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关于”很污“的英语句子59个,句子主体:very dirty。以下是关于很污的雅思英语句子。

英文句子模板1:very dirty


1、This dele can remove the tough dirty spot.


2、In contrast, swiping from page to page on the iPad only requires a fingertip and leaves very little dirt/oil/grease on the gl, and whatever residue it does leave is easy to clean off afterwards.


3、And among all sorts of nonpoint source pollutions, agricultural nonpoint source pollution is the biggest one.


4、London and other cities have a serious air pollution problem.

环保署根据《水 污染管制(排污设备)规例》,规定物业业主把污水接驳至公共污水渠。

5、Under the Water Pollution Control (Sewerage) Regulation, the EPD requires house or development owners to connect their sewage to the public sewers.


6、Pump bilge water into bilge tank.


7、The effect of soil composition, substrate and washing condition on detergency is discussed.


8、T he old deslagging machine has a lot of malpractices such as low work efficiency, infectant and so on.


9、On the whole, CGP C catalyst exhibited excellent product slates and good tolerance to metals contamination.


10、Firstly, keeping pets in dormitory will make dormitory smell bad and cause noise pollution.


11、The nitrogenous pollution is a environmental problem which has prodigious influence on our life and production.


12、More demand led to more power plants, built with little heed to pollution or performance.


13、Food packaging accounts for most of our plastic waste and it's often completely unnecessary.


14、NO2 deteriorated in some areas; and meteorological conditions are important to air pollution.


15、CLEANING:Clean the dirt with the plain white cloth dipped in pure gasoline or detergent.


16、Among various vegetables detected, only greengrocery is polluted by heavy metal and the comprehensive pollutant index is

1.12. It means lightly polluted.


17、The residual sludge from Licunhe wastewater treatment plant was hydrolyzed by alkali hydrolysis to extract protein at different ratio of solid to liquid at different temperature, reaction time and pH.


18、The result shows organic pollution of the river is still severe.


19、While the features are nice, the cost is very high in terms of pure nastiness .


20、The double blow-off pipes are used to blow down with a blow-down pump, and therefore the secondary filter screen can provide powerful sewage suction force.

21、Heather Tomley with the Port of Long Beach says oceangoing vessels are the worse.长堤港务局的希瑟·汤姆利说,远洋商船造成很大的污染。

22、PCB-based waste is not easily disposed of without contamination of the environment and human populations.PCB废物很难做到在不污染环境和人类的情况下处理掉。

23、In library, the contaminations can be divided into four parts: i. e. chemical contamination, physical contamination, biological contamination and radioactive contamination.前言: 图书馆内污染物按性质分为化学性污染物、物理性污染物、 生物性污染物和放射性污染物。

24、WQ series submersible sewage pump is a reliable, uses an extremely wide range of wastewater sewerage pump.WQ型系列污水污物潜水电泵是一种性能可靠,用途极为广泛的污水污物处理用泵。

25、The contribution order for TN pollution loading discharged from all the pollution sources were as follows: munil source) soil erosion) fertilizer) livestock source) industry source;颜公河流域各污染类型TN贡献负荷排名:生活污染>水土流失>化肥污染>畜禽污染>工业点源污染;

英文句子26:,26、Waste water, waste oil, and sludge produced by production units are all recycled.生产装置产生的污水、污油、污泥均回收利用。

27、"I know of populations that have disappeared on my farm because of development and light pollution, " said Faust.Faust说:“我知道农场里很多萤火虫的消失是因为光污染。

28、"Tainted Milk Formula Sickens Thousands of Chinese Infants" read one of many recent headlines.最近的很多新闻头条都是“污染奶导致数以千计的中国婴儿生病”。

29、The majority of organic contamination was over medium, whereas 53.3% of the stations was heavy.有机污染状况除湾口轻度污染外,其余测站均在中度污染以上,全年有53.3%站位处于严重污染。

30、But the clutch purse that goes with it has a huge mascara smudge on it.但是与它搭配的手提钱袋上有个很大的睫毛油染的污点。

31、To cover with black dirt or soot begrime .使积满污垢被黑色污垢或煤灰覆盖,弄脏,沾污来源:词友。

32、As well as being resistant to treatment, they can also survive attack with acids, alkalis and detergents.不仅对药物抵抗,它们在酸、碱和去污剂中同样能很好存活。

33、You’re less likely to see stains if you throw some darker sheets on before you get started.在你开始之前用一些黑色的床单会使你很少看到污迹。

34、It's a bit more ethical because you don't have to worry about all the pollution这样做很符合社会公德,因为你不用担心会产生污染,

35、How that happened is unclear, but the contaminants likely were carried by wind or ocean currents.发生原因尚不清楚,但污染物很可能是由风或海流带过去的。

36、Atmospheric pollution in our country belongs to coal fume.我国大气污染属于煤烟型污染。

37、But without getting too much modern pollution, the environment is very good, have a great duo duo cloud, the road there are many trees.但是没有受到太多现代化的污染,环境很好,有大朵大朵的云,路边有很多树。

38、The waste water reuse is all effective way to alleviate the problem of water shortage.污水回用是减轻供水紧张、治理环保的一个很有效的途径。

39、The poisons seeping from Hanford's contaminated land quickly dilute in the water.从汉福德受污染的土地里渗出的有毒物质很快就在水中稀释了。

40、Pump the slops into the slop tank.将含油污水泵入污水舱。

41、It is also environmentally friendly as it produces no pollution and uses no chemicals.同时,它还很环保,不产生任何污染也没有使用任何化学品。

42、There are many kinds of pollution around us, such as air pollution, light pollution and so on.在我们周围有许多种污染,诸如空气污染,光污染等等。

43、If there is any stain left by the honey, it is probably not pure.如果由于蘸了蜂蜜而有污点残留,那很可能是不纯正的。

44、③I was so sorry to hear that your son had been traveling with those criminal types. 听说你的儿子一直与那些罪犯同流合污,为此我感到很难过。

45、VINCE: : Pollution. You know-pollution.文翈斯:污染。你知道——污染。

46、This kind of eradicator can destroy the hard stain.这种去污剂能去除难洗的污渍。

47、Not many people realize that the misuse or misdirection of light is a form of pollution.很多人不知道光线的滥用和乱射也是一种污染。

48、Few data on air pollution exposure and risk of venous thrombosis are available.但是关于空气污染与静脉血栓关系的数据却很有限。

49、So, the city sewage plants projects have been developed to a great degree, with the rate of treatment less than 7% in the eighth five-year plan and amount to 20% in 2000.我国在“八五”时期的城市污水处理率尚不足7%,至xx年已提高到20%,城市污水处理事业得到了很大发展。

50、Polution which is very harmful to human beings, animals and plants has become a global issue.污染已成为全球问题,对人类动物,植物有很大危害。

经典英文句子51:很污,51、The study revealed that other pollutants from burning stalks account for a significant proportion of the total pollution discharges in China.这项研究表明,露天燃烧秸秆产生的其它一些污染物也占据了中国这类污染物排放总量的很大一部分。

52、"Many chemical and industrial enterprises are built along rivers so that they can dump the waste into water easily," Chen said.他说,“很多化工企业都建在河边以便排污。

53、This detergent can remove stubborn stains.这种去污剂能去除难洗的污渍。

54、Cui Xiaoliang says he lost his aunt and father to cancer after the village streams changed colour.崔晓亮说他的姑妈和父亲已经去世,很有可能是污染所致。

55、The estuarine wetland on the river pollutants into the lake with a very good retention, storage and purification function, reduction of pollution load into the lake has an active role.河口湿地对入湖河流污染物具有很好的截留、贮存和净化功能,对消减入湖污染负荷具有积极作用。

56、All discharges, other than domestic sewage to a foul sewer or unpolluted water to a storm drain, must be covered by an effluent discharge licence.除流入污水渠的家居污水或流入雨水渠的未经污染的水外,排放任何其他污水必须申领污水排放牌照。

57、The ultimate reason of sewage irrigation pollution is the polluted water.因此,控制污水农灌的污染,必须要控制农业用水污染。

58、There is still a stigma attached to divorce but considerably less than in the past.跟离婚形影不离的还有污点,但是与过去相比已经少了很多。

59、It read "a substantial fraction of FDI flows to pollution-intensive industries;"报告说“很大一部分外商直接投资都是流向污染密集型企业;

60、The relationship of sludge quantity in ABR with running and sludge granulation is discussed by observation channel phenomenon and sludge granulation.通过观测ABR污泥床内沟流现象、颗粒污泥的形成、污泥颗粒化程度探讨了ABR内污泥量与反应器运行及污泥颗粒化的关系;

61、Most people are aware that outdoor air pollution can damage their health, but many do not know that indoor air pollution can also have significant health effects.大多数人都意识到了室外空气污染对健康有害,但是很多人却不清楚室内空气污染也会对健康产生严重的影响。

62、Plastic bags are essential for wrapping containers and products that can and your clothes.用塑料袋包住可能会溢出东西、弄污衣服的容器和物品很重要。

63、A lot of ways could be used to resolve and reduce concentration polarization and membrane fouling. In this article, the effectiveness of flow patt…解决和减轻浓差极化和膜污染的方法有很多,本文着重于流体流动状态对浓差极化和膜污染的影响进行了论述。

64、Different technique of sludge treatment, different stabilization and treatment process of sludge will lead to quite different results in sludge dewatering .不同的污水处理工艺、同的污泥稳定化过程、同的污泥调理过程,所产生的污泥脱水性往往大相径庭。

65、Heather Tomley with the Port of Long Beach says oceangoing vessels create a significant amount of pollution.长堤港务局的希瑟·汤姆利说,远洋商船造成很大的污染。

66、Waste water pollutants is the gravest and yawp pollutants is the feebleness in mine pollutants.在矿山污染物方面废水污染最为严重,噪声污染最弱;

67、Soon electrofilters of the new generation will be installed here and that will greatly lower the pollutant emissions.新一代的电子除尘过滤装置很快将会被安装起来,这样会很大程度上降低污染物的排放。

68、This is a database about conference information which is all about pesticide pollution.这是一个会议记录数据库,其中有很多关于农药污染的会议。

69、The water in Bodensee is pretty clean; one cannot imagine that this lake was once polluted.湖水非常干净,曾经有污染,但是现在治理得很好。

70、Bricks could be beautiful but we have covered it gradually with gray industrial vomits.砖石其实很美,只是被灰色的工业呕吐物一点点玷污了。

71、After sludge adsorbent preparation with sludge in sewage farms, the experiments and researches of flue gas desulphurization were carried out.以污水厂污泥为原料制备了污泥吸附剂,采用该污泥吸附剂进行了烟气脱硫的实验研究。

72、To remove dirt, grime, oil, tar, grease, mildew stain, algae stain, waxes, etc.能除去灰尘、污秽物、油渍、沥青、霉菌污迹、海藻污点、蜡油等等。

73、There were stains on one of the pillow slips and the towels were all frayed and worn.其中一个枕巾上有污渍,毛巾都很旧并且磨损了。

74、It also makes big trouble to astronomer for space observation and bring along high threat to aviation and driving.光污染给天文学家观察星空造成了很大的困难,给航空和行车也带来了很大的威胁。

75、The rotary ton tends to be damaged because much dust contented in the raw materials contaminates the pump oil.但因原材料的灰份多,泵油很容易污染,致使泵卡死。

英文句子模板76:very dirty,76、There are a lot of harmful microorganisms in the air, causing serious biological pollution.空气中有大量的有害微生物,造成了很严重的生物污染。

77、But some pollution problems involve such dramatic externalities that the whole world is affected.另外,有些污染问题的外延性很大,全世界都无法幸免。

78、During the experimental process, the viscosity, sedimentation capacity, relative coagulant hydrophobicity, and mixed liquor filterability of the sludge are periodically monitored.在实验过程中,对污泥混合液黏度、污泥沉降性能、污泥絮体疏水性、污泥混合液可滤性定期进行了监测。


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