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关于”解读的软件“的英语句子42个,句子主体:Interpretation software。以下是关于解读的软件的高二英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Interpretation software


1、First of all, the article introduces briefly the constitution of Crime of kidnapping.


2、Physics engines free you from having to develop the complex software to implement physics and collision detection in software.

实现 IT 解决方案的过程涉及集成并定制各种软硬件组件。

3、Implementing an IT solution involves integrating and customizing a variety of hardware and software components.


4、For detailed information about the scanning software, refer to the Online.

more FinalBuilder -自动构建和发布的Windows软件开发管理解决方案。

5、FinalBuilder - An automated build and release management solution for Windows software developers.

派驻 为您和您的软件开发组织提供了一个很好的机会,从而可以真实地了解您的软件是如何被利用的。

6、Residencies provide a profound opportunity for you and your software development organization to really understand how your software is being used.

现在我用一个FLASHCARDS 软件来解决这个问题。

7、Now I have solved this problem with the help of a software called FLASHCARDS.


8、However, we find SCA addressing the intricacies of component orientated software development better.


9、The native resolution of the scanner chip and firmware;

MS0P 将解析授权或其他任何类型的事件消息,将其解析为人类可读的文本。

10、MS0P will p Authorization or any other type of event message into human-readable text.


11、Jesper Johansson's excellent article called "Anatomy of a malware scam."

主要软件提供者使用了各种 SCCM 标准;然而,有效软件开发的基石是十分清晰且容易被人理解的。

12、A variety of SCCM standards are in use by the main software providers; however, the foundations stones for effective software development are clear and understood by all.


13、Commissioned after the download process, extract the decompression software.

第三方软件仓库给使我们可以获得非自由软件,例如 Adobe Reader,Skype和受限格式的解码包。

14、This third-party repository gives us access to all kinds of non-free software such as Adobe Reader, Skype and codecs for restricted media formats.

在我们开始了解 Stow 之前,先让我们研究一下 软件安装管理,它也称作 软件包管理。

15、Before getting acquainted with Stow, let's first take a look at software installation management, also known as package management.


16、Understand the concepts of software "best practices" and when they apply.


17、Two different approaches are described: one software-based solution and one hardware-based solution.


18、We have seen a number of fundamental shifts in the way software practitioners perceive software-intensive solutions.


19、A new approach was proposed which eliminated the coupling effect by software means.


20、The solution may involve consulting services and hardware and software products.

21、Green software codecs can be operational.绿色软件,解压即可运行。

22、They are accessed in read-only mode by staff resolution plug-ins.它们由人员解析插件以只读模式访问。

23、Very regretful is, your mistake unscrambled Microsoft and the property that Yahoo talks.非常遗憾的是,你们错误解读了微软与雅虎会谈的性质。

24、On ASN , wireless communications, software developers need to understand the data.介绍ASN ,是无线通信软件开发者必须要了解的资料。

25、And the fact that these payment apps can sit within messaging apps means you can settle bills without even interrupting your group chat.而且因为这些支付软件是归于聊天软件之下的,那就意味着你可以不打断群聊就解决好账单。

英文句子26:,26、Appliances are generally easier to use than creating similar solutions from general purpose hardware and software because the hardware and all required software come together as one purposed solution.与从通用硬件和软件创建类似解决方案相比,设备通常使用起来更方便,因为硬件和所有所需的软件全作为一个专用的解决方案提供。

27、Engineering computing problems are solved by software MATHCAD.本文介绍使用数学软件MATHCAD解决工程计算问题;

28、Usually virus scanners require only one parameter - the name of folder containing unpacked files.通常病毒扫描软件需要至少一个参数 ?包含解药文件的文件夹的名字。

29、As more enterprises are looking at software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions, Microsoft has augmented LitewareHR, their SaaS reference application, to include the Software + Services (S+S) model.因为越来越多的企业开始关注“软件即服务(SaaS)”解决方案,微软给 他们的SaaS参考应用,LitewareHR,增加了包含软件+服务(S+S)模型的新功能。

30、The app also includes ilrations and definitions of common pathology report terms.该软件还可以提供常见的病理报告图示和解释。

31、Four-order-Runge-Kutta method is used to compute the differential equations.该软件中对微分方程组的求解采用四阶龙格-库塔法。

32、The resolving solution for general purpose ATS is provided by COM technology, which is important technique reference criterion for future test software design.COM技术为通用ATS软件设计提供了解决方案,是未来测试软件设计的重要技术参考标准。

33、You can swap files from ROM to ROM by unzipping them and checking out the folder contents.您可以互换文件从光盘只读存储器的解压,并检查该文件夹的内容。

34、Authentication, authorization, privacy, integrity, and non-reputation are the major security components of software or a software-based solution working over the network.在通过网络运行的软件或软件解决方案中,身份验证、授权、私密性、完整性和不可否认性是主要的安全组件。

35、Therefore, the main challenge will be software that fulfils the needs of adaptive, context-aware, personalized services and solutions.那么,主要的挑战将是软件,实现自适应,环境敏感,个性化服务和解决方案的软件。

36、I show my respect to those who could decode Microsoft's software and share it with others.'我向对微软的软件进行解码并与其他人共享的那些人表示敬意。

37、It has found a few niche, black-and-white applications in mobile phones and "electronic books" such as Sony's Reader and Amazon's Kindle.据了解,电子纸已经有了一些用武之地——手机中黑白的应用软件与“电子书”,如索尼的读书器与亚马逊的“燃具”(Kindle)。

38、Reinstallation of this software solved the problem.重新安装此软件即解决了问题。

39、See the resources for information on how to find these.想了解如何获得这些软件,请参考 参考资料。

40、There is no installation required, you simply extract the files from the zip archive and run AUTOSTITCH.EXE.本软件不需要安装,只要从压缩文件中解压出来执行里面的 AUTOSTITCH.EXE 即可。

41、Other HA software solutions are available as well and may be used.还有其他一些 HA 软件解决方案可供使用。

42、As the impetuous development of computer software industry and Internet, the software piracy and cracking which is aiming at software are running rampantly.随着计算机软件业和互联网的迅猛发展,针对软件的盗版与破解也随之泛滥起来。

43、I will then use this new filtered event reader to p the document.接下来我使用这个新的事件过滤阅读器解析文档。

44、Article34. Software copyright disputes may be mediated.第三十四条 软件著作权侵权纠纷可以调解,调解不成或者调解达成协议后一方反悔的,可以向法院起诉。

45、Strengthen the understanding, and intercommunication in software industry between China and America.进一步加强了中美软件业的了解、沟通和交流。

46、Time synchronization that is key technology of digital demodulation is cc allied by software.对数字解调中的关键时间同步采用软件实现。

47、This includes installing and maintaining the proper software and/or hardware to implement the solution.其中包括安装和维护适当的软件和/或硬件来实现这一解决方案。

48、Read the paragraphs below to learn how the mail is delivered.信 件 的 流 程读下列段落了解信的流程。

49、Your intended recipients will be able to unscramble it with ease.您预期的收件人将能够轻松地解读它。

50、Len: One of the standard views for documenting software architectures is the module decomposition view.Len:一个标准的视图软件架构是模块分解视图。

经典英文句子51:解读的软件,51、The former is concerned on software for AT89C51 and other hardware which include FSK demodulation circuit soft keyboard circuit and so on.短信处理器由89C51软件和相应硬件组成,包括FSK解调电路、软键盘电路等。

52、Farhana : OK, so, please explain "smartly designed software" sir!好,那么请解释一下“设计敏捷的软件”。

53、Deciphering food labels is tricky business.解读食品标签是一件棘手的事情。

54、We develop software to solve problems.我们开发软件是为了解决问题。

55、Software companies love hiring people that like solving hard technical problems.软件公司爱招募那些喜欢解决技术难题的人们。

56、This is another software that can be used to decrypt copy-protected DVD.这是另一个可以被用于解密受版权保护的DVD软件。

57、It is known that what sues the tomato garden together with Microsoft is the commercial software alliance.据了解,与微软一起投诉番茄花园的是商业软件联盟。

58、Facts have proved that it increased the processing capability and simplifyied the design of hardware and software greatly by using of ARM9 processor.通功实际当用证亮,ARM9处放器的当用大大降上了体解的处放才能,繁化了体解的软软件设计。

59、In recent years, in order to resolve "software crisis", object-oriented component software technology is developing rapidly.近年来,为解决软件危机,面向对象的构件化技术蓬勃发展。

60、This will help you to understand the content of the application package.这将有助于您理解应用程序软件包的内容。

61、For additional useful information, read this series of five articles by Jim Amsden about developing software based on service-oriented architecture (SOA)要了解更多有用的信息,请阅读 Jim Amsden 所写的有关基于面向服务的体系结构(Service-Oriented Architecture,SOA)开发软件的五篇系列文章

62、A Optics Valley software outsourcing enterprises responsible person explained that the.光谷一家软件外包企业负责人如此解释。

63、Software understanding is always the bottleneck of the software maintenance process, it cost software workers quantities of time.软件理解一直是软件维护阶段的瓶颈问题,它需要花费维护人员大量的时间和精力。

64、By drilling the first principle of understanding, and then the PLC hardware and software design.首先通过对钻床工作原理的了解,然后对PLC的硬件和软件进行设计。

65、Concept of the knowledge of project management and relative soft wares.了解产品数据管理知识和常用软件。

66、Managing exceptional situations is important in any software solution.管理异常情况是所有软件解决方案的一个重要方面。

67、To read Simon's letter using skimming and scanning skills, and know about Simon's life in the UK.通过略读和跳读Simon的信件,了解Simon在英国的生活情况。

68、Since then the upload file format will endeavor to the standard that 7zip software can extract.以后上传的文件格式会尽量以7zip软件所能解压的格式为标准。

69、This wizard will help you create a self-extracting / self-installing package.本向导帮助您创建自解压缩/自安装软件包。

70、We can only hope to tackle the problems in software development by acknowledging that software is different, and understanding the consequences of these differences.我们只有承认软件是不同的,并且理解由此而产生的各种差异,才有希望处理好软件开发中的各种问题。

71、Discussion will include microarray and nextgen sequencing applications, and relevant statistical software will be demonstrated.讲解将和相关的统计软件示范应用相结合。

72、Lieberman has an easy-to-read style where you often forget that you're reading a software engineering book.Lieberman 运用了一种很容易理解的方式,在这种方式的引导下您经常会忘了您是在阅读一本软件工程学的书。

73、If you distribute nonfree software, or steer people towards it, you will find it hard to say, “Nonfree software is an injustice, a social problem, and we must put an end to it.”假如你把私有软件发布出去,或者诱导人们使用这类软件,你很难跟人们解释说,“私有软件是不公正的,它是一种社会顽疾,我们要消灭它。”

74、The ways to solve the them are summarized: software and hardware cooperating based methods;解决这些问题的途迳主要有:基于软件和硬件协同测试的方法;

75、Jailbreaking with Limera1n: Jailbreak, But Unlockers Beware用Limera1n软件越狱:越狱,但解锁者要当心


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