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关于”赞美祖国“的英语句子33个,句子主体:Praise the motherland。以下是关于赞美祖国的专八英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Praise the motherland


1、Under the MMD, Zambia went all-out to woo Chinese state enterprises and ease their access to the country’s wealth.


2、I appreciate from the core of my heart your steadfastness in continuing the attitude and aims of your fathers.


3、His forefather was abducted to America two centuries ago.


4、Never forget our duty to our motherland.


5、The sports is one kind of motion education, puts briefly, is: "exercises the body, constructs the motherland, defends the motherland".


6、We should all strive to reunify the motherland.


7、They are loyal to the motherland and the people.


8、Big Sheep ---- The definition of beauty for our ancestors.


9、The bridge is also the fine art ware, it gives the motherland the beautiful country to improve on perfection, becomes the extremely good object which the people esthetically watches.


10、Wherever we go, the maple tree leaf reminds us of our great country and of our beautiful hometown Vancouver.


11、I defended this country as a young man and I will defend it as President.


12、Q: Newly elected Zambian President Sata's first meeting with a foreign envoy was with Chinese Ambador to Zambia Zhou Yuxiao on September 26.


13、At London club West Ham, meanwhile, the team's shirt sponsor went bankrupt and its Icelandic owner has suffered along with his country's fortunes.


14、Her motherland is in the tropical region.

签名:荣国 作者简介:张荣国,祖籍南京。xx年毕业于中央美术学院油画系罗工柳工作室,油画家、美术教育家。

15、About the authors: Zhang Rongguo, native of Nanjing. 1965 graduated from the Central Academy of Fine Arts Oil Painting Luo Gongliu studio, oil painting, art educator.


16、did he get a sizar's place at college, or escape to America, and earn honours by drawing blood from his foster-country?


17、According to Tang Xianzu, the reason of dramatic aesthetics is the basic social ideology in the later part of feudal society.


18、What left it in its homeland distant?


19、My country Binet of east culture.


20、Moistens the motherland of the peaches and plums.

21、We must be loyal to our motherland.我们必须忠于祖国。

22、In 1999, Congress ented.在xx年,国会赞成。

23、Strong and beatiful country like flowers.祖国东方文明的摇篮。

24、Wearing a collar conferred certain advantages particularly a gilded collar inscribed with the name of Yezzan zo Qaggaz.套着项圈还是有些好处的,尤其是刻着耶赞·祖·喀高兹的金项圈。

25、Dacheng Diamond Tool plant is established in Yingkou economic-technology developing zone in southern part of Liaoning province, China. Mr.大成金刚石工具厂就诞生在这美丽富饶的祖国辽南营口经济技术开发区。

英文句子26:,26、The honour remained with our motherland.光荣属于我们的祖国。

27、From the get-go, that is the last thing we had in mind… How can we celebrate Chinese women if we demean Chinese women?从一开始,我们就没有想过要贬低中国女性。 我们怎么能一边赞美中国女性,一边贬低中国女性呢?

28、The Kaddish is a prayer that praises God and expresses a yearning for the establishment of God's kingdom on earth.卡迪什是赞美上帝,表达在地上建立神的国度的渴望。

29、vuvuzelarecycling competition under the slogan "Make a difference, not just anoise."口号是“让呜呜祖拉非同凡‘响’( Make a difference,not just a noise)”。 两家南非公告公司赞助了此次回收比赛。

30、Sun of draw which is my contry。我的祖国是黎明的太阳。

31、Children are the flowers of our motherland.儿童是祖国的花朵。

32、They took up arms in defence of their country.他们拿起武器保卫祖国。

33、They fought to defend their country.他们为保卫祖国而战斗。

34、Today, our great motherland is the sixtieth anniversary of the founding of the big day, 60-year-old mother of our country's birthday the big day.今天正是我们伟大的祖国建国六十周年的大日子,我们祖国妈妈xx岁生日的大日子。

35、China and ad agency DDB were nearing a launch of the campaign last fall to capitalize on accolades China received following last year's Olympic Games.广告公司恒美广告(DDB)和中国去年秋天正接近发起一场广告攻势,以利用中国去年在举办奥运会后所受到的赞美。

36、Aesthetic appeal is another argument made for reinstating traditional characters. Calligraphy, the quintessential aesthetic form of Chinese writing, in fact favors simplification.审美情趣是拥护者们倡导恢复繁体字使用的又一砝码,然而,代表中国审美精髓的书法,其实赞同的是简洁。

37、The black rice is an ancient cultural heritage of Chinese food. In popular wave of black food of Euorpean and American, Chinese black rice as functional food is also developing vigorously.黑米是祖国古老的食品文化遗产,在欧美各国流行的黑色食品浪潮中,国内黑米功能食品也蓬勃发展起来。

38、He betrayed his country to the enemy.他背叛祖国,向敌人投降了。

39、long live the people's republic of China! 中华共和国万岁

40、We enjoy the pleasure of traveling and great landscape of our motherland with relaxed and happy spirit.人们用美的心境,享受着旅游的乐趣,享受着祖国的大好河山。

41、Ask not what your country can do for you,ask what you can do for your country.不要问你的祖国能为你做什么,要问一问你能为你的祖国做什么。

42、Aomen has returned China for ten years .澳门回归祖国已经十周年。

43、To serve the country is our duty .为祖国办事是我们的仔肩。

44、And the products are sold well all around the country and exported to Southeast Asia, Europe, and America, etc.产品广泛应用于电子信息、制冷化工、汽车、制灯等领域,遍及祖国各地,并批量出口到东南亚和欧美等国际市场。

45、They were fighting in defense of their country.他们在为保卫祖国而战。

46、Additionally, amidst what she composed, there are also some lauding beautiful natural scenery and humanity and cultural relics, for instance Rhapsody on Zhaxi Island and Ruins of Guge Kingdom.有赞美美丽自然风光和人文古迹的创作:如《扎西岛狂想》、《古格王国废墟》。

47、Po: Joey Yung :Beauty needs no Miracles! Own It.容祖儿:美丽不等奇迹,真是能做到!

48、Different nationalities, with a motherland.不同的民族,同一个祖国。

49、The secretary also praised the U.S.-Turkey partnership for playing a role in the country’s economic growth, particularly the two countries’ joint security efforts.国务卿称赞美土两国伙伴合作关系为土耳其的经济增长,特别是为两国的联合安全努力,发挥了作用。

50、While a majority of Congress and all our NATO allies favored the air strikes, Russia did not.绝大多数国会议员和所有北约盟国都赞成实施空袭,可是,俄罗斯不赞成。

经典英文句子51:赞美祖国,51、The soldiers are devoted to defending their motherland.战士们献身于保卫祖国。

52、As a vuvuzela chorale swelled from the barstools around him, one township doctor admitted to a Canadian writer he was experiencing a surge of “hope.当酒吧里到处是对呜呜祖啦的赞美之声时,一位小镇医生坦白的告诉一位加拿大记者,他感到了无穷的希望。

53、My biggest ambition is to serve my country.我的最大志向是报效祖国。

54、It is not possible to write a page without experiencing positive pleasure at the richness and variety, the flexibility and the profoundness of our mother-tongue.英语是一种多么崇高的工具! 我们每写下一页,都不可能不对祖国语言的丰富多彩、灵便精深产生一种赞同的喜悦。

55、The Chinese living overseas are thinking of their motherland.国外华侨都思念他们的祖国。

56、I always thought highly of the marines who guarded my sub. How did these guys service so long as marines?我一直都高度赞扬那些保卫祖国的海军战士。这两个家伙是怎么能在海军陆战队呆那么长时间的?

57、I do love my home country France aswell .我当然同样喜欢我的祖国——法国。

58、"They might kidnap her to prevent her own nation from using her, " said Nikolai."Which brings us back to Armenia's neighbors."“它们可能会为了不让她的祖国用到她而绑架她啊,”尼古拉说,“这把我们又带回亚美尼亚邻国这些选项来了。”

59、The ancestors of American Indians probably knew the mastodon.美洲印第安人的祖先大概知道乳齿象。

60、According to Zambian Vice President George Kunda, Chinese investments in Zambian topped $1 billion and created 据赞比亚副总统孔达(George Kunda)说,去年中国在赞比亚的投资达到10亿美元,创造了

15, 000 jobs last year.


61、The Eleventh National Exhibition of Fine Arts coincides with the China's 60th anniversary and means a generous gift from China's design artists for such event.第十一届全国美展欣逢新中国xx年华诞,中国设计艺术家们在此向祖国献上一份厚礼。

62、This is my caritative and warmhearted motherland.这是我博大而温情的祖国。

63、An Emmy award-winning team. Their bold artistic vision and photo-journalistic talent have won them national and international recognition.一支艾美奖获奖团队。他们大胆的艺术眼光和图片叙事的才能为其赢得了全国乃至国际的赞誉。

64、Oh fatherland, this be our solemn pledge.哦,祖国,这是我们神圣的誓约。

65、He also hailed what he termed the complimentary nature of the two nations' economies, saying that both can be made more competitive through cooperation and integration.他并且赞扬两国的经济性质,认为美墨两国可以经由合作和融合而变得更具有竞争力。

66、They pledged their allegiance to the motherland.他们保证忠于祖国。

67、Our country is thriving and prospering day by day.祖国日益繁荣昌盛。

68、But they have competition: there are many other places of beauty on a new list, detailing the "most beautiful places in China".中国最美的地方“评选结果揭晓,快来一览祖国的大好河山!

69、There is the creation of praising the beautiful natural scenery and the humanities historical site : "Fantasy of Zaxi Island ", "The ruins of Ancient Standard Kingdom ".有赞美美丽自然风光和人文古迹的创作:如《扎西岛狂想》、《古格王国废墟》。

70、One of his forefathers was an settler in America.他赌祖先之踊是美洲的早期移民。

71、Is the first book in the history of faith face, calling faith, praise for the atmosphere of faith!是中国图书史上第一部直面信仰,呼唤信仰,赞美信仰的大气之作!

72、We hope to collaborat with friends from various fields to fight for construction of four modernizations.力求与各行各业的朋友为祖国的四化建设携手共进,共创美好明天。

73、Our youth are all loyal to their motherland.我们年轻人都忠于祖国。

74、Every dollar of infrastructure spending adds between $1.50 and $1.75 to the gross domestic product a year later, according to Zandi.赞迪说,用于基础设施建设的每一个美元在xx年后可使国内生产总值增加



75、The English instinctively admire any man who has no talent and is modest about it.英国人本能地赞美没有才能并且十分谦虚的人 。注:在中国没本事但谦虚的人也很吃香 。

英文句子模板76:Praise the motherland,76、The sun wanton laughter, singing softly to the wind, people enjoy the dance, wish the motherland a better tomorrow!阳光恣意地大笑,风儿轻声地歌唱,人们尽情地舞蹈,愿祖国的明天更加美好!

77、I'm pround of our country.我为我们的祖国感到自豪。

78、Isaac Watts' wonderful hymn When I Survey The Wondrous Cross beautifully sung by the choir of Kings College, Cambridge to the lovely tune Rockingham.艾萨克瓦“美妙的赞歌,当我调查的奇妙的交叉,精美可爱的调罗金厄姆,剑桥国王学院合唱团唱的。

79、My country Binet of east culture。 祖国东方文明的摇篮。


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