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关于”网购的利弊“的英语句子25个,句子主体:The pros and cons of online shopping。以下是关于网购的利弊的专升本英语句子。

英文句子模板1:The pros and cons of online shopping


1、I commor to weigh the pros or cons ago a decision.


2、I think that the use of mobile phones and high school students have the advantages and disadvantages


3、But it's also room frame structure has both advantages and disadvantages.


4、The face of the network to the education of the pros and cons, we should correctly deal with and correct guidance, will enable young people to strive to lunwen114become qualified network of citizens;


5、The rich lode of Web data, experts warn, has its perils.


6、Analyze the advantage and disadvantage of the exclusionary rule.


7、When conglomerates were the rage, he preached against reckless mergers and acquisitions.


8、The dialectical relations between the advantage and disadvantages of alcoholic beverages was described .


9、You can walk to restaurants, clubs, convient stores, internet shops, book stores, malls, all types of shopping, etc.


10、If you act willfully , it may do more harm than good.


11、It's an ill wind that blows ody good.


12、Traditional industrial policy advantages and disadvantages of the past;


13、Parents make their children learn english before their time, good or not?


14、It plays an active role in scholars paintings.


15、. has aroused a heated discussion all over the country.


16、The advantages of the proposal out-weigh the disadvantages.


17、Mixed age group and same age group have both advantages and disadvantages.


18、By planning in advance, you can often take advantage of internet shopping specials, coupons, and free shipping offers.


19、Yeah, I agree. Every wall has two sides.


20、Effect of genistein on breast cancer benefit or useless?

21、The increasingly rapid pace of life today causes more problems than it solves.现代生活越来越快的节奏弊多利少。

22、The elevating structure of the screen stencil avoids the ink flow on the screen which improves the quality of printing.网版水平升降,避免了油墨在网版上流动之弊病,提高了印刷质量。

23、Let's explore the pros and cons of this type of debt solution.让我们来看看这种还贷方式的利与弊吧。

24、All have pros and cons, but all are valid solutions AFAIK.各有利弊,但都是有效的解决方案,据我所知。

25、To sum up, coeducation does more good than harm.总而言之,男女合班利多于弊。

英文句子26:,26、If we interfere, it may do more harm than good.如果我们干预的话, 可能弊多利少。

27、Will credit card change the way people buy things?哪些人爱买?在商场买东西的利弊。

28、Financial report skullduggery; Fraud motive; Financial cosmetic mean; Auditing strategy.财务报表舞弊; 舞弊动机; 舞弊手段; 舞弊策略。

29、The aging population has a great influence on the economy and society positively and negatively, but in general the advantages outweigh the disadvantages.这些影响有积极的一面,也有消极的一面。但是,权衡利弊,人口老龄化对经济和社会的影响是利大于弊。

30、When conglomerates were the rage, he preached against reckless mergers and acquisitions.适逢大财团纷纷涌现,他不厌其烦,尽数此类疯狂兼并和收购的弊端。

31、“Nofollow” was always a highly two-sided initiative.“nofollow”永远是一种高度两面性的创新。 它兼具利弊。

32、In the first place, both small and big cles have their own advantages and disadvantages.首先,小班、大班各有利弊。

33、This article discusses the pros and cons of each type of layout.本文将讨论每种布局方案的利与弊。

34、The voluntary-service policy exercised in the Southern Song dynasty is considered by many scholars as a bad policy, but the fact is that it underwent an evolution of deterioration.南宋义役多被学界视为一大弊政,但它其实存在一个由利趋弊的过程。

35、How can the water in the old deposits be sealed?如何兴利除弊,对老矿床封水?。

36、And very often,more harm than good is created.很多时候结果都是弊大于利。

37、Weigh the pros and cons of being a co-pilot with tips from an experienced flight instructor in this free video on career information.权衡利弊,并成为一名副驾驶员来自经验丰富的飞行教官与技巧在这次求职信息免费视频的利弊。

38、You have to balance the advantages of living in a big city against the disadvantages.你必须权衡住在大城市的利与弊。

39、The financial derivatives economic influence both pros outweigh its drawbacks, but from the present development of the financial derivatives, it is nece ity.金融衍生产品对经济的影响利弊兼有但利大于弊,从我国目前来看,发展金融衍生产品确有其必要性。

40、This is the part of the brain we use to weigh the pros and cons or engage our "expertise."这部分大脑用来权衡利弊或利用“经验”。

41、The article discusses the unfreezing method improvement and its advantages and disadvantages.本文就解冻方法的改进及利弊进行探讨。

42、There are, of course, pros and cons to schemaless data modeling.当然,无模式数据建模也有利有弊。

43、Merger arbitragers are investors who bet on whether mergers will be completed.并购套利人是押注并购交易能否完成、进而从中获利的投资者。

44、Still, overall, it does more good than harm.不过,总体来说,一揽子计划还是利大于弊的。

45、Balancing the pros and cons, of course the school put the students’ welfare first.平衡利弊,当然学校学生的福利放在第一位。

46、In spite of these, the advantages greatly out weigh the dis-advantages.尽管这样,出国留学利大于弊。

47、It has been launched by researchers at Cornell University in New York, who want to explore the benefits and disadvantages of "online civic partition" in election year.该活动由纽约康奈尔大学的研究人员发起,其中一个目的就是研究 大选之 年“公民网上参与”的利与弊。

48、Do you think to be from China can be course or blessing?你认为作为中国的乐队是利大还是弊大?

49、What are your patient's potential benefits and harms from the therapy?我们病人在该治疗下之可能利与弊?。

50、What are the potential advantages and disadvantages of their spatial arrangement?这些组织的空间计画潜在的利与弊为何?

经典英文句子51:网购的利弊,51、The neighbours think that something ought to be done or undone .邻居们认为应该兴利除弊。

52、On considering those requirements, this thesis lists current research method in construction of real-time network and points out their advantage and disadvantages respectively.本文陈述了嵌入式网路通信的种种特性,列举了目前构建嵌入式实时网络的几种研究方向,分析了各种途径的利弊。

53、In fact, it does more harm than good.事实上,这这样做绝对是弊大于利的。


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