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关于”分析结构的网站“的英语句子48个,句子主体:Analyze the structure of the website。以下是关于分析结构的网站的高中英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Analyze the structure of the website


1、The overall structure research indicates: in fatigue essment, top end is the key location of rigid riser in different cases, and the TDP is the characteristic point of SCR.


2、MPLS network structure has good communication and distributive characteristics, it is an ideal structure of intrusion detection for the distributive networks.


3、The dynamic mechanical behavior of the cross-linked unsaturated polyester network was investigated by DMA.


4、The stability of k-8 single layer latticed domes under different loads is studied in details.


5、Analysis is made on the features of basic topology structure of SDH network with suggestions made to choose a rational topology structure and protective method in networking.


6、These are to form the reticulate structure inside company site.


7、The third is the status and Problems of industrial structure at Longju town.


8、The effect of connection type, axial restraint and loads on the fire resistance of structures has been studied.


9、The structure and dynamic working process of hydraulic per were discussed. The modeling method using architecture-based neural network was introduced.


10、Besides, the structure optimization and design for the split-ring type LKT quick-opening closure is also performed in this article.


11、The notion of information structure is then applied to a sample text to examine the extent to which canonical information structure is obeyed.


12、The performance of the irregularly -shaped cast steel joint for the Shanghai South Railway Station was investigated by using experimental and numerical methods.


13、The results also shows that the adaptive runs can increase by more than

10 hours for the forecasting of extratropical cyclone with the same accuracy in comparison with fixed grids.


14、Through the research of the application and trend of LIN bus in foreign automotives, recommend the LIN structure of Automotive.


15、OJECTIVE To investigate the reasons with leading to failures in referring TB patients from medical institutions to the TB institutions in time.


16、The calculation method of additional m is investigated. The influence of additional m on the dynamic characteristics of supporting structure is also obtained.


17、A new architecture of distributed wireless sensor network was briefly advanced, and some theoretic argumentations were introduced, some valuable applications are explained and forecasted.


18、Meanwhile, the selection reference ranges of horizon hanging ratios of upper strip, lower strip, wedge netting or side strip are also raised by me…


19、After a series of measurements of the network, the authors represent the directed network as bipartite network. And then the authors detect the community structure by hierarchical cering.


20、In addition, according to the astronomical dynamical structure characteristic of single Tulufan station, the dynamical mechanism of the cross over mountain gale was explained.

21、Thc structure. control engine. and knowledge express of the model are discussed.分析了其总体结构、控制机制以及识图知识的利用。

22、It provides design basis for the nozzle reinforcements with the nozzle extended toward inner side.分析结果为进行内伸式接管补强结构的设计提供了依据。

23、Circular dichroism ay proved that mBD15 protein possessed well-folded secondary structure.圆二色性分析表明,该蛋白具有良好的二级结构;

24、In chapter 第二章通过分析从钢包到中间包保护浇注的过程与保护浇注的支承结构,建立起支承结构振动的动力学模型,分析了影响测振点振动的因素。

2, safe casting and the composing of bearing structure is introduced. And the vibration mathematical model of bearing structure is brought out.

25、SEM microstructure images of loess, used properly, can be important means for the explanation of soil mechanics properties of loess.电镜结构性图像是认识黄土结构特征,分析黄土土力学特性的重要方法。

英文句子26:,26、Seeds are probably protected by a membranous reticulation structure while spongy reticulation and subtle reticulation in the reticulation bottom may facilitate seeds imbibing water when germinating.另一方面海绵质网状结构及网纹中网底的精细网状结构可能还有利于种子在萌发时吸收水分。

27、The whole structure is firstly represented by a linear cor F. E. model with the bolts replaced by special elements introduced by the author.首先,对整体结构进行粗网格的有限元分析,其中用作者所引进的螺栓单元来代替螺栓连接。

28、The difference architecture of networks and space of samples are tested.测试了不同的网络结构和样本空间分布。

29、The weakly meshed network is firstly divided into two networks using the superposition principle: one is the pure radial network and the other is the pure meshed network.该方法首先将少环配电网络利用叠加原理分解为两个网络:不含环状结构的纯辐射状网络和不含辐射状结构的纯环状网络。

30、The overlapping grid method, unstructured grid method and adaptive Caresian grid method are discussed for a two dimensional multielement airfoil.以二维多段翼型为对象分别讨论了分区重叠结构网格方法、非结构网格方法和自适应的笛卡尔网格法。

31、Dual mode characteristics and grid-connection schemes with two different structure micro turbines are compared.详细分析比较了2种不同结构微型燃气轮机的双模式运行特性和并网技术方案。

32、Non-covalent bond ociation networks are existed in the petroleum asphaltene, and some relatively low molecular weight components, such as hydrocarbons, are entrapped in the networks.原油沥青质中存在非共价键缔合网络结构,在这种缔合网络结构中包裹有烃类等分子量相对较小的组分。

33、The pressure weighted interpolation method on collocated unstructured grid is used for numerical simulation of turbulent flow around airfoils.利用同位非结构化网格上的压力加权修正算法,对翼型湍流绕流进行了数值分析。

34、Methods: The clinical features, diagnosis and treatment were discribed in 方法:分析5例下丘脑错构瘤的病史,临床表现及诊断、治疗情况,结合文献加以分析讨论。

5 patients with reviewed of literatures.

35、The results show that: it has good improvement when some pole in the shell, at same time, it reduced the investment;分析表明:对带缺口的肋环型单层网壳,增加斜杆对结构性能有很大的改善,用钢量反而降低;

36、The possibility of using a hollow-core Bragg fiber with cobweb- structured cladding to obtain low-loss transmission in wavelength range 0.提出并分析了利用蜘蛛网结构包层空芯布喇格光纤在0。

37、The structural planes are controlled by right-lateral strike-slip structural belt.综合分析认为,这些结构及其分布是受右行走滑剪切带的控制。

38、The IPN structure was proved by solubility test, DSC and TEM.通过溶解性能,热分析及电镜,表征了IPN结构的存在。

39、It included construction of Power station Phase II and III, Watee pump house Phase III, cattle card workshop, civil engineering, steel structure, net structure of machine shops.包括


40、In this method, according to the secure statistic protocol of oriented edges, we can obtain the statistical number of structure edges from every site.该方法使用相关性分析思路进行结构学习,按照有向边安全统计协议,统计各站点得到的结构边;

41、The results of PCA and DPC show that the sampling data have a remarkable nonlinear structure.PCA和DPC分析结果表明,取样数据具有明显的非线性结构。

42、Unstructured tetrahedral meshes are used to simulate the flow field inside high pressure combined valves of a 600MW ultra supercritical steam turbine under the nominal condition.本文采用非结构网格对某600 MW汽轮机高压联合进汽阀不同阀门升程下内部复杂流场进行了数值模拟,详细分析了其流场结构。

43、Scanning electron microscopy indicated the addition of SPI and KG could make bighead surimi form firm and uniform gel network.电镜分析则表明SPI和KG的加入都可使鳙鱼鱼糜形成致密、均匀的凝胶网络结构。

44、The choice of water-cooling cable, the improvement of collocation of short-web, the calculation of contact tube and the design of short-web structure are also discussed.讨论水冷电缆的选择、短网布置的改进、导电铜管分析计算、短网的结构设计等。

45、The distance from user to reference station influences the positioning accuracy definitively in local area differential GPS.利用局域差分GPS进行定位时,只有当流动站位于基准站构成的多边形网内时,才可能得到较高的精度。

46、The results show that, with the antition of arch structures, the static behaviors of the arch-supported single-layer reticulated cylindrical shells are improved obviously.理论分析结果及工程应用表明,在拱结构的帮助下,柱面单层拱支网壳结构的静力性能得到了明显的改善。

47、Whereas the vast success of SDH networks, it is WDM rings to be a fact firstly. Some kinds of WDMself-healing rings are discussed and compared.鉴于同步数字体系SDH环形网络结构的巨大成功,WDM环形网络必定首先实用化、商用化,本文着重对各种保护恢复机制的自愈环网进行了分析与比较。

48、They begin to literally fall out of the milk, forming a clumpy net in which fat globules are trapped.酪蛋白从牛奶中析出,凝集成网状团块,而牛奶中的脂肪球也被这个网状结构捕获。

49、By techniques of grid plot, grid corresponding and energy conservation law, finished the simulation and the evaluation on effect of tank cleaning.第三章对洗舱效果进行评估,结合射流结构参数分析,利用有限单元理论和网格划分技术以及能量守恒定律,得出合理的评估结果。

50、The generation algorithm of adaptive mesh which is based on the quad-tree data structure is presented.以四分树为数据结构,建立了网格细分法生成自适应网格算法。

经典英文句子51:分析结构的网站,51、By now, a lot of deficiencies still exist in the research of structural vibration problem of hydroelectric station and unit, especially in the research of power house of two-row placed units.本文在结合现今世界第一大双排机水电工程——李家峡水电站对水电站厂房支承结构动力特性进行了分析。

52、Secondly, I made a comparative study in the recent-years development of the financial structure and industrial structure in Guangxi.然后,对广西近几年的金融结构与产业结构的发展现状进行了比较分析。

53、The second chapter of this thesis starts with network design, introduces network architecture, backbone network and access network in three phases.本文第二章从讨论有线电视网的技术基础上,从网络设计着手,分三个部分介绍网络体系结构,骨干网,接入网;

54、Compared with the standard HG/T 21618—1998, the formulae presented here can be used for the arbitrary stacked wire mesh demister and obtain the separation efficiency.与HG/T 21618-1998《丝网除沫器》中的公式相比,此公式可以用于任意组合的丝网结构,更具普适性,并且能定量分析各种分离机理对分离的贡献。

55、The applications of TCP/IP protocol in railway computer network are discussed .并结合铁路计算机网进行分析与讨论。

56、The structural feature of the single and twin screw extruder are compared.分析比较了单螺杆和双螺杆挤压机的结构特点。

57、The support design of beam supporting construction of high pier and multi-span continuous beam;根据多跨连续梁桥的主要结构特点,提出了地震行波效应分析的多跨连续梁桥分析模型。

58、There are two branches in the field: The first one do some work to improve the performance of the multi-layer network which is inherited by the group.而对网络体系结构的研究又大致分成两个分支,一个分支是在传统层次结构网络体系结构的基础上,不断地改进性能、增加功能、增加安全协议和增加对服务质量的考虑;

59、This article mainly introduced the lay of Sanxi Province Sanmenxia Reservoir Flood prewarning and Forecast System network…本文介绍了陕西三门峡洪水预报系统的站网布设、系统总体结构、通信组网方式和洪水预报调度方案。

60、The most unfavorable earthquake excitations were investigated, in which geometric non-linearity and material non-linearity were all taken into account.同时考虑几何非线性与材料非线性,对单层球面网壳在地震作用下结构的最不利荷载进行分析。

61、After explaining of how to simulate these architectures using OPNET , we come to the conclusion of their performance.介绍了利用OPNET对这两种网络结构进行仿真的方法,并进行性能分析和比较。

62、There were two kinds of members need to be measured, including pipes in which axial stress was predominant and steel brackets in which the strains in X-direction and Y-direction were considered.在该结构中,需要测量应变的构件有以轴向应变为主的网架杆件和需要测量X、Y方向应变的钢牛腿结构。对后一种结构,提出了一种表面双向粘贴光纤光栅传感器的方法,并分析了相应的应变传感模型。

63、But acctually corporate governance is related to technology innovation closely.本文的分析表明,企业治理结构与技术创新密切相关。

64、According to the network structure. the networks can be divided into two kinds: open-loop network and closed-loop network.文章将开(闭)环结构作为划分的依据,把回收网络分为开环型网络和闭环型网络两种。

65、The effect from Three Gorges Plant on reactive and voltage to the grid, and the difficult point about the control of reactive power and voltage in the grid for the future were considered.在此基础上,结合三峡电站对湖北电网无功电压方面的影响,对今后湖北电网无功电压控制的难点进行了初步分析。

66、By defining the anchor node and adjoin node, a new method of depicting station network was proposed, and the detailed information model for station elements was constructed.研究了工艺铁路运输系统的分析设计方法:通过对锚点和衔接点的定义,建立了铁路站场网络的描述方法,并进一步构建了站场元素的详细信息模型。

67、The simulation for the raft foundation of the tall building is conducted.对某高层建筑的筏形基础结构进行了仿真分析。

68、I put forward the community-based governance network strategy with a consideration of current situation of the social network applications in community governance.结合社会网络分析在社区治理中的应用现状,提出构建社区治理网络的策略。


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