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关于”很甜的短句“的英语句子25个,句子主体:very sweet short sentences。以下是关于很甜的短句的初一英语句子。

英文句子模板1:very sweet short sentences


1、This is cool vegetables with sweet soybean sauce or Assorted Vegetables Food?! (I not sure! ), but tasted really nice.


2、Wp-Content Wookie1When I visited Honey Island Swamp, in the 1980s, the Star Wars movies had obviously made an impact on the local naming of the Honey Island Swamp Monster.


3、Chaoyang move "oven" must fire that day, don't cold stove. Can cook something sweet, like sweet dumplings or sweet tea, eat sweet, figure a beaming.


4、Fund the love of sweet, not to find the love of the sweeter.


5、Apparently our brains are programmed to leap into action when presented with the sugary treats.


6、The pork steak that has been marinated in sweet and sour sauce tastes very delicious.


7、In contrast, mice fed sweeter oranges more popular in the UK gain significant amounts of fat.


8、Apparently they aren't finding any of my red chard or golden chard seed in their sugar beets, and I'm not finding any of their genetics in mine.


9、Doctor: Mr. Li , it is said that you are fond of dessert and alcohol , aren't you ?


10、St. Croix produces a sweet bluish-red grape that is great for fresh eating and wine.


11、The Kefir yogurt products had excellent texture, smooth taste, moderate sweetness and acidities, dense alcohol and ester aroma, and short solidify time.


12、This yeast ferments the beer quickly, giving it a sweet, full bodied and fruity taste.


13、He was chasing Britney Spears who was just across the street,


14、While his hands are cold, although the glove of the space is very cramped, but I can feel and other girls sweet.

索尼的ST-J88B 低音好,中频很讨人喜欢,高音甜但是前冲。

15、M- Sony ST-J88B - Good bass, pleasing midrange, slightly forward and sweet treble.


16、The scent is a very subtle sweet smell which I prefer over the unscented, or the strong fruit or food flavors of other brands.


17、Olives, marinated veg like eggplant, artichokes or peppers all make wonderful quick snacks.


18、Is there a way to eat lots of sugar without ruining your teeth?


19、My piping and flowers still suck compared to many of my classmates.


20、Sweet strawberry, melon and pineapple flavours are balanced by a clean citrus acidity. The yeasty characters add complexity and give softness and length to the finish…

21、He recalled a conversation he’d had with Sweet a long time ago, when he had first told her he wanted her to become his special woman.他回忆起很久之前他和甜甜的一场对话,那时他第一次告诉她他想让她做他的特别女人。

22、For a big town there's still lots of street sellers, especially sweet potato on hot drums.作为一个大城市,这里有很多的街头小贩,特别是卖烤甜薯的。

23、The fruit is sweet and can be eaten as is or made into a wine or liqueur.果实很甜,可以直接食用或酿制果酒和利口酒。

24、Elizabeth: Pretty speech from a captor, but words whispered through prison bars lose their charm.统治者的话很美,但你在牢狱中的甜言蜜语是不能打动我的。

25、The glaze makes a spicy contrast to the sweet potatoes.焗料的辛辣与和甜薯的甘甜相互映衬。

英文句子26:,26、Sweet strawberry, melon and pineapple flavours are balanced by a clean citrus acidity. The yeasty characters add complexity and give softness and length to the finish.甜草莓、甜瓜、菠萝口味被一种干净的柑橘酸度很好地平衡着,丰富及复杂的酒体配合着柔和、持久的特点使其回味持久。

27、As a result of those bad things in her life, Spears has been named the Most Annoying People of 2006.然而最糟糕的是,离婚后的小甜甜竟和帕丽斯·希尔顿搅在了一起。 这一连串的“选择”使小甜甜当选为“xx年最惹人厌的明星”。

28、The taste of the sweet sweet straight rushed into the throat.那香甜香甜的味道直冲进喉咙。

29、In Denmark, a popular New Year’s dish is sweetened kale cooked with cinnamon.在丹麦,一个很流行的新年食物就是甜甘蓝菜煮肉桂。

30、Development duration of Spodoptera exigua is shortened with the increase of temperature within the range from 22. 3℃to 27-9℃at natural condition.在22.3-27.9℃的自然变温条件下,甜菜夜蛾各虫态的发育历期随温度的升高而缩短。

31、A short nature trail overhung with verdant, sweetly scented vegetation circles past cascading Kahuna Falls and the astonishing Akaka Falls.短期的自然之旅,环绕着郁郁葱葱,植被的甜香味穿过阶梯式的卡胡纳瀑布和惊人的阿卡卡瀑布弥漫着。

32、The people from the countryside, they found It's sweet only if the salary can be received on time.农村的人在城市,只要工资能按时发,就觉得很甜。

33、Evening rests very much fragrantly . This was for a long time all no matter. Therefore is worth commemorating.晚上睡得很香甜。这是好久都没有的事了。所以值得纪念。

34、In the meantime, a sugar pill that can treat what ails ya is pretty swee.但在此期间,一粒糖片儿就能治疗你的病,怎么样,很甜吧?

35、However, the first unfavorable situation has not affected Sun Tiantian's mood, second she fights steadily, has drawn one very quickly by 不过,首盘的失利并没有影响孙甜甜的心情,第二盘她稳扎稳打,很快以

6:4 score.


36、Sweet big water melon Staying at hotel in night, I like to buy a sweet and big water melon for 《甜甜的大西瓜》 夜里住进旅馆,我喜欢买个甜甜的大西瓜,两三块钱,比买瓶饮料还便宜。

2 or

3 yuan which is cheaper than some drinking.

37、Many people consider chocolate a mood-booster but few studies have actually confirmed the connection between the confection and mood.很多人认为巧克力有助于促进心情的改善,而很少有研究能确切证实甜点与心境之间的关系。

38、That means that far less of them is required to make something taste sweet.这意味着比糖少很多的剂量就能达到相同的甜度。

39、Snuggle up close to him, and whisper sweet-nothings.依偎在他身上,开始甜甜的切切私语。

40、A worm like effect. Then layer the baileys on top. Looks weird but tastes great!然后在顶部分层百利甜,看起来怪异的,但是口感很棒!

41、Bouquet: The nose offers up copious quantities of sweet black currant fruit, vanilla, and minerals.气味:有很多种甜黑加仑子的香味、香草味和矿物的香味。

42、Thank you for the information. lthink l will stop the one over there. She looks very cute and wears a sweet smile.谢谢你提供的信息,我想我会停下来找在那里的那个小哥,他看起来很可爱'而且有甜甜的笑容。!

43、DGL has become known as "The Lining Tamer" for a very good reason!解甘草甜素DGL已成为为“衬塔默”之称的一个很好的理由!

44、These strawberry fruits continue onto the semi-sweet palate, with a lovely zesty finish.这些草莓水果香味没有很甜的味觉,伴着令人愉快的余味。

45、Father lay in the bed, weak, "I'm all right, my sweetheart. Do not worry.爸爸很虚弱地躺在床上:“爸爸没事,我的小甜心,不要担心。

46、When they really wanted to torture us, they'd say, "Anybody who quits right now gets hot coffee and doughnuts. Come on, who wants a doughnut?他严厉的向我们说道:“如果谁现在退出,就会得到热咖啡和甜甜圈,谁想要甜甜圈、热杯咖啡?

47、There is an amusing look at food marketing, including a company's pitch for branding "Vitamin Donuts, " and many antiquated nutrition guidelines.展览中还有一些关于推销食品的趣闻轶事,包括一家公司推销的“维生素甜甜圈”,还有很多过时的营养指南。

48、Acid strength and then give you a sweet, sour and sweet feeling, it is the taste of first love.酸劲之后再给你一股甜劲,酸酸甜甜的感觉,那便是初恋的味道。

49、Feelings or life or many think Moon water is very sweet and very good, always want to seize, but is actually fail to grasp.其实感情也好,生活也好,很多的时候都认为水月是很甜蜜很美好,总想抓住,但是实际上是抓不住的。

50、Now we live in the city, I feel happy.不过,现在我们住在城市里,我感到很开心,甚至连吃苦瓜的时候都感到是甜的。

经典英文句子51:很甜的短句,51、To skin sweet potatoes quickly : Soak in cold water immediately after boiling.把煮开了的甜薯立刻浸泡在冷水中,就可以很快剥掉它的皮了。

52、The leaves and root are sweet, and they say that Deer Bamboo can even lengthen your life.鹿竹的叶子和根很甜,甚至有人说吃了鹿竹可以延年益寿。

53、A non-nutritive sweetener, aspartame is approximately 200 times sweeter than sucrose, the accepted standard for sweetness.阿斯巴甜是一种非营养性甜味剂,其甜度大约是蔗糖的200倍。

54、My pleasure, sleeping in a dream. No, but sweet smile. My love, in your mind, no result, but sweet dream, the dream is who smile.我的快乐,沉睡在梦中。没有醒,却有甜甜的笑容。

1、我的 爱情,在你的心中,没有结果,却是甜甜的梦,那梦中,是谁的笑容。

55、OMG! Look at all the gelatos! I have to admit that I have a sweet tooth! I have to eat something sweet every day!看看这么多的意大利手工冰淇淋!我承认我很喜欢吃甜食,我每天一定要吃点甜的才舒服。


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