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关于”保护水“的英语句子40个,句子主体:Protection of water。以下是关于保护水的中考英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Protection of water


1、There at the well, again he acts to defend the defenseless.


2、If a sewage outlet is to be built in the vicinity of such protection zones, the water bodies within those zones must be protected against pollution.


3、Rubber-protected magnesium housing, waterproofed up to

5 meters.


4、Other plants and grasses also help protect water quality.


5、Songhuaba Water Source Protected Area is an important water source in Kunming city and Yunnan province.


6、Wet hair with warm water. (Hot water can strip your hair of protective oils.)

iPhone 4的贴纸,表面有防水保护膜。

7、Creative iPhone

4 stickers coated with waterproof protective film.


8、Over the protection of water features in ultra-high pressure relief automatically.


9、Ideal for protecting the water- repellency on new garments.


10、Health Series: all kinds into the water pillows, eye, shoulder, chest protector, guard, foot protection, cold Pu bag, water bag, hot water bottle, mat.


11、Rands add to a boot's overall waterproofness and protect the upper from abrasion.


12、So, the conservation of life right exludes the death penalty.


13、Disgo treatment, the products, including a higher "no chromic acid" protective layer to avoid the occurrence of brittle.

让我们一起来保护水不受 污染,因为我们的 生活离不开水。

14、Let's protect the water from pollution, because we can't live without water.


15、The key of reservoir protection is the protection of the pore throats during water injection in low permeability oilfields.


16、The canopy serves as protection from rain and heat.


17、Automatic controls protect against low water and overflow;

生产“ ”牌建筑防水卷材、建筑防水涂料、排水保护板三大系列的产品。

18、Production "of" brand building waterproofing membrane, building waterproof coating, drainage protection plate three series of products.


19、The rust forms a weatherproof layer of protection.


20、Therefore, it is urgent to protect this species and studying the conservation genetics of R. odorata is essentially important to work out a strategy of conservation.

21、Dr. Elefun:He was very kind, but also know how to protect people.茶水博士:“他很善良,还懂得保护人。”

22、Apple mobile phone crystal case, silicone case, TPU case, screen protection, lether case.苹果手机水晶壳,硅胶套,清水套,保护膜,皮套。

23、Protect us! The water shield!保护我们啊!水之盾!

24、And recycling soft water is used as cooling water with temperature and water level indicator.采用风—水热交换器,冷却水采用循环软水,设计有水温、液位指示及保护。

25、The dam secured the city from the flood.这座大坝保护了该城免受洪水的袭击。

英文句子26:,26、The protection rate of varicella vaccine is quite good and there has no significant difference for the protection rate between imported and homemade vaccine.水痘疫苗对接种者具有较好的保护率,进口和国产水痘疫苗的保护率相似。

27、They have positive functions on wastewater treatment, river-water purification and so on.生物膜在污水处理以及河流水质净化等方面具有保护水环境的积极作用。

28、There are some defects in water cut-off protection device used.指出现有断水保护装置存在的缺陷;

29、penetrate and corrode the equipment, but allow drainage from the bottom.防油水布是用来保护材料和覆盖货物的,确保水不会渗入和腐蚀设备,但允许从底部排水

30、Special water and soil conservation areas, water source, water quality, water quantity protected areas, and important reservoir water collecting areas shall be avoided.免位于特定水土保持区、源、质、量保护区或重要水库集水区范围内。

31、They want to dike the land to protect it from water.他们想筑堤保护田地以防止洪水。

32、You are guardians of the One Crystal that is in your safe-keeping .你是这一个在你的保险箱-保管中的水晶的监护人。

33、In addition to protect the upper and lower water pipes.另外还要保护上下水管道。

34、Will exclusive slop tank need double-hull protection?专用污油水舱是否需要双壳保护?。

35、Water break protecting, it can prolong the life of laser tube.断水保护,更好地延长激光器的寿命;

36、The protective layer of the side wall waterproof layer and waterproof layer should be closely combined, the thickness of the protective layer shall comply with the design requirements.侧墙卷材屋顶防水层的保护层与屋顶防水层应结合紧密、保护层厚度应吻合设计要求。

37、Respiratory protection – fit-tested N95 respirator or higher level of protection.防护 -适合测试的N95呼吸器或更高水平的保护。

38、And finally let's pass by the Waterbird Refuge.最后,我们经过了水鸟保护区。

39、Be sure the underground facilities are protected from extreme moisture and include a sump pump.确保地下设施的保护,从极端的水分和包括一个水池泵。

40、Utilize both water and sports drinks (Gatorade) to stay hydrated and maintain sodium levels.利用水和运动饮料(佳得乐),以保持和维护水合钠水平。

41、Compared with the traditional gear oil, XMP (Mobilgear) series has excellent corrosion resistance and corrosion protection performance, including seawater and acid water protection.与传统的齿轮油相比,美孚齿轮油 (Mobilgear) XMP 系列产品具有杰出的 抗锈蚀和防腐蚀保护性能,包括抗海水和酸性水保护。

42、To ensure the drinking water of elks, workers in this areas have been built more than 30 tanks and divided into various places.为了保证麋鹿饮水,保护区专门做了一水箱,定做了30多个水泥水槽,分别放到各处。

43、Many bits of eyedrop , does cross-eye eyeball have protective effect?多点眼药水,对眼睛有保护作用嘛?。

44、Calendula Diaper Care adds a protective and water-resistant layer to the skin, to protect against the stinging moisture.金盏花尿布疹护理软膏在皮肤表面形成保护及防水层,保护肌肤水分刺痛。

45、Main Responsibilities:Make dehydration protection for the saturated bamboo, wood, and lacquer works, formulate and carry out an effective protection plan.主要职责:对出土的饱水竹木漆器进行脱水保护,制定保护方案并组织实施。

46、The Fund recently granted $10000 (discretionary grant) to the Shanshui Conservation Center a China-based extension of Conservation International.该基金最近获得10000美元(自由支配的资金)的山水保护中心,一个中国的国际保护的延伸。

47、It is farely substantial to intensify its protection as well as advance its protection measures.对驰名商标提供高水平的保护,强化保护是驰名商标保护的实质内容。

48、The countermeasures of protecting Jiajiang water quality was put forward.并研究了保护夹江水质的对策。

49、For SPDs, with a protective level different from that provided at the origin, as in the IEC standards, then coordination is mandatory.对于SPD,由于保护水平不同于在入口处提供的保护水平,正如IEC的标准,那么协调配合就是强制性的。

50、A water bath is used to provide temperature protection for the egg custard .水浴是用来提供温度保护鸡蛋蛋糕。

经典英文句子51:保护水,51、The water cut-off protection device is essential in air compressor.分析空压机加装断水保护装置的必要性;

52、Based on a water-break protection requirement of water-cooled air compressor, describes the principle, selection and the advantages of the target flow switch are described.依据水冷式空压机需要断水保护的要求,介绍了靶式流量开关的工作原理、选用方法以及在断水保护中的优势。

53、Lets protect the water from pollution, because we cant live without water.让年代保护水不受污染,因为我们没有水不能生存的。

54、We can't live without water, so we must keep'the water elean to protect ourselves.没有水我们不能生存,所以我们必须保持水的洁净,以保护我们自己。

55、The ecological function included such as conserving water resource, preventing soil losses, carbon fixation & releasing oxygen, cleaning air, and fixation sand.认为水土保持生态服务功能包括保护和涵养水源、保护和改良土壤、固碳释氧、净化空气和防风固沙等功能。

56、According to the protection rule of the deformation and stress-relief in exploiting protective layer, the inclination and strike protection scopes of protective layer are located.并根据保护层开采的应力卸压保护准则和变形保护准则,确定保护层沿倾向和走向的保护范围。

57、In recent years, the agricultural nonpoint pollution has threatened the water quality protection of headwater area in reservoir.近年来,农业面源污染对水库水源地的水质保护形成了威胁。


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