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关于”情侣的情短句“的英语句子47个,句子主体:Couple's Short Sentences。以下是关于情侣的情短句的八级英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Couple's Short Sentences


1、And obtained numerous pledge of lovers.


2、We are one of lucky couples.


3、The problems in lovers pack market are discussed.


4、Only 2% of births take place out of wedlock.


5、You're not alone, survey showing one in three are text message snoops , and the consequences can often be heart-breaking.


6、On their date, the couple might eat a meal together at a restaurant.


7、They are called Hollywood’s )sneakiest and smartest couple.


8、Many surveys show lovers can be out touch with what the loves of their lives really want for Valentine's Day.


9、The lovers are united at the conclusion of the movie.


10、The three-year glitch has replaced the seven-year itch as the tipping point where couples start to take each other for granted, according to a new survey.


11、Couples at this local marriage Mecca are arriving from as far away as Great Britain, Canada, Hungary, French Polynesia and Singapore.


12、Installed in a marathon, you also need?


13、The lovebirds now plan to get engaged this year.


14、Those two lovebirds plan to go to France for a vacation.


15、I think a couple can share the same bottle water.


16、And this symbol is often used today between lovers in their email messages.


17、Now in the campus, there many intimate lovers walking around.

18、the couple met at a party 那对情侣是在一个派对上认识的。


19、Manage Brand clothing :Lovers, Fashion women, Family.


20、In Singapore, a record 774 couples are planning to marry, compared to 70 on a normal Sunday.

21、They also noted that not all relationships are good for you, referring to evidence that single people have better mental health than those in strained relationships.他们同时指出,并非所有的情侣关系都对你有益。 单身要比紧张的情侣关系更舒心。

22、Kate Figes, author of books including 'Couples: How We Make Love Last', says it's important to understand and accept that your new partner isn't infallible.《情侣:我们如何延续爱情》的作者凯特特•菲格斯说,理解并接受你的伴侣会犯错这一事实,这很重要。

23、Waving to Fans in Tokyo.在东京向粉丝们挥手(一对儿小情侣)。

24、Here are lovers in hand with the travel destination.这里更是情侣们牵手同游的胜地。

25、Most of the lovers swoon at the sight of their beloved.大部分的情侣在看到自己心爱的晕厥。

英文句子26:,26、Love is blind, and lovers cannot see the pretty follies that themselves commit.爱情是盲目的,情侣们往往看不见她们自己所犯下的愚蠢纰缪。

27、Where are the green fields, that we used to roam?我们,曾是徜徉在那绿地上情侣。

28、Many other couples dressed in bridal gear were greeted enthusiastically by the watching crowd.其他身着婚礼服饰的情侣亦被旁观群众致以热情问候。

29、VIRGINIA Well, both lovers die in the end. But whose fault is it? Is it because of their families?维吉尼亚 嗯,这对情侣最终殉情,是谁的错呢? 是家庭的因素吗?。

30、Sometimes it's best to just STFU –especially in relationships.有时候沉默是金——特别在情侣关系里。

31、Photo 205: Couple taking photograph of wedding gauze kerchief.图205:在南京明孝陵拍婚纱的情侣。

32、The lover live by loving as same as lark live by shallot.情侣靠感情生活,正象云雀靠韭葱生活相同。

33、At some point, if your romantic relationship lasts, your lover will also become your friend.在某一时刻,如果爱情持续下去,你的情侣也将会成为你的朋友。

34、The couple met at a party 那对情侣是在一个派对上认识的。

35、Not every couple will be brought together over gooey chocolate, ice cream -- or even egg tarts.并非每对情侣都通过黏软的巧克力、冰激凌或蛋挞来传达情意。

36、Onscreen Chemistry? Read what you will into the couple's 'in character' arguing.银幕恋情:看看这对情侣“入戏”时的争吵,你就知道了。

37、Couples at this local marriage Meccaare arriving from as far away as Great Britain, Canada, Hungary, French Polynesia and Singapore.到这一结婚圣地举行婚礼的有从英国、加拿大、匈牙利远道而来的情侣,也有来自法属波利尼西亚和新加坡的情侣。

38、Occasionally, it's even mistaken for a love hotel by couples hankering for some time beneath the sheets.偶尔还会有想共度春宵的情侣将其误认为是情人酒店。

39、In memory and memories of the way, not just a fairy tale secret tenderness between the couple Italy.在记忆与回忆的途中,不仅仅是童话里情侣间的柔情密意。

40、The good news is out about the famous couple, Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart.关于这对小情侣的好消息来啦!

41、More and more companies have begun to consider recruiting talents in pairs. Sectors including oil exploration and aviation actually encourage "co-working".越来越多的公司开始考虑录用情侣拍档。实际上,像石油勘探和航天航空这类行业就很鼓励这种情侣档的工作方式。

42、They became lovers after she recovered.在她痊愈之后,他们成了情侣。

43、The design factors of lovers pack are summed up.总结了影响情侣装设计的因素。

44、Julia Newth, wildlife health research officer at the center, said the situation was unusual because swans usually have "real loyalties to one another" and long partnerships.该保护区研究人员朱莉娅·纽斯说,通常情况下,天鹅对伴侣绝对忠诚,奉行“终身伴侣制”,所以一对天鹅双双移情别恋的情况极少发生。

45、One of Lu Dongbin's powers is to cause couples to break up.吕洞宾的神力之一是让情侣分手。

46、Talk to your emotional partner about your intentions.把你的意图和想法告诉情感伴侣。

47、Sometimess it's best to just STFU – especially in relationships.有时候沉默是金 ——特别在情侣关系里。

48、The star-crossed loversmovedstep by step into tragedy.那些不幸的的情侣们一步一步走向悲剧。

49、Ma Qin (f) and Zhou Jian (m) are lovers on campus.马琴(女)和周健(男)是大学校园中的情侣。

50、And when two lovers woo, --they still say I love you情侣们相恋,照样说:我爱你。

经典英文句子51:情侣的情短句,51、The tenderness of lovers can ill brook the least jesting with the names of their mistresses.情人们一点也受不住旁人拿他们情侣的名字开玩笑。

52、How many lovers can part as friends?又有多少情侣能和和气气地分手呢?


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