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关于”古诗词“的英语句子20个,句子主体:ancient poetry。以下是关于古诗词的xx年级英语句子。

英文句子模板1:ancient poetry


1、The Romans got the word—which actually was pronounced ostrea in Latin—from the usual source: Greek.


2、It’s an Old English word meaning “to cut” and you can remember it by associating it with another word that is much more common; carve.

现在,我们总算弄明白古希腊语单词pneumon的意思了。 接着,我们就可以把它与前缀peri组合到一起,得到单词peripheumon——古希腊人用它来指称肺部病症。

3、Now that we’ve figured out the ancient Greek meaning of pneumon we can stick it together with peri to get peripheumon their word for a lung problem.


4、What I mean by that is that the OED‘s habit of indicating that the oldest words are simply from Old English means that they don’t actually attribute dates to these earliest examples.


5、There are a lot of differences between the appellations of ancient Chinese schools, explanations of which are sometimes in contradiction with one another.


6、They had four groups learn vocabulary words using one of four instrumental pieces - slow classical, slow jazz, fast classical, and fast jazz.


7、In fact, the word "chivalry" comes from "cheval" in Old French, which meant horse.


8、Many Cantonese colloquial words could find their roots back into ancient Chinese.


9、Modern Persian Mobed is derived from an Old Persian compound magu-pati "lord priest".


10、It, as most Old English words, came from Germanic and like the modern German word for squirrel essentially means “oak horn.

古罗马士兵得到的军饷就是盐。 盐这个词也是英文“工资”这个词的起源。

11、Feathers, shells, cloth ...salt in Roman times when the Roman soldiers were paid in salt and that's how we get the word salary, from the Latin sal for salt.


12、Court verdict is the judgment verdict for the law cases of the ancient Chinese legislative officials.


13、Methods: To define the modern translations for indigestible terms by consulting Chinese Medicine Dictionary, Tradit Chinese Medicine Dictionary and Anthropotomy.

Nevertheless, about half of the most commonly used words in Modern English have Old English roots.



15、Icelandic is hard to learn because of its archaic vocabulary and complex grammar.


16、In China, the word of "novel" has different meanings in ancient and present day.

pedestal(基架, 底座),在古法语里,这词是法语”足位“的juxtaposition。

17、pedestal which back in Old French had arisen from a juxtaposition of the French words for “foot of the support”


18、One possibility is that it is such an old word that it evolved into the roots of both Latin and Germanic languages from an earlier source.


19、"Er" was used frequently, it can describe noun as attributive and describe adverb as predicate ; "Er" had not been used frequently in the Ancient Period , but used frequently in Weishu.


20、I’m sitting quietly at my computer and the odd word pops into my head.

21、As an old and primary word-class, prepositions have made their way into scholars' view as early as the era of traditional grammar.介词作为一种古老而又基本的词类,早在传统语法时代就进入了研究者的视野。

22、Berserk refers to an Old Norse word used to describe the Viking warriors.该词来源于古代斯堪的纳维亚语,本意用来指代维京战士。

23、Dai's other contribution of etymological study was to connect formal and informal words by sounds to seek their relations in sound and meaning.戴侗词源研究的另一个特点是从声音上贯通古今雅俗词语,寻找它们之间音义上的联系。

24、Yet the concept of will and its association with the word root is more ancient so that the English word will turned up in Old English and thus arose through Germanic roots.不过,“will”这个词(意愿)的概念早已有之,它与拉丁语词根的联系也更早,后来,will就出现在古英语中,通过日耳曼语的词根发展。

25、Oenotria, in fact, was the old Greek name for southeast Italy.实际上,欧诺特利亚是古希腊语中的一个名词,意指意大利东南部。

英文句子26:,26、What is the Chinese literary classics mentioned in "Little Love Song" by Taiwanese band Sodagreen?苏打绿演唱的《 小情歌》歌词中所出现的中国古典文学作品是?

27、Polite expressions in ancient China refer to expressions with polite and humble flavor used in life of ancient people in Xia, Shang and West Zhou periods.中国上古敬语指夏、商、西周时期上古先民语言生活中所运用的那些带有敬谦礼貌色彩的词语。

28、During this time, many Latin, Danish, and Norse words entered the English language.在这个时期,很多拉丁语、丹麦和古斯堪的那维亚的单词融入英语。

29、THE words “Inner Mongolia” may not immediately suggest sizzling economic activity.“内蒙古”一词,不会让人立即联想到热力四射的经济活力。

30、In Old English there was even a word for servant that had etymological roots meaning “bread eater.”在古英语中,甚至还专门有一个对应于仆人的单词,它的词根就有“食面包者”(bread eater)的意思。

31、Fang Linggui verifies and interprets 114 Mongolian words appear in the traditional operas of Yuan and Ming dynasties and this success can not be neglected.方龄贵先生在《元明戏曲中的蒙古语》一书中,考释了出现在元明戏曲中的114个蒙古语词的汉义。

32、Some sounds and meanings of archaistic words remain in Tianyang Pinghua in Baise of Guangxi.广西百色市田阳县平话保留了一些古语词的读音和意义。

33、But the ancient Chinese synonyms research is weak in dribs and drabs.但是,目前古代汉语同义词的研究还比较零散和薄弱。

34、The compound with the meaning inclined to one word in ancient Chinese, a particular lexical phenomenon in Chinese , is an important part of compound words, but it is comparatively small in quantity.古汉语偏义复词是汉语中比较特殊的词汇现象,是复合词的一个重要组成部分,它的数量相对较少。

35、Ancient China was a place where states were often at war with each other.(关系副词作地点状语)古代的是各小国常交战的地方。

36、The postman wind restoring ancient ways city-building college bag …广告英翻译成英文。皮包网上商城的一广告词“ 玩转学院风复古…

37、Nevertheless, about half of the most commonly used words in Modern English have Old English roots.然而,现代英语最常用的词语中,大约就有一半起源于古英语。

38、Abstract:Zhi is one of the most commenly-used and most popular character in ancient Chinese language.摘要: “之”字是古代汉语中最为活跃、最为常用的一个词。

39、"Errant Knight"has different parts of speech and related meanings in ancient Chinese.在古代汉语中,“侠”字具有多种词性和丰富的内涵。

40、Then I explained it and said: "This is a congratulation speech among the ancient Chinese men of letters.我解释道:“这是中国古代文人间相互的祝词。

41、The word fairy is drawn from fay (Old French fee), which itself comes from the Latin Fata, the goddess of fate.仙灵(fairy)这个词来自于古法语fay(现代法语则是fee),而fay又起源于拉丁词Fata,即命运女神。

42、A second feature of Old English is the absence of those words derived from Latin and French, but in fact, these words form a large part of our present vocabulary.古英语的第二个特征是没有起源于拉丁语和法语的词汇,但实际上,这些词汇组成了我们当今词库的一大部分。

43、In anatomic terminology, common Latin or Greek words are used as such for any part of the body for which the ancients had a name.用解剖的专有名词,普通拉丁语或者希腊语单词被古人有一个名字的身体的任何部分照此使用。

44、With the continuo us development of society, a number of ancient words have to adapt to the needs of the times, and their meaning have added to new contents.随着社会的不断发展,一些古语词也适应时代的需要,在词义上增添了新内容。

45、Today Jane Goodall’s name is synonymous with the protection of a beloved species.时至今日,珍·古道尔(Jane Goodall)的大名已经成为了物种保护神的代名词了。

46、It indicates that the auxiliary verbs which mean possibility was fully developed in the mid-ancient times.这说明在中古时期,“可能类”助动词的发展最为成熟。

47、The study of adverb is of great significance to the study of ancient Chinese grammar.研究副词对古汉语语法的研究有着重要意义。

48、Goold and Campbell have tackled the vocabulary problem by defining eight different types of unit.古尔德和坎贝尔给8个不同部门下了定义,解决了词汇问题。

49、The technology of printing expanded the number of words available (from about 50,000 words in Old English to a million today).印刷物大大扩展了词汇量(从古英语词汇的约5万个扩展到现在的1百万个)。

50、There are many Mongolian loanwords in Manchu language, which related to the culture and language communication between them.满语中有很多蒙古语借词,这与历史上满族和蒙古族的文化交流和语言接触有密切关系。

经典英文句子51:古诗词,51、Zhongze has toured many scenic spot and historic resort, because is the personal experience, causes to chant the ancient word fill history which he does the third dimension;仲则游览过许多名胜古迹,由于是亲身经历,使得他所作的咏古词充满历史的厚重感;


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