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关于”鲸鱼的唯美“的英语句子27个,句子主体:The Beauty of Whales。以下是关于鲸鱼的唯美的专升本英语句子。

英文句子模板1:The Beauty of Whales


1、Moby-Dick; or The Whale, which first appeared in.


2、Most whales have ctenoid teeth.


3、Basques, chasing whale and cod, were probably the first Europeans to reach North America.


4、The other kind of whale is much larger than the killer whale .


5、It is eaten by a type of whale called the sperm whale, which is over

18 metres long. The sperm whale does not feed on small like other whales.


6、See whales and sharks of the Bay of Fundy.


7、Whales live in the ocean, because the shape like a fish, many people call it the whale.


8、A whalebone whale(Balaena mysticetus) of Arctic seas, having a very large head and an arched upper jaw.


9、If you must have whale, cetacean biltong is more palatable than the fresh stuff.


10、First they chased down slower whales such as rights, humpbacks, and sperm whales.


11、It belongs to a group of whales called toothed whales.


12、Photo Gallery: Whales The beluga, or white whale, is one of the smallest species of whale.


13、The thick fat, or blubber, under the whale's skin protects the animal against cold waters. It is for the valuable oil in blubber that whale are hunted.


14、Within an hour, nice women are offering strangers boiled muktuk — whale meat.


15、Student: False Prof.: false. Whales have scales Student: False Prof.: False. Whales are fish Student: false Prof.: okay so all the premises and the conclusion are false here.


16、Keiko, captive whale, star of the movie Free Willy


17、Sperm whales' heads are filled with a mysterious substance called spermaceti . Scientists have yet to understand its function, but believe it may help the animal regulate its buoyancy.

不过环保人士声称对鲸鱼肉的需求在下降, 还说捕鲸舰队通过带游客进行鲸鱼观赏游会达到较好的财政境况。

18、But environmentalists claim demand for whale meat is in decline, and say the fleets would be financially better-off taking tourists on whale-watching tours.

作者Philip Hoare说:“鲸鱼神秘莫测,他们时时处在气候变化的威胁之下,承受着各种声音的污染,在xx年之前,鲸鱼的鱼油是地球上照明的主要能源,人类对鲸鱼的影响是巨大的,同样鲸鱼们也深深地影响着人类。”

19、"They're so under threat from climate change, from noise pollution, " he went on. "Until 1859 the whole world was lit by whale oil.


20、The whale's lookouts watch for the misty steam of water when the when the whales exhale.

21、And it's a popular place for whale watching, when it's the season for the whales到了看鲸鱼的季节,那是观赏鲸鱼的热门场所,

22、The scientists also found that darker whales, in this case sperm and fin whales, tended to not get sunburned as much as lighter blue whales.科学家还发现深颜色的鲸鱼,比如长须鲸和抹香鲸,不会像浅蓝色的鲸鱼那样遭受同等程度的灼伤。

23、The goose-beaked whale, also known as a Cuvier's beaked whale, is the first to ever be found off the coast of Norway.鹅喙鲸,也称作柯氏喙鲸,是在挪威海滩发现的第一头鲸鱼。

24、Since the line is around the head, rescuers would approach the whale in a small inflatable boat at its most perilous spot , easy targets for the tail.由于钓线缠绕在鲸鱼的头部,拯救人员将乘坐充气艇靠近鲸鱼的头部。 而鲸鱼的头部通常是最危险的部位,因为这里经常是鲸尾袭击的对象。

25、Maybe whales, he thinks, have "a sense of aesthetic judgment."他认为, 鲸鱼可能拥有“审美意识”。

英文句子26:,26、The little whale is so happy to be home. She splashes in the water with her flippers. The other whales swim to her side.小鲸鱼回到家很高兴。她用鱼鳍跃入水中。其他的鲸鱼游到她的身边。

27、The beluga , or white whale, is one of the smallest species of whale.白色大寻鱼白鲸,或白鲸,是鲸鱼的最小的物种之

28、)I was stranded in the strange town without money or friends.(我被搁浅在这个陌生的城市,没有钱也没有朋友。

29、And now for the specs of the Cetus.而现在的鲸鱼座的规格。

30、It is eaten by a type of whale called the sperm whale, which is over 鱿鱼是一种名叫巨头鲸的鲸鱼的食物,这种鲸鱼体长超过18米。

18 metres long.

31、Sperm whales' heads are filled with a mysterious substance called spermaceti. Scientists have yet to understand its function, but believe it may help the animal regulate its buoyancy.鲸鱼图片美术馆。



32、The fishing company that owns Japan's whaling ships estimated that annual per capita consumption from their catch might amount to less than four slices of sashimi a year.拥有日本捕鲸船的捕鲸公司估计,他们的年捕捞量所产生的人均鱼肉消费可能少于每年4片鲸鱼刺身。

33、A whalebone whale of Arctic seas, having a very large head and an arched upper jaw .北极露脊鲸,弓头鲸生活在北冰洋的一种有鲸须的鲸鱼,具有大的头部和拱形的上颚。

34、So whale come out fish, because they are fish obviously.所以鲸鱼就是鱼,因为他们显然是鱼。

35、Any of various similar cetaceans, such as the killer whale .其他种类的鲸鱼要远远大于逆戟鲸。

36、The sperm whale does not feed on small fish like other whales.巨头鲸不象其它鲸一样以小鱼为主食。

37、People who live near the shores of quiet bays where whales visit can sometimes hear their beautiful songs even above water.在鲸鱼出没的幽静海湾边之居民有时甚至能听到海上鲸鱼美妙的声音。

38、To a soundtrack created by the whales themselves—via Roger Payne's groundbreaking and album-charting recording of the plaintive song of the humpback whale—we moved slowly towards cetacean manumission.透过鲸鱼们自己演唱,由Roger Payne's 灌录的座头鲸忧伤的歌,我们慢慢倾向了解放鲸鱼。

39、A good official should deserve the honor and position, as a whale can be detected easily in the river and only small fishes, such as loach, can hide in it.好比鲸鱼在小河里就必被发现一样,唯有泥鳅等小鱼才能隐藏其中。

40、These fish provide the main food for whales.这些鱼为鲸鱼提供了主食。

41、On the third day the whale is harpooned, but Ahab, fouled in the line, is pinioned to Moby-Dick, who bears down on the Pequod.追逐的第三天鱼是让叉住了,可阿哈布让鲸叉尾绳住,被绑在白鲸身上,而鲸鱼还压沉了大船“皮廓德”号。

42、A whale is a fish.鲸鱼是鱼,对还是错?

43、The other whales swim to her side.其他的鲸鱼游到她的身边。

44、A breach might also include a sideways twist with fins stretched out like wings, as the whale reaches the height of the breach.一个鲸跃也可能包括当鲸鱼到达这个鲸跃高度时所做的一个像翅膀一样伸出的鱼鳍的向侧面摆动的动作。

45、It's North America's most easterly point and besides the sunrises and great views you could also spot icebergs and whales.斯必尔角是北美洲的最东端,在这里除了日出美景,你还能看到冰山和鲸鱼。

46、Cetacean experts do not expect whales to escape this slick completely.鲸类专家对于鲸鱼能完全逃离油污带不抱希望。

47、All fish have wings? Yep whales are fish is that that false?所有的鱼都有鳍?是的,鲸鱼是鱼为假吗?

48、Love is whale-watching together.爱是一起看鲸鱼。

49、But at least in most places, we remain loath to both cherish and consume whales.但是,至少在大多数地区,我们仍然不愿意既珍惜鲸鱼又毁灭鲸鱼。

50、The IWC would also ensure that no new nations begin whaling and establish a DNA registry of whale meat in order to track whales being caught and sold illegally.IWC也会保证不再有新的捕鲸国出现并建立一个鲸鱼肉的DNA注册系统以跟踪追击鲸鱼的流向和非法贩卖活动。

经典英文句子51:鲸鱼的唯美,51、My mother wore makeup made with whale oil. Our family car ran on brake fluid made from whales; our garden roses were fertilized with ground-up whale.我吃过用鲸鱼油做的人造奶油,我们家的汽车用鲸鱼油提炼的润滑油,我妈妈摸鲸鱼油制成的化妆品,我家花园里的玫瑰用磨碎的鲸鱼做肥料。

52、Archibaid was a whale at fishing in his young days。阿奇比德年轻时捕鱼捕到了一条鲸鱼。

53、Although Tokyo vigorously defends the whale hunt as scientific research, whale meat - a delicacy in Japan - ends up in supermarkets.尽管东京极力为此次“以科研为目的”的捕鲸活动辩护,但是众所周知鲸鱼肉-日本餐桌上的美味,在市场上脱销了。

54、Approach whales from the side, not from the front or the back.只能从侧面接近鲸鱼,禁止从鲸鱼前面或后面接近。

55、Yaka, captive whale.圈养鲸鱼亚卡。

56、Whale-Watching Tour, New Zealand, 1997 Photograph by Maria Stenzel Whale-watching tours operate off the Kaikoura Peninsula.观光旅行观察鲸鱼,新西兰,xx年。以观光旅游观察鲸鱼为动力来运转的凯库拉半岛。

57、The whale is a mammal.鲸鱼是哺乳动物。

58、Aurora, a 20-year-old Beluga whale, swims with her calf after giving birth at the Vancouver Aquarium.一头xx岁的白鲸在温哥华水族馆生完小鲸鱼后,带着小鲸鱼游过海洋极光。

59、Archibaid was a whale at fishing in his young days.阿奇比德年轻时捕鱼捕到了一条鲸鱼。

60、The sperm whale feeds on squid .巨头鲸靠吃鱿鱼为生。

61、This sense of revelation is in part due to our changing attitude towards the whale.与鲸鱼感到关联部分是由于和我们对鲸鱼态度发生了变化。

62、You are also to assist with the song and ritual of your Cetacean allies.你也会有来自海豚鲸鱼的美妙歌声的协助。

63、A recent report estimates that whale tourism is a $2 billion-a-year industry and could ultimately be more profitable than hunting.最近的报告预计鲸鱼旅游是一项每年20亿美元的产业,并有可能最终比捕鲸业更赚钱。

64、Thee goose-beaked whale, also known as a Cuvier's beaked whale, is the first to ever be foundoff the coast of Norway.鹅喙鲸,也称作柯氏喙鲸,是在挪威海滩首次发现的鲸鱼。

65、A beluga whale swims in a tank at the Vancouver Aquarium.一头白色大鳇鱼或叫大白鲸在北美洲的范库弗峰水族馆里游弋着。

66、Because fish get trapped and whales cannot digest them.因为鱼被困住了,鲸鱼无法消化它们。

67、To the east of Fomalhaut is another huge dim constellation, Cetus the Whale, with the only other brightish star in the area, Deneb Kaitos, which means the tail of the whale.南鱼座α星的东面是另一个巨大的暗星座—鲸鱼座,它仅仅有一颗明亮的恒星,鲸鱼座β星,象征着鲸鱼的尾巴。

68、When he lifted the creature by its tail and tossed it back in the sea, it landed on a distant ship.他拎起鲸鱼就往海里一甩,结果鲸鱼落在了一艘远洋货轮上。

69、Whale meat, especially the vitamin C-rich skin, is an essential5 part of the Inuit diet.鲸鱼肉(特别是富含维他命C 的鲸鱼皮)是因纽特人饮食中不可或缺的部分。

70、Photo Gallery: Whales The white bumps on a right whale's head are skin abrasions called callosities .鲸鱼图片美术馆。白色的隆起物在一条脊美鲸的头部是皮肤磨损称为老茧皮。

71、They correspond with extraordinary precision to the adoption of substitutes, kerosene for whale oil and steel for whale bone in corsets (the primary commercial reasons behind whaling).煤油替代鲸鱼油,钢铁替代做紧身衣(捕鲸业兴起的主要商业原因)的鲸鱼骨。


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