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关于”热爱祖国的句子“的英语句子4个,句子主体:Love the motherland。以下是关于热爱祖国的句子的初中英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Love the motherland

1、Love the motherland and the people. Study hard and make progress everyday. 热爱祖国,热爱,好好学习,天天向上。

2、China is the country of my blood. I love it here. 中国是我祖先血脉朔源的国度,我因此而热爱她。

3、Father's patriotic enthusiasm and dedication to the motherland, our future generations is to admire and emulate by the plate-like. 父亲的爱国主义热情和对祖国的热诚,是令我们后代人所敬佩和效仿的板样。

4、I love china! 我爱祖国!

5、I also love my homeland and my parents. 我也热爱我的祖国、敬爱我的父母。

6、Love for the motherland, love the party, love the people, love nature, love life, love science, love learning, love of labor. 热爱祖国、热爱党、热爱、热爱自然、热爱生活、热爱科学、热爱学习、热爱劳动。

7、Love the motherland, the first thing to understand the motherland; Don't understand, you can't say love. 爱祖国,首先要了解祖国;不了解,就说不上爱。——任继愈。

8、He loved his country so much, that after hearing that his country had been defeated, he fell into despair and threw himself into the Miluo River. 他非常热爱祖国,当得知祖国战败后,他非常绝望,投汨罗江自尽了。

9、As he is interested in paintings and calligraphy, he also likes the tea culture, and therefore, he is in love with traditional teapots. 爱好书画艺术的任将军同样热爱祖国的茶文化,爱屋及乌,也对传统的茶壶十分倾心。

10、We all know that the new China is a hard-won , so we should pay extra love our country. 我们都知道新中国是来之不易的,所以我们应倍加热爱我们的祖国。

11、My grandmother swears by German mus. She uses no other mus when she cooks. 我祖母热爱德国芥末。她烹饪时不用其他芥末。

12、We reaffirmed our ties to each other, and our love of community and country. 我们重申我们之间的亲情以及我们对社区和祖国的热爱。

13、Honor Your Gods, love your women, defend your country. 敬仰天上的神名,热爱自己的女人,保卫自己的祖国。

14、That is to " love the motherland, dedicate unselfishly, pioneer an enterprise with painstaking efforts, pioneer and enterprise". 这就是“热爱祖国、无私奉献、艰苦创业、开拓进取”。

15、There's love to God, to Mother, to a child to the country where you were born. 有对上帝的爱,对母亲的爱,对子女的爱,对祖国的爱.。

16、Like the eagle love mew love your motherland. 要像鹰爱巢一样爱你的祖国。

17、慈爱 a mother's love for her children 母亲对孩子的爱 love of your country 对祖国的热爱

18、Getting to know the changes to the home, school, and society, inspire Ss' love for their home and country. 通过对家庭、学校和社会变化的了解,激发学生热爱家庭、热爱祖国的感情。

19、During the holiday, from seeing and hearing by ourselves, we have loved our motherland more deeply and strengthened the determination to serve our motherland. 假期里的所见所闻也让我们更加热爱祖国,坚定了报效祖国的决心。

20、I love the motherland is not only a brilliant long-standing love of the motherland's history and culture, but also love the people with lofty ideals of patriotism, heroes. 我爱祖国不仅爱祖国悠久灿烂的历史文化,更爱爱国的志士仁人,英雄豪杰。

21、What is more, it may also inspire patriotism for our great nation among the students. 而且,这也有利于在同学们中间激发对我们伟大祖国的热爱之情。

22、I love my motherland as much as you love& nbsp;yours. 我爱我的祖国就像你爱你的祖国一样深。

23、I love you,China,for I can feel the deep love you give me every day,every minute. 我爱你,中国,我时刻都感受着你给我的爱.

24、’ve ever lear nt has been “I love you, China! ” 当出生的时候我就有了一个令人骄傲的名字中国人.当我学会说话时,我学过最动听的一句话 莫过于"我爱你,中国" I love you, China, and I’m so proud of being a Chinese. I’m proud that I’ve got the beautiful y ellow skin, black eyes and black hair. I’m also proud that I speak the most beautiful languag e in the world—Chinese. 我爱你,中国.我以身为一个中国人为荣.我以自 己的黄皮肤黑眼睛黑头发而自豪.我同样以自己 说着世界上最动听的语言而骄傲,那就是汉语. I love you, China, for I can feel the deep love y ou give me every day, every minute. 我爱你,中国,我时刻都感受着你给我的爱. I love you, China. As a young student, all we s hould do is to study hard and devote ourselve s wholeheartedly in the future, to the great c ause of building you into an even stronger an d greater country in the world. I love you, my dear motherland!

25、Because we affectionately love our country , this pieceful land to bring me up, people always love their motherland, do not go too fast, drop your chil. 因为我们太热爱我的祖国,热爱这片生我养我的土地,永远热爱自己的祖国,祖国请不要走的太快了,别丢下您的儿女及灵魂!


26、To love you like the eagle nest like the motherland. 要像鹰爱巢一样爱你的祖国。

27、Love the motherland, it is a pure, the most acute, the lest, the strongest and most gentle and loving, the most attentive and hard feelings. a real love his country at all is a real people. 热爱祖国,这是一种最纯洁、最敏锐、最高尚、最强烈、最温柔、最有情、最温存、最严酷的感情。 一个真正热爱祖国的人,在各个方面都是一个真正的人。

28、I love my country and my people. 我热爱我的祖国和。

29、Respect, protect and defend our national emblem, is our country citizen obligations, is also love the motherland, love the great Chinese nation of specific performance. 尊敬、维护和捍卫我国国徽,是我国公民的义务,也是热爱祖国、热爱伟大的中华民族的具体表现。

30、Love, do not harm the motherland. Serve, dont disserve the people. 坚持以热爱祖国为荣、以危害祖国为耻;

31、We must reeducate people to love their motherland. 我们必须对人们进行再教育使之热爱祖国。

32、I love my country. 我爱祖国。

33、To celebrate our motherland's 61th birthday, all people used different ways to express their own feelings of love for the motherland . 为了庆祝祖国妈妈61华诞,全国都用各自不同的方式表达了自己对祖国的热爱之情——“祖国妈妈我爱您!”

34、Loving the motherland is every citizen's duty / responsibility. 热爱祖国是每个公民的义务/责任。

35、I our motherland. And I my family. 我爱祖国,我爱我家。

36、Love motherland and build motherland! 热爱祖国,建设祖国!

37、The swan want to stay clean of the lake, people love the motherland. 天鹅留恋清净的湖水,热爱祖国。

38、I love our beautiful motherland. 我热爱祖国的锦绣山河。

39、We must adapt the time development request, understood correctly the motherland the history and the future, will deeply love the motherland the beautiful country. 我们要适应时代发展的要求,正确认识祖国的历史与未来,热爱祖国的大好河山。

40、Singing our dear motherland. 歌唱我们亲爱的祖国。

41、You must love everything that contributes to the glory and honour of the fatherland. 你一定要热爱那些,能为祖国增添光荣和辉煌的事物

42、Orioles love flowers, love the motherland. 莺爱花圃,人爱祖国。

43、China a is the homeland that he misses forever and deep love to his motherland is his lifetime belief. 祖国永远是他魂牵梦绕的故土,热爱祖国是他毕生的信念。 。

44、These public welfare activities implied the broad-mindedness of the employees and their deep affections towards the motherland, the people and nature. 这些公益活动体现了我行员工爱祖国,爱,热爱大自然的宽广胸襟和情怀。

45、Love the country, do it no harm. 以热爱祖国为荣,以危害祖国为耻;

46、I love my country deep. 我深深地爱着我的祖国。

47、To embody the Olympic spirit of patriotism, hard work, excellence and teamwork. 体现了热爱祖国,艰苦奋斗,精益求精,永攀高峰,团结协作的奥运精神。

48、Everyone should love his motherland, love his hometown and care about his classmates. 我们每个人都应该热爱祖国,热爱家乡,关心同学!

49、Education in patriotism should merge into tourism teaching to inspire the students' ardent love for our country. 将爱国主义教育融会于旅游专业教学中,激发学生热爱祖国的热情。

50、He was not only loyal to the central government, but also loved the country deeply. 他忠于朝廷,但同时也热爱自己的祖国。


51、Hail to the great motherlandlove the motherland is the most beautiful National Day! 向伟大的祖国致敬,爱祖国是最美的国庆!

52、He felt strong ties to his state. But he also loved the Union. 他深深地感觉到,他与维吉尼亚州有着深厚的感情,但他同样热爱祖国。

53、His whole life was a life of patriotism, love for the motherland and the people and a life of utter devotion to the literary cause of the people. 他的一生,是热爱祖国,热爱并努力为文艺事业作出贡献的一生。

54、Karen Tang Loves China just as her daddy and mummy do! 汤嘉琳和她爹地妈咪一样,热爱祖国!

55、Article 3 Prisoners shall love the motherland, people, collectives, study and labor. 第三条爱祖国,爱,爱集体,爱学习,爱劳动。

56、We love our motherland. 我们热爱祖国。

57、I love my motherland. I love the morning of my motherland. 我爱祖国。我爱祖国的早晨。

58、My dear motherland. 我亲爱的祖国。

59、Love the motherland above all. ⊙、爱祖国高于一切。

60、Her parents were teachers, and supplemented their children’s education with a love of and dedication to learning. 她的父母都是教师,他们为孩子们补充了关于“热爱祖国”和“献身于学问”的教育。

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