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关于”时间的诗句“的英语句子27个,句子主体:Verse of Time。以下是关于时间的诗句的专八英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Verse of Time

这包括设计与运行时之间的联合,从而测试 SQL 语句的运行。

1、This will include the hand-shaking between the design and runtime for test running of SQL statements.

2、to save time is to lengthen life 节省时间就是延长生命。


3、Yuanyou years, is a continuous political struggles, bad poetry of the sensitive period continuously.


4、Poet Wendell Berry has observed that when we are young, our lives are all time and little memory.


5、There were eight schools on The Book of Songs Researching in the Qing Dynasty. In this article, their success and failure had been discussed in turn.

6、all time is no time when it is past 光阴一去不复返。


7、In other words, irrespective of whether you exercise vigorously, sitting for long periods is bad for you.


8、Chen Shiyun, 24, has worked at the reception desk at a five-star hotel in Guangzhou for a year.


9、Now Yao, still hold firmly time and peony to say two more words.


10、However, there's actually a wide spectrum of opinions on the written time and the background. The relative coherent time is in September 1917 before he set sail to Japan.


11、Aristotle's poetics advocates the "dramatic unities', the unities of action, place and time".


12、But in the top job there simply isn't time to read every dot and comma before taking a decision.


13、In the authors opinion, the poet denied the circulating time and linear time, while affirm the instantaneous time and current time.


14、It occured to me that most poetry, as re-present-ation, is essentially preoccupied with time and space, what happened where and when.


15、Thrall immediately banned this play and sent the poet to help out in Shadowmoon Valley.


16、Wait until the lock is released, possibly a few minutes, and then re-execute the rolled back statements.


17、The poet attempted to transcend reality and reconstruct the order of time by returning to the primal chaos before time, underlying with which he alleviated the anxiety and perplexity of life.


18、What could we do, in the brave new world of the Internet, to make better use of time and space, in poetic ways?


19、While reading a recent conversation on Facebook between two family members, I caught sight of these words: “You have time for whatever you MAKE time for”.

这样可以显著地减少运行 SQL 语句的处理和响应时间。

20、This can significantly reduce the processing and response time in running SQL statements.

21、The court-style poems reflect the psychological features of boudoirs by means of time image, space image and metaphor image, etc.宫体诗通过对时间意象、空间意象、隐喻意象的截取,以体物寓情的手法表现深闺女性的心理。

22、no one can back yesterday 昨日不复来。

23、This pattern allows for a long-running process to return a handle or interim results before its long-running aspects start.此模式允许长时间运行的流程在长时间运行的部分开始前返回句柄或中间结果。

24、time waits for no man 岁月无情;岁月易逝;岁月不待人

25、How many bards gild the lapses of time!有多少诗人把黄金镀上流逝的时间!

英文句子26:,26、Unfortunately when I arrived Sunny was just leaving, so we only had time for a few words.很遗憾的是当我到达时,桑妮正准备离开,所以我们只有时间说几句话。

27、M: It takes time to adapt to the new environment.比方 "适应新环境需要时间." 这句话英文可以这样说: It takes time to adapt to the new environment.

28、Perhapss more importantly, the better you are atmanaging the time youdevoteto yourstudies, the more time you will have tospend onyour outside interests.皪【句式翻译】 也许更重要的是,你越善于管理你的学习时间,你就会有更多的时间用在你课外的兴趣上。

29、I haven't been learning French for long, so I can only speak a few words.我学法语的时间还不长, 所以我只能凑合著说几句.

30、Later, in 1860, he met the poet baudelaire, with whom he remained friends over a long period.xx年,他结识了诗人波德莱尔,之后很长一段时间,他们一直是要好的朋友。

31、Form his poetry of mourning for friends, we can comprehend that it is time that can explain YiMin's tragic foreordination.从他的悼友诗中我们能看到时间解释了遗民的悲剧宿命。

32、He was not free enough, was how he preferred to phrase it.他没有多少空闲时间,是他喜欢说的一句口头禅。

33、They are the engines of change, windows on the world, " Lighthouses " as the poet said "erected in the sea of time.他们是变化的引擎,世界的窗口、就象诗人所说“时间海洋中的灯塔”。

34、As such, the goal is not finishing first but absorbing as much knowledge as possible in the time allotted.换句话说,目标不在第一时间完成学业而是在指定的时间内吸收更多的知识。

35、If poetry is infatuated with time and space, I wondered why most poetry makes such poor use of both to make its message.如果说诗是由时间和空间组成的,那我想知道为什么大部分诗都不好好利用这两者来表达其内涵呢。

36、The poet breaks down the barriers of time and space, and lets his free soul roam freely in different time of all ages, or in different space of reality or fantasy.诗人打破了现实时空的界限,让他自由的心灵在古往今来不同的时间;在现实、幻想不同的空间恣意翱游。

37、There are three kinds of time in the Poem: 1913 as the symbol of Silver Age , the real 20th century and history itself.长诗的时间分为三种:象征白银时代的xx年、铁的20世纪的现在以及历史本身。

38、Meausuring time also implies situating events in relation to each other in other words dating them.测量时间还意味着确定事件相互之间的时间关系,换句话说,即标明这些事件发生的年月日。

39、The choir entered singing, "He came down to earth from heaven, who is God and Lord of all."诗班进场时唱出:「祂从天上降到世间,祂是神和万有之主。」

40、In other words, all life in the lake had been extinguished in less than three months.换句话说,在不到三个月时间内,湖中所有生物都灭绝了。

41、More or less. Next to that, I've been singing for one and a half year in a church choir.或多或少,除此之外,我以前曾在一个教堂唱诗班唱过xx年半的时间。

42、This is why he's continually placing the imaginative origin of the poem back to the very dawn of time, perhaps even back before if you can imagine such a time -- before the very dawn of time.这就是为什么弥尔顿总是试图把想象中的这首诗的起源,推至时间开始的时候,甚至更早,-如果你们能想象这样一个时间--在时间开始之前。

43、Perhaps most people passed right on by Bartimaeus without a word.也许, 大多数的过路人就匆匆忙忙地经过巴底买, 也没有时间和他说句话。

44、Now do that in a sound byte on a national radio station when you got two minutes to answer.这时你就得为全国听众一字一句地,在两分钟时间内解答这个问题

45、There is a saying on Wall Street that goes, "The market can stay irrational longer than you can stay solvent."华尔街流传这样一句话:“与你有清还债务能力的时间相比,市场能非理性地持续更长时间。”

46、This is a simile that Stanley Fish brilliantly describes ; as central to a certain temporal procedure common in Milton's verse; Fish is interested in the temporal process of reading in general.这被斯坦利费什独具匠心地形容为,弥尔顿诗中极为常见的时间步骤的核心;,费什对总体上这首诗的时间顺序非常感兴趣。

47、That's crazy, I hear you say. To paraphrase Keynes, the markets can stay crazy longer than you can stay solvent.你说,这太疯狂了.套句凯因斯的话,市场维持疯狂状态的时间,可以比你能够维持不倒的时间更久.

48、The fourth sentence: "bosom just like pregnant, time is long can let a person see out".第四句:“怀才就象怀孕,时间久了会让人看出来”。

49、Because of drinking, a meal time is often very long, so the Italian has a mantra: "Do not drink do not want to spend time."因为饮酒,一餐饭的时间往往托得很长,所以意大利人有一句口头禅:“不愿花时间就别喝酒”。

50、The phrase 'to various future times, but not to all' suggested the image of bifurcating in time, not in space.若干后世(并非所有后世)这句话向我揭示的形象是时间而非空间的分岔。

经典英文句子51:时间的诗句,51、From his poetry of mourning for friends, we can comprehend that it is time that can explain YiMin's tragic foreordination.从他的悼友诗中我们能看到时间解释了遗民的悲剧宿命。

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