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关于”颜色的诗“的英语句子5个,句子主体:Color Poetry。以下是关于颜色的诗的xx年级英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Color Poetry

1、Wooden Valet Box Colors: These striking wood boxes are colorfully accented with dichroic glass, stained glass, sleek aluminum or shimmery iridescent film . 木制代客框颜色:这些惊人的木盒子五颜六色重音与二色玻璃,彩色玻璃,光滑的铝或闪闪虹彩膜 。

2、It is used in four-colour process printing. 是四色彩印所用的颜色。

3、Numerics in Chinese poetry are not only the imaginary numbers, but also phenomena of semantic vagueness. 诗歌中的数字常常具有模糊语义和想象色彩。

4、Memory is the brush which can best lay on the true poetic colour. 回忆是支画笔,能最好地涂抹出真实的诗歌的色彩。

5、Lihe' Poems were famous for their queerness, craftiness and strangeness, but people often ignored the fairy tale flavour and connotation of his poems. 李贺诗歌以“奇”、“诡”、“怪”著称,而他诗歌中的童话色彩及其内蕴往往为人忽视。

6、Light of the cup, full of my thoughts, faded color, concentrated in poetry. 浅了杯子,满了我思念,淡了色彩,浓了诗情。

7、Generally his poems show strong artistic conception and aesthetic connotation rather than the colors. 总体上看,戴诗不作一般的敷彩设色,而是表现出较强的写意艺术,扩大诗的审美内涵;

8、Right, so shall it be, life is the color, the poetic life. 对的,就该如此,生活本该是彩色,人生本该充满诗意。

9、Is black and white photos no more romantic, but also reveals the poetic. 虽是黑白照片没有多的浪漫色彩,但也显诗情画意。

10、Black is the most dark color, purity, hue, lightness the lowest color. 黑色是最暗的颜色,是纯度、色相、明度最低的非彩色。

11、In He Qifang s poem anthology Prediction, the use of color images is splendid and thought-provoking. 何其芳在其诗集《预言》里将颜色意象运用得十分出色和耐人寻味。

12、Achromatic: Without color. Black, white and gray are achromatic, but called colors by artist. 无色:没有色彩。黑色,白色和灰色是无色的,但美术家却称之为颜色。

13、The mellow colour of the dawn sky caused him to write an inmmortal sonnet. 黎明时天空斑斓的色彩使他写出了一首不朽的十四行诗。

14、Pigment rich with intense colour pay-off. No-shine, all matte finish. 富含色素,色彩浓烈富含天然颜料的浓烈颜色。不带亮片,完全为哑光质感。

15、Unlike Prufrock, this one is full of color and of course it is the work of a poet of color. 不同于《普鲁弗洛克》,这本书里充满了色彩,当然这是一位注重色彩的诗人的作品。

16、Kerastase Kerastase clarity of thinking reflects the rich glow enhancing mask 200 ml Safa Hair Care Kerastase Reflection …Kerastase reflect radiation from the milk. 卡诗卡诗的反思色度反映丰富的光辉增强面膜200毫升 - 头发护理…卡诗卡诗的反思色度反映辐射增强牛奶。

17、Under this situation, the Liaozhai poem was affected by the Song poem's deeply, and Pu Songling's poetic thought emphasized "reality". 在这种背景下,聊斋诗受宋诗的影响更大,带有宋诗艺术色彩的“真”是蒲松龄的诗学思想。

18、Randomize a Ramp texture's color using three separate 2D noises which affect the color's Hue, Saturation, and Value. 使用颜色的色彩饱和,和值三个分离2D杂色随机化一个渐变纹理的颜色。

19、Gay colours, help baby indentify colours. 颜色鲜艳,帮助宝宝识别色彩。

20、Really is a pure white to color, but color is again seven in the complex mixture of colors. 白色是一个至纯至真的色彩,同时又是由七种颜色混合而成的复杂的色彩。

21、The gloomy atmosphere of Dai Wangshu's poetry has a strong metaphysical sense. 戴望舒诗歌中的忧郁具有浓厚的形而上色彩。

22、Two colours provide good colour visibility if the brightness difference and the colour difference between the two colours are greater than a set range. 色彩对比分析: 如果两个颜色的明亮度差异以及色彩差异都大于某个程度的话,这两个颜色就被视为能提供良好的色彩可见性。

23、The thesis takes the Song poems bearing certain ecological implication or color as its studying object, and discusses Song Dynasty poetics'ecological characteristic. 本文的研究对象即宋代具有某种生态意蕴或曰生态色彩的诗歌,兼及讨论宋代诗学话语的生态特色。

24、His poem Han Jiang Lin Fan (go sailing on the Hanjing River) shows the artistic conception of Chinese ink and wash landscape painting in the aspects of texture, color and com… 《汉江临泛》一诗从线条、色彩、构图诸方面具体体现了王维后期诗歌中的水墨山水意境,表现出诗人融画入诗的高超才能。

25、Neither he can adjust the color, the color of color, or the color of the brush a tuning out. 他可以调剂颜色,无论是彩色笔的颜色,还是毛笔的颜色都调得出来。


26、Color: lively ruby-red, beautifully intense, evolving to garnet with ageing. 颜色:红宝石色, 色彩浓烈,随着时间的推移而变成深红色。

27、This article probes into Aiqing's artistic world from ghe point of view of colour and image. 本文从色彩、意象的视角,进入艾青诗的艺术世界。

28、Color description is frequently applied in LI He's Poems. 李贺诗歌中,色彩描写运用得相当频繁。

29、The color phase of kitchen furniture hue means what color the color trend of kitchen furniture is. 厨房家具色彩的色相是指厨房家具的颜色倾向是什么颜色的。

30、The art of color expression in Li Shangyin's poetry follows the principle of imitating the nature, which is different from that of Li Bai, Wang Wei and Li He. 李商隐诗歌的色彩表现艺术体现师法自然的赋色原则,这与李白、王维、李贺诗歌的设色有所不同。

31、Even color lovers have a preference of "pill" colors...Browse the Color Library to see what colors are more prevalent than others. 颜色控们甚至有最爱的“药丸”颜色... 快来看看下面的色彩库中,最潮的是什么颜色!

32、Same color, but different wonderfulness; 一样的颜色,不一样的精彩;

33、In his late years, his poetry of mourning for friends were blurry with waning color. 晚年的悼友诗贵隐括,带着一层衰颓的色彩。

34、So the nature poetry shows intensively mythology feature and perceptual thinking characteristic; 正因为如此,山水诗表现出强烈的神话色彩和感性思维特征;

35、If we say that love is the theme of her poems, then beauty can be the color of them. 如果说爱是席慕容诗歌的主旨,那么美便是其诗的主要色彩。

36、The "poetry heart" which he brings up, is sincerity and honesty, instinct and aboriginally, and is native emotions without goodness and evil. 由此,他提出以真诚为本的“诗心说”,强调诗人应在诗歌中表现本能与原生态的情感,即没有沾染世俗道德和功利色彩的自然情态。

37、By means of color images, the poets painted varicolored scroll paintings. 借助于色彩唐宋诗人为我们描绘了一幅幅色彩瑰丽的画卷。

38、Blend hues together for unique eyeshadow colors! 一起混合的色彩,独特的眼影颜色!

39、Bright colors of children's paintings as if having magic draw public attention. 孩子们的画,富有诗一般的魔力,艳丽的色彩引人不由驻足观看。

40、Because, the shape and size of color gamuts will change if the color luminance change. 彩色显示器呈色域的确定是彩色管理系统中实现颜色空间转换的前提。

41、There's profound romanticism in his poetries. 他的诗作带有很深厚的浪漫主义色彩。

42、Awash with color, the forest in autumn is very picturesque. 秋天的森林色彩缤纷、如诗如画。

43、LiHes poetic creation has a special colour and style. 李贺诗歌创作具有独特的色彩和风格。

44、Explosions, shootouts, and cutscenes will be much more epic on the iPad. 在iPad上爆炸、枪战以及过场动画更具史诗般的色彩。

45、The color words in ancient poetry, divided into rhetorical ones and non-rhetorical ones, are explored from the perspective of Xu Yuanchong s theory of Three Beautifulness when translated into English. 本文首先将古诗词中出现的色彩词汇分为非修辞性色彩词与修辞性色彩词,然后结合许渊冲先生的译诗“三美”论来探讨它们在英译中的处理。

46、Color Theory: What Are Tertiary Colors? 色彩理论:什么是第三纪的颜色吗?。

47、All of Baozhao s Yuefu Poems are filled with self-reflection and self-expression with sufficient subject color. 鲍照所有的乐府诗作均是自我观照,自述情怀之作,诗的主体色彩强烈而浓厚。

48、The poem about separation is an example. Chinese ones are full of tragic color while the western ones are full of comic and optimistic color though there is some sadness in it. 表现在离别诗上,中国诗多浓重的悲剧色彩,而西方爱情离别诗虽伤感,却充满喜剧色彩、乐观。

49、True color of color selection. 真彩色的颜色选择。

50、LI Shang-yin created a kind of profound, brilliant, sentimental and symbolic new poems. 李商隐在诗歌艺术上创造了深婉精丽、富于感伤情调和象征暗示色彩的新诗风。


51、The painting does not tone with the colour of the wall . 那幅画的色彩与墙的颜色不相调合。

52、Vashti keptexperimenting. Lot of little dots in many colours. 沃诗提一直不停的尝试下去,又画出了许多不同颜色的点。

53、Chroma: A quality of colour. 彩度:彩度是颜色的一个特质。

54、Dual Color Red/Black Output copy in two preset colors. 双色(红色/ 黑色) 使用二种颜色复印彩色原稿。

55、The Felbrigge Psalter , an illuminated manuscript Psalter, is the oldest book from England to have an embroidered bookbinding . 费尔布雷奇诗集是一部彩色稿本的诗篇集,它是英格兰最古老的刺绣装订书籍。

56、Although Bly's imitation poems have the Chinese style, these poems lack the essence of Chinese classical poetry due to the differences of the Chinese and American culture. 勃莱的仿中国诗极富中国色彩,但是,由于中美文化的隔膜,这些诗歌并不真正具有中国古典诗歌的神韵。

57、I especially like to colors of fall, the red color made the trees look like fire. 我对秋天的斑澜的色彩特别是喜欢,红颜色的颜色的树看起来象火。


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