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关于”描写雨“的英语句子20个,句子主体:Describe the rain.。以下是关于描写雨的专升本英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Describe the rain.


1、Ordinary type cause damage rainfall consists of short duration storm rainfall, long duration heavy rainfall and two kinds of superposition.

在他面前,一名男子汗如雨下,躲在一个牌子后面,上面用中文写着“I bribed.com ”。

2、In front of him, a man is sweating and hiding behind a sign that reads "I bribed.com" in Chinese.

3、杏花微雨 Apricot blossom rain 杏花微雨 Apricot blossom rain


4、Rain implant in the serious rain boots.


5、The result showed middle peak type of storm pattern for hyetographs of

6 and 12-hour durations and back peak type of storm pattern for hyetographs of 24 and 72-hour durations at the Shanping area.


6、Wiper blade, wiper arm, wiper motor, wiper linkage.


7、I wear rubber boots when it rains.


8、Snowflakes are not frozen raindrops (that is better known as sleet).


9、During the rainy season,rain from the umbrella slips into the meshes of the Green Trace and permeates the cloth below.


10、It's wet. Don't forget your umbrella and raincoat.


11、It is concluded that N-E model is a candidate for representing the anchoring energy of liquid crystals on the substrates.


12、Overlook on the Mountain, Clove and Calliopsis, Spring Rain in the Lane were published on Selections of Chinese Sketch Works(Watercolor Painting Volume).

13、It never rains but it pours. 不雨则已,一雨倾盆。


14、The roof leaks whenever it rains.


15、They also reported that for the victims wrote a song lyrics like this: "a sunny, a shower, all the test;"


16、Since today is a rainy day, I have decided to post about my previous encounters with black widow spiders.


17、Do not have your cloak to make when it begins to rain.


18、Size: Baby has a written description of the specific page size, and the pro had a good size amount of Oh!


19、The strong consciousness of depicting histories of Hugo?s novel creation had affected Zengpu deeply.


20、Why couldn’t they just throw it down a storm drain?

21、You don't need your umbrella or raincoat.你不需要雨伞或雨衣。

22、Frog croak, rain will come to.雨蛙呱呱叫,下雨必来到。

23、The monsoon rains started early this year.今年季雨降雨开始得早。

24、Very good narration and picturisation of India society and showing the mirror to our affluent cl people.真是非常好的印度社会描述和写照,揭示了印度富裕阶级的面目。

25、37 heavy rain, no rain, next year.大雨无雨,明年旱。

英文句子26:,26、The guardian deities are regarded as secondary manifestations of Sambhogakaya. They are often described as emanations of Bodhisattvas.护法神被认为是法身的第二种显示,经常被描写成菩萨发出的东西。

27、Caption :The rain also destroyed a 44-foot (13-meter) section of a near the base of the Kama Reservoir in Guangxi, Xinhua said.描述:据新华社报道,这场暴雨还导致卡马水库底部附近一段44英尺(约13米)长的堤坝被损毁。

28、And that description, which I won't read just because we're running out of time, it's on 181 and 182.那个描写,我不会给你们读了,因为时间已经没了那是在181和182页。

29、The rain turned to sleet.这场雨变成了冻雨。

30、The rain dropped from the clouds.雨 云 发出有雨意的光。

31、Even as I write this, the rain is beating against the patio doors, and this is our first port of call.甚至当我写作这篇文章的时候,雨滴依然敲打着门扉,在我的暂居之所。

32、Based on the Doppler radar data, a technique is described with the cross correlation method to heavy rainfall nowcast.以天气雷达体积扫描的资料为基础,采用交叉相关法建立了一种对暴雨的临近预报方法。

33、"Old soldiers Shaorui Rong Rong's rain Life" series of articles finished, but do not know what to say we do?《蓉城老邵瑞荣的风雨人生》连载文章写完了,却不知道要说些什么才好呢?

34、The Swift spacecraft constantly scans the skies for bursts of radiation, notifying astronomers when it locates a potential flare.雨燕飞船经常扫描天空以观测各种射线暴,一旦发现可疑耀斑就通知天文学家。

35、It never rains but it pours.不雨则已,一雨倾盆。

36、The rains come---good rains to sleep by.雨也来了---好雨催人眠。

37、She is presumably depicted as welcoming Zeus, who impregnated her in the form of a shower of gold.画面描绘她大概在等待宙斯的来临,宙斯会化作金雨与她相会使其受孕。

38、Tropical landscapes are dreamlike themselves, plus he paints colour on the sunshine, they are truly splendid to one's eyes.热带雨林本身的构造让人仿佛置身梦境,加之他惯用的色调描绘在阳光之上,绚烂的让人目眩神迷。

39、They wear galoshes in wet weather.下雨时我都穿橡胶雨鞋。

40、Victor Hugo wrote in Les Miserables that "the history of men is reflected in the history of sewers.维克多.雨果在《悲惨世界》中写道:“人类的历史由下水道的历史所反映。”

41、Afterwards because Shuihu described these 108 good brave fellows, it become "the book of right and wrong".后来《水浒》这部小说因为描写了这一百零八条好汉,而成为“是非之书”。

42、You don't need to write any deployment descriptors, such as web.xml or webservices.xml, or create a WSDL file.您并不需要编写任何部署描述符,如 web.xml 或者 webservices.xml,或者创建一个 WSDL 文件。

43、Not ta day but it rains.不雨则已, 裥一雨倾盆。

44、On the background of family history, life of the lv's clansmen has been recorded in spontaneous way for one century in he Li Xu-yu's Novel Houtu.李旭雨的中篇小说《厚土》以“家族历史”为幕布,描画了“吕氏族人”一个世纪的风雨沧桑。

45、Raindrops are not shaped like a teardrop (as they are almost always depicted in drawings) ?they are actually spherical.雨滴和泪珠的形状其实是不一样的,虽然大多数情况下它们都被描述成一样的,可事实上它们是球形状的。

46、Purple rain! Purple rain!紫雨啊紫雨!

47、There are some pages in which the flood is said to have lasted for 40 days, or be on the earth for 40 days.有些片段描述,比如说在《创世纪》第7章第17节中,雨要下40天。

48、Umbrella, umbrella, rainy sky. Open an umbrella, keeps me dry.雨伞雨伞,下雨天。撑开伞来不淋湿。

49、Eastern sunrise west rain, don't know that Liu Yuxi is down here?东边日出西边雨,不知道当年刘禹锡是否也是在这里写下的?

50、Young promising dancer (Josephine Siao) pays her first visit to a down-and-out composer (Patrick Tse Yin) in a stormy night, which inspires him to compose an opera titled "Purple Night".作曲家林文声(谢贤)怀才不遇, 舞蹈员张紫燕(萧芳芳饰)欣赏他, 在一风雨夜造访他居住的木屋, 文声得来灵感, 撰写歌剧紫色风雨夜。

经典英文句子51:描写雨,51、It's some serious rain outside!外面大雨如注!外面倾盆大雨!

52、Near Number Thirty-seven Middle school, Shumuling, Yuhua District, Changsha city .长沙市雨花区树木岭三十七中旁用英语怎么写 changshayuhuaqushumulingsanshiqizhong 。

53、So this is the fundamental equation that we can write that describes how neutrons in fact do accumulate.所以,这是基本的等式,那是我们能写下来描述中子如何,积累的过程。

54、When the king notices Noot's stash of doll-size treasures, he declares her the Umbrella Queen, "because she paints from her heart."当国王知道了闹特储藏的玩具宝贝时,他宣布她为雨伞王后,“因为她用心灵来描绘”。

55、The same is rain, the character of the summer rain but and spring rain all different.同样是雨,夏雨的性格却与春雨全然不同。

56、Rain, what is you doing for?看雨,听雨…享受? 抑或是忍受?

57、Often they simply immerse themselves in vibrant cultures depicted between the covers of a book.许多时候,他们干脆就让自己沉浸于书中描写的生机盎然的不同文化中。

58、While these descriptions are admirable, to my mind rain flower pebbles seem to be most closely aligned with agate.在这些令人称奇的描述中, 我个人认为雨花石的外观与玛瑙更为接近。

59、Rain reads falling tone, be like rain the rain of my fair cropland.雨读作去声,如雨我公田之雨。

60、The soft rain swelled into a storm.毛毛细雨变成了暴风雨。

61、Furthermore, the motion of a falling iron ball in Galileos experiment on the Pisa Tower and a falling raindrop are numerically described with MATLAB.通过数值计算的方法,对比萨斜塔铁球下落及雨滴下落两个运动进行了描述。

62、Wrote here, I have the tears poured down the rain fly for Dayton, and tears soaked the eyes.写到这里,我已是泪飞顿作倾盆雨了,泪水浸透了双眼。

63、Purple rain, purple rain …紫雨,紫雨……

64、You'll refer to this name in Part 您在第

2 when you write a deployment descriptor for your workflow.

2 部分为工作流程编写可部署的描述符时会涉及到这个名称。

65、He splashed in the heavy rain.他在大雨下淌着雨水前进。

66、This means that out of 100 one-hour trips, it will rain on 这意味着在100次为期一小时的外出中,有10次会碰上下雨,90次无雨。 把这写到每列的标题中去。

10 of them, and stay dry on the other 90-giving the whole of the bottom line of the contingency table.

67、The combination of rhymes and unrhymed sentences in garment descriptions in stories integrated with chanted parts and early scripts for story-telling.三是说唱文学和早期话本小说中服饰描写韵散结合的方式。

68、Different small or capital letters in the same simulated acid rain types mean significant difference atp< 0.05 orp< 0.01 level, respectively.同种酸雨处理内不同小,大写字母分别表示差异显著(p< 0.05)或极显著(p< 0.01)水平。

69、One reason is that the radars used to track storms can detect water in the atmosphere only once it has condensed into clouds or raindrops, and thus reflects the beam.其中的原因之一是追踪风暴的雷达只能探测并描绘出大气中云或雨形式的水。

70、These are the epitomes of the strong and all-weather brotherhood between Chinese and African people.这些都是中非风雨同舟、患难与共的生动写照。

71、Amidst the vast, the lilac girl under the umbrella, that a loss of sorrow, always also draw out.烟雨苍茫,丁香姑娘伞下,那一袭彷徨的哀怨,总也描不出。

72、The life journey, has trials and hardship to travel at double speed , also has rain queen rainbow.人生旅途,有风雨兼程,也有雨后彩虹。 只要风雨同舟,就能看到雨后彩虹。

73、Victor Hugo wrote in Les Miserables that "the history of men is reflected in the history of sewers."维克多。雨果在《悲惨世界》中写道:“人类的历史由下水道的历史所反映。”

74、Yellow, green, and black rain was also reported.黄雨,绿雨和黑雨据传也出现过。

75、"2012" revolves around cataclysmic events that strike the Earth just as the Mayan calendar is coming to a close.《2012》是一部描写当玛雅纪年结束的时候地球即将毁灭的灾难性影片。

英文句子模板76:Describe the rain.,76、Lick, the rain, the hometown's rain!尝,那雨,那故乡的雨!

77、It is a description-usually in writing -og the unique relationship between this brand and the consumer.它通常是写下来以形容消费者与品牌之间独一无二的关系的文字描绘。

78、But this is the case in Simon Mawer's eighth work of fiction, "The Gl Room", which is inspired by the Tugendhat Villa in Brno and spans 60 years of Czechoslovakia's turbulent history.但这确实在西蒙•马维尔的第八本小说《玻璃屋》中出现了,其创作灵感源自伫立在布尔诺市的图根哈特别墅,描述了捷克历时xx年的风风雨雨。


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