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关于”宪法的句子“的英语句子3个,句子主体:Constitutional sentence。以下是关于宪法的句子的考研英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Constitutional sentence

1、China has a written constitution. 中国有成文宪法。

2、There is no constitution in Libya, so no clear constitutional succession. 在利比亚没有宪法,因此不会有明确的宪法继承。

3、For the interpretation of that instrument I shall look to the decisions of the judicial tribunals established by its authority. 要得到关于这一工具的解释,我应该看向由宪法权力建立的司法裁判的决定。

4、After the Reforming and the Opening, the 1954s Constitution gave a high spirit through the 1982s Constitution. 终于在改革开放后的八二宪法中,五四宪法的精神重又焕发了活力。

5、The court is supposed to be the final arbiter of what is or isn't constitutional. 对于是否合乎宪法,法院本来是最终的裁决者。

6、It is the Supreme Court that is institutionally designed to hear constitutional arguments and to interpret constitutional clauses. 而最高法院是制度设计上用来对宪法争议进行听证、解释宪法条款的机构。

7、A three-judge district court ruled that the comptroller general's role in the process was unconstitutional. 三位法官组成地方法院的判决中指出,总审计长的过程中的作用是违宪的。

8、In 1923, the court also ruled that a minimum-wage law in the District of Columbia was unconstitutional. 在xx年,法院也判决哥伦比亚区最低工资法违反了宪法。

9、The specific content that is:the constitution of the meaning of judicial power, judicial power to interpret the Constitution based on the foundation and the Constitution. 具体内容是:宪法上的司法权之含义、司法解释权的宪法基础与宪法依据。

10、He deviated from the constitution. 他背离了宪法。

11、However, it does not allow of optimism in China because:(1) constitution can not enter into action; 我国宪法的实施现状不容乐观,主要表现在:(一)宪法不能进入诉讼;(二)宪法监督制度名不副实。

12、The evolution of the constitution indicates that it has always been the document of safeguarding the rights of citizens, which is also incarnated by the constitutional amendment of 2004. 宪法的发展历史表明,宪法是公民权利的保障书,xx年宪法修正案的内容正是这一点的生动体现。

13、Furthermore, a Constitutional Convention composed of elected delegates drafted a new constitution to replace the 1935 Constitution in a referendum. 此外,还选举代表召开宪法修正会议草拟新宪法来代替xx年公民投票产生的宪法。

14、The drafters of the Constitution saw that the future may bring a need for change. 宪法起草人预料到将来可能需要对宪法进行修改。

15、Constitution is a general charter to govern a country. Constitutional maintenance accounts for social stability. 宪法是治国安邦的总章程,宪法的稳定是社会稳定的基础。

16、This constitution is a written one, but possesses the elements of unwritten one. 加拿大宪法既是成文宪法,又具有不成文宪法的要素;

17、Human Dignity and Personal Dignity:on Interpretation Scheme of No. 38 of the PRC Constitution; 宪法中的人是自由的人; 宪法中的人是享有人格尊严的人; 宪法中的人是享有权利的人。

18、All state constitutions and legislation can be preempted by federal legislation or the federal Constitution. 联邦宪法和法律可以优先于所有州的宪法和法律。

19、This notion of a living document is directly at odds with the conception of Justice Antonin Scalia of the Supreme Court, who has spoken of “the good, old dead Constitution.” 宪法是一个活的文件,这个理念直接违背最高法院法官安东宁.斯卡亚(Antonin Scalia)的宪法观念,他说宪法是“好的,老的,死的宪法。”

20、A large number of documents the existence of a written constitution for the constitutional structure, especially the content structure of the Constitution possible. 大量成文宪法文件的存在,为宪法结构特别是宪法内容结构的研究提供了可能。

21、Several lower courts have ruled DOMA itself to be unconstitutional. 几个下级法院的裁决多马本身是违反宪法的。

22、The federal courts have jurisdiction over cases arising out of Constitution. 联邦法院对涉及联邦宪法的案件有审判权。

23、We must distinguish the constitution from the other laws in their substantial attribution so that we can define constitution scientifically. 科学地界定宪法的概念,必须揭示出宪法区别于其他部门法的本质属性。

24、Court that is institutionally designed to hear constitutional arguments and to interpret constitutional clauses. 而最高法院是制度设计上用来对宪法争议进行听证、解释宪法条款的机构。

25、Modern China was claimed to be cosmopolitan constitution exposition and constitution proving ground. 近代中国,堪称世界性的“宪法博览会”、“行宪试验场”。


26、The ratification of the conventions of nine states, shall be sufficient for the establishment of this Constitution between the states so ratifying the same. 本宪法经过九个州的制宪大会批准后,即在批准本宪法的各州之间开始生效。

27、Decides if a law goes against the Constitution. 决定某一法律是否牴触宪法。

28、The views of the article mainly include the following: the structure of the constitution includes the form and content structures of written and unwritten constitution; 论文主要观点包括:宪法结构包括成文宪法和不成文宪法的形式结构和内容结构;

29、The preamble to a constitution is an important component of a written constitution. 宪法序言是成文宪法的重要组成部分。

30、Second, the Supreme Court has recognised a right to medical self-determination, notably finding it within the Fifth Amendment's due-process clause. 第二,最高法院已经根据宪法特别是宪法第五修正案的正当程序条款,确认了个人拥有医疗自主决定权。

31、The procedure of amendment of constitution means when the constitution cannot fit for the society, the amending power amends the constitution depending on the procedure. 宪法修改程序是当发生宪法与社会现实不相适应时,由有修宪权的主体对宪法修改所需要遵循的步骤,是关于宪法修改步骤、顺序的程序规范。

32、Thinking with constitutional concept for finding question and settling case is the need for both constitutional research and enforce, settle constitutional questions. 以宪法概念思维,以发现问题和解决纠纷为取向,既是进行宪法学理论研究,也是实施宪法、解决宪法问题的客观需要。

33、One reason is that they are more readily amended than the U.S. Constitution. In most states, approval by a majority of voters in a statewide election is all that is required. 导致州宪法如此细腻的原因之一是,修改州宪法比修改联邦宪法容易得多;在大多数州,只要在全州选举中得到大多数选民的同意便可修改宪法。

34、They evaluate the constitutionality of state laws under the state constitution. 他们在州宪法下评估州法律的合宪性。

35、You can specialize in constitutional law, 你可以专攻宪法,

36、The principle of sozialstaat is a constitutional norm of programmatic nature, and also an objective constitutional principle. 社会国原则是一项纲领性的宪法规范,也是一项客观宪法原则。

37、A federal court, reversing a 1944 decision, would call the forced evacuations unconstitutional, a gross violation of civil rights. 一家联邦法院推翻了xx年的一项判决,称这种强制撤离违反了宪法,是对公民权利的粗暴侵犯。

38、A 15-member Constitutional Court has the power to challenge legislation on grounds of unconstitutionality. 拥有15 成员的宪法立法机构有权质询立法是否违反宪法。

39、The author thinks excavates the private-law attribute of constitution to the comprehensive understanding constitution, the development constitution has the vital significance. 认为发掘宪法的私法性对全面认识宪法,发展宪法有重要的意义。

40、When the founders drafted the Constitution, they started with the phrase "We the people. 宪法的起草者起草宪法时,他们用“我们人类”做开头。

41、And, law Guarantee on supervising right of modern media include not only legislation but also judiciary. 法律对媒介督政权的保障不仅有立宪和立法的保障,还应该有行宪和司法的保障。

42、More bluntly, it's a cynical repackaging of the EU Constitution rejected by French and Dutch voters in 2005. 说得更明白点,自从欧盟宪法xx年被法国和荷兰选民否决后,这个条约仍然是那部宪法换汤不换药的赝品。

43、Nothing is more symbolic of the Federal Republic of Germany than its constitution, the Basic Law, or "Grundgesetz". 没有什么比联邦德国宪法更有标志性了,就是基本法,或者“Grundgesetz(宪法)”。

44、What was the different about the constitutional essence betweenWeimar Republic and other semi-presidential regimes? 而威玛宪法在理论上和其他的半总统制宪法有何异同?

45、The Chinese constitution-in-action is far more flexible than the written state charter might suggest. 中国的宪法实践远比宪法条文的规定更具弹性。

46、In either case, the court is simply discharging its constitutional duty of adjudicating the dispute fairly and impartially. 无论判决如何,法庭都只是履行宪法职能,公平公正地审理案件。

47、Nevertheless, the legal nature of the constitution determines its going into the judicial process for the content of the constitution has this property. 然而,宪法应该进入诉讼是由宪法的法律性质决定的,宪法的实在内容具有可诉性。

48、Constitutions are not always fully understood or effectively used by the citizenry, he added. 他说,公民有时不能完全读懂宪法,也不能有效地运用宪法。

49、1949 - The Indian Constituent Assembly adopts India's constitution. xx年,“印度宪法全体投票”通过了印度的宪法。

50、But the key of rule of law is rule of constitution, and good constitution is the foundation of ruled by constitution. 而依法治国的核心就是依宪治国,良性宪法则是依宪治国的基础。


51、Abrogation of the bogus constitution. 废除伪宪法;

52、In other words. essential attribute is fundamentality, which determines the nature, the status, and many other characteristics of the constitutional norm. 根本性是宪法规范的内在本质属性,它决定着宪法规范的性质和地位以及宪法规范的诸多特性。

53、So the people of Kansas got another chance to show that they did not want a pro-slavery constitution. They voted and rejected the constitution by a large majority. 因此,堪萨斯得到了机会来表明他们不需要支持奴隶制的人所制定的州宪法,他们投票,并以多数票否决了这部州宪法,于是,这部支持奴隶制的州宪法就无效了。

54、So the study of the constitutional amendment process and amending power is inseparable from the further study of the amendment-proposing power. 对宪法修改以及修宪权的研究,离不开对于修宪提案权的进一步探讨。

55、Secondly, the author discusses theory basis of constitution litigation, which includes the law character, authority character, litigation character, constitution basis and practice basis. 其次,论述了宪法诉讼的理论依据,即宪法的法律性、最高性、可诉性、宪法依据和实践依据。

56、Constitutional Norms are one of the basic categories of constitution science. 宪法规范是宪法学基本范畴之一。

57、The following year, the Supreme Court ruled that tax unconstitutional. 次年,最高法院裁决这一税收违反宪法。

58、Is the statute unconstitutional? 法令违宪了吗?

59、In the meantime, Egypt's military council would issue a constitutional decree as a temporary measure. 而且同时,埃及军管会将宣布一部宪法作为临时宪法。

60、The U.S. Constitution and federal law, however, supersede state constitutions and state laws in areas where they are in disagreement. 但是,当联邦宪法或联邦法律与州宪法或州法律相抵触时,州宪法和州法律服从联邦宪法和联邦法律。

61、On constitutional jurisprudence, prohibitive regulation consists with such ideas that constitution is the law that authorizes power to nation, right is before the law and constitution controls power. 从宪法学上来讲,禁止性规则符合宪法乃授权于国之法、权利先于宪法、宪法控制权力的观念;

62、November 26, 1949 - The Indian Constituent Assembly adopts India's constitution. xx年的xx月xx日,“印度宪法全体投票”通过了印度的宪法。

63、The rise of theory modern natural rights facilitates the appearance of modern Constitutions and the wide Constituionalization of rights. 近代自然权利学说的兴起,促成了近代宪法的产生,引起了权利宪法化的广泛立宪运动。

64、Amending Power, Constitutional Amendment, Constitutional law of Indian. 修宪权; 宪法修改;印度宪法。

65、When a state's highest court makes a ruling involving the interpretation of the state constitution, a state statute, or a precedent in an earlier state case, that ruling is final. 当州最高上诉法院做出的裁决涉及州宪法和法律或是之前州案件的先例,则该判决为终审判决。


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