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关于”激励学生“的英语句子52个,句子主体:Motivate students。以下是关于激励学生的小学英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Motivate students


1、Its spell would remain on him for the rest of his life, inspiring two series of paintings and dozens of canvases.


2、If I see an overwhelming response encouraging me to tell, then I will admit for you guys "risking my own life"…


3、At P. S. 21, the prinl announced that to reward students, there would be no homework for the weekend.


4、With the advent of lasers, some experiments tried to use its high intensity, high monochromaticity, short pulse duration to perform the theory and experiments of the laser selective chemistry.


5、In the college volleyball tournament, the most exciting match was the English Department vs. the Biology Department; the competition was quite high.


6、Money paid by the company for various reasons, such as meeting objectives, productivity incentives, special events (e.g. Xmas), etc.


7、Falla says he believes that will change soon, and as Sampras and Boris Becker inspired him, so will current pros spark another generation of Colombians.


8、If we want to realize the flyback of contemporary clroom teaching culture, we should play a role in guiding career planning, foundation affecting of one's job, and inspiring of live enthusiasm.


9、There have sprung up a dozen of new textbooks which are based onthe student-centered teaching approach.


10、The realization that foundry processes based on Lean production can increase competitiveness as well as improve profitability is encouraging foundries to introduce this production practice.


11、Those garnet crystals produce one laserwavelength; the chemicals, another.


12、In addition, I tested the relation between managers'share-holding rate and using stock-based incentives as many scholars abroad did.


13、Clroom humour helps to activate students' thinking, active the clroom atmosphere, harmonize the relationship between teachers and students, edify students' temperament.


14、Much of the ability to teach is innate— an ability to inspire young minds as well as control unruly clrooms that some people instinctively possess and some people definitely do not.


15、Ask the students to look at the pictures in Pre-reading and tell a story according to these pictures.


16、But the conclusion is that avoid negativity around you and focus on things that inspires and motivates you.


17、If one is really, for instance, captivated by the biochemistry of protein kinases, you don't necessarily have to work on kinases in oncogenesis.

加强科学管理 ,正确运用激励手段 ,对于搞好图书馆岗位培训工作具有重要作用。

18、This article is a preliminary discussion about how to make a correct use of the mechanism of incentive, and better the training of librarians at post.


19、An award of HK$50 per hour will be made to student helpers.


20、For that reason, Michael Jordan and Isiah Thomas struck up a fierce perennial competition and learned to hate each other.

21、Finally, the longing for city life and change the status inspired farmers to go to cities, looking for opportunities to increase revenue.最后,对城市生活的向往和改变生存现状的迫切愿望激励着农民从农村走向城市,寻找增加收入的机会。

22、Combining the practice of cl management, the author puts forward several effective ways of encouraging students which would have an active influence on promoting cl - management level.本文结合班级管理的工作实践,提出了几种行之有效的激励学生的方法手段,这对提高班级管理水平具有积极的现实作用和意义。

23、Step2. 激发学生讨论并参与课堂活动。让学生联系实际回答问题。

1 . Ask students to read the page carefully and answer some questions about the details of text.

24、Life with Nikon introduces the optical technologies of Laser Rangefinders.与尼康生命介绍了激光测距仪的光学技术。

25、The mode of practice should be combined with students characteristics, arouse their interest in partiting in the activities.活动方式应与学生特点相结合, 激发学生参与活动的兴趣;

英文句子26:,26、Situations like these not only upset me extermely but help me focus more on finding the right solution to implement in our playschool so this incident will never occur.印度目前的这种情况真是让我感到担忧,但是这同时又激励找去找到更好的解决方法来避免我们的游戏学校也发生这种事情。

27、No, it was a rat race . The students there were too competitive .不喜欢, 那里的学生竞争太激烈了。

28、This discovery won the 'Medicine Research Award of the Year' award for BioMed Central's Research Awards in 2007.该发现获得了xx年由生物医学中心研究奖励颁发的“年度医学奖”。

29、A student said excitedly when the homeroom teacher introduced the themes.当班主任在介绍主题的时候,学生激动地说道。

30、Tenacious quality in will can stimulate the students' voluntariness.顽强的意志品质会激发学生的自觉性;

31、In contrast, others hold that discussions can stimulate students to learn by themselves.与此相反,其他人则认为讨论式教学可以激发学生的自学能力。

32、Sergio Fernandes from Brazil says paying students is not realistic.巴西的赛基·费南德斯说奖励学生金钱是不现实的。

33、To inactivate hormone , to make it lose its bioactivity.使某些激素灭活,使其失去生物学活性。

34、Thirdly , it makes an initial exploration of how to motivate the moral need .本文认为,学生的道德需要是要激发的。

35、A Prescription for Change, " in which he laments the dearth of health-care data, weak incentives for quality care and the slow pace of computerization of medical records."对于目前变化的应对”在书中,他对缺少卫生保健数据,对于有质量的保健缺乏激励,医学档案的电子话节奏缓慢感到惋惜。

36、Students, whose entrance examination scores rank from 奖励各省市文理科高考成绩2~10名的学生以及全国学科奥赛一等奖的学生。

2 to

10 in each province, and those first-prize winners of the National Olympic Contests, will be eligible for the scholarship.

37、To this end we had launched the INSPIRE or Innovation in Science Pursuit for Inspired Research programme and I am very happy that this programme is doing very well.为了实现这个目标,我们实施了“为激发研究而进行科学工作的激励或创新计划”。我非常高兴地看到,这个计划目前运行良好。

38、My mother and father were physicians, my grandmother was a novelist, and at an early age I’d been inspired to do both.我的父母亲是医生,我的祖母是小说家。 这使我从小时起就受到激励,决心既当医生,又当小说家。

39、It also includes Li Jingbiao, 24, of China Foreign Affairs University in Beijing.同样激烈市场竞争的还有xx岁的李静标,外交学院学生。

40、An award of HK$50 per hour will be arranged to student helpers.学生助手服务每小时可获五十元作奖励。

41、Because of this relative lack of punishment for misconduct, further incentive, beyond financial ones, is provided to induce mis-behavior.由于对学术不端行为缺乏处罚,进一步的激励,不只是金钱方面,就会导致更严重的不端行为。

42、Summing up and studying MA Ke-chang's concept of criminal law, is of great importance to enlarge Chinese good tradition of criminal law, and also to impel the latter learners.总结和研究马克昌刑法学思想,对于弘扬我国优秀刑法传统,激励后学,具有重要的现实意义。

43、The Chinese proverb "a book holds a house of gold" has been used by teachers for centuries to motivate students and instill in them the idea that academic performance is a ticket to success.数百年来,老师一直用中国的古训“书中自有黄金屋”来激励学生,让他们知道好成绩就是成功的敲门砖。

44、The vehicle model provides possibility for more accurate compute and it can simulate the dynamic vehicle loads of real vehicles on wave road.整车动力学模型的建立为更加精确的进行车路耦合作用计算提供可能,可以模拟出实际车辆在波形路面激励下产生的动荷载作用值。

45、She would comfort us, with her native feelings of life invigorating us to know toleration and content, not to fight with others.她会安慰我们,以她朴素的生活感受激励我们懂得忍受或满足,不要与人争斗。

46、Scientific incentive adapted to the employees is a key link for the scientific research institutes become competitive after the conversion and enterprise operation.转制后和被企业化管理的科研院所是否具有市场竞争力,对员工的科学激励是一个重要的环节。

47、The teacher will show some pictures or videos about English culture. The students will watch them and learn about English cultures about language, food, weather.学生观看图片或浏览英国的视频,学生感知英国的文化习俗,并激发学生阅读的兴趣。

48、The fact that menstruation occurs remorselessly each month gives a good incentive to find a solution to any related problem.事实上,每月月经发生无情地给出了一个好的激励找到一个解决任何相关的问题。

49、Money paid by the company for various reasons, such as meeting objectives, productivity incentives, special events, annual bonus, etc.公司根据不同原因支付的钱,如完成任务,激励员工提高生产力,特殊节日,年终奖等等。

50、We solved that by focusing a great deal on motivating the students. Why?我们通过激发学生,解决该问题,为什么呢?

经典英文句子51:激励学生,51、The hardware facilities, such as buildings, equipments, greening and beautifying which provides good external conditions can promote and edify the teachers' professional developments.学校建筑、装备举措措施、绿化美化等学校硬件举措措施为教师专业发铺提供良好的外部环境,具有激励和熏陶作用;

52、Since educators' expectation and appreciation would be an endless energy source that could wake up students' potentials and encourage them to display their self-confidence.赏识所有学生,因为老师的赏识和期待,将成为激发学生潜能、唤起学生自信的力量之源。

53、Question-answer teaching can not only raise the students' attention and arouse their interest, but also be helpful to digesting and absorbing knowledge .提问式教学法,不仅可以提高学生的注意力,激发学生的兴趣,而且有助于学生更好地消化、吸收知识。

54、The female hormone of soybean isoflavones is affecting on hormone secretion, metabolic biology activity, protein synthesis, growth factors activity, is the natural cancer chemoprevention agent.大豆异黄酮的雌性激素作用影响到激素分泌、代谢生物学活性、蛋白质合成、生长因子活性、是天然的癌症化学预防剂。

55、Photothermal effect is one of the most important events in the medical application of lasers.激光与生物组织的光热效应是激光在医学上应用的重要方面之

56、The following information is provided by UM AYP Club and posted by the Student Affairs Section.下列资料由澳门大学国际青年奖励计划同学会提供、学生事务处代传。

57、Therefore, it is a very meaningful task that to research the correlativity between the motivated behavior of prinls and teachers' self-identity to school organization in high school.因此,对中学校长激励行为与教师对学校组织的认同这二者之间的相关关系进行研究,是一件非常有意义的工作。

58、In modern enterprises, the public service-oriented business activities and stimulate-oriented incentive activities have become a momentum for further development and restoration of reproduction.在现代企事业中,以差旅公务为主的商务活动和以激励投入为主的奖励活动已经成为现代企业深入发展、恢复再生产的动力。

59、The dictation, adjustment and infection of teaching language play the role of attracting students' attention and arousing their emotion.教学语言的指令性、调节性和感染性能很好的起到集中学生注意力,激发学生情感的作用。

60、In response to the applied stimuli, domain can switch and domain switching coverts one variant into another.在激励作用下,电畴可以发生畴变,铁电体的物质点从一种变体转变成为另一种变体。

61、The effect of optical penetration on laser thermoelastically- generated ultrasound in nonmetallic solids is studied theoretically on the basis of thermoelastic equations.本文从热弹性基本方程出发,理论上研究了非金属固体材料受激光热弹激励超声时,光穿透效应对所产生声波的影响。

62、It is the necessity to establish a scientific and efficient mechanism to encourage and constrain the managers to meet the requirement of reform within state-owned enterprises.建立科学有效的国有企业经营者激励与约束机制是国企改革的客观要求。

63、This kept the students highly motivated, as you can imagine.这强烈激发了学生,你们可以想象得到。

64、ABSTRACT This thesis is concerned with the development of new type of Single-side Exciting Doubly Salient machine .本学位论文在深入总结国内外有关文献的基础上,对单边激励双凸极电机进行了深入的理论研究。

65、Unlike Jack, however, who saw the importance of encouraging and protecting underlings, Nina managed staff by being blunt.两人的不同之处在于,杰克认为激励和保护下属至关重要,尼娜的领导风格相对生硬直率。

66、Student: what wattage of laser would actually damage a camera?学生:,多大瓦特的激光实际上才能损坏一部相机?

67、We should award those students who have combined development in moral, intellectual and physical education.我们要奖励德智体全面发展的学生。

68、She is the most generous among the three good students.她是三好学生中最激昂大方的。

69、The fierce competition of entering a higher school students led to the great psychological pressure and cause the student to go to extremes;激烈的升学竞争导致学生极大的心理压力并使学生走上极端;

70、The teacher's story titillated the fancy of the pupils.老师的故事激发了学生们的想像力。

71、So Inspired Partition is about plugging into everything in your life, finding value in it all and letting yourself do what comes naturally.所以激励参与就是要关注生活中的一切事物,发现它们的价值,并把它们当作理应发生的事情来处理。

72、Money paid by the company for various reasons, such as meeting objectives, productivity incentives, special.公司根据不同原因支付的钱,如完成任务,激励员工提高生产力,特殊节日(如圣诞节),等等。

73、By 1800 the combination of science and the Atlantic economy created incentives and opportunities for entrepreneurs to mechanise production and tap into the power of fossil fuels.到xx年,科学和大西洋经济的结合给企业家形成激励和新的机会,推动了机械化生产和化石能源的利用。 这一进程是在英国开始的。

74、Ultra Source of Life Liquid features a succulent, invigorating mango pineapple flavor that excites the senses as it energizes the body.奇普仕生命液的特点是肉质,搞活芒果菠萝味的感官兴奋,因为它激励身体。

75、So, the emphases to research is clear, that is using the different pattern of power collocate to encourage the governor of university.这样一来,需要的研究重点就很明确了,即研究通过不同的权力配置方式来激励大学管理者的问题。

英文句子模板76:Motivate students,76、The competition was extremely fierce and only the students with exceptional academic performance and personal qualities could be selected.名额竞争激烈,学校选送的都是品学兼优的学生。


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