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1、These may be predefined conditions or conditions that you define.

自定义管理面板, 如自定义菜单, 图片大小等。

2、Customizable Admin Panel, ex. editable menu text, image size control, etc.

一方面,XML 定义允许非程序员进行对象定义。

3、For one thing, XML definition allows for object definition by non-programmers.


4、Therefore, definition and judgment of professional duties prove to be of great significance in false capital verification.


5、Definition of genus plus specific difference is the method of formulating accusation definition.

我们还将定义一个新的自定义 URL 映射器 xml 文件 CustomerUrlmapper.xml。

6、We will also define a new customized URL mapper xml file, CustomerUrlmapper.xml.


7、I usually don't define my works, since I believe that definitions only set parameters.


8、More definitions.


9、Custom primitives and custom visual snippets


10、For the purpose of this Agreement standards are defined as voluntary and technical regulations as mandatory documents.


11、It all comes, I believe, from trying to define the indefinable .


12、Assumption: Definition of Done = "releasable".


13、RosettaNet message definitions, including the message names, are mapped to the message definitions in WSDL.


14、With this two definitions in place a polymorphic record can be defined as follows

只能在用 VARCHAR(1021) 定义的列上定义索引。

15、You can only define an index on a column defined with VARCHAR(1021).


16、The logical or formal definition is the dictionary definition which is rigid in form. It is often used in clarifying meanings of concrete or non-controversial terms.

alt 类是 custom.css 中定义的一种自定义样式。

17、The alt class is a custom style defined in custom.css.

(导入时)与内联和外部引用的 定义对应的定义。

18、(On import) definitions corresponding to both inlined and externally referenced definitions


19、Numerous definitions were suggested by different mathematicians from various perspectives and, remarkably, they mathematician algorithm perspect all proved to be equivalent.

在历史上,这些都是由构建程序控制表(PCT) 的宏定义的,但是,如今在资源定义联机(RDO) 数据库的TRANSACTION 定义中进行定义。

20、Historically, these were defined by macros which built a Program Control Table (PCT), but are nowadays defined in TRANSACTION definitions within the resource definition online (RDO) database.

21、Define integer types of a predefined width.定义具有预定义宽度的整型。

22、An inductively-defined data set is a data structure defined in terms of itself -- this is called an inductive definition.归纳定义的数据集是根据自身定义的数据结构 —— 这叫做 归纳定义(inductive definition)。

23、That's the narrowest definition of cities.这是最狭义的城市定义

24、Self-induction coefficient is an important conception in the electromagnetic induction. There are three definitions for it : static definition, dynamic definition and energy definition.自感系数是电磁感应现象中的重要概念,关于它的定义可归纳为静态定义、动态定义和能量定义。

25、Custom Start Pages.自定义起始页。

英文句子26:,26、A question of definitions?定义之惑?

27、Resistant Starch Definition - Glossary Definition of Re…反抗的淀粉定义 - 字汇定义关于…

28、In this step, we need to define the tooling definition model, which lets us define information-like palettes and menus for our graphical editor.这个步骤需要定义工具定义模型,使用此模型可以定义图形化编辑器的信息类面板和菜单。

29、Pre-defined and custom watermarks.预定义和自定义水印。

30、Standardization of information definition can check availably non-criterion definition to deluge.信息定义的标准化可以有效抑止不规范定义的泛滥。

31、Query the to-do task by the predefined custom property通过预定义的自定义属性查询待处理任务

32、First, in terms of the complementarity of these two methods, the semantic definition, symbol definition and formalization definition of the UML/OOPN model are put forward.首先根据两种方法的互补性,阐述了UML/OOPN模型的语义定义、图符定义和形式定义;

33、Are -- is scope defined by curly braces or by functions?范围是由花括号定义的还是函数定义的?

34、Second, OmniFind's synonym dictionary mechanism is used to define semantic synonyms for keywords.第二,使用 OmniFind 的同义词词典机制为关键字定义语义同义词。

35、Document definitions can inherit information from other document definitions allowing you to define a complex mapping of XML content to RDF metadata information.文档定义可以从其它文档继承定义的信息,这允许您定义 XML 内容到 RDF 元数据信息的复杂映射。

36、Listing 清单

7 shows the macro definition to define math symbols using these functions

7 给出的宏定义使用这些函数定义了算术符号

37、Indicates the definition in a definition list. The definition is usually indented in the definition list.在定义列表中表示定义。定义通常在定义列表中缩进显示。

38、However, our answer aligns with the definition of an architectural pattern.不过,我们的定义与架构模式的定义是一致的。

39、The obligation of informing regulated by Chinese malpractice law is to some extent soft, which is a kind of legal contract obligation embodying the blend of legality and promise.《医疗事故处理条例》规定的医疗机构义务是“软义务”。医疗机构的告知义务是一种法定的合同义务,体现了法定性和意定性的交融。

40、The number of messages is defined by printk_ratelimit_burst (currently defined as 消息数量是由 printk_ratelimit_burst 定义的(当前定义为



41、You can configure these predefined situations with custom threshold values, or you can define custom situations to monitor specific attributes of the services.可以使用自定义阈值对这些预定义境况进行配置,也可以定义自定义境况来监视服务的特定属性。

42、In Groovy, however, behavior can be defined within functions, which can be defined outside a class definition.不过在 Groovy 中,行为可以在函数 中定义,而函数可以在类定义之外定义 。

43、If you are using a document-level customization, you will typically work with custom XML parts that are in the customized document.如果使用文档级自定义项,通常将处理位于自定义文档中的自定义 XML 部件。

44、Before we can define what information governance is, we must define governance.在定义“信息治理”之前,我们必须先对“治理”下定义。

45、Define a result DDO.定义结果 DDO。

46、The two different definitions of the axis of rotation are discussed. One is the definition of the CIRP text and the other is that of the instantaneous center of rotation.评论了机床主轴转轴的两种不同定义,其一是CIRP统一文件的回转轴线定义,另一是瞬时回转中心线的定义,指出这两种定义均有不妥之处。

47、Create a service definition and a monitor definition in the /etc/poller-configuration.xml file.在 /etc/poller-configuration.xml文件中创建服务定义和监控程序定义。

48、Note that redefines require that the old and new definitions have the same original type as their base data type.注意,重新定义要求旧定义和新定义拥有相同的原始类型作为它们的基数据类型。

49、You can define your own macros or use NMAKE's predefined macros.可以定义 您自己的宏或使用 NMAKE 的 预定义宏。

50、Are scopes defined by curly braces or by functions?范围是由花括号定义的还是函数定义的?

经典英文句子51:定义,51、xupdate:variable defines a variable.variable定义变量。

52、Column Definition - The column definition is where you will define the periods and actualities to be used in the report.列定义 — 列定义是您定义要在报告中使用的期间和现状的地方。

53、These models contain initial definitions of both process- and data-related components, which you edit as you define components.这些模型中包含流程相关组件和数据相关组件的初始定义,会在定义组件时编辑这些定义。

54、Create a domain definition module to define the elements including their element entities, content, and attribute definitions, and the architectural class attribute.创建 领域定义模块定义包含其元素实体、内容、属性定义和结构型类属性。

55、The two child elements define callback classes, the first for the username (name="usernameHandler") and the second for the password (name="passwordHandler").两个 子元素定义回调类,第一个定义用户名(name="usernameHandler"),第二个定义密码(name="passwordHandler")。

56、Typically, you should define your own roles that suit your business logic with the predefined semantic categories.通常,您应该使用预定义的语义类别定义适合您的业务逻辑的角色。

57、The context definition has local properties and local process definitions.上下文定义有局部属性和局部过程定义。

58、Flexible & Customizable Admin Panel, ex. editable menu text, image size control, etc.高度灵活的自定义管理面板, 如自定义菜单, 图片大小等。

59、Predefined tags include TODO and FIXME, as well as support for custom tags.预定义的标签包括 TODO 和 FIXME,此外还支持自定义标签。

60、Custom tags are user-defined JSP language elements.自定义标记是用户定义的 JSP 语言元素。

61、Build element definitions as necessary to reference a single complex type definition.根据需要构建元素定义,以引用单个复杂类型定义。

62、The binding definition defines the SOAP protocol as the network protocol.绑定定义将 SOAP 协议定义为网络协议。

63、Define and Target.定义和目标。

64、You don't define a member variable and then provide accessor and mutator methods.定义数据成员后不需要分别定义访问和修改的方法。

65、You define a decorator just like any other method定义修饰符与定义其他方法无异

66、Define a touchpoint.定义接触点。

67、Defining a protocol using BEEP comes down to the definition of profiles.使用 BEEP 定义协议归结为配置文件的定义。

68、In the script package definition (Figure 在脚本包定义(图

18), you can see the ITM_TEMS_HOSTNAME variable is defined.

18)中,可以看到定义了 ITM_TEMS_HOSTNAME 变量。

69、XML is comprised of markup language specification XML, style language specification XSL and linking language specification XLL.XML包括标记语言定义XML、格式语言定义XSL和链接语言定义XLL三个部分组成。

70、If we define an organism before we define a fish, we are on much firmer ground in defining a fish.如果我们在为鱼下定义之前先为生物下定义,我们就在为鱼下定义的当口站在更坚实的基础上。

71、Its layout is defined by the associated task page definition.由关联的任务页定义来定义它的布局。

72、Define templates—The rules architect defines artifacts and templates using the BRM tool.定义模板——规则架构师使用 BRM 工具来定义构件和模板。

73、Define a single ruleset that defines all the above mentioned points.定义单独的规则集,在其中定义所有上面所提到的问题。

74、Looping quantifiers do not clear group .循环限定符不清除组定义。

75、> Are scopes defined by curly braces or by functions?>,范围是由花括号定义的还是函数定义的?

英文句子模板76:定义,76、defun is the function that defines custom functions.defun 是用于定义自定义函数的函数。

77、The prefix is user-defined, though the attribute name is predefined.尽管属性名称是预先定义的,但前缀是用户定义的。

78、There is no mapping for resource definitions, resource definition templates, and individual resources.不存在对资源定义、资源定义模板和个别资源的映射。

79、The LC_CTYPE value defines character encoding and LC_COLLATE defines the sorting order.值 LC_CTYPE 定义了字符编码,而 LC_COLLATE 定义了排序顺序。

80、A recursive definition is similar to a circular definition, in the sense that the definition contains a reference to the thing being defined.递归定义与循环定义有些相似,就是函数的定义体内包含了对所定义内容的引用。 一一个完全循环的定义并不会有太大用。


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