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关于”有深度的短句“的英语句子53个,句子主体:Short sentences with depth。以下是关于有深度的短句的考研英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Short sentences with depth

有连接和子串的 rope 的深度比它们所拥有的最深节点的深度大

1、The depth of concatenation and substring ropes is one more than the depth of the deepest node they enclose.



2、The quote goes “The deepest desire of the human heart is to be appreciated.


3、In addition, task forces, special projects, short-term ignments and other opportunities can all contribute to your depth and breadth of experience and build your capabilities.


4、It has a deep range beginning about three octaves below middle C.


5、East Indian tree having a useful dark purple wood.


6、A dark stubble was shrouding his strong jaw and dimpled chin.


7、To determine the depth of with a plumb; sound.


8、Regardless of preventing evaporation or not, soil water suction decreased firstly and then increased with the increase of soil depth, and soil water suction at the same depth increased with time.


9、There is at present a tendency to treat superficially and ignore the fundamental treatment.


10、From the ping-pong ball to the basketball, it is not just a change in diameter. Rather, it reflects the enormous progress in depth and breadth of China-US relations over the short span of 30 years.


11、The characteristic histopathological change was that small intestinal villi became short evidently, while the depth of intestinal gland increased.

杜夫海纳的深度分别表现为审美对象的深度、 审美知觉的深度,以及二者的关系。

12、The depth of Dufrenne respectively expresses the depth of object and subject, and the connection between them.


13、Especially, the electric-chemical deaquation process could achieve the deep deaquation effect in relative less time for the extra-heavy crude oil.


14、Deepboreholes offer the advantage that they could be drilled very near the nuclearreactors themselves, reducing distance the high-level waste would need to betransported before disposal.


15、Our ability to interpret text, to make the rich mental connections that form when we read deeply and without distraction, remains largely disengaged.


16、And those deep, slow-wave sleep periods are also reduced for people who have tied on more than one.


17、Use a depth gauge to measure up to the pressure plate.


18、The micronormal reads deeper than the microinverse.


19、The rate at which new and sometimes contradictory information comes at us further contributes to our feelings of instability and transience .


20、Although Short-Term Credit Insurance Business has been developed for several years in overseas insurance market, it still appears new in China.

21、Appearance Bright blue above, orange below, large-headed with a long pointed bill, short legs and tail, measures about 背部深蓝色,腹部橙色,头大,拥有长而尖的扁嘴,脚短,尾短,身长约18厘米。

18 cm.

22、Further, deep drawing speeds and punch temperatures during deep drawing process can also exert significant influence on the deep drawing of AZ31 magnesium alloy.此外,拉深速度和冲头温度对AZ31镁合金的拉深成形也有重要影响。

23、In explicit depth extrapolation method of frequency-space fields, wavefield depth extrapolation is completed with convolution of short explicit difference operators and the wavefield.在频率-空间域显式叠前深度偏移中,波场深度延拓是通过显式差分短算子与波场的空间褶积完成的。

24、The results show that the movement of wetting front of slightly salty infiltration is deeper under the same time condition, or the time is shorter to move to the same depth.研究结果表明,微咸水入渗的湿润锋在相同的时间内运移深度更大,或者湿润锋运移到相同的深度时微咸水所用的时间更短。

25、But he also is very tridimensional I would say.但我会说他也非常的有深度。

英文句子26:,26、Despite the shortage of good females ,there are signs of hope that mainstream culture is working to change these ingrained attitudes toward women.不管良好的农村性榜样如何短缺,但有迹象表明希望是有的,主流文化正在渐渐改变这些对女性根深蒂固的态度。

27、To be blunt, your opinion and observations are onesided, myopic and lacking in any real depth of thought.坦率讲,你的观点和言论有失公允,目光短浅,思想也没有深度。

28、The length of the lever of bone that the Achilles tendon pulls on also differed, being a quarter shorter in sprinters.他们还发现,跟腱拉伸时所产生的“杠杆长度”也有差别,短跑运动员的“杠杆长度” 要短四分之

29、If the bear is really deep, rallies off the bottom can be explosive and end quickly.如果市场深度下跌,从底部的反弹将会是爆发性的而且时间短暂。

30、The bathyscaphe has plumbed the depth of the Indian Ocean.深海潜水器探测印度洋的深度。

31、For Moscow to the Great Wall Station circuit, the lower the frequency, the larger the fading depth.莫斯科-南极长城站电路的衰落深度与频率、时间有关,频率低,其衰落深度大。

32、Depth, yes.深度,是的。

33、This thesis is meant to focus on such kind of TV program of in-depth news reporting.新世纪以来,以深度和广度见长的电视新闻深度报道节目,在节目内容和节目形式上都有了很大的发展。

34、Depth map generalization is the course of visualizing depth information. Different depth map's expression and four interpolating method are discussed.深度图生成是深度信息的可视化过程,本文讨论了不同深度图表达形式和深度插值方法。

35、All the green leaves are mature, vigorous and yellow.所有的绿都成熟了,蓬勃且有深度。

36、Prestack depth migration is an effective tool for complex geologic body imaging. The quality of its image depends mainly on the accuracy of velocity-depth model.叠前深度偏移是复杂地质体成像的有力工具,其成像的质量主要取决于所用速度-深度模型的精度。

37、The best proof of love is trust.爱的最好证明是信任

38、He is short and fat with a potbelly. His hands have ten deep dimples at the root of every finger.这厮五短身材,脑满肠肥,十个胖胖的手指根部都生有深深的酒窝儿。

39、Objective To evaluate the effect of early and short-term use of high-potency antibiotics following extensive severe burn injury.目的 探讨大面积深度烧伤后广谱高效抗生素早期短程使用的效果。

40、Mild or moderate variable decelerations do not have alate component, are of short duration and depth, and end by rapidreturn to a normal baseline FHR.轻或中度可变减没有晚期减速,持续时间短,深,并以胎心率快速恢复到正常的胎心率基线结束。

41、Capability maps can be many layers deep to reflect the depth of your organization.功能图可能有多层深度,以便反映您的组织的深度。

42、It shows that the capability of post-stall-maneuver results in reduction of the maneuvering time, but the depth with which the trajectory falls In…结果表明,对特定的始末端状态,过失速机动能力能够缩短机动时间,但是进入过失速的深度与飞机推重比有关。

43、In-depthhard news is the perfect junction point of dynamic news story and in-depth reports, which is characterized with speed, readability, and deepness.深度硬新闻是动态新闻与深度报道的最佳结合点,具有传播上的速度、阅读的便利度、认识问题的深度。

44、Fission track ages and lengths of apatite samples from the Huashen-1 well both decrease with increasing well depths.结果表明,随井深增加年龄减小,平均径迹长度亦变短。

45、Soil pressure in calcareous sand ground decays rapidly with depth increasing. Load could spread to 2-3 times breadth of load-plate.钙质砂地基中土压力随深度急剧衰减,荷载的有效影响深度为2~3倍基础宽度;

46、Short and narrow packing chamber. Sealing effectiveness improves as overall packing length shortens. Chamber wall is burnished for superior finish.又短又窄的填料腔。总的填料长度缩短改善了密封的有效性。腔壁具有相当的光洁度。

47、A cl of projection-based depth functions, depth-weighted mean and depth-weighted LSE were studied. These estimates had desirable robustness.本文介绍了一种投影深度函数,深度加权平均和深度加权LSE,这些估计量有符合需要的稳健性。

48、Different basin has different depth for main oil generating zone, so for main gas generating zone (dry gas zone).不同盆地有不同深度的生油主带,因而也有不同深度范围生气主带(干气带)。

49、Extension of improved tea cuhivars should meet the needs both quantity and quality.茶树良种化要有数量高度,更要有质量深度;

50、A diving l is usually six metres deep.跳水池深度一般有6米。

经典英文句子51:有深度的短句,51、Each card has not only a date but the latitude and longitude, salinity measures, temperatures and depth of each data point.每个卡片不仅记有日期,还有每个数据点的纬度和经度,盐度,温度和深度的测量。

52、Everyone knows the Lakers have superior depth and youth than Boston.所有人都知道湖人比凯子更年轻,板凳深度更深。

53、However, the key to prestack depth migration is the accuracy of velocity model.高质量的叠前深度偏移成像依赖于高精度的深度速度模型。

54、The viscoelastic effect of WG can promote injected water entering in-depth reservoirs.弱凝胶的粘弹作用有利于在油藏深部进行深度调剖。

55、The depth measuring dial indicators are suitable for measuring such dimensions of workpieces as depth, step, etc. , and they have the features of reliable measurement and high accuracy.深度百分表用于工件深度、台阶等尺寸的测量。具有测量可靠、精度高的特点。

56、Power shortages have contributed to the slowdown in factory output growth, said Xu Biao, an economist at China Merchants Bank in Shenzhen.在深圳招商银行的经济学家说,能源短缺导致了工厂产量上升速度的减缓。

57、The delivery date is a half compared with the super-high purity low temperature separation type generation equipment.与超高纯度深冷分离式发生设备相比,可缩短一半的交货期。

58、Adverse events included mild to moderate transient erythema and pain, and mild pinpoint petechiae .副作用有轻度到中度的短暂红斑、疼痛及轻度的瘀斑。

59、The first group took longer to enter the first of the deeper stages of sleep and spent less time in the deepest one.结果发现,受到辐射的那组研究对象进入深度睡眠第一阶段所用的时间较长,而且深度睡眠的时间也较短。

60、Far water does not put out near fire. 远水救不了近火


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