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1、Enterprise Drives Mobile Growth


2、The second role is to bring state-of-the-art software best practices into the mainstream software industry.


3、In protest to Google’s decision to drop the app, Grooveshark has re-released it to the public.


4、Take the software vertical, for example.


5、MacArthur Ob/Gyn uses software developed by Sage Healthcare. The manufacturer said the software is secure and pword-protected, and that confidential information stays confidential.


6、His career has been dedicated to advancing software application development and supporting the community of software developers.


7、Given to the reality of DLSP, our searchers hold the opinion that this crisis is a good chance for the Chinese software park industry to update its structure.


8、The company deals in both hardware and software.

Jive Software; 社会商业软件。

9、Jive Software; Social Business Software (SBS).


10、Software and Hardware, ashamed, returned to their homes.


11、I'm hacking the soft for netting.


12、About software configuration management products

软件流程工程元模型(Software Process Engineering Metamodel,SPEM)是正式描述软件开发流程的的标准规范。

13、Software Process Engineering Metamodel (SPEM) is the standard specification that formally describes the software development processes.


14、Avoid sharing software and machines.


15、Eman Software Technology Co. , Ltd.


16、"TYDIC Unicom new generation customer relationship management software V1.0"and "new generation exit-entry management software source Dike V1.0" won the "2010 Shenzhen Outstanding software products"


17、Using the profile manager, the software distribution profile is created, and the software package is imported from the source host.

UG 快速适用设计软件。

18、UG rapid application design software.

这个工程不但包含基础软件如:Samba,Gcc 同时也有流行的工具软件如:Ethereal.

19、These projects include such fundamental s as Samba and Gcc as well as popular tools like Ethereal.

IBM 试用软件:用这些试用软件开发您的下一个项目,可直接从 developerWorks 下载。

20、IBM trial software: Build your next development project with trial software available for download directly from developerWorks.

21、I'm a software developer in HIC (Hardware Innovation Center) in SPG in Microsoft China R&D.我是微软中国研发集团SPG下的硬件创新中心的一名软件开发工程师。

22、Liu Xudong, Master, Lecturer. His research topics includes Software Reuse, Software Evolution and Enterprise Resource Planning.刘旭东 ,硕士,讲师,主要研究方向:软件复用与软件演化、企业资源计划。

23、In current information society, software development agencies need method for higher quality software development imperatively .在当今信息化社会中,软件开发机构迫切地需要开发高质量软件的方法。

24、Software upgradeable via internet 软件通过互联网13升级。


25、The idea of workbenches, desktops, suites and many others was before in enterprise software.工作台、桌面端、软件包以及很多其他概念在企业级软件里由来已久。

英文句子26:,26、Eclipse is now the industry's major non-Microsoft software tool platform.Eclipse现在是业内主要的非微软软件工具平台。

27、On the base of the new characteristic of DSS and comparison of several software engineer technology, we adopt "United Software process" as a development principle of SDSS.根据DSS的动态发展的特性,在比较了各种软件工程技术基础上,提出应采用“统一软件过程”为SDSS研发的软件工程指导思想。

28、Now everybody is scrambling in both hardware and software.现在每个公司都在硬件软件两手抓。

29、Microsoft should build best-in-cl iPad software in the Office formats.微软也应该为ipad开发最佳的Office格式软件。

30、We are like a bank now. Microsoft Financing helps to finance software, services and hardware.我们就像是一间银行现在。微软融资,有助于财务软件,服务和硬件。

31、These resources include hardware, software, data, and/or people.这些资源包括硬件、软件、数据和/或人。

32、After installing the package (just double-click on the .deb to do this) you can open Music Manager from the Dash and begin configuring it for uploading.软件安装好后(双击.deb文件即可),从程序面板中打开软件开始上传音乐即可。

33、Cloud Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS).云计算软件即服务。

34、Simultaneously TAKKO is preparing for construction the software industry base, lays solid foundation for the software scale's development.同时天光正筹建软件产业基地,为软件规模的发展奠定坚实的基础。

35、"TYDIC Balance Management Software V1.0" won the award of 2010 China Annual Innovation Software Products.“天源迪科余额管理中心软件V1.0”获得2010中国年度创新软件产品奖。

36、Software elements can use UML and use case realization, an approach very similar to MDSD, but applied at the software design level, to create the technical design of the software.软件元素能够使用 UML 和用例实现(一种同 MDSD 非常类似的方法,但是被应用于软件设计层级上),创建软件的技术设计。

37、In recent years, with the rapid development of object-oriented component software technology, people have attach more and more importance to Component Based Software Development(CBSD)gradually.近年来,随着面向对象的组件化软件技术蓬勃发展,基于组件的软件开发(CBSD)日益受到重视。

38、Even though you technically do not need to adhere to this for your package to install, you should be sure that your package name does not conflict with an official Debian package.尽管从技术上来说,要安装的软件包无须遵循这一约定,但您应该确保软件包名称不与某个正式 Debian 软件包冲突。

39、SinoCom was focused on providing outsourcing software development and related after sale service to Chinese buyers.中讯软件集团股份有限公司总部在北京,是最大的软件外包和出口公司。 xx年xx月成立时,中讯致力于为中国买家提供外包软件开发和相关售后服务。

40、Develop software iteratively and incrementally.开发软件的迭代和增强。

41、Responsible for software UI design;负责软件UI美工设计;

42、It is the library from which the definitive authorized version of software, software documentation, licensing information, and other relevant information is referenced.软件的确定授权版本,软件记录文件,许可证信息,以及其他相关信息都会参考该库。

43、It is shown that the UML-based software testing technique can be widely used in both the academic research and the industrial applications.基于UML的软件测试技术在对而向组件的软件开发具有广阔的研究和应用前景。

44、Using these tools centralizes package management while simplifying it and giving the distributors (those who set up the repositories) a centralized way to send you updates(使用这些工具对包进行集中管理可以使之简单化,并给软件发布者(那些设置软件库的人)能统一给你的软件发送更新。

1) to your software.

45、Microsoft also has found itself left behind in software for cellphones.微软在手机软件上也远远落后其竞争对手。

46、FTAM. one of the high level LAN software developed in accordance with OSI standard is introduced.本文介绍了按开放系统互连国际标准开发的局域网高层软件之


47、Free software users have no objection to help files.自由软件用户不反对帮助文件。

48、PC software is made up on .系统上位机软件采用。

49、The software dog is a kind of hardware set connected to PC I/O port, which protects the commercial software copyright.软件加密狗是一种和PC机I/O口相连接的硬件盒,它起到保护商品软件知识产权的作用。

50、Locate and install depended-upon software.定位和安装依赖软件。

经典英文句子51:软件,51、It provides BFP network file sharing support.这个软件提供BFP网络文件共享支持。

52、The largest library of compatible software repositories.最大的兼容软件库。

53、These omissions reflect a trend in software engineering to push implementation out of the software engineering domain.这些疏忽反映了在软件工程领域之外,扩展软件工程的实现趋势。

54、At the meantime, CCDS software has some reference value for the development of similar engineering application software.同时,对于开发类似的工程应用软件,CCDS软件也具有一定的参考价值。

55、Lingoes is an excellent dictionary software in Microsoft Windows Platform.灵格斯是一个优秀的微软视窗平台字典软件。

56、It’s like that other term, legacy, that Microsoft uses to refer to all non-Microsoft software.这词和另外一个词“遗留”类似 - 微软用来指代所有非微软软件。

57、The finite element program MSC.接着利用有限元软件MSC。

58、Hacker software distribution zone in accordance with the requirements of all software releases, please upload a picture attachments and compressed by the administrator review.黑客软件发布专区,所有软件按照要求发布,请上传图片附件和压缩包由管理员审核。

59、With this preview, the larger battle for which office suite will prevail at home, work, and in the enterprise is just beginning.有了这个预览版办公软件,微软和Google的办公软件之战已经在家庭、工作和企业中吹响了号角。

60、Felix Bachmann of Software Engineering Institute ( SEI) recently talked about how to effectively evaluate software architecture and identify risks in enterprise applications.软件工程研究所( SEI)的 Felix Bachmann(译者注:Felix是Jolt大奖图书《软件架构编档》的作者)最近谈到了如何有效地评估软件架构、识别企业应用中的风险。

61、Software quality -- Sample RFP requirements软件质量 -- RFP 需求实例

62、Is software a counterexample?软件行业会是一个反例吗?

63、System components typically consist of hardware, software, data, and workers 系统组件包括硬件,软件,数据和工作人员



64、Double click on the package name.在软件包名称上双击。


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