister XML schemas注册和注销 XML 模式。

36、I’ll send you a brochure.我给你一份小册子。

37、Register RJCBRT.DLL with the regsvr32 command.用 regsvr32命令注册 RJCBRT.DLL。

38、You have to be prepared to honor the coupons at anytime otherwise it won’t work.如果你在赠券的有效期内做了册子上的事情你将会得到荣誉。

39、No photo al is complete without a contextual description of where the photo was taken, by whom, etc.没有上下文说明的相册是不完整的,比如照片的来源、作者等。

40、Register for online banking today and you can check exactly how much money you have, whenever you want.现在就注册网上银行,无论何时你都可以查询你的余额。

41、User-defined status messages and displaying status messages of your contacts right in the roster.用户自定义的状态信息和显示状态信息的连络人的权利,在名册上。

42、G2 picks the first image that was added to an al as the al highlight.G2选取一个相册中第一个被添加的图片作为相册封面。

43、In fact, in the last thirty years, over five hundred-thousand foreign-funded businesses have registered in China.事实上,在过去xx年中,有50多万外资企业已经在中国注册。

44、Going through the procedures of online registration and prime entry of import mechanical & electrical products.企业申请各类机电产品自动进口许可的网上注册、预录手续。

45、She treasures her photo al.她珍爱她的相册。

46、Once the registration is complete, the Agency shall ign a registration number to the substance concerned and a registration date, which shall be the same as the submission date.一旦注册完毕,化学品管理局应指定给相关物质一个注册号和注册日期,该日期与呈文日期相同。

47、Bachelor Degree or higher, and major in accounting and finance. CPA is preferable.会计、财务或相关专业本科以上学历;具备注册会计师职称者优先;

48、Determines whether the specified counter is registered to the specified category on the local computer.确定是否向远程计算机上的指定类别注册了指定的计数器。

49、She treasures her photo al. 她珍爱她的相册。

50、At December, 297 courses were registered and 261 courses exempted from registration.截至xx年xx月,共有297项课程注册,261项课程获豁免注册。

经典英文句子51:上册,51、The pcrepattern man page (distributed with the pcretest application, as described above) also describes Perl regexps.pcrepattern 手册页(随 pcretest 应用程序分发, 如上面所述)也对 Perl regexp 进行了描述。

52、I’ll be scanning a lot of these pictures of the old vaudeville troupe and posting them here.我会把旧相册里的很多杂技团表演的相片扫描上传到这儿。

53、Its registered brand is "Qian Wang".注册商标“钱王”。

54、Shown right is an account book of ninety-one debit and credit businesses during the Guangxu period, recording money borrowed and lent, interest and signatures of both parties.这里登载的票据凭证,左下为册页式借贷账册,共记载清代光绪年间九十一笔借贷业务。上有借贷银钱数、利息数及借贷双方的签字。

55、We have some brochures with us.我们带来宣传册。

56、What's the motivation for users to register where they are in the offline world online?是什么动机能让用户注册并将他们互联网下的生活搬到网上呢?

57、Then, say a Filter 另外假设 Filter

1 is registered on Display for that same event type t1.

1 是在 Display 上为相同的 t1 类型的事件注册的过滤器。

58、Refers to the institutions licensed under the Hospitals, Nursing Homes and Maternity Homes Registration Ordinance (Cap. 165).指根据《医院、护养院及留产院注册条例》(第165章)注册的机构。

59、Certified Public Valuer(CPV)Cpv are those people who obtain cpv's certificate and accept request so that to do evaluate and estimate the ets.注册资产评估师是依法取得注册资产评估师证书且经过注册并接受委托从事评定估算业务的执业人员。

60、All the registered clinical trials will be granted a unique registration number by WHO ICTRP.凡已注册临床试验都会被授予 WHO ICTRP 全球统一的唯一注册号。

61、Thou tellest my wanderings: put thou my tears into thy bottle: are they not in thy book?求你把我眼泪装在你的皮袋里。 这不都记在你册子上吗。

62、The pamphlet was in my desk, in the top drawer—the most obvious place imaginable!小册子就在我书桌里,在上层的抽屉里——那是最容易想得到的地方!

63、The King couldn't refuse his only daughter. He rose from his throne and knighted the blacksmith.国王无法拒绝独女的请求,他从王座上站起身,册封小铁匠为骑士。

64、Al - Eternal Endless Infinity.相册 - 永恒的无尽无限。

65、This function must be registered.必须注册这个函数。

66、ZUL , an XML-formatted and easy-to read language, is used to describe the above registration form.一种基于xml且易读的语言,被用来描述上面的注册界面。

67、31 men of half the tribe of Maneh, designated by name to come and make David king-18, 000;玛拿西半支派,册上有名的共一万八千人,都来立大卫作王。

68、Any service provider can register itself into a service registry and the protocol provider will be registered along with the provider cles that provide the service.任何服务提供者都可以把自己注册到一个服务注册表,而协议提供者会与提供服务的提供者类一起注册。

69、Pray for Shaanxi peasants Yang Xinman, Yang Peiman and Yang Peiyan to be named in the Book of Life.愿陕西农民杨新满、杨培满、杨培彦被记在生命册上。

70、Having a registered safety director;有注册安全主任;


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