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关于”房间的句型“的英语句子48个,句子主体:room sentence patterns。以下是关于房间的句型的初三英语句子。

英文句子模板1:room sentence patterns

Parag Mehta是PM建筑公司的负责人,他认为方形和矩形的房间较好,而L型的房间就不太好了。

1、Parag Mehta, the prinl of PM Architecture, said that square and rectangular rooms were good but that L-shaped rooms were not.


2、We have 56 variety grades of deluxe rooms. For instance, as deluxe single rooms, double rooms, etc. , all rooms are with the best equipments.


3、A huge 'Prayer Bucket' in Kumbun Monastery. It takes the sp…


4、Lixi shop has various chamber rooms 101.


5、Would you prefer a smoking or non-smoking room?


6、It takes the archetype of rooms around an open space of the courtyard layout and reintroduces it in a sectional experience that cuts through all the houses' three floors.

饭店拥有229 间不同类型的客房;

7、Hotel has 229 different types of rooms;


8、The large kitchen offers two pantries and lots of counter and storage space.

it's foggy out there!顺便说一句,照片是从我们旅馆房间里往外拍的,你可以看到外面有雾。

9、Oh, btw the picture is from our room, as you can tell…


10、Customized cabinets can be designed in accordance with the actual situation in the production room for the special Huxing heteromorphosis kitchen design advantages apparent.


11、Apply: Large (plant) plants, warehouses, large buildings, hazardous gases, high temperature job-shop.


12、A large concrete and stone fireplace acts as the focal point of the room.


13、The hotel provides total 56 luxury Tibetan style rooms, including single room, standard room and three-bed room.


14、The room is like a library of huge fossils, complete with rolling stacks full of shelves of dinosaur bones.


15、Applies to almost all types of rooms, depending on room size, can be a thermostat to control more than one heater.


16、I sleep in the biggest room in this house !


17、Here's your key. Room 8216.


18、My mother bought plenty of apples and gs yesterday !


19、Zhongshan Inn owns 88 guest rooms which are single room, Standard room, and e-home Suite, etc, all at your choice.


20、Hotel Rooms 240, Presidential Suite

2, luxury suites 30, luxury honeymoon suite 30.

21、This room is twice as big as that one.这间房是那间房的两倍大。

22、Objective To explore the relationship between angle recession and traumatic angle recession glaucoma.目的探讨外伤性房角后退与房角后退型青光眼之间的关系。

23、I'd like a suite with an ocean view, please.我要一间套房,在房间里能看见大海的景色(海景房)。

24、His two- floored, four - bedroomed, two - bathroomed detached homes are now taking shape.他的两层的底格房间两个洗澡间分离的房屋现在定型。

25、The room types are: Garden View Room, Honeymoon Room, Sea View Room, Deluxe Triple Room, Deluxe Business Room and Deluxe Chess Room.房间类型:园景房,蜜月房,海景房,豪华三人房,豪华商务房,豪华棋牌房。

英文句子26:,26、A single room to a common standard, deluxe standard rooms, deluxe rooms, luxury suites variety of chamber.有单人间到普通标间、豪华标间、豪华单间、豪华套房多款房型。

27、I want to book a room for several people, a room with a big bed, two double rooms, and how is the price?我要预订一间多人房,一间大床房,两间双床房,这些房间是如何收费的?

28、Yi Lok Road shop has various chamber room 167.怡乐路店拥有各类房型的房间167间。

29、Mr. Wools : By the way, does my room have a private hath?羊毛先生:顺便说一句,我的房间有一个私人上帝?

30、Typical patient rooms in the J. L. Sorenson Patient Tower feature unusually large windows with views to the mountains and a sofa bed to accommodate family members.典型的一间病号房,是一间足以容纳一整个家庭成员的有着大型落地窗子的阳光房。

31、In addition, to meet particular needs, we also provide guests with special room types, such as Serene Room , Lady's Suite and Executive Taipan Room .为满足客人个性化需求,酒店还专门提供不同特色的房间类型与床上用品,目前设有安静房、女士房及行政大班房等不同特色的房间。

32、Fenghua inn has 107 high standard guest rooms, Double room, Twin room, Executive room, e-home Suite, all at your choice.奉化店拥有高标准客房107间:有大床房、双床房、商务房、套房等多种房型供您选择。

33、If there is special gas cylinder room, explosion-proof electrical device should be provided in this room.如有集中的气瓶间,则该房间的电具要求采用防爆型。

34、What kind of room would you like (or prefer)? A single room or a double room ?您想定哪种房型呢,要单人间还是双人房间?

35、The hotel is equipped with large SPA center, over 100 multi-function business family rooms, over 100 reflexology therapy rooms.本酒店设有大型水疗中心,100多间多功能商务家庭雅房、100多间沐足理疗房。

36、The restaurant is consist of 共有19间主题餐厅包房,分为商务包院型、高尔夫景观型及湖景型。

19 private dining rooms designed in

3 styles: suites, golf view and lake view.

37、The hotel benefits from 129 air conditioned refurbished rooms, including 25 executive rooms and 酒店设有129间经过翻新并配备了空调的客房,包括25间行政间和原有磨坊的4间小型套房。

4 junior suites in the original mill.

38、That is the most expensive restaurant in town ! 我们必须有更多的孩子!

39、Room had all the normal equipment e. g. mini bar and safe.房间的标准配备一应俱全,包括:小型吧台和保险箱。

40、Colonel Adam, who was in the next room said through his teeth: "This is his next originality".在另外一个房间的亚当上校从牙缝里挤出了一句话“他又在特立独行了。”

41、No you can only trade in guest rooms.不能。你只能在交易类型的个人房间内进行交易。

42、He said he wants to be my best friend ! 我母亲昨天买了许多苹果和葡萄!

43、Smith. Here's your key. Room 8216.这是你房间的钥匙,房间号是8216。

44、When grandma old man in tears, I always hid in his room without saying anything.每当姥姥老泪纵横的时候,我总会躲进自己的房间里,一句话也不说。

45、In the upper volume, there are three suites and a large TV room, established at the crossing point between both volumes.上层体量设有三间套房和一间大型电视房,位于两个体量之间的交叉处。

46、I believe he has sufficient money to buy this house ! 他说他想成为我最好的朋友!

47、The range of needs is extensive – from small owner-occupied dwellings to multi-storey houses and industrial enterprises workshops.需求的层次性是很广泛的---从小型的住房到高层住房倒企业单位的生产车间。

48、Inn has single, double, family rooms and multi-world and other chamber for you to choose;客栈有单间双人间、家庭房和多人间等多种房型供您选择;

49、The hotel has 113 different types of rooms, room spacious, comfortable, wide field of vision out the window.酒店拥有113间不同类型的客房,房间宽畅、舒适、窗外视野开阔。

50、If there is integrated gas container room, the room should adopt flameproof device.如有集中的气瓶间,则该房间的电具要求采用防爆型。

经典英文句子51:房间的句型,51、Sizes range from small benchtop chambers to full walk-in rooms.尺寸大小从小型的案头试验室到可以行走进入的房间。

52、This meant a change in the standard: kitchens, bathrooms, stairs, partition walls and all the difficult parts of the house had to be designed for final scenario of a 72 sqm house.这种大套型意味着内部房间更标准:厨房,卫生间,楼梯,隔墙和所有该有的功能用房都要被整合在一个72平方米的套型内。

53、I sit there and I can see the trees and roads outside。 我的房间 这是我的房间。

54、Nanyuan Inn Kaiming Branch owns 88 guest rooms, double room, twin room, e-home Suite and so on, all at your choice.开明店拥有高标准客房88间:有单人房、大床房、双床房、套房等多种房型供您选择。


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