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关于”很污的暧昧“的英语句子44个,句子主体:very dirty ambiguity。以下是关于很污的暧昧的专八英语句子。

英文句子模板1:very dirty ambiguity


1、Cubism was hard to read, willfully ambiguous, and yet demotic too.


2、Especially popular in Japan and South Korea among MSM flirt, is now called gay.


3、Last month an Indian couple was sentenced to three months in jail for exchanging steamy text messages.


4、He was friendly but noncommittal.


5、Caliban's exact nature continues to be slightly ambiguous later.


6、She died soon after Mrs Montagu’s comment, and her reputation remained dubious.


7、However, China being China, the situation is more grey than black-and-white.

8、My girl,我的女孩, you are so pretty,你太可爱了 you are so beautiful,你是如此的漂亮 I love you,我爱你


9、There are many men beside her , many who are better than me . She never takes notice of them, but she gets along with Ling very well. There are rumors about them in school.


10、If a man really likes you, he will announce the ownership of you to everyone rather than be ambiguous.


11、Having suffered injustice to, can't find evidence of love, even have no guts to embrace.


12、If love, please love deeply, such as abandon, please thoroughly, not ambiguous, wounding hurt yourself.


13、Otherwise forever throne all till immediately, I how have been being stayed to ambiguity the no pure woman officer's?


14、This vulgarity was the saving grace of the Oscars.


15、Part of the charm and frustration of handwriting is its scope for ambiguity, and its ability to baffle.


16、So far its current attempts at a new mission have been fluffy and noncommittal.


17、XuJiaHui as a Shanghai man is never divorce, but he liked it not as responsible ambiguous.


18、They waver while the latter stand firm, they equivocate while the latter are forthright.


19、He then suddenly smiled illicitly and went on sleeping. He knew nothing on the morning second day when I mentioned.


20、Lancelot failed in the search, because of the sin of his love affair with Guenevere; Gawain gave up the search.

21、Xiang Chun comforts Jialing in school and a student takes a photo of him consoling Jialing.向春到学校安慰嘉玲,祥兴拍下两人看似暧昧的照片,发送全校。

22、Chen was later found another Tangmou have an ambiguous relationship with others, they argued.陈某后来发现唐某另与他人有暧昧关系,两人发生争吵。

23、Her gesture suggested their liaison.她的姿势暗示了他们的暧昧关系。

24、My brush-off is ambiguous, Because of my love of one heart an…我拒绝暧昧,因为我的爱一心一意…

25、So, have love, please don't provoke ambiguous touch!所以,拥有了爱,就请别再沾惹暧昧!

英文句子26:,26、Love the wrong person can go back, how a ambiguous a life and death.爱错了人可以回头吗,如何一场暧昧一场生死。

27、The old couple parted over because of old man's new relationship with a young woman.那对老夫妇由于男方与一位年轻女人的暧昧关系而分手了。

28、In this photo, the chow-chow proves that even this delicate color can be paired with autumnal tones and that it looks fabulous with ebonized wood.在这张照片里,整个房间的布置证明了这种暧昧的颜色能和秋天的色调搭配得很完美,和黑檀木家具的搭配也很协调。

29、That man had his heroic and his equivocal sides.这人,有他英勇可敬的一面,也有他暧昧可疑的一面。

30、Jack senses that something is wrong with Nina, and she confesses that Teri knows about their affair.杰克感到尼娜有些不对劲,尼娜坦陈,泰瑞知道了他们之间的暧昧关系。

31、XuJiaHui still continue with shaw such as communication, ambiguous;徐嘉惠还继续跟肖如交往,暧昧着;

32、The identity and status of body was ambiguous.身体的角色、地位暧昧不明。

33、Barefaced attitude is exceeding and ambiguous fetching illusion is infinite.露骨的姿态极度暧昧引人幻想无限。

34、They have this kind of unclear relationship for some months.他们这种暧昧关系持续了几个月。

35、So Ireland has long been flirting with a debt crisis of its own.因此长久以来,爱尔兰一直与自己的债务危机暧昧不清。

36、When she mention her fere, you feel thousand of arrowed penetrated through your heart, but you wish for happiness to her.暧昧是每当她提及她的另一半时,你会万箭穿心,但你也希望她幸福。

37、Ambiguous, in the page of time, broken.(暧昧) 在时光菂流逝里破碎。

38、In fact, the meaning of "extramarital relationship" is very ambiguous, and most people are wandering between likes and dislikes.“婚外情”一词暧昧不明,一般人对这种关系有好恶相斥的矛盾情结。

39、Aaaaaaaa - Always ert an ambiguous axiom and argue aggressively.Aaaaaaaa -始终主张暧昧公理,并主张积极。

40、You probably think that I'm pretty brave to write this stuff in my book right?你或许觉得我写这些暧昧的东西很有种对吧? 才怪!

41、Pour your chocolate rain on me and I'll make you my VP.把你的巧克力雨泼到我身上来吧(暗指很暧昧的东西),我会让你做我的副总统。

42、(Just whatit sounds like: a uely suggestive signal that someone wants your attention.)"The其实正如听起来的那样:一个暧昧的暗示信号,有人想得到你的注意。

43、Shadiness makes persons feel wronged. Cannot find proofs to love, la…暧昧让人受尽委屈,找不到相爱的证据,啦…

44、The third kind of fear is of those ue unaccountable things which cannot be explained.第三种恐惧类型是一种对暧昧不明而不确定的事物感到害怕,而且无法解释的。

45、Let a woman in neonatal ambiguous man 让女人新生dao暧昧的男子

46、You who're so good with words and at keeping things ue.你向来善于文辞与暧昧不明。

47、Jamie final resolution, but SaiLin still choose to SaiLin resented jamie ambiguity attitude, and Jackie constantly no understand comment.杰米最后决议还是选择赛琳,但是赛琳很不满杰米对杰姬的暧昧态度,而且不断没有明白表态。

48、Funnily enough, most of the people Kirk has attempted to procreate with were scientists.有趣的事,大多数曾与Kirk“搞过暧昧”的人都是科学官。

49、You can for me, far away from all the ambiguous.沵能不能为了涐,远离所有暧昧。

50、He and I are ambiguous between the insincerely.我和他之间的暧昧都是言不由衷。

经典英文句子51:很污的暧昧,51、Are you having an affair with him?你和他有什么暧昧关系吗?

52、An affair gives you the chance to start over.一场暧昧给了你重新来过的机会。

53、Do I think that you know I am missing you only?我知道我们只是太孤单了,才开始这样的暧昧。

54、Now the neighborhood's louche reputation has given way to one of trendiness, as a number of intimate, fashionable restaurants have moved into this tiny Mayfair enclave.现在临近的过去道德败坏的地方已经让位于一种时尚,很多暧昧新潮的餐厅挤进了梅费尔这块狭小的领地。

55、Fresh, bright atmosphere is a main tone here, there is no red big green, there is no ambiguous light.清新明亮的气息是这里的主打基调,没有大红大绿,也没有暧昧的灯光。

56、He had always felt the absolute impossibility of addressing that enigmatical man, who was, in his eyes, both equivocal and imposing.他一向觉得绝对不可能和这个既暧昧威严,又莫测高深的人交谈。

57、Rumors of Pitt and Jolie's off-screen relationship had been circulating for months.有关皮特和朱莉银屏下关系暧昧的传言已经流传了好几个月了。

58、Trump definitely plays the gray area when it comes to civil liberties.川普对待民权问题的态度一直暧昧不清,今天打打擦边球,明天玩玩灰色地带。

59、Mr Brown and Mrs Smith have been carrying on for some months now.布朗先生和史密斯太太发生暧昧关系已经好几个月了。

60、Having suffered injustice, let a person cannot find evidence of love, even embrace have no guts.暧昧让人受尽委曲,找不到相爱的证据,连拥抱都没勇气。

61、Too many OB/GYNs aren't able to practice their love with women all across the country很多妇产科医生都无法尽到对女性的关爱(practice their love用词暧昧)了。

62、The origin of most of our domestic animals will probably forever remain ue.大部分家养动物的来源,也许会永远暧昧不明。

63、Looks like those two are up to something, huh?那两人最近关系好象有点暧昧,是吗?

64、An interesting lyric of Michaels, cryptic and ambiguous.迈克尔斯有趣的抒情,神秘和暧昧。

65、While her clothes are still on, one of the most intimate places you can lay some kisses is along her collarbone.在你未褪去她衣裳时,你可以亲吻到的最暧昧的地方莫过于锁骨。

66、Let a woman in neonatal ambiguous man 让女人新生暧昧的男子

67、She sings Shadiness in the rest room if nothing?没有她会在厕所里面唱暧昧?

68、Asking her out for dinner is very shippy.邀她共进晚餐是很暧昧的举动。

69、Just a few months later, they seemed flirty at Jeremy Renner's birthday party.几个月后,在杰瑞米·雷纳的生日派对上,两人动作表现暧昧。

70、One rope slide foot accidentally fell into the athar arms and a cosy atmosphere.朵索脚滑不小心摔进阿萨内怀里,气氛一片暧昧。

71、Should you confess if you’ve had an affair?如果你曾经跟别人有暧昧关系,你是否应该坦白?

72、For example, mysterious purple, ambiguous rose, spacious white.想过用神秘的紫,暧昧的玫,空灵的白。

73、They also perceive that these liaisons sometimes yield a payoff: of those who know of an illicit affair, 37% claim that the woman involved received a career boost as a consequence.她们还认为,这种暧昧关系有时会产生回报:尽管她们都知道这是不正当行为,其中37%的女性坦言和老板暧昧的结果是他们的职位得到了提升。

74、Night cool, dark, light, and mildly ambiguous ter.夜微凉、灯微暗、暧昧散尽、笙歌婉转。

75、At the time Friel denied any romance an said that Cross was just a friend.当时弗雷尔否认和他有任何暧昧,并说和克罗斯只是朋友关系。

英文句子模板76:very dirty ambiguity,76、But the friction of normal life usually creates ambiguities that cannot be fully met in advance.但正常生活中的矛盾通常会引起无法预先完全实现的暧昧。

77、Indeed 15% of women at the director level or above admitted to having had such an affair themselves!实际上15%的居于主管层或更高职位的女性都承认她们和老板有暧昧关系。

78、Professor Zhu Lili's dealing with identity in a cross-time panorama seems too ambiguous and overly simplified.朱立立教授处理身份的跨时代瞻望有很大的暧昧和简单化处理。

79、I'd be safe and warm.我很安全又温暧。


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