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关于”适合学生励志“的英语句子24个,句子主体:Inspirational for students。以下是关于适合学生励志的高三英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Inspirational for students


1、The start of a school year marks a new beginning for students. And so it’s fitting that I’m here to talk about a new beginning of my own.


2、The student has contributed to a literary journal.


3、Stronger than my people are trying to I still have what reason not desperately.


4、Working location is in Xiamen. This position is ideal for candidate who is energetic and strongly initiated, as well as interested in learning SAP.


5、Offset Printing Paper Series: apply to high - grade books, documents, books, magazines and student materials, pictures and photo als.


6、I really enjoy translating for magazines.Feature length articles are the right length to really get rolling, and I actually learn a lot from the translations.


7、This is a new inter-disciplinary journal.


8、Subjects include humanities, social sciences, natural sciences, engineering, and medical sciences. These subjects meet the requirements of general education for all majors in this university.

9、"值得我们的奖励"只适用于上级对下属,学生对老师说则略嫌有点不敬,故改作 deserve to be praised and acknowledged。


10、The "Double-Centre(Teacher and Student)Teaching Mode" is one that fits China's conditions and the need of the information times.



5: These fares apply to pengers traveling transoceanic via SkyTeam frequent flyer Award tickets.



12、Some people think it improper for college students to dance. They say dance distracts students from their atudy. It is time-consuming and also a waste of money.


13、QUT has now been identified by China as a key provider of research education for its high performing students.


14、They say dance distracts students from their atudy. It is time-consuming and also a waste of money.

在这篇报道里,《科学》杂志记者Dennis Normile记述了如何让参与式的方法适合爪哇村民的需要。

15、In this article, Dennis Normile chronicles how the pary approach was tailored to meet the needs of Javan villagers.

16、A word is enough to the wise. 心有灵犀一点通。


17、Weak-willed people can not do this.


18、And also, maybe very special program, our Pre-Masters which will prepare the students for graduate study abroad.


19、The method is fit to the teaching on the nonfigurative subject such as the zoophysiology because it is visualize and lifelikeness and understandability .


20、The interactive influence of genders and social adaption is nonsignificant . while that of college difference is significant.

21、He led pathos up to the writing of epigraph, and triumphantly used images like crane and pine to build the likely atmosphere.他将浓郁的悲情引入碑志文创作,并成功地在碑志文中运用了“鹤”、“松”等意象,为悲情的生发营造适合的氛围。

22、Man's genius is only a spark, if you want to make it into the flames, which is only learning.无论做什么,记得是为自己而做,那就毫无怨言。

23、Schools shall create conditions for organizing sports activities suitable to the special features of students who are in r health or disabled.学校应当创造条件为病残学生组织适合其特点的体育活动。

24、Such a teaching form is conducted by changing the teaching tactics to suit the different levels of the students and improve the teaching quality.它通过改变教学策略来提高教学的内在品质,使教学既能适合学生个别差异又能促进学生共同提高的教学组织方式。

25、Results Students become interested in maths, delighted and even absorbed into learning maths.结果:学生对数学有迷恋留连,产生乐学甚至志学的效果。

英文句子26:,26、Everybody makes mistakes, but, only fools would have not changed.我的心中有一只大鱼,它叫嚣着梦想和远方。

27、Students should only apply if they have a strong interest, enjoy doing math, and want to continue in a Faculty of Mathematics program.该课程适合那些对数学有兴趣,喜欢学数学并且希望攻读数学学院的本科专业课程的学生。

28、 Our gratitude is beyond words。 "值得我们的奖励"只适用于上级对下属,学生对老师说则略嫌有点不敬,故改作 deserve to be praised and acknowledged。

29、Such a complex ociation between creatures of four species has the hallmark of an ecologic happy family.四种动物之间这种复杂的结合是生态学幸福家庭的标志。

30、This program is ideally suited to students seeking a sophisticated understanding of contemporary issues in tourism management and who aspire to a career in the tourism and leisure industries.这个计划最适合那些寻求在旅游管理方面对当代问题的成熟理解,有志把旅游业和休闲业作为事业的学生。

31、Note 注明

4: These fares apply to pengers traveling transoceanic via SkyTeam frequent flyer Award tickets.


32、Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology, A: Chemistry and B: Biology.光化学与光生物学杂志,A辑:化学;

33、My heart there is a big fish, it is called the dream and the distance.希望,只有和勤奋作伴,才能如虎添翼。

34、Selfconfidence is the mother of success, the inferiority is the father of failure.故立志者,为学之心也;

35、All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. 只用功,不玩耍,聪明的孩子也变傻。

36、Nelson Grammar provides you with a step-by-step course for the teaching and learning of the essential grammar syllabus.适合有一定英语基础的中国小学生从起步到提高进行系统学习,有助于提高学生英语兴趣。

37、It is for students who are interested in a technical-management background rather than one in a traditional engineering field.这个学程适合对于管理科技学而传统工程学有兴趣的学生。

38、Suitable for chemical or vacuum equipment.适合于耐化学药品或真空设备。

39、During our school days on the road, I met like-minded students.在求学路上,我也遇到了志同道合的同学。

40、Overcome self relentlessness, college entrance examination on the field.勤奋者时时获得机会,懒惰者处处失去良机。

41、We ccan know learners' learning cirtances through evaluations, and find a proper starting-point for learners' development.通过检测,了解学习现状,为学生发展寻找合适的起.点;

42、Vulnerable people, understand only have mercy on yourself, and reflect on yourself.不论今天发生了什么,那都已成为过去,只希望明天能够更美好。

43、The tactics is more beneficial for field dependent students than field independent student in the chemistry revision lessons.就认知差异而言,概念图教学策略应用于化学复习课时,更适合于场依存性学生。

44、The 18(superscript th) century witnessed the integration of antiquarian and historical research, which marks the birth of new modern historiography in the west.两个学科的融合标志著西方近代新史学的诞生。

45、Some university graduates resort to a vocation consultant for a appropriate job.为找到一份合适的工作, 有些大学毕业生求教于就 业顾问(指导)。

46、The ESOS Assurance Fund may offer you a place in a suitable alternative course.在此情况下,将通过《海外学生教育服务法案》保障基金来为学生安排合适的替代课程。

47、Neuroanatomy and pathology on the Internet is a searchable directory compiled for medical students, residents, and other health professionals.神经解剖和病理学在线。适合医学学生、公民和其他健康专家的可搜寻式目录。

48、This course is not only fit for the students major in economy and management, but also for the students major in science.它不仅适用于管理专业的学生,同时也适用于自然科学类专业的学生学习。

49、In the teaching process, the author also obtains much enlightenment 在教学过程中,笔者也受到很多启发:

1) handpicking teaching contents especially for HVTC students;


50、Thirdly, lectures ate preferable to discussions in the teaching of science subjects, and on the contrary, discussions are preferable to lectures in studying the humanities.再次,讲座式也适合于科学学科的教学讨论,而相反,讨论式也适合应用于人文讲座之中。

经典英文句子51:适合学生励志,51、It's great for sorting and sifting through mive amounts of information (e.g. log data), offline.它很适合离线执行海量信息(如日志)的排序及筛选。

52、But microvolunteerism, Colker says, "is perfectly suited for the Millennial Generation.但是,Colker说,微志愿“对千禧世代而言非常合适。

53、And schools have an important duty to try to fit a child’s interest to his possible future career.学校的一项重要职责是力图使学生的兴趣适合于他将来可能的工作。

54、This set is suitable for overseas Chinese language learners at the beginners level and as a supplementary teaching materials for teachers.本套挂图既适合初学汉语的留学生,也可以为汉语教师提供教学辅助之用。

55、Its content is appropriate for nutritionists, physicians and researchers working in nephrology .其内容适合于营养学家、医生和从事肾脏病学工作的研究者。

56、Oh, there's actually an office here that helps match you up to internships.我们这里有一个办公室,专门负责帮学生找适合的实习。

57、Suitable for loud speaker, teaching equipments and so on.适合扩音机、教学机等。

58、So determined to, to the heart of learning also; For scholars, determined also.人生最大的失败,就是放弃。

59、Conclusion It is the worst to adjust to family environment for low grade′s pupils, school environment for middle grade′s pupils, mental health for high grade′s pupils.结论小学低段学生对家庭环境适应最差、中段学生对学校环境适应最差、高段学生对心身健康适应最差。

60、Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology, C: Photochemistry Reviews.光化学与光生物学杂志,C辑:光化学评论。

61、Is Constructivism a good theory for FLT?建构主义教学理论是否适合外语教学?。

62、The designed tasks by teachers must be fit for students, so they can make the students' learning activities meaningful and purposive.所以,教师设计的任务必须适合学生,才能使学生的学习活动既有意义又有的放矢。

63、According to the gap among students' basic level, the teaching of English should be divided into several levels, while students choose appropriate cl to study effectively.根据学生英语基础水平的差异,对高职学生实施分层英语教学,使学生在适合自己的班中进行有效的学习。

64、For starters, a college education is really a joint production between both the college and the student, so 'fit' matters greatly. The best college for one student might be a nonstarter for another.首先而言,大学教育的效果取决于学校和学生的共同作用,因此两者之间的“契合”非常重要,最适合这个学生的大学可能是另一个学生的噩梦。

65、The level of treatment is suited to increasingly shorter neuroanatomy courses for medical and allied health students.处理水平,适合的医疗和专职医疗学生越来越短神经解剖学课程。

66、A suitable chemical matrix, such as laminin and alginate, could promote the regeneration of nerve.合适的化学基质如层粘蛋白和藻胶可促进神经的再生。

67、Best for de-stressing: Find time to chill out, advises a study in the British Medical Journal.最适合减压:找点儿时间放松一下,这是来自英国医学杂志的建议。

68、QUICK QUILTS is the perfect magazine for beginning and intermediate quilters .QUICK QUILTS是本很适合初学者以及中级拼布玩家的拼布志。

69、No matter what happened today, it has become the past, only hope can better tomorrow.既然有时间做梦,为何没时间追梦。

70、In 1975, Wilson published the book Sociobiology: The New Synthesis that convulsed the whole Western science and antilogy group, which indicated the naissance of the sociobiology.xx年,威尔逊出版了惊世之作——《社会生物学:新的综合》,标志着社会生物学这门学科的诞生。

71、This textbook is the elementary level of Boya Chinese , which is suitable for the very beginners.本教材是《博雅汉语》的初级部分,适合于零起点及初学汉语的留学生使用。


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