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关于”元宵节的古诗“的英语句子48个,句子主体:Ancient Poems of Lantern Festival。以下是关于元宵节的古诗的高考英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Ancient Poems of Lantern Festival


1、Dense Au deposit zone is located in the suture between Archaeozoic Zhongchao ancient land plate and Proterozoic Mongoliasea plate, controlled by NW Fuerhe and Gudonghe lithosphericfractures.


2、The oldest existing catalogue of drugs is a stone tablet from ancient Babylonia (c. 1700 BC);


3、Wangjiawaizi gold deposit occurs in Lower Proterozoic opimetamorphic rock series.


4、The boron deposits in eastern Liaoning Province occur in the Paleoproterozoic magnesian volcanic-sedimentary strata.


5、In some areas of Maiduguri, which has a strong Boko Haram presence, the army has now extended the night-time curfew to 24 hours.


6、The auction firm had appraised it at $800 to $1, 200.

1 200美元之间。


7、In Shanxi Province, Roman coins dateable to 14-275 AD has been found.


8、Proterozoic dolomite and quartzite in Damintun Depression are best buried hill reservoir rocks, and study of Proterozoic distribution is of significant importance in buried hill exploration.

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元谋人 xx年,在云南省元谋县,考古人员发现了两颗远古人类的牙齿和一些粗糙的石器。

10、Yuanmou Man In 1965, archeologists found two ancient human teeth and some rough stone tools in Yuanmou County, Yunnan Province.


11、Two seismic fault belts with different directions in Mesoproterozoic and Neoprotertozoic control the basin boundaries of the two stages respectively.


12、Proterozoic Pb-Zn deposit of Northern China are distributed mainly over Proterozoic stratum of the northern margin of the northern China platform.


13、" Dynamic map "of the rise of the Mongolian Yuan Dynasty and the establishment of a" demonstration of the Mongolian Yuan Dynasty and the establishment of a unified process;


14、And Daniel continued even unto the first year of king Cyrus .


15、The ore-forming process of the alkaline type deposits lasted from Mesoproterozoic to Himalayan, mainly in Mesoproterozoic and Variscan periods.


16、Susjiwojier, a eminent monk in Yuan Dynasty, a state teacher respected by Yuan court, was a Mongolian cultural founder who made great contributions to the inheritances of Mongolian culture.


17、It came into collision with the Yangtze continental margin and building - mountain that controlled Jiulingshan and Huiyushan and their adjacent region in Middle-Late Proterozic Era.


18、The element of stage of argent eat side is contemporary with clic union, integral model is very compact, but emerge however on detail the sincere feeling that gives a neoclicism .


19、Wangjiawaizi gold deposit occurrs in Lower Proterozoic opimetamorphic rock series.


20、A curfew has been imposed in the capital of Burkina Faso, Ouagadougou, to try to curb several days of continuing violence.

21、I've been doing this job for 25 years. I've done digs at Pompeii, all the famous sites," she said.我从事考古工作xx年了,挖掘过庞培古城(译者注:意大利古都,公元xx年火山爆发,全城淹没)等所有著名的考古地点。

22、So Augustus actually reconstituted the Senate, and it was just that, a Senate reconstituted by the emperor.奥古斯都早已重组元老院,由帝王重组的元老院。

23、In Erdaowa's Group area some gold deposits and mineralization spots have been discovered.古元古代二道洼岩群分布区已发现一批金矿床和金矿化点。

24、Especially in the widely varying Mongolian climate, seasonal usages of living areas may change dramatically between the cold winters and warm summers;尤其在内蒙古气候变化多端,在寒冷的冬天和暖和的夏天,居住单元需要根据季节的不同而改变其使用方式。

25、Then it turned from symbolic type to clic type and the ideal style embodying implication and elegance both in one rose which middle ancient literature sought.二是从象征型到古典型,中古文学追求的是隐秀相兼的理想风格;三是从多极分立到多元一体,中古文学呈现的是多元一体的格局;

英文句子26:,26、When YUAN Hao-wen felt lonely in the disordered society, he insisted on obeying his mind, escaping from society, and he also kept his vigor and native, hoping to affirm his poetry theory.处乱世中,深感人生寂寥的元好问,违抗世俗,寂寞地坚守个人内心,以上古为理想,并保留一份元气与真诚,希求在更加广阔的时空中确认自己的诗学存在。

27、Yuan Mongol Empire three years (1266), who finished with Wang Marshal guarding Xigu fungus.蒙古汗国至元xx年(1266),元帅汪完者帖木耳镇守西固。

28、The western Zhejiang-northeastern Jiangxi area was the active continent margin of Cathaysia in the late Mesoproterozoic.浙西—赣东北地区中元古代晚期为华夏古陆的活动陆缘;

29、The bat of EKOB formed in late Paleo-Proterozoic.东昆仑造山带基底主要形成于古元古代晚期。

30、Dense Au deposit zone is located in the suture between Archaeozoic Zhongchao ancient land plate and Proterozoic Mongoliasea plate , controlled by NW Fuerhe and Gudonghe lithosphericfractures.金矿密集带位于太古宙中朝古陆板块与元古宙蒙古海板块之间的缝合线上,受北西向的富尔河- 古洞河岩石圈断裂带控制。

31、As a result of 1∶50 000 regional investigation, the Houhuo Group which is from Archean to early Proterozoic in age have been separated from the Huo Diya group.通过米仓山西段1∶5万区域地质调查研究,从元古界火地垭群中解体出后河岩群,属太古-早元古代。

32、Some authorities said that the coins may be from the Song Dynasty (960-1279), and according to the characters on the coins they may have been forged sometime from 1102 to 1106.一些考古专家称,这些古钱币可能是宋代(公元xx年—公元xx年)的钱币,根据古钱币上的字体,它们可能是在xx年—xx年间被铸造出来。

33、Detail and protracted sampling of contemporary materials have resulted in the use of bronzed anodised aluminium being used to clad the contemporary elements of the intervention.当代材料细节和延续的取样,使得古铜色铝被用于复合干预的当代元素。

34、Mongolian learning object metadata editing tool provides the function of editing, saving and searching Mongolian metadata.蒙古文学习对象元数据编辑工具提供编辑、保存、查询蒙古文元数据的功能。

35、Does the Banxi Group belong to the Proterozoic or Paleozoic or Triic?板溪群的地层时代到底是元古宙、古生代还是三叠纪?

36、But what is clear is that the tradition of a day devoted to foolery had ancient roots.不过有一点却是不可争议的其作为为愚人而设置的节日的传统的确有一些古老的元素在内。

37、As only one kind of fossil in Proterozoic, stromatolite is an important material in the paleogeography changing study.元古代叠层石是研究古地理变化的重要材料。

38、Rome was begun in 753 BC.古罗马于公元前七百xx年建立。

39、The mineralization epoch is the early period of mesoproterozoic Era.成矿时代为中元古代早期。

40、BC – The title Augustus is bestowed upon Gaius Julius Caesar Octavian by the Roman Senate.公元前xx年的今天,罗马元老院授予屋大维“奥古斯都”称号。

41、I've been doing this job for 25 years. I've done digs at Pompeii, all the famous sites, " she said.我从事考古工作xx年了,挖掘过庞培古城(译者注:意大利古都,公元xx年火山爆发,全城淹没)等所有著名的考古地点。

42、Progressive metal is a subgenre of heavy metal. Many progressive metal bands are also influenced by jazz fusion and clical music.前卫金属融合了前卫元素和古典元素,也受到了交响乐和古典乐的影响。

43、Bronze Goddess Matte Bronze 30.00.青铜女神亚光古铜色 30.00元。

44、Among the world's oldest portraits are ancient Roman busts of venerable senators.世界上最古老的肖像是古罗马值得尊敬的元老的半身像。

45、The early Precambrian in Jilin province includes the Archaeozoic granite-greenstone belt, early Proterozoic Ji'an Group and mid Proterozoic Laoling Group .吉林省早前寒武纪地质包括太古宙花岗—绿岩带、早元古代集安群和中元古代老岭群。

46、The early Proterozoic atmosphere and hydrosphere are similar to those of Archaeozoic in being still absent in oxygen.早元古代的大气圈、水圈与晚太古代相似,仍为缺氧性质。

47、Fang Linggui verifies and interprets 114 Mongolian words appear in the traditional operas of Yuan and Ming dynasties and this success can not be neglected.方龄贵先生在《元明戏曲中的蒙古语》一书中,考释了出现在元明戏曲中的114个蒙古语词的汉义。

48、The tectonic setting and attribute of the Bikou Terrane related to the Proterozoic Bikou Group have been disputed.有关中元古界碧口岩群的成岩构造环境及中元古代碧口地体构造属性长期存在争议。

49、Proterozoic granitoids include Shenggong Period (浙江元古宙花岗岩类包括神功期(



50、The Proterozoic and Palaeozoic are two main metallogenic periods in the region.西北地区以元古宙-古生代金属成矿为显著特色。


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