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感恩的句子 英语(36)个

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感恩的句子 英语(36)个

关于”感恩的 “的英语句子36个,句子主体:grateful。以下是关于感恩的 的高中英语句子。



1、"Grateful Heart" Living one pairs are full of ideals and hope of landing lights, it has provided us the way forward;


2、Sociality: People with a strong disposition toward gratitude have a greater capacity to be empathic and to take the perspective of others.


3、I think gratitude also relates to a full life spent in awareness of all the good things that surround us.


4、we wish to show our gratitude and thanks with a small gift. happy teacher's day!

还要感恩的是主赐下一颗喜乐、刚强的心, 教我与其他主内的弟兄姊妹相处和睦。

5、Thanksgiving that God grant me a joyful, faithful heart, let me kepp a peaceful life with other bro and sis.


6、Remember the underprivileged people, care-givers and the needs of the community in prayer regularly and give with a grateful heart to respond to the move of the Holy Spirit.


7、A day of smiles and thanks, of decorum and pageantry—that's how it must have seemed to the Capitol's visitors.

成圣,什么是属灵。 律法主义与无律法主义。满足,感恩的心。自卑?悔改之路。

8、Sanctification, the meaning of spirituality. legalism and antinomianism. a heart of contentment and thanksgiving. so - called " inferiority complex " ? way of repentance.


9、AGENT GENE CRANE: Yeah, he lives at the school.


10、So, what is the best way to deal with the gloomy, life hates me, perhaps lazy or ungrateful coworker?


11、At the time people rely on the weather, looking forward to a good year and harvest is the same as old time.


12、Lord, truly, You're amazing. You have shown me love beyond all reason, and You're willing to call me Yours for what I am. In this mercy You've shown me, I've found life, hope, and all I need.


13、Grateful to have encountered Tzu Chi in his life, Xue is now seizing every moment to help others, living a spiritually wealthy life.


14、When you were

4 years old, she gave you some crayons. You thanked her by coloring the dining room table.


15、And this is my sister , Jane. Jane, this is Feifei.


16、They also often expect a favor in return or feel that they owe someone who has done good to them.


17、We are obliged to accept life gratefully and preserve it for his honour and the salvation of our souls.


18、China did give! See China, even when you give donations, they complain! What ungrateful thieving creatures of darkness these Filipinos are!


19、In 1969, Dean founded the Jimmy Dean Meat Company in his hometown of Plainview, Texas.


20、Hey doc , I really appreciate your kindness but I'm afraid I can't afford the bill but if I could find them…

21、He who sacrifices thank offerings honors me, and he prepares the way so that I may show him the salvation of God.凡以感谢献上为祭的,便是荣耀我。 那按正路而行的,我必使他得着我的救恩。

22、the dust receives insult and in return offers her flowers. 蜜蜂从花中啜蜜,离开时营营地道谢。

23、a teacher affects eternity; he can never tell where his influence stops. 一个教师对人的影响是永恒的。

24、Herne Bay's secondary school is the modern Herne Bay High.赫恩海湾的中学是现在的赫恩海湾高中。

25、Ladies and Gentlemen, alumni and friends, welcome to the 62nd Anniversary Thanksgiving Dinner of Trinity Theological College.各位女士们和先生们,校友和朋友们,欢迎你们来参加三一神学院六十二的感恩晚宴。

英文句子26:,26、It is a time to let go of resentments, appreciate the people in your life, and reach out to people that are less fortunate.这是一个消除愤怒,感恩你生命中的所有人,给予不幸人们关爱的时刻。

27、Schoolmates, let the heart which our Chang Huai feels grateful, uses own practical action back coupling other people, back coupling society.同学们,让我们常怀一颗感恩的心,用自己的实际行动去回馈他人,回馈社会。

28、Thori'dal Elune is translated roughly into common as "Elune the Unyielding" or "Elune the Merciless".索利达尔艾露恩大致可以被翻译成“顽强不屈的艾露恩”或者“无情的艾露恩”。

29、The School sets out to recognize the personal worth and individuality of students, inculcating in them a deep sense of gratitude for all that has been received from God and others.学校肯定每个学生都是独特而有价值的。学校会教导学生常怀感恩的心,懂得为得到的,感谢上主和别人。

30、To thank him for saving his life, the movie star cast him a part in his movie.为了感谢彼得的救命之恩,这个电影明星便替他在自己的电影里安排了一个角色。

31、Teammate Geoff Huegill, who won silver, said he was upset to hear he had withdrawn and had hoped his friend was well enough to compete on Thursday.他的队友,此次比赛银牌得主杰奥夫·霍吉儿(Geoff Huegill)说劳特斯特恩退出了了比赛他感到十分遗憾,霍吉儿希望劳特斯特恩能够参加周四的比赛。

32、When you were 你xx岁时,她为你哺乳,为你沐浴。而你对她的感恩回报,啼哭闹腾,彻夜不休。

1 year old, she fed you and bathed you. You thanked her by crying all night long.

33、Why will not Ron run while Wayne runs?为什么当韦恩跑龙套跑的时候,罗恩不跑呢?

34、the bird wishes it were a cloud. the cloud wishes it were a bird. 尘土受到损辱,却以她的花朵来报答。

35、House of Christ's Love Thanksgiving Gathering will be held on Saturday, November 主爱之家将在xx年xx月xx日礼拜六在教会举行感恩聚餐。请带一道菜,但更重要的是请带神在您身上的恩典见证来与大家分享。

19, 2011 at 6PM in FCON. Share your wonderful dish. But best of all share your wonderful blessing from our God.

36、I stand for this. We who are alive, with breath in our bodies and love in our hearts, have much to be thankful for.我坚信,活着的我们,有着生之气息和爱之心灵的我们,需要常常感恩。

37、May everyone holds a heart of gratitude to his family members, friends and others who concern about him/her.最后,愿我们每个人都能怀着一颗感恩的心来面对我们的家人、朋友和他人吧!

38、Wash a face years of silence between Thanksgiving family own understanding and love, particularly bitter sister happiness themselves.洗脸间默默感恩这些年家人对自己的理解和厚爱,特别苦了姐姐幸福了自己。

39、Phrases such as "lack of gratitude" and "giving the cold shoulder" were used in news headlines to describe the Fudan students' behavior.一些新闻标题使用类似“不懂感恩”、“冷血”这样的措词,来形容复旦学生的行为。

40、As Scoones agrees, a vital component of their success has been the sense of awe they inspire, which is a vanishingly rare commodity in the secular, postmodern world.斯库恩斯表示,他们成功的关键在于营造出了一种敬畏感,在当下这种世俗后现代的世界中,这样的敬畏感近乎无处可寻了。

41、Screed was solely interested in the location of the treasure, and once he knew it, he seized control of Roon.斯克里德只对宝藏的位置感兴趣。他一旦知道了这个位置,便全面控制了鲁恩。

42、The most frightening thing about Kearns, from the automobile companies’ point of view, is that he is not particularly interested in money.从汽车公司的角度来看,关于卡恩斯(Kearns)的最可怕的事情,是他对金钱不感兴趣。

43、AGENT GENE CRANE: Assistant Director, follow me.吉恩克雷恩:助理局长,请跟我来。

44、One who can always find a reason to be grateful will always stand stronger than one who can only find a reason to complain.一个总是懂得感恩的人会比一个只会挑剔抱怨的人站得更稳。

45、In the process of new development, all staff in Jingcheng will bear in mind that "to be a person with gratitude and to do things with professional dedication".在新的发展历程中,精诚全体同仁将牢记“感恩做人,敬业做事”;

46、Two common problems are "gift-envy" and "gift-projection."两个常见的问题是“嫉妒恩赐”和“投射恩赐。”

47、Gregory Berns: Many types of pain — whether it's physical or emotional — utilize the same parts of the brain.格雷戈里·伯恩斯(说):很多类型的痛苦— 不管是身体上还是感情上的— 都使用大脑相同的部位。

48、"He said:" I'm grateful for them, they just break my hands and feet, hurt my skin and did not let me deadly.他说:「我还是要感恩他们,他们只是打断我的手脚,伤了我的皮肉,并没有让我致命。」

49、Osmosis various ugly image but helpless, with their own plight, Thanksgiving can come from the heart?耳濡目染种种丑陋形象却又束手无策,联系自身的困难处境,感恩之心又能从何而来?。

50、On occasion, I leaned on the open balcony of my house, seeing the hibiscuses blossom and fade.敞的阳台上,看楼前的木槿花开花落,心中便缠绕起浮云旧事般温柔的感恩与怀念。

经典英文句子51:感恩的 ,51、Brian wanted to move on to other things, and I was a developer willing to take it on and experienced with the code.布赖恩希望改做别的事情,我是开发人员,愿意承担并感受体验这些代码。

52、An ungrateful man (woman) is like a hog eating apples under a tree- never looking up to see where they come from.一个不懂感恩的人就像树下吃苹果的猪,永远不会抬头看苹果是从哪里来的!

53、i am truly grateful to you for what you have done. 我深深地感激您所做的一切。

54、I think I should be thankful that I can find a job at the moment when everyone is in the fear of unemployment.在如今,人人惧怕失业的情况下,我想我是应该为能找到一份工作而感恩的。

55、So if right now you do have your own room, you had better treasure it and be thankful and make the best use of it…所以倘或你现在拥有自己的房间,就好好珍惜、感恩,以及善于使用吧…

56、Shaun Wright-Phillips is feeling in top condition thanks to his first full pre-season with Chelsea. His first goal in Chelsea blue is evidence of that.肖恩。他在蓝军的第一个进球就是最好的证据。


57、You'll get the meal you bargained for, but it won't be sauced with gratitude, and in the end it will not nourish you.你会的到你讨要到的肉,但是可不会用感恩作酱,最后它也不会滋养你。

58、relief and gratitude were written all over his face. 他一脸释然与感激。

59、"It seems that men and women are not quite on the same page," said Sean Simpson, research manager at Ipsos Reid.益普索调查机构的调查部经理西恩•辛普森说:“男性和女性的感觉似乎不太一样。

60、FabApps would allow you to tweak your food's taste, textureand other properties.英国媒体援引杰弗� 伊恩 利普顿的话说:“使用FabApps食物印表机,你可以调整食品的味道、口感和其他特性。

61、We will look at key concepts and terms such as greed, envy and jealousy, as well as guilt , gratitude and generosity.我们来看一下关键的概念和术语,比如贪婪、嫉羡、嫉妒,还有内疚、感恩和慷慨。

62、I am really thankful that I found this tea, because I am able to still do my school work, and I feel a lot of more energy.我非常感恩我找到了“胡氏疗法”。 总之,一切都变的好起来了。

1、 因为这个,我才能在学校正常的学习,我也感觉更有精力。

63、Onica Ndzovela, 77, suffered back pain and sore knees before joining the team three years ago。现年xx岁的奥尼卡 恩佐维拉xx年前加入了球队,在此之前常感到背部和膝盖酸痛。

64、And gratitude, by instilling an awareness of one's blessings, clarifies one's vision and helps one establish goals.而感恩,则是通过逐渐培养人的祝福意识,让人清楚自己的未来并且建立起自己的目标。

65、There are no unspiritual abilities, just misused ones.从来没有不属灵的恩赐,只有被误用的恩赐。

66、Kearns got his patent rights back from Tann.卡恩斯从坦恩要回了他的专利权。

67、an appreciation of art will enrich your life. 艺术欣赏将会丰富你的生活

68、Explainer thanks Dr. Dave Lochbaum, Director of the Nuclear Safety Project, and Neil Sheehan of the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission.感谢原子能安全项目的戴夫.洛赫鲍姆博士和原子能管理委员会的尼尔.希恩。

69、In an effort to increase gratitude in my life, I have listed the top 为了增强我的感恩之心,我找出了五个对我来讲最重要的不劳所获。

5 things that have been given to me for nothing

70、When you came into the world, she held you in her arms. You thanked her by weeping your eyes out.你来到人世时,她把你抱在怀里。而你对她的感恩回报,就是哭得天昏地暗。

71、Looks at life with a heart of ga is tender, the grateful heart will let your life all the flowers and applause.怀着一颗嘎嫩的心看待生活,那颗感恩的的心会让你的生活一路鲜花与掌声。 。

72、In the Tzu Chi tradition of being respectful and grateful to the needy, volunteers handed over the packages to the homeless with both hands.秉著对穷困人家尊重与感恩的态度,志工用双手将物资奉送街友。

73、And he can summon his folksy West Virginia roots when quietly lecturing Wall Street's titans.当科恩平静地给华尔街巨头们做演讲时,你能感受到他身上来自西弗吉尼亚故乡的乡土味。

74、Harry, Ron, and Hermione sat together next to a window.哈利、罗恩和荷米恩在靠窗的位置上坐在一起,荷米恩正在检查他们两个的符咒功课。

75、When you were 你xx岁时,她给你几支蜡笔。而你对她的感恩回报,就是把餐桌涂成了大花脸。

4 years old, she gave you some crayons3). You thanked her by coloring the dining room table.

英文句子模板76:grateful,76、Be thankful that this full moon falls early enough in December, hopefully not to affect your spirit at end-of-the-month holidays.要感恩,这个满月早早完结,希望不要在月尾的假期时不要影响到你。


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