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关于”母亲节的优美“的英语句子21个,句子主体:The beauty of Mother's Day。以下是关于母亲节的优美的高中英语句子。

英文句子模板1:The beauty of Mother's Day


1、Frugality is the mother of virture.


2、Su Rose is a good student living with her mother for many years after the death of her father.


3、My mother and I stay. Standing close, we watch the swirls of pearl mist rise and the graceful glide of an eagle high overhead.


4、Furthermore, we found there are four types of family image, including balanced, father-dominated, mother-dominated and children-dominated, which have different characters on family image.


5、Most of the le characters and fine leaders of history have had good, God-fearing mothers.

在《虎妈高唱战歌》这本包装精美的书中,有些残酷,有些炫耀地记述了一位母亲是如何迷恋“驭子之道”的故事。 事实上,蔡美儿的回忆录只是一位有些自恋的母亲寻找快乐的故事。

6、In truth, Ms. Chua’s memoir is about one little narcissist’s book-length search for happiness.

静夜有母亲的美, 吵闹的白天有孩子的美。

7、The silent night has the beauty of the mother and the clamorous day of child.


8、A 10-year-old girl brought her mother back to life after she blacked out and stopped breathing, using resuscitation techniques learned from watching Grey's Anatomy.


9、The mother could consider the weakness, smallness and beauty of life.


10、Cui Ying wish Li Meiqing mother hold the funeral, arrange people to do for Li Meiqing autopsy.


11、Spending on that special outing is expected to total .7 billion, with jewelry spending coming in next at .3 billion, the survey said.


12、That is exactly what we find for mothers - but exactly what we don't find for dads, which is startling.


13、For as little as $10,000 it builds affordable homes for single parents, low-income families and artists.


14、My mother can cook delicious Mexican food.


15、The green fingers of mother nature are very beautiful to me.


16、Her Mom was ever an eye-catcher.


17、It is the general rule that all superior men inherit the elements of superiority from their mother.

他的祖父是意大利利古里亚人, 他的父亲是美籍意大利人,他的母亲是巴西人。 (防守和进攻的完美组合啊)

18、His grandfather is from the Liguria region of Italy, his father an Italian-American and his mother a Brazilian.


19、After a perfect but exhausting week, Mother had just gone to sleep and died.


20、Girls, on the other hand, are brought up to become good wives, mothers and housekeepers.

21、My mother stands, a young beauty painted with batter, rhythmically stirring the cake mix.我美丽的母亲,亭亭玉立地站在那,有节奏地搅拌着蛋糕粉,脸上沾了点点面糊。

22、a mother’s voice is the most beautiful sound in the world.世界上有一种最美丽的声音,那便是母亲的呼唤。

23、The name evokes a warm kitchen and homemade goodness.一提到松饼,就唤起了人们对母亲牌食品和温暖厨房的美好记忆。

24、I have ever seen a woman, my mother is the most beautiful one, was the mother's back I fell in, also can feel in the large living room many women: no one and get a lovely.我生平所见过的女子,我的母亲是最美的一个,就是当时伏在母亲背上的我,也能觉到在那个大客厅里许多妇女里面:没有一个及得到母亲的可爱。

25、Astrid: Beauty was my mothers law, her religion.美丽是我母亲的法则,她的信仰。

英文句子26:,26、Their mother says there are dark skin and light skin people in their family and her sons got the best or both genes .他们的母亲说他们的家人有黑皮肤的和白皮肤的,她的儿子们得到了最优秀的或者双亲的基因。

27、Tereza appears to me a continuation of the gesture by which her mother cast off her life as a young beauty cast it far behind her.依我看来,特丽莎只是她母亲这重标示的继续,她母亲正是这样来抛弃了自己小美人的生活,抛在身后远远的。

28、Back at the house has been MeiFeng to rent down, two mothers and emulatively house use, finally decided to two mother lived together in this house.回来一看房子已经被美凤给租了下来,两个母亲又争着房子的使用权,最后决定两个母亲一起住在这套房子里。

29、Because the mother sweet milk with her upbringing nurtured her.因为母亲用甜美的乳汁养育了她哺育了她。

30、I've learned that Mother Nature is so, so beautiful.我学到了大自然母亲,是如此如此的美丽。

31、Fathers, as well as mothers, it seems, can p on the benefits of their experiences by subtle tweaking of their genes.似乎父亲和母亲一样,的确能将他们所经历的优势通过微妙的变化传递给他们的孩子。

32、Motherly love is a huge flame. (Romain Rolland)世界上有一种最美丽的声音,那便是母亲的呼唤。

33、Finally, when asked to name their heroes, nearly half of respondents mentioned one or both of their parents. The winner, by a nose: Mom.最后,当调查对象被要求说出自己心目中的“英雄”时,近一半的人提到父母中的一人或双亲。“母亲”以微弱优势“获胜”。

34、Home life is better because mothers can get better jobs.由于母亲们能得到更好的工作,因此家庭生活会更臻美满。

35、I have ever seen a woman, my mother is the most beautiful one, was the mother's back I fell in, also can feel in the large living room many women there, no one and get a lovely.我生平所见过的女子,我的母亲是最美的一个,就是当时伏在母亲背上的我,也能觉到在那个大客厅里许多妇女里面,没有一个及得到母亲的可爱。

36、The door opens wide as three grinning faces come into the room with a scrumptious tray full of Mother's Day delights.门开了,三张吟吟笑脸连同讬盘中母亲节的美味一同展现在我的面前。

37、She realized that she had an advantage over her mother's generation.她意识到她比自己母亲这代人有优势。

38、Perfect strangers who are, in essence, my extremely distant relatives, through that unknown Scandinavian ur-mother.那会是完美的陌生人,事实上是我的极其远的远房亲戚,因为那个不为人知的斯坎迪亚母亲。

39、My mother, Saffire, a beautiful Balinese cat, was a rac in her last life.我的母亲,萨佛瑞,一只美丽的巴厘猫,前世曾是一只浣熊。

40、The silent night has the beauty of the mother and the clamorous day of the child.舒适的黑夜拥有母亲的美,而热闹的白日具有孩子的美。

41、The alligator was much stronger than the mother, but the mother was much too pionate to let go.美洲鳄的力气显然要比母亲强大得多,但是母亲挽救儿子的坚定信念让她无论如何也绝不放手。

42、That follows a dip to $138.63 in 2008 from $139.14 in 2007, according to the survey, which was conducted by market research firm BIGresearch.这项由BIGresearch市场调查公司开展的调查显示,xx年母亲节的平均消费从xx年的139.14美元降至138.63美元。

43、"No Turk speaks Armenian, " said Mother.“土耳其人不说亚美尼亚语。” 母亲说。

44、I think that every child is the best of the best , no stupid kid only stupid mother.我认为,每一个孩子都是优秀的,没有笨小孩,只有愚蠢的母亲。

45、A mother’s voice is the most beautiful sound in the world.世界上有一种最美丽的声音,那便是母亲的呼唤。

46、Brooks Brothers' Mother's Day specials: Women's Non-Iron Dress Shirts 布鲁克斯兄弟母亲节特惠: 女士免烫正装衬衣2件109美金,原价89.5美金一件。东部时间xx月xx日晚间0点截止。

2 for $109, originally it is $89.5 each. Valid through May


11:59 EST.

47、With these Huttese "beauty patches, " Gargan reminded Jabba of his parent.带着这些赫特人的“美人斑”,加根让贾巴想起自己的母亲。

48、"Get up ! " my mother whispers again . "The sunrise is glorious ! " Careful not to let the screen door slam , she sets off down to the lake .“起来吧!”母亲又小声地说着,“日出多美啊!”母亲轻轻地带上纱门,不让它发出砰声,然后向湖边走去。

49、I t felt like the best of what we’re supposed to learn from our mothers- -and our dads.感觉这就是我们应该从我们的母亲—和我们的父亲那儿学到的最美好的东西。

50、My mother, beautiful, beguiling, pionate about bodies, dismissive of minds.我母亲,美丽迷人,重视身体,轻视思想。

经典英文句子51:母亲节的优美,51、Eventually her mother agreed to their marriage for the happiness of her daughter.伟大的母亲为了女儿的幸福,毅然决定把美洛嫁给所飒。

52、A mother's voice is the most beautiful sound in the world.世界上有一种最美丽的声音,那便是母亲的呼唤。

53、(罗曼·罗兰) Motherly love is a huge flame. (Romain Rolland) 世界上有一种最美丽的声音,那便是母亲的呼唤。

54、In this vision he saw a woman of exquisite beauty, about to become a mother, emerging from the Ganges and slowly approaching the Panchavati.在这个异像里面,他看见了一个异常优美的妇女,快要成为母亲,从恒河上出现,缓慢地走近菩提树。

55、Her mother's pension was cut to about $800 a month from around $920.她母亲的退休补助则从大概920美元降到了800美元。

56、That evening, her mother kept her two dollars a half a piece returned to her father, she said, you go.当天晚上,母亲把她保存的那半张两美元还给了父亲,她说,你走吧。

57、In her face were too sharply blended the delicate features of her mother, a Coast aristocrat of French descent, and the heavy ones of her florid Irish father.她脸上极其明显地融合了父母的容貌特征,既有母亲那种沿海地区法国贵族后裔的优雅,也有父亲那种脸色红润的爱尔兰人的粗野。

58、That follows a dip to 这项由BIGresearch市场调查公司开展的调查显示,xx年母亲节的平均消费从xx年的139.14美元降至138.63美元。

8.63 in 2008 from

9.14 in 2007, according to the survey, which was conducted by market research firm BIGresearch.

59、Take apple after the tree, explained to him semillon misery, he would forgive her mother;花苹追赶大树,向他解释美蓉苦处,着他原谅母亲;

60、Natural parents should provide their students with $250-300 per month.亲生父母应该每个月为学生提供250-300美元的费用。

61、A mother's voice is the most beautiful sound in the world. 世界上有一种最美丽的声音,那便是母亲的呼唤。

62、Beauty shes mother the advised her not mingle with administration huan together, should go to find a better object, but beauty shes complete advised don't listen to, the more speak more spirit mother.美妍母亲语重心长的劝她不要跟政桓在一同,应该去找一个更好的对象,但美妍完整劝不听,母亲越讲越气。

63、The Nacirema believe that parents bewitch their own children.加利美阿人相信家长会诅咒他们的孩子,尤其是母亲。

64、One of the great strengths of the mother-daughter relationship is this intimacy.母女关系的最大优点之一就是这种亲密。


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