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关于”优美的短“的英语句子43个,句子主体:graceful short。以下是关于优美的短的考研英语句子。

英文句子模板1:graceful short


1、Summarize the advantages and disadvantages of ways to eliminate a labor surplus and avoid a labor shortage.


2、Another advantage to develop it is we can get enormous economical benefits in a short time.


3、In the treatment for SSSS, the cephalosporin group was superior to the macrolides group with significantly shorter hospital stays;


4、The one-click optimization will help users to enhance their photo quality better in a shorter time.


5、The simulation shows that the amendatory scale guide law has the advantage of shortage interception time and little miss-distanc…


6、Each has a priority and a cost, that is used to decide which is the shortest path to forward a packet.


7、The turbine of the best combination of the number of long blade and short blade, the degree of bias to short blade, and the length ratio of the long blade and short blade predict performance.


8、This method combines the advantages of both sequential flotation ultracentrifugation and density gradient ultracentrifugation.


9、The short-term optimization problem deciding market competition scale is focused, and the optimization model, actual solution method and application example for it are provided.

在 DB2 中,性能优化主要针对大型数据库,如 SAP Business Information Warehouse (BIW);而 SQL 优化的目标则是为了缩短查询时间。

10、In DB2, performance optimization is targeted to large databases, such as SAP Business Information Warehouse (BIW), while SQL optimization aims to improve query times.


11、At the same time, optimize the combination prediction results according to the shortest distance.


12、Had the Route Programming of quick route, economic route, shortcut and so on. Also had the multifold choice of Quick Route Priority and Generic Route Priority etc.


13、The delta deposit characterizing short basin growth time (it's mainly concentrated onto Quaternary), short lithogenous time and low lithogenous level forms an excellent accumulation condition here.


14、Results The treatment group in much better in both hospitalization days and physical signs in lung.


15、Start is an important part of short track speed skating and important factor to achieve outstanding results.


16、The primary objective of this study was to investigate the regrowth dynamics of different plants in Stipa brevifloria steppe.

直接法的优点在于产品不必经过焙烧, 生产周期短,成本低等。

17、The direct synthesis method has the merits of requiring no calcining shorter producing period and lower costs.


18、And a bonus: with the phone mounted on the dashboard, you can't text and drive.


19、Fabric mainly uses high-quality short plush, custom-made products according to customer's request materials.


20、The foundry process design and the optimization of short and thick type housings have been described in this article.

21、Whereas EAF pro-cess is more suitable to produce plain steel because its advantages in less investment and lower cost.电弧炉流程则利用其流程短、投资少、成本低的优势,发展普通钢的生产。

22、A relaxed evening of socialising, informative short talks and networking hosted by Hutchison Whampoa Properties (SH) all enjoyed to the backdrop of the elegant Binjiang One.这将是一个轻松的社交活动夜,简短但却信息丰富的交谈,你可以在环境优雅的滨江一号享受由和记黄埔地产(上海)主办的美妙的社交之夜。

23、You can go as far as you want to go.心有多远,你就能走多远。

24、Transaction duration can be shortened by investing in network configuration, hardware, and software.通过对网络配置、硬件和软件进行优化,可以缩短事务持续时间。

25、Tests shorter than this tend to have results skewed by the impact of container startup and thread optimizations.测试时间短于此,结果的准确性可能会受到容器启动和线程优化的影响。

英文句子26:,26、Visible, currently air forces still occupy the advantage, and pessimism in the short term to dissipate.可见,目前空方势力仍然占据优势,并且悲观情绪短期内难以消散。

27、CVaR is a new tool for credit risk measurement and optimization, which provides the tail information of loss and is favorable to keeping away the extreme finance risk with very little probability.期望短缺是一种新的风险量度和优化工具,它能够反映损失分布的尾部信息,从而有利于防范小概率极端金融风险; 它能同时调整组合中所有头寸以优化期望短缺,同时得到相应受险价值。

28、Until all is over one's ambition never dies. 不到黄河心不死。

29、That I think is a real virtue but it can come at the price of demanding short term accountability.我认为这是个优点,但是可能会,付出短期责任的代价。

30、If I Were a Millionaire What would you do if you were a millionaire? Many people would buy a house or travel the world. As for me, I would start a school. If I had a school, I would be able to educate many children and teach them right from wrong. Anyone will tell you that children are a country’s future. If my dream comes true, I will be very happy because I will be doing my country a good service. 如果你是个百万富翁,你将会做些什么呢?

31、With a lithium shortage forecast for 2015, Bolivia may also have the upper hand.鉴于预测到xx年锂将发生短缺,玻利维亚或许也有优势。

32、Its advantage is construction convenient, integrated cost is low, time limit for a project is short, and avirulent environmental protection.它的优点是施工方便、综合造价低,工期短,且无毒环保。

33、Moody's also downgraded the country's short-term issuer rating to not-prime from Prime-1.穆迪还将希腊的短期发债评等由"Prime-1"下调至"非优质"(not-prime).

34、The time for rest grazing also had great effects on the dominant species, coverage and yield of gr community.实施休牧、禁牧后,禁牧时间的长短对草群的优势种、盖度及产量影响较大。

35、On the basis of CPU management mechanism, and according to the characteristic of active network, a Multi-priority Shortest Packet First (MSPF) algorithm is put forward.在CPU管理机制的基础上,根据主动网络的特点,提出一种多优先级短信包优先算法。

36、The basis, the objective and the methods of optimal hydraulic design for short inlet with pressing plate are described.本文阐述了压板式短进水口优化水力设计的依据、目标和基本方法。

37、During linking a function may be moved or subject to link-time optimizations that cause the function to be moved out of the range reachable from a short offset.在链接期间,函数可被移到链接时优化或取决于将导致函数移出可从短偏移量访问的范围的链接时优化。

38、Reducing the length of these methods can make them more amenable to optimization by a JIT compiler.而缩短这些方法的长度有助于使 JIT 编译器更易于优化它们。

39、Motor carriers give much faster service than railroads and compare favorably with air carriers on short hauls.汽运比铁运的速度更快,而就短途托运而言,汽运比空运有优势。

40、It has so many advantages that I can't list all in a short time.阅读有很多的优点,在短时间内我都不能一一列举我不能列举。

41、Note to self: before next trip to beautiful but windy Start Point in South Devon, get hair cut very short, or buy hat that ties firmly under chin.给自己提个醒儿:下次再来南德文郡斯达特岬角——这个风光优美却又风声瑟瑟的地方——的时候,一定得先把头发剪短,或者去买一顶可以紧紧系在下巴上的帽子。

42、Shorterm(<3 mo) observational studies indicate undernourished children may preferentially benefit fron breakfast consumption.短期(小于3个月)的观测研究表明营养不良的小孩可能优先得益于吃早餐。

43、In the short-medium term China has the clear advantage in the medium-long term it is a different scenario.在短期内中国有明显的优势,但在中长期那又是不一样的。

44、You can go as far as you want to go. 心有多远,你就能走多远。

45、Among the advantages of numerical control are more flexibility, higher accuracy, quicker changes, and less machine down time .在数控的优点中有适应性大、精度高、非加工时间短。

46、Benefit:High Impact Resistance, Low Tooling Cost, Molding In One, Stable Size, Short Lead Time.产品优点:高耐冲击,低模具成本,一体成型,尺寸精准,产品开发周期短。

47、Optimizing the Construction Organization Planning, Decreasing the Tunes of Uncovering Coal Seam, Shortening the Period of Mine Construction.优化施工组织设计,减少揭煤次数,缩短建井工期。

48、In statistical machine translation field, the phrase-based translation model outperforms the word-based translation model.在统计机器翻译领域,基于短语的翻译模型的性能优于基于词的翻译模型。

49、Huida set up since 2004, the company quality, fine workmanship, in a short span of a few years to win the majority of merchants praise and credibility.自金辉达成立开始,公司以品质优良、工艺精湛、在短短几年间赢得了广大客商的赞扬和信誉。

50、Achieve the optimization of the injection process conditions, shorten production time and improve part quality.可以达到对注塑工艺条件的优化,缩短生产时间,提高制件质量。

经典英文句子51:优美的短,51、This at least makes it harder for Free Software to gain also a short-term, technical advantage over proprietary software.这样至少会使得自由软件更难取得短期的, 超越私权软件的技术优势。

52、Ryunosuke Akutagawa is one of the excellent short story writers in Japanese modern literary history.芥川龙之介是日本近代文学史上优秀的短篇小说作家之

53、We must overcome shortcomings, fully exert our own strength, thereby to give our best performance.我们要克服缺点,充分发挥自身优势,做到扬长避短。

54、Beacause of Low barriers to entry, spread wide, spread fast, the form of lively, easy to understand the, the podcasting in just five years got a great development.由于参与门槛低、传播范围广、传播速度快、形式活泼、通俗易懂等优点,播客在短短xx年内获得了巨大的发展。

55、In general, graceful, slow-growing, short:-stem stock with slender branches and small leaves is best .一般而言,优雅,生长缓慢,树干短小,树枝纤细,树叶细小的树景最佳。

56、Life still is, but you got a big role! 生活依旧如是,你不作主,孰作主!

57、The instrument has such merits as transmission of large quantities of current, short cut-off time and great exploration depth.该仪器具有发送电流大、关断时间短、勘探深度大等优点。

58、Bid essment concerns how to choose the contractor to make the construction project less investment, less time and better quality.评标的目的是选择承包商并使建设项目投资省、工期短、质量优。


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