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关于”学科的句子“的英语句子4个,句子主体:Subject sentences。以下是关于学科的句子的八级英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Subject sentences

1、A depictive adjunct predicate may be hosted by either the subject or the object. 描述性附加谓语的主项可以是句子的主语,也可以是宾语。

2、Sentence group is a linguistic unit which several studies concern. 句群是多学科共同感兴趣的语言单位。

3、Clauses of contrast give information that surprises or contrasts with the main clause . 对比状语从句用来表示超出主句表达的意义或与主句形成对比的资讯。

4、The traditional EFL reading teaching approach is mainly atomistic and form-oriented and the reading teaching only stays at the sentence level. 传统的英语阅读教学方法主要以语言形式、句子结构为中心,且停留在句子层面。

5、Sentence Mastery : Sentence Mastery reflects the ability to understand, recall, and produce English phrases and clauses in complete sentences. 句子掌握:句子掌握反映了在完整的句子中理解、记忆和说出英语短语和分句的能力。

6、Sentences can be broken up into clauses, and clauses into phrases. 句子可以分成分句, 分句能分成短语。

7、The attribute modifying subject or object can be moved before sentence as topic subject. 主、宾语位置上的定语在句中可以前移至句首作话题主语。

8、Pive Voice is one of the most important grammar points in English. When active voice is used in the English sentence, the agent is accentuated by being at the beginning of the sentence; 英语被动句是英语的一大语法要点,当英语句子使用主动语态时,施事成为主位得到了突出;

9、I lifted and arranged lots of those "I" and "You" sentences from these vernacular speech transcriptions, and placed them amidst mostly sentences I generated myself. 我从俗语句子中挑出许多含“我”和“你”的句子,然后将它们放置到我创造的主要句子中。

10、It is thought that in S1+S2+V sentences, if S1 indicates time or place, they can not be considered as Subject-predicate Predicate Sentence. 认为在S1+S2+V的句子中,如果S1表时间或地点,那么该类句子不能看作主谓谓语句。

11、Sentence processing is an important issue in psycholinguistic research, which focuses on factors related to sentence processing. 句子加工是心理语言学研究的重要内容,主要关注歧义句的处理过程。

12、Exist and a presence sentence express someone or something exist, present or disappear in some place. 存现句是处所词语作主语, 全句表示什么地方存在、出现或消失了什么人或什么事物的句子。

13、Sentence processing is an important issue in psycholinguistic research, with attachment ambiguity processing as its focus. 句子加工是心理语言学研究的重要内容,主要关注歧义句的处理过程。

14、Strong sentences are those in which a subject performs an action (active voice) as opposed to an action being performed on the subject (pive voice). 表现力强的句子是那些主语执行一个动作(主动语态)的句子,与此相反的是,一个动作被执行在主语上(被动语态)。

15、Only the subject and the predicate are sentence elements while the rest are phrase elements. 句子成分和短语成分属于不同层面,只有主语和谓语属句子成分,其余均属短语成分。

16、The main grammatical unit of sports slogans is words, phrases and sentences. The non-primary sentence is quite often in the sentence patterns, and the subject-predicate sentence is relatively few. 体育标语在语法单位上主要有词、短语、句子,句型上体育标语比较常用非主谓句,主谓句相对较少,表达形式主要有陈述句和感叹句。

17、There is a man downstairs who wants to see you. 楼下有人要见你。 (原句中的主句部分there is a man翻译成“有人”,然后将定语从句译成句子的谓语部分。)

18、A portmanteau sentence is a sentence which has a hybrid structure from two sentences in different languages. 溶合句是从两种不同语言的句子结构溶合在一起而生成的一种句内语码转换句。

19、The process of this article is from elements to integrity , namely, firstly investigate sentences'subjects, then predicates and at last the whole sentence. 本文考察的思路是先要素后整体,即先考察主谓主语句的主语,接着考察谓语,再综合考察整个句子。

20、The sentence with subject_verb subject refers to a sentence in which a subject_verb phrase acts as subject, which has not yet been put on the list. 主谓主语句就是主谓短语作主语的句子,它至今还没有一个正式的名分。

21、The intonation of interrogative sentence is called interrogative sentence. 具有疑问语调的句子叫疑问句。

22、An independent clause is a group of words that contains a subject and verb and expresses a complete thought. An independent clause is a sentence. 单句由主语和谓语构成,并表达一个完整的意思。一个单句即为一个句子。

23、The incorporated or subordinate clause is normally called an embedded clause, and the clause in which it is embedded is called a matrix clause. 被合并的子句或者说居于从属地位的子句通常叫做从属子句,而包纳从属子句的这个子句被称为主句。

24、  It really depends on what kind of media you use。 这句句子中有两个谓语动词 depends,use ,存在两个主谓结构,但是在句中又没有任何并列连词来连接,所以可以判定这句子不是一个并列句,而是一个复合句。

25、we have lived in the city for ten years. 句型2:subject (主语) + link. v(系动词) + predicate(表语) 这种句型主要用来表示主语的特点、身份等。


26、The attribute modifying subject or object can be moved after subject as predicate or to the end of the sentence as predicate missing subject. 主、宾语位置上的定语在句中可以后移至主语后直接作谓语或移至句尾作分句中省略主语的谓语。

27、Syntax: The study of the rules whereby words or other elements of sentence structure are combined to form grammatical sentences. 句法,研究词或其它句子成分如何联合起来形成合乎语法的句子规则的学科。

28、Most sentences contain a subject and a verb. "(Collins Cobuild) ?" 大多数句子有主语和谓语。

29、If the tradition of ambition is to have vitality, it must be widely shared; and it especially must be highly regarded by people who are themselves admired, the educated not least among them。 本句是并列句,前一个分句中,“if”引导条件状语从句,主句主语“it”指代“the tradition of ambition”。 后一个分句中“who”引导一个定语从句修饰“people”,“the educated not least among them”是“people”的补语。

30、In the text, firstly we make a detailed inspection of the features of the complex-sentence from the syntax, semantics and pragmatics dimensions. 从句法上看,复动补充复句主句谓语形式复杂,补句重复或部分重复主句中的谓语核心动词,再带结构助词“得”后跟补语。

31、The generic is mainly distributed on place of subject in abstract event-sentences, judgment-sentences, "you"character sentences and abstract adjective predicate sentences. 通指主要分布在抽象事件句、判断句、“有”字句、抽象的形容词谓语句的主语位置上。

32、The initial if statement adds the clause request.format.to_sym == :iphone. 初始的 if 语句将添加子句 request.format.to_sym == :iphone。

33、This is the case of the subject of a sentence 2 Vocative. 主格。 这是一句句子的主语的语格。

34、If you are learning English grammar you should take several different sentences and sort them. 学语法的时候,你要找几个难句,分析句子成分。 。

35、Challenger quoted a sentence he said he came across in a geology textbook. 张廉吉教授引述一句他在地质学教科书偶然看到的句子。

36、Sentences can be broken up into clauses, and clauses into phrases. 句子可以分成分句,分句可以分成短语。

37、What's the difference between relative clauses and appositive clauses? 让学生思考同位语从句与定语从句的差异。

38、Combine each pair of sentences into one sentence, using the second as an attributive clause. 把下列各对句子结合成一个句子,用第二句作为定语从句。

39、Advertising sentences are different from both science and technology typy of writing and literature typy of writing. 广告语句不同于科技语体,也不同于文学语体,它是一种特殊的句子。

40、There are some bottles of milk in the box. ▲ 在个别句型中,主语在整个句子后面,这时前面用it作形式主语。

41、We cannot really interpret and understand subject-predicate subject sentences until the targets and ranges on subject and sentence are determined. 只有确定了主语和句子这两个概念所研究的确切对象和范围,才能真正地认识和解释主谓主语句。

42、Object relative clauses are more complex for Chinese senior students to comprehend than subject relative clauses; 3). 对中国中学生来说,宾语关系从句理解较主语关系从句理解复杂;

43、The LOOP statement has no terminating condition clause. LOOP 语句没有终止条件子句。

44、Just as on smoking, voices now come from many quarters insisting that the science about global warming is incomplete, that it's Ok to keep pouring fumes into the air until we know for sure。 该句子的主干是voices now come from many quarters;句首Just as结构做比较状语,意为"正如...一样";insisting 引导的分词结构做定语修饰主语voice,分词结构中含有两个并列的由that引导的宾语从句,第二个宾语从句的真实主语是不定式结构to keep... 翻译:就象吸烟问题一样,来自不同领域的声音坚持认为有关全球变暖的科学资料还不完整。

45、In oral Chinese, often the Complement free to the place of the subject or the Adverbial. 在口语中,补语常常游离到句首主语或句中状语的位置。

46、The existential sentence is a characteristic sentence pattern that is different from either initiative sentence or pive one. 存现句是汉语句式中区别于主动句、被动句的独具特色的句式。

47、The lausal predicate is of unique syntactic pattern in Chinese. 主谓谓语句是汉语的一种特殊句式。

48、First, ask students to listen to and repeat after the tape , then read the dialogue in groups. 让学生找出对话中的被动语态的句子,读熟并仿照造句子。

49、Since the scientific writing has a great deal information, it usually apply the inversion to balance the information status. 科技英语具有信息量大的特点,在科技英语中,为了使信息突出,常使用倒装句以达到句子平衡。

50、Never receive his letter any more,so I doubt that whether he is still alive。 此句主句无主语。


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