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关于”八大时态及例句“的英语句子58个,句子主体:Eight Tenses and Example Sentences。以下是关于八大时态及例句的高中英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Eight Tenses and Example Sentences


1、The amendment of

9 February 2000 applies to Statute For Processing And Compensating For The February 28th Incident.


2、Registration of creation and cancellation of statutory mortgage according to the Public Housing Act.

测试运行的数目会在状态条中显示出来,同时会显示执行 测试所花的时间以及失败用例的数目。

3、The number of tests run is shown in the status bar, together with the time taken to execute the tests, and the number of failures.


4、An instance of a business state machine can be in only one state at any given time.


5、The eighth problem concerns the pattern made by parents at conception.


6、Maximum Load 884 lbs.


7、In 2007, Sustainable Renovation of Wenyuan Building at Tongji University, the first sustainable building renovation project in China.


8、The major polygon epithelioid cells and rhabdomyoid cells with cytoplasm crimson staining were the main component and hypopigment in

12 cases from patrphism.

运行时参数,httpd.conf 文件,以及静态与动态内容场景

9、Run-time parameters, navigating the httpd.conf file, and static versus dynamic content situations

《国际糖尿病》:在第八届IDF WPR大会上,您作了题为“及时胰岛素治疗”的讲演。请问什么是确切的及时胰岛素治疗?

10、International Diabetes: Here at the 8th IDF-WPR Congress, you gave a lecture entitled "Timely Insulinization". Can you tell us what exactly is timely insulinization?


11、It was about eight when he called on her. At eight thirty he was nervous, thinking about the job.


12、Books and personal expenses are about $2,858.


13、It's divided into

8 big cuisines such as Cantonese food, ShanDong food, SiChuan food, etc.

八十八街通常是很热闹的, 尤其是在夏天的时候。 不过, 有时候在一大清早和炎热午后里, 八十八街却很安静。

14、Eighty-eighth Street is usually a busy street, especially during the summer. But sometimes, early in the morning and in the heat of the afternoon, it is quiet.


15、Xuande was twenty-eight when Governor Liu issued his recruitment for volunteers.


16、The couple is currently broken up on the show, having ended things during the season-eight finale, but will undoubtedly reunite in time to fumble toward romance.


17、The main aims of this thesis are to examine the distribution amplitudes of the octet baryons, and to investigate their applications.


18、These ones, for example, are white-backed wood and starling.


19、Lin Xiaoyu also led the eighth route army arrived on time.


20、Methods The morphology, location, size and direction variation of appendix were observed in 31 corpses by gross anatomy.

21、Do not use the subject "I", use tenses in the past. Except for your present job. Example: Graduated from Tsinghua University.不要使用主题为“我” ,使用时态为过去时。除非你目前还在工作。例如:毕业于清华大学。

22、The gala usually starts at 晚会通常在农历大年除夕八时开始,持续大约四个小时。

8 p.m. on New Year's Eve and lasts about four hours.

23、So far, six deaths have occurred at the high school level this August alone.目前,仅xx月份,高中就已发生6例死亡案例。

24、This eight-step merged workflow shows the dynamic nature of business workflows, because the exact sequence of tasks can only be decided at run time.这个合并的八步工作流程显示出了业务工作流程的动态本质,因为具体的任务序列只能在运行时决定。 例如,考虑一下第

3 步。

25、For example, 例如,

15 minutes might work for your team, but eight hours is probably too long.

15 分钟对您的小组来说不成问题,但八小时就太长。

英文句子26:,26、Before David could carry out revenge, Nabal's wife intervened and kept David from acting rashly .在大卫动手报仇之前,拿八的妻子及时介入,劝阻大卫不要轻率行事。

27、Two high capacity rescue boats, supported by eight speed boats, form the core of sea rescue operations.两间海上救援中心备有两艘大型高速救援船及八艘快艇随时候命。

28、A static connector can point to a primary as well as a backup instance.一个静态的连接器能够指向一个主要实例以及备份实例。

29、Methods CT films of 64 patients with hepatic abscesses, examined by both plain and enhanced CT scans, were reviewed retrospectively. Of the 64 cases, 24 were examined by dynamic CT scans.方法回顾性分析了64例经手术或临床证实的肝脓肿病例的动态增强CT资料,所有病例均行CT平扫及增强CT扫描,其中24例行动态增强CT检查。

30、Conservation and development of mangrove is one of the eight major forestry projects in the ecological construction of Guangdong Province.在广东林业生态省建设中,保护和发展红树林被列为八大林业生态工程之

31、Simulations show considerable promotion in the transient stability limit on a transmission line after reclosing time optimization.算例表明优化重合时刻可以大幅提高输电线路暂态稳定极限。

32、It wasn't beneficial to conversion timely of N and C metabolism when NH4+-N rates were raised.铵态氮比例过大不利于叶片碳氮代谢的适时转化。

33、The biggest prize, eight thousand eight hundred and eighty eight yuan, for "eight" sounds like "Fa" in Cantonese, meaning earning big money.最大的奖是八千八百八十八元,因为“八”在广东话里听起来很像“发”,有赚大钱之意。

34、Designer had noticed more type of creature. The percents of dynamic bionic design and integral bionic design had increased.同时动态仿生、整体仿生的比例在上升,以及仿生由具象到抽象再到喻象的发展规律。

35、Robert Bernell, Founder and Publisher, Timezone 东八时区艺术书店创始人及出版人;

8 Art Books.

36、In the three years since the last report, scientists have identified an additional 48 reptiles, eight frogs, eight mammals, 自上次报告的xx年来,科学家们在澳大利亚已新发现四十八种爬行动物、八种青蛙、八种哺乳动物、1184种开花植物以及904种蜘蛛、螨及蝎子。

1, 184 flowering plants and 904 spiders, mites and scorpions in Australia.

37、The greater and lesser omentum as well as the epiploic foramen were observed and measured in 30 cases of newborn cadavers (male 在30例新生儿尸体上(男

18, female

12) .



38、In other words, a whole bunch of states that are thermally accessible at equilibrium.话句话说,在平衡状态下,大量的状态都可以被占据。

39、Foreigners mostly live for today attitude is much more prevalent than their Chinese counterparts.大多数外国人奉行及时行乐的态度。

40、Methods We examinated 880 patients with heart murmur, viewed shape, size and movement of mitral valve and tricuspid valve, and hemodynamic variation.方法 利用二维及彩色多普勒技术观察 880例有心脏杂音患者的


41、The morphology and size of the filiform apparatus change with the development period of the synergids.助细胞的丝状器在不同发育时期形态及大小不同;

42、Stationary and stability properties are discussed as special cases of general market tatonnement dynamics.静态性质及其稳定性是作为一般市场动态过程的特例加以讨论的。

43、It was about half-past eight or nine.大概是八点半或者九点的时候。

44、Results All case can determin the size, form, position, and other change.结果:所有病例均可明确结石的大小、形态、部位,以及继发改变。

45、For example, go back to the Hakka eight tones.例如,回溯到客家八音。

46、Usually having Mars in the eighth house as you will have forces up expenses or could cause arguments, say, over a commission or a divorce settlement.通常如果火星在你们的第八宫的时候你会破财或者引发例如涉及到一项承诺的纠纷或者离婚纠纷。

47、The results of experiments show that tensile strength, bend strength, bend modulus and heat deformation temperature of the composite materials are increased with the increase of carbon fibre content.随碳纤维比例的增大,该复合材料的拉伸强度、弯曲强度、弯曲模量及热变形温度均呈上升态势;而缺口冲击强度及击穿电压呈下降态势。

48、All the cases had plain CT of upper and middle abdomen and enhanced CT of abdomen, and to observe the size, shape, density, enhancement and distribution of lymph nodes.全部病例均行上中腹部CT平扫及全腹部增强扫描,观察淋巴结的大小、形态、密度、强化方式及增大淋巴结的优势分布。

49、Perhaps the 1970s and 1980s (which saw high inflation and double-digit interest rates) were the aberration and the immediate post-war era was the norm.或许xx年代经济(经历高通货膨胀及两位数利率)处于失常状态,而在紧接的战后时期才回归正常。

50、Results The percent of current-like type and marble type tear film pattern was higher in the severe myopia group than in the control group.结果①高度近视患者泪膜形态中流水样及大理石型所占比例高于正常对照组。

经典英文句子51:八大时态及例句,51、By eight team captain Bao Weiguo timely stop.被八路小分队队长包卫国及时拦住。

52、One of the world's greatest cataracts shatters the Iguazu River between Argentina and Brazil.一个世界的最大的大瀑布乱七八糟的状态在伊瓜苏河位于阿根廷和巴西之间。

53、In linguistic field, the study on temporal features mainly focuses on the internal structure of language such as morphology, syntax, semantics, aspectual study and pragmatics.语言学领域对于时间特征的研究主要集中在语言内部的结构上,包括诸如词汇、语义、句法、时态及语用方面的研究。

54、The research appears in the August issue of the journal Ecology. [Emily Dangremond, Eleanor Pardini and Tiffany Knight, http://bit.ly/9yaeIK]这项研究被刊登于《生态学》期刊xx月份大事记中。

55、These instances are currently executing, as well as instances that need manual resolution, such as those containing activities in stopped state.这包括正在执行的实例以及需要人工干预的实例,比如包含处于停止状态的活动的实例。

56、With an 8-week period intervention, data were collected and evaluated by pre- and post- 24-hr food recalls and questionnaires.介入包括连续八周的课程及六大类食物份量 照片的网页。采用前、后测24小时饮食回忆纪录及问卷评量。

57、Here's an example involving polymorphic recursion across two cles下面的示例涉及两个类之间的多态递归

58、Results Hemorrhage was immediately arrested in 97.3%(36/37) patients with mive bleeding from peptic ulcer. No recurrent bleeding and perforation were happened.结果37例消化性溃疡大出血病人,36例即时止血成功,且无复发出血及穿孔。

59、The example was taken from the middle and large activities held by National Science and Technology Museum for reviewing.文中以xx年度国立科学工艺博物馆筹办的数场中大型活动,为实作范例及检讨。

60、As you transition from one state to the next, the framework captures the current state, with all instance variables, automatically.当从一个状态转换到下一个状态时,框架自动捕获当前状态,包括所有实例变量。

61、In histograms of lung attenuation of central slice of bullae, double-peak distribution was 肺大泡中心层面像素直方图中,双峰样分布10例,类正态分布12例,偏态分布2例;

10 cases, similar normal distribution was

12 cases, partial distribution was

2 cases;

62、Your attitude changed far better than before and only then I knew it as the real you, a pionate, talkative and helpful man.后面的你态度一百八十度大转弯, 原来那才是真正的你, 一个热情, 健谈以及乐于助人的人.

63、John RobertsYoualso must have grown up during the Looney Tunes era.你必须是兔八哥时代长大的。


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