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1、If there's a day I get old and helpless, please take me back to that time, If the day comes when I quietly p on, please bury me in that spring.


2、Assuming everything goes to plan, Domjan says he hopes to set sail in the spring of 2011.


3、He is carrying a pair of scissors, flying east and west, shearing south and north, selling out spring inch by inch.


4、Is this company I hardly work for everyday?When this largeness earthquake occurred in my nation.


5、When winter pes away and spring returns, everything comes back to life, a hundred flowers in full blossom, the red plum blossom but quietly farewell.

请你帮我评评理。 今年春天我曾幸福地恋爱,不久就当上了母亲。

6、You see, this spring I was in a happy love, and soon had my own babies.


7、In a flash, spring came again. The dragonfly couldn't wait to fly back to his lover.


8、I want to be treated like a spring, Willow did to you, every year some period of separation is not made.


9、Modern farming techniques allow grain to be sown in the autumn rather than the spring; that helps wood pigeons feed in winter.


10、Then it was that he broke up the soil, sowed the seed, pruned his trees, guarded the tender plants.


11、The SPRING BIG BROTHER said, "Let be called the top day, the following called the earth" o the evening came, and morning came, a second day.


12、The spring has done its floweringtaken leave. And now with the burden of faded futile flowers I waitlinger.


13、Just a few days ago, Huang Chuncai went into the operating room again to remove another part of that facial tumor.


14、But spring has none of these drawbacks; the flowers bloom, the woods and gres grow luxuriantly .

北佛罗里达, 春天,一只西印度母牛潜游在水晶般透明的水域中。

15、A West Indian manatee drifts through crystal-clear water in a North Florida spring.


16、The pair announced their engagement to the public on Nov.

16, 2010, and the royal wedding is expected to take place in the spring or summer of 2011.


17、Among the "Four Dreams of Linchuan", "Legends of Purple Hairpin" can be regarded as a dream of hope in spring.


18、Shenzhen senior dental specialists, dental hospital as director of the Spring Hospital of Sun Hospital Group.


19、She will be buried in the spring at a cemetery at the Trapp Family Lodge in Stowe, Vermont.


20、When the thaw came she was still standing , ready to put out her new spring leaves;

21、If we had no winter, the spring would not be so pleasing; if we did not sometimes taste of adversity, prosperity would not be so welcome.如果没有冬天,春天不会如此悦人;如果没有偶尔的不幸,幸运不会如此受人欢迎。

22、This year, Grandpa in 4098 with the days I spent alone after going the distance.这xx年春天,爷爷在伴随我度过了4098个日子以后孤身一人去了远方。

23、Tianjin - Changchun fares next month, this month, mostly to stabilize at 3-4 fold, 260 yuan;天津—长春的票价本月至下月也大多稳定在3—4折,260元左右;

24、This spring, there will be a new offensive in Afghanistan -- and it will be a NATO offensive.今年春天,阿富汗将出现新攻势──这将是北约发动的攻势。

25、This last spring, I experienced firsthand just how bad behavior on the field could get.今年春天,我亲身体验了这种不良行为是如何在赛场上发生的。

英文句子26:,26、With gentle breezes and warm sunshine all around, spring is embracing Beijing now.伴随着微风地吹拂以及到处暖洋洋的阳光,现在北京开始拥抱春天了。

27、Though she usually wore sweaters, this spring day she wore just a V-neck T-shirt.虽然她通常穿汗衫,但是这个春天她穿着一件v领的T恤。

28、It is a day not just for visiting cemeteries, but also for going out to celebrate the coming of spring as nature wakes up, dressing the world in green.这一天不仅要扫墓,也是踏青来庆祝春天到来,万物复苏、大地返绿的日子。

29、In early July, spring has only just arrived to the 4000m high gry marshlands of the plateau.海拔4000多米的青藏高原草甸上,xx月初,春天才迟迟来临。

30、It also protects you from moisture, if it is covering a waterbed mattress that could spring a leak .它也保护您免受潮湿,如果是涉及水床床垫,可春天泄漏。

31、59Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.像你明天就会离世那样生活,像你可以永葆青春那样学习。

32、But it wasnt until spring this year that something just clicked. It felt right and I thought OK.直到今年春天,事情真的发生了,不过这感觉真是很不错。

33、However, youth and good health did not last long. Soon came sickness and pain, which tormented him by day and deprived him of his rest by night.但青春和健康不会长久,很快病痛与悲哀都来了,它们开始一天天地折磨他。

34、Trees put forth young leaves in spring; they drop their dry leaves in autumn. But evergreens have green leaves or needles throughout the year.树木在春天抽出新叶,在冬天飘落黄叶。但万年青一整年都长着绿油油的叶子。

35、Cowboys round up their cattle in the spring time to brand the new calves.牛仔们在春天时把牛赶拢在一起,给新生下来的看犊打上印记。

36、Then it was that he broke up the soil, sowed the seed, pruned his trees, and guarded the tender plants.春天,他们耕耘土地,播下种籽,修剪果树,照看嫩苗;

37、That spring he surprised his wife and Laroche-Mathieu at a rendezvous.这xx年春天,他在妻子与拉罗哲•马底欧幽会时出其不意地将他们捉了双。

38、Exhibit A in this argument, as you might expect, is the Middle East, circa spring 2011.你可能会猜到,接下来所说的案例大约发生在xx年春天,中东地区。

39、The next day, three people came to QingChun teahouse, ZhouYiRen and peng our headquarters went upstairs to the opposite teahouse look left wujiang intentions.第二天,三人来到庆春茶楼,周逸仁和彭皓天上了楼,留下吴江到对面茶楼察看意向。

40、The Navy officially lifted the ban on women serving aboard submarines in the spring.今年春天,海军已经正式取消了禁止女性在潜水艇上服役的禁令。

41、Picture this: The air and the earth interpenetrated in the warm gusts of spring; the soil was full of sunlight, and the sunlight full of red dust.每个春天都是想象这样一幅图景:温暖的春风弥漫着泥土的气息,阳光照射着每一寸土壤,土壤把阳光染成深红色。

42、And the sweet and 35)irrepressible scent of the lilacs to remind us that spring is found within.紫丁香那沁人心脾的芳香告诉我们,春天就在我们心里。

43、Each spring it blossoms so profusely that the air becomes saturated with the aroma of apple.每到春天,它便蓬勃绽开花蕾,空气中弥漫着苹果花的芳香。

44、Spring is a time for planting, and one very common tool for preparing the ground is fire.春天是耕种之季,并且一种最常见准备耕地的方式就是火。

45、With all kinds of flower blossoming, seeds sprouting, new branches of old trees growing in the spring, the natural circle is full of growth and hope.从「春天」来了百花开、种子萌芽、老树发新枝开始,自然界充满了「生发」、「希望」,人们也于是开始忙碌于xx年之始的春耕。

46、They spring back into action after being dried out and also resist radiation.它们一度被晒干,然后在春天恢复活动,它们还可以忍受放射性。

47、"I shall not die, " he said to himself, "for Death will first send his messengers, but I do wish that these wicked days of sickness were over.但青春和健康不会长久,很快病痛与悲哀都来了,它们开始一天天地折磨他。

48、In fact, hearsay Mt. Emei Cableways price, last spring has been circulating in the market.实际上,峨眉山索道提价的传闻,去年春天就已经在坊间流传。

49、It was spring again in the blink of an eye. The dragonfly was anxious to find his girlfriend.转眼间﹐春天来了﹐蜻蜓迫不及待地飞回来寻找自己的恋人。

50、If we had no winter, the spring would not be so pleasant; if we did not sometimes taste of adversity, prosperity would not be so welcome.如果没有冬天,春天不会如此悦人;如果没有偶尔的不幸,幸运不会如此受人欢迎。

经典英文句子51:春天,51、By Yuanmingyuan, Kyushu-ching feast, the best in the world the springcheng en Church composed of five Hall.由圆明园、九州清宴、天下第一春、承恩堂等五个殿组成。

52、Hope is a spring leaf. Never look at vexation, but look up to the hopes.希望是一枚春叶。永远不终日陷于苦恼之中,而对明天满怀希望。

53、In winter, the weather starts getting cold and dry. Some animals go to sleep. They will not wake up until spring comes. People put on thick coats, scarves and boots.冬天天气变得寒冷和干燥。一些动物去睡觉。它们直到春天来临才醒来。人们穿厚衣服,围围巾,穿靴子。

54、Recovery of all things spring, spring returns to the earth, the trees spit verdancy, pervert fields help farmer labors, and together they experience this self-sufficient life fun.春天万物复苏,大地回春,树木吐出新绿,屈枉田间地头帮助农民劳作,和他们一起体会这种自足的生活乐趣。

55、Today, perhaps the sky was falling snow or rain, and perhaps also a trace of cold air, but people's minds are already spring.今天,也许天上还飘着雪或冷雨,也许空中还透着寒气,但人们的心头也已是春意盎然。

56、Carrying a shoulder bag, I am free to walk in the spring of Shenzhen, moment, clear sky, seem to have angels fly, tell us to be happy, hard happiness!背着单肩包,我可以自由地走在苏城,目前,晴朗的天空春天,似乎有天使飞,告诉我们幸福快乐,很难幸福!

57、You can often see Atlantic bottlenose dolphins and they seem to be more active in the spring.他说:“你常可以看到大西洋宽吻海豚,他们通常在春天更为活跃。

58、This spring he decided to grant me and a photographer unprecedented, exclusive access.今年春天,Jay史无前例的特批我和一名摄影师进入中心进行采访。

59、Mom said, “When wemove here in the spring, I’m afraid this garden willbe a jungle.”妈妈说:“等我们春天搬来的时候,恐怕这个花园会变成一片丛林。”

60、The main results were described as following: 主要表现在:①春梢发芽期较正常年分提早40天,抽梢期和开花期均提早20天左右。

1. The spring flushes sprouted 40 days earlier, elongated and blossomed about

20 days earlier, respectively.

61、Feicheng peach", be known to all of this, is almost. He had several spring invites me to see a peach, late summer to pick the peach. It was yesterday".肥城桃子甲天下,这个,几乎是尽人皆知的。就在昨天。


62、They look just like the ones we saw at the tulip fair last spring.它们看上去就像去年春天偶们在郁金香花展上见过的郁金香花。

63、On a drizzly day in spring or autumn, the two peaks is an enchanting landscape as they appear and disappear amidst drifting clouds.在春天或秋天, 细雨纷纷云遮雾绕之时,两座山峰时隐时现,真是一个迷人的景象。

64、I often mowed gr or cut durra leaf in spring and summer and carried them on the back to the Erdaye's to feed his old scalper.我在春天和夏天,割了青草,或劈了高粱叶,背到二大爷家里,喂他的老黄牛。

65、From someday I cultivate the habit to make some lazy days by the lake every spring.不知何年养成的习惯,即便再忙,每年春天必去西湖沉甸心情。

66、He planned to spend the afternoon tuning up his rototiller to get ready for spring gardening.他打算下午检修一下旋转碎土器以便为春天的园艺工作做准备。

67、In winter say the snow-bound, "She shall come with the spring leaping upon the hill."寒冬严严,为风雪所阻者曰:“她将与春天一同降临于山巅。”

68、At that time, I quoted Sakura for comparison and commented it has only one skill in Spring.其中把樱花作为对比提了出来,说它只有“春天的一招先”。

69、'Tis heard in spring When light and sunbeams, warm and kind, On angel's wing Bring love and music to the mind.春日闻知音阳光暖人心, 天使振翅飞带来爱之音。

70、During the cold winter, I dreamt of walking in garden in springtime… when I woke up, perfume is all around!我在寒冬里, 梦见走过春天的花园…醒来时,香气满身!

71、NningBo spring hotel is located on east of the xingning bridge which in the center of ningbo city.宁波春天宾馆,位于宁波市中心繁华地段兴宁桥东逸。

72、So the spring day came and went, the sky grew clearer, the earth greener, the flowers were up fairly early, and the birds came back in time to say goodbye to Beth.就这样春天一天天过去了,天空变得更加晴朗,地上的草愈发的青翠,白花早早地盛开,候鸟及时的飞回来相贝思道别。

73、Very soon the spring time came, and the sun warmed the earth.当春天一到来,太阳把大地照得很温暖的时候,燕子就向拇指姑娘告别了。


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