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1、By accepting what we are told and experience life can be easier.


2、It is simply and easy to apply and can avoid error accumulating.


3、Real family food is not just about sharing uncomplicated, heart-warming food, it's about slowing down for a few precious minutes.


4、Put simply, the question is this: To delete or not to delete?

在不使用 NetBIOS 的网络上,会话层将被简单地省略。

5、On a network not using NetBIOS, the session layer is simply left out.


6、Jumping would have been easy: Just step over the bridge railing and let go.


7、It was such an easy test that almost all the students got full marks.


8、Simple labor dispute cases may be arbitrated solely by an arbitrator.

这是一个简单的以 JSON 格式序列化数据的方法。

9、This is an easy way to get your data serialized in JSON.


10、Added a simplistic eval support, you can do on your config


11、Conjugate gradient methods are famous for their interation simplicity and low memory requirements.

如果从没使用过 SAX,那也很简单,现在就可以开始。

12、If you've never used SAX, it's easy enough to start now.


13、Simple buttstock is made from steel wire and folds to the left side of gun.


14、Sincerity should not degenerate into simplicity nor sagacity into cunng.


15、Or more simply because, on average, women worry more than men.


16、She bid me take life easy , as the grass grows on the weirs .


17、If it is not supported, then you simply return from the function.


18、In a word, our method is regenerative holozoic diet with meat and vegetable.


19、It makes it a lot easier to edit and reorganize sections of your animation.


20、No entwine pulling simply won't care who concern himself.

21、Everybody…is a little off the hooks…in plain words, a little crazy or so.人人都有点失常,……简单地说,就是有点疯疯。

22、In the long run, of course, it was easy enough to parody it.长期来看,拙劣地模仿这种模式当然简单。

23、A brief description is made in regard to internal and external RAM data - holding on power - off of single chip computer.本文就单片机系统片内和片外RAM的数据的掉电保持做了简单介绍。

24、It simply defers loading them until they are actually needed.只是简单地推迟加载它们直到真正需要它们的时候。

25、It won't be easy, because this crisis is rubbing salt in old wounds.这不会简单的,因为这场危机是在伤口上撒盐。

英文句子26:,26、Her first album performing alone is called "Nora Jane Struthers."她的第一张专辑进行单独被称为“娜拉简斯特拉瑟斯。”

27、Past summits are simply preparing you for the next.过去的登顶就是很简单地为你的下一次攀登做准备的。

28、I can't really even describe how important Charles Darwin is briefly.我甚至不能简单概括达尔文的角色到底有多重要。

29、We choose the unit -'Simple Machines' to develop and give a demonstration.在此部分,我们选取了“简单机械”进行开发示例。

30、No entwine pulling simply won't care who concern himimmolation.没有纠缠拉扯只是简单的过没人关注自己不关注谁。

31、Therefore, it's unreasonable to make judicial custody equal civil custody.因此,再也不能简单地把司法拘留等同于民事拘留。

32、So in the high temperature limit we can easily calculate things.因此在高温极限下,我们可以很简单进行计算。

33、The removal of mountains is no more difficult than the feeding of a sparrow.移走一座山就如同喂一只麻雀那样简单。

34、Although you can find a fair amount of documentation for integrating these libraries, customizing a working example and simply using it to develop your application is much easier.尽管我们可以找到很多文档介绍如何集成这些库,但是定制工作示例并简单地使用它来开发应用程序要更加简单。

35、Many interviewers asked the interviewees to present an English resume, so a succinct English resume will make the interviewees come to the fore.许多用人单位都要求附上一份英文简历,因此一份准确、简洁的英文简历能够让您在众多求职者中脱颖而出。

36、Suppose that I make just one tiny change and remove result from the println.假设进行一个简单修改,从 println 中删除 result。

37、Automatic padding and encoding makes things a lot easier, don't you think?自动填充和编码使开发更加简单,您不觉得吗?

38、To easily fix this problem, use a relative expression inside xsl:for-each, as in Listing 要修复这个问题很简单,可以在 xsl:for-each 内部使用一个相对表达式,如 清单


8 所示。

39、The pond has been changed forever because of that single,innocent droplet.只是一滴简单的水珠,永远地改变了这个池塘。

40、SNMP( Simple Network Management Protocol) is the standard frameworks for managing Internet.简单网络管理协议)是互联网的标准管理协议。

41、Chapter two simply talks about the designing procedure of learning process record.第二章简单地探讨了学习过程记录的设计步骤。

42、But the epoch of the bourgeoisie simplified the class antagonisms.但是,资产阶级时代的新时代却使阶级对立简单化了。

43、One UX approach simply does not work for all these platforms.一种UX(用户体验)模式不能简单的照搬到所有平台。

44、We'll devote a whole class to that down the road just a bit.我们会用一整节课来简单讨论这个问题

45、Lang briefed a group of French lawmakers on the situation Wednesday.雅克.朗星期三向一组法国议员简单叙述了情况。

46、Rehashing it here is not necessary, but I'll summarize briefly.没有必要在这里重复讨论,不过我会简单总结一下。

47、Use the K.I.S.S. principle (Keep It Silly Simple) when designing a presentation.当构思演讲时使用K.I .S.S.原则(保持糊涂的简单)。

48、You suspect the comfort might have slipped beyond the cuddle.你怀疑,这安慰可能不仅仅是拥抱一下那么简单。

49、Simple Fix: Be sure to close the lid of the toilet before you flush.简单解决办法:冲水前一定要盖上马桶盖。

50、In the Mozilla and Firefox browsers, extracting the value of the attr attribute is a straightforward exercise, as shown in Listing 在 Mozilla 浏览器和 Firefox 浏览器中,提取 attr 属性值非常简单,如 清单 2所示。


经典英文句子51:简单,51、Obviously, this is not as trivial as using a single index's ordered list, but it can be done.显然这并不像使用一个单一索引的有序列表那样简单,但是它可以做到。

52、It would've been easier, but I wanted to go through the whole path right?简单许多,但是我希望研究整个循环路径?

53、In GAS, the addressing is a bit more terse: 4(%ebp) and -4(%ebp), respectively.在 GAS 中,寻址方法更简单一些:4(%ebp) 和 -4(%ebp)。

54、For the next 在接下来的18个月里,科瑞娜简单就是一个学习机器。

18 months, Corina was a learning machine.

55、For simplicity's sake, I'll assume we're installing Ubuntu 为了简单起见,我们假设我们安装的是32位的Ubuntu

9.10, 32bit edition.


56、Screen Video Recorder is an easy-to-use, fast, and powerful video-recording software.是一款简单高效,功能强大的视频录制软件。

57、Transmission device all adopt no key links, disassembled, convenient maintenance.传动装置连接全部采用无键连接,拆卸简单,维修方便。

58、Simple labor-dispute cases may be arbitrated solely by one arbitrator.简单劳动争议案件可以由一名仲裁员独任仲裁。

59、The reference to a non-html file from other host is forbidden.可不可以简单介绍一下这个工具是什么东东?

60、If you have this mindset, it will be easier to overcome laziness.如果你有这样的想法,那么克服懒惰将更见简单。

61、In just a few easy steps, you can create a personalized mini-me.只需简单的几步,你就可以做出个性的“迷你我”。

62、There is a mathematical relationship between the two adjacent edges of the rectangle.矩形的两个邻边间具有确定的简单数学关系。

63、If it is, the code simply takes the Scilab code from the form and sends it through to Scilab using the exec command.如果是,代码就只简单地将表单的 Scilab 代码通过 exec 命令发送至 Scilab。

64、I need to have some way of walking through them.,我得找到一个遍历它们的方法,一种简单的方法可能。

65、The debugger combines these primitives to fulfill higher-level requests like program download and single-step.除错监视器组合这些简单的命令去实现象程式下载各单步调试等高端的请求。

66、Simply use a piece of screen wire to cover the drainage hole.简单地用网线(纱窗,防虫网)盖住排水孔就够了。

67、The debugger combines these primitives to fulfill higher-level requests like program download and single-step.除错监视器组合这些简单的命令去实现象程序下载各单步调试等高端的请求。

68、On one hand it can simply be a source of artistic enjoyment;一方面它可以是一个简单的艺术享受的来源;

69、And this process takes time. This isn’t a get-rich-quick scheme.这个过程需要时间,并非一夜致富那么简单的。

70、Or, simply said, "All roads lead to Rome", the world is one dollar.或者简单说,“条条大路通罗马”,世界是一元的。


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