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关于”鼓励人的短句“的英语句子60个,句子主体:Short words to encourage people。以下是关于鼓励人的短句的高考英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Short words to encourage people


1、He says IOM is also encouraging South Africans who want to denounce this violence to donate money to the victims.


2、The recipe will also encourage the architect or developer to seek out previous implementations of services with similar non-functional requirements.

3、Nobody is without his fault. 没有人是十全十美的。


4、The other risk is the same as subprime mortgages -- encouraging people to buy houses who may be better off renting.


5、The biggest cultural challenge, Ms. Fjording said, was to encourage Chinese workers to suggest improvements without fear of repercussions.


6、I encourage Americans across our Nation to celebrate the 21st anniversary of this civil rights law and the many contributions of individuals with disabilities.


7、Find positive, encouraging people to hang around, read material that jazzes you up, do whatever it is that makes you feel good about yourself.


8、The majority of employees lack an attitude to solve issues and love to keep them burning for long time, almost to encourage sympathy.


9、So often the difference between success and failure is belief. And so often that belief is instilled in us by someone who encouraged us.


10、Authorities have also encouraged talent shows to include migrant workers as well as middle-class wannabes, in a bid to promote inclusiveness.


11、Nurse-led clinics act to develop the role of the nurse, are educational, and encourage the development of a team approach to patient management.


12、Artis had the idea of blasting the polar bear enclosure with artificial snow to encourage the natural behaviour of the bears, whose natural habitat is at the North Pole.


13、I always encourage my people to think how we can respect, understand and cooperate with different cultures, different values.


14、The police authorities earmarked a total of RMB387,000 in prizes for those providing tips on where suspects are hiding, promising they will keep the identities of the whistleblowers secret.


15、Beloved, Abraham's conduct condemns a hasty spirit, reproves a murmuring one, commends a patient one, and encourages quiet submission to God's will and way.


16、A good delegator frames the work and both challenges and encourages an employee to best be able to achieve the desired results.


17、The one you are trying to help knows yourintention and is strengthened and encouraged by the magic of your sharing.


18、Instruct parents to promote the patient's activities that strengthen the patient's self-esteem, facilitate the resocialization process and promote social acceptance among peers.


19、Ashtar always encouraged people to eat the food that the sun has touched and to eat it as unchanged and pure as possible.

20、Look on the bright side. 你得看到事情好的一面。

21、The GLOBE At Night program is encouraging the public to look at certain constellations and compare observations with brightness maps on its site.夜晚的地球行动鼓励人们观察一些特定的星群然后将所观察的同其原来位置的亮度地图对比。

22、And he has the other stuff, too: the piercing eyes, the knitted brow, the sudden rewarding laughter.此外,他还有其他一些吸引人的东西,比如充满讽刺意味的眼睛,紧蹙的眉头和突然爆发的鼓励式的笑声。

23、That is too strict to encourage criminal prohibit the crime , which is not in accord with the original intention of the crime determination.如此则不利于鼓励行为人停止犯罪,与中止理论的初衷相违背,违反了“法不强人所难”的原则。

24、Despite growing up in an age when women were pushed to pursue domestic lives, Hillary was always encouraged by her close-knit family to follow her dreams.尽管生长在一个要求女人必须负责家务、照料家庭的年代,但她亲密的家人总是鼓励她追求梦想。

25、Artis had the idea of blasting the polar bear enclosure with artificial ow to encourage the natural behaviour of the bears, whose natural habitat is at the North Pole.阿蒂斯动物园用人造雪布置熊舍的目的是为了鼓励这只北极熊的天性。

英文句子26:,26、We initiate and practice "the customer to be supreme, serve first, the advocation motion, encourages the innovation, humanist, dares is responsible" idea.我们倡导并实践“客户至上,服务第一,崇尚行动,鼓励创新,以人为本,敢于负责”的理念。

27、Kay for what they have done for Emily and the family in recent months, and thank all her and her family's friends for their support and encouragement since she became ill.感谢邓煜及其家人的朋友和同事们在邓煜患病期间对邓煜本人及其家人的支持和鼓励。

28、The handle of the malleus, with the umbo at its tip, crosses the drum obliquely from the cone of light upward toward the short process.对于处理锤骨的秘诀在于与鼓膜脐穿过鼓间接从锥光向上移动的短期进程。

29、For the first-time baker it's a helping hand of encouragement; for the capable but harassed, it gets the job done.对于第一次烤蛋糕的人来说,它能帮忙提供鼓励;但对于会做但是很烦躁的人来说,它则可以协助完成任务。

30、They say these might incorporate "practical and psychological preparation for discharge and encouraging appropriate help-seeking behavior once individuals have left the services".他们提出的措施可能包括“退役前实践和心理准备,并鼓励退役人员适当的求助行为”。

31、I have all of you to thank for it — your encouragement and understanding has been unlimited and surpassed only by your stunning attractiveness.我要为此感谢你们所有人——你们的鼓励和理解是无尽的,仅次于你们那无与伦比的魅力。

32、Relationship - Boarders are encouraged to embrace a wholesome, balanced approach to living by examining their relationship to the environment and to each other.良好的人际关系– 贝赞特之家的居民受到鼓励,通过了解自身和环境及他人的关系,拥有健康的、平衡的生活态度。

33、But for every annoying and unsupportive spectator, there are ones that can completely turn your race around and inspire you to keep running.除了每个令人感到厌恶且无人支持的比赛观众以外,有些人能完全将你重新带入到比赛中,并鼓励你继续比赛。

34、I am very sad for Jade Goody but if it encourages more people to have tests then that is positive.我为Jade Goody感到非常难过,但是如果此事能鼓励更多的人去做筛查,那么这件事就有正面的作用。

35、I felt early on that something was missing from classical therapy, it seemed to encourage repression as opposed to encouraging people to open up.我认识到传统治疗法中鼓励人们压抑感情,而非敞开心扉的观点,根本就是一个误区

36、A creative boss might spend a small amount of money, and treat everyone to dinner at the office to encourage employees to stay late.有创造性的老板可能会花一小笔钱请所有人在办公室里吃晚饭以鼓励员工晚些走。

37、The Palo Alto Sunday family program uses music, art and discussion to encourage personal expression, intellectual curiosity and collaboration.帕洛阿尔托的周日家庭项目运用音乐、艺术和研讨的方式鼓励个人表达,求知欲和协同合作。

38、But Pinkston argued: "If there's nothing but punishment all the time, what incentive do people have to cooperate and do anything good?但是Pinkston指出:“如果一度只有惩罚而没有鼓励,那么要用什么来使人们合作并做该做的事呢?”

39、The leader of the investment group, and the CEO, deliver short remarks to inspire the workers for the future.投资组的领导,以及 CEO,给出简短的批注,以为将来鼓舞工人。

40、That any circumstances which forces one, or inspires one to use his own Personal Initiative with Definiteness of Purpose is beneficial.任何环境无论是强迫或者鼓励,只要能让人明确目标并发挥积极性,那就是有益的。

41、GOOGLE engineers are encouraged to take 谷歌鼓励其工程师们用20%的时间去从事一些公司里面能激发工程师们个人兴趣的事情。

20 percent of their time to work on something company-related that interests them personally.

42、Additional standards and templates to be followed and used by all can provide consistency, but don't encourage the interaction.供所有人所遵循和使用的额外的标准和模板能够提供一致性,但是无法鼓励交互作用。

43、It should perhaps be noted that wartime audiences applauded the real George VI's newsreel appearances just as our own applaud The King's Speech. Still, this film hasn't clicked only with the British.或许应该注意到,战时观众为出现在新闻短片里的乔治六世鼓掌,就好像当代英国人为《国王的演讲》鼓掌一样。

44、The mocker knocked the stock with the knots on the stocking and sock.嘲笑者用长袜和短袜上的结鼓打存货。

45、There's a new beast in town and his name is Drum.短笛大魔王又生出了一个新的怪物,他的名字叫作大鼓。

46、If you have a partner or other loved one who smokes, offer support and encouragement to stop smoking. The entire family will reap the benefits.如果你的身边有家人,朋友吸烟,请支持和鼓励他们戒烟。整个家庭都会因此受益。

47、Encourage the sponsor to approve deliverables informally (with nods, smiles, and verbal praise); never force sponsors to stand behind their approvals with a formal sign-off.鼓励发起人用非正式的方式批准可交付成果(点头,微笑,和口头表扬);

48、Public should be encouraged to report refusals, and if a pattern appears about a repetitive offender, then his/er license should be revoked.公众在报告拒载方面应该得到鼓励,如果有人多次拒载,那就应该吊销其执照。

49、It is open for collectors, curators, and anyone exploring the broad field of art to exchange ideas and engage in conversations.这个开放空间是专属于收藏家、策展人及任何在艺术领域探索的人,并鼓励大家一起交换、讨论想法。

50、It is threatened when we are encouraged to look upon those around us as the stuff of our current enjoyment or our future advantage.社会威胁着我们,我们被鼓励倡导去观看周围的人,目的或是为了当前的,或是为了以后的个人发展铺路。

经典英文句子51:鼓励人的短句,51、On Mothering Sunday the poor servants for the wealthy would have the day off and were encouraged to return home.当时,很多在有钱人家里帮工讨生活的穷人,到了“母亲星期日”这天都会得到一天假期,并被鼓励返家。

52、is the brain child of Yifan Zhang and Geoff Oberhofer, who thought of an effective way to motivate people to visit the gym regularly.张一凡和杰夫·奥博欧佛想到一种有效的方法鼓励人们定期参加健身--健身条约。


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