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1、I wish I had longer hair. I wish I had sharper eyes.


2、My hopes for Jenny have been replaced by her own.


3、Hope is attached to exist, there is, there is hope, there is hope, is light.


4、Give him what he wants. It's just a mattter of a little money.


5、They wanted a chance to train and be coached, to have access to athletic facilities and be recognized for their accomplishments.

6、wish you could fogive me 希望你能饶恕我


7、"Oh, I do hope so, " he said. "I really do hope so.

8、我希望它能实现 i hope it can be realized 我希望它能实现 i hope it can be realized


9、Wishing or appearing to wish evil to others; arising from intense ill will or hatred.


10、Ihope you will respect her wishes.


11、The bird wishes it were a cloud. the cloud wishes it were a bird.


12、I hope I can make it across the border, I hope to see my friend and shake his hand, I hope the pacific is as blue as it has been in my dream----I hope.


13、I had hopes!

四胞胎 庆祝会 蹒跚学步的 笨的 太酷了

14、quadruplet blouout toddier dumb pretty cool


15、I wanted, I had always wanted, to be a scientist.


16、I hope he is not lonely. I hope he has not relapsed.


17、I hope i could try my best to learn English and Japanese .


18、Hope can make you young, for hope and youth is brothers.


19、I call it small Greek, on behalf of hope.


20、Hoping for lower. -That's for the hopes.

21、Yinsen : I want this. I want this.我希望如此,希望如此。

22、Your birth gives me hope and I hope to give you happiness.你的诞生带给我希望,而我希望带给你幸福。

23、" I only hope someone else thinks so."我只希望有别人也这么想。

24、We hope all of you will come and support Project Hope.希望你们都会来并支持“希望工程”。

25、My sister is looking at flowers希望可以帮到你,望采纳。

英文句子26:,26、Hope is antithetic to despair.希望与绝望是对立的。

27、That is just what I wanted/hoped for/had in mind.那正是我心里想的/希望的。

28、He who has health has hope, and he who has hope has everything.身体健壮就有希望,有了希望就有了一切。

29、Some people wish to withdraw, to be alone, not to be seen in such a state.一些人希望隐匿起来,希望独自一人,希望自己的样子不被别人看到。

30、Hope and fear are inseparable, there is no fear without hope, no hope without fear.希望与忧虑是分不开的,从来没有无希望的忧虑,也没有无忧虑的希望。——拉罗什夫科。

31、I just hope they're OK. We all hope they are and that it can be resolved easily.我只是希望他们没事,我们全部都希望这样,希望事情可以迎刃而解。

32、R I want to see a theta. I don't want to see an R.我希望能看到θ,而不希望看到。

33、She did and she decided to take the chance.她想过了,她希望抓住这个千载难逢的机会。

34、Desire is the longing to achieve a vision; without desire you have nothing.希望是渴望做到一个目标,没有了希望,你就一无所有了。

35、hope to get a good score(希望能考到好的分数) wish family health(希望家人身体健康)

36、I almost wish you had not - yes, I almost wish it!我真希望你没有送东西——是的,我一直是这样希望的!

37、One hope is too like despair.有种希望太和绝望相似。

38、The record company wanted something like that - something more radio-friendly.唱片公司希望这样,希望有些歌能口水些。

39、Don't give up hope.别放弃希望。

40、I don't want them to stay as they are - I want them to improve - but I want them to keep that attitude.我不希望他们总是像现在一样- 因为我希望他们不断提高- 但我希望他们保持目前的心态。

41、I see hope.我看到希望。

42、People hope that things will be better, they will get a salary increase, they will find the handsome man they are looking for and so on.人们总是希望事情更加完美,他们希望得到提薪,希望找到理想的英俊男人等等。

43、What we have already achieved gives us hope - the audacity to hope - for what we can and must achieve tomorrow.我们已经取得的成绩给了我们希望,也给了我们去希望的胆量,使我们去希望我们能够做到怎样,去希望明天我们必定会取得怎样的成绩。

44、Tamson hopes to crush all hope of rebellion with the prince's death.塔姆森希望用王子之死毁掉叛军的全部希望。

45、He who has health has hope, and he who has hope has everything. 身体健壮就有希望,有了希望就有了一切。

46、Buyer request shipment is delayed till end month hope no inconvenience.买方希望装船延至月底,希望不会给你们带来不便。

47、No, you don't want this because you don't want to be surprised.不,你不希望这样,因为你并不希望大跌眼镜。

48、I am hoping for lots of trees and hills and cooler weather.我希望有更多的山和树,也希望天气会变得更凉爽。

49、i think in my opinion as far as i'm conerned accroding to me as for me希望可以帮助你,满意的话,希望采纳,谢谢!

50、I didn't like that. I don't want students to drop out.我不希望这样,我不希望学生中途退出

经典英文句子51:希望,51、We want everyone back but hopefully I can keep doing well.我们希望每个人都能归队,但希望我能表现好。

52、I am always hoping to be a great woman.我一直希望希望做个明白人。

53、Hope his life is going well…Hope he will back home soon.希望他的猫生过好…希望他快点回家。

54、Hope can make you young, because I hope and youth are brothers.希望会使你年轻,因为希望和青春是同胞兄弟。——雪莱。

55、Hope is antithetic to despair.希望是与绝望对立的。

56、he who has health has hope, and he who has hope has everything. 身体健壮就有希望,有了希望就有了一切。

57、Outlook on the road, on the road to better English!开心任 我游,地道学英语。

58、Project Hope 希望工程 Nourish a hope. 保持希望 I wish I can buy anything I want. 希望能买任何想买的东西。

59、我希望你平安无事 I hope you All is well. 我希望你平安无事 I hope you All is well.

60、Are my eyes playing tricks on me ?简直不敢相信自己的眼睛。

61、If there is hope… it lies in the proles.如果有希望的话,希望在无产者身上。

62、If there was hope, it lay in the proles!如果有希望,希望在无产者中间!

63、Nonetheless, I wish to see a ray of hope in this phenomenon.但是,我还是希望看到这种现象的一线希望。

64、He wanted me - me!他希望我——我!

65、Rachel: And I hope Barry doesn't kill you and eat you in Aruba.希望你能为我高兴,我希望你还愿意当我的伴娘。

66、How happy to have a friend希望可以帮到你,望采纳。

67、We want the people in the Palestinian Territories to have hope.我们希望居住在巴勒斯坦领土上的获得希望。

68、I wanted, want and will be want to write a book, open a café house and hold a gallery bar or mini bar.我曾经希望,现在希望并将希望着能写本书,开间咖啡馆和画廊或者迷你画廊。

69、But false hope is worse than no hope at all.但是,虚假的希望比压根没有希望更糟糕。

70、Burton hopes so.伯顿希望如此。

71、Though, those hopes, Was only temporary hope.虽然,那希望,也只是闪念的希望。


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