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1、Results There are many pseudopodia and microvilli on the glioma cell sur face.


2、The newly-designed one is combined with a lever mechanism, thus resolving effectively the problems with the old machines.


3、To solve the problem of city communications being crowded, the structure of communications demand must be regu…


4、Buffeting responses of structures are excited by buffeting forces, which are determined by the aerodynamic admittance function (AAF) of structures and power spectrum density of turbulence.


5、Steel-concrete composite beam has the advantages of both steel structure and concrete structure, and it would has vast application prospect .


6、Wheelbase structure.


7、The right angle structure designing of stand collar, the obtuse-angled structure and its qu…


8、Architectural curtain wall is not a structural member, but its safety is a structural problem.

9、I can speak a little English.我可以说一点英语。


10、Structural linguistics gave rise to Levi-Strauss's structural anthropology.


11、This rod-shaped structure is similar to the abalone shell in nature.


12、Wooden house, steel & wooden house, vacation wooden house, landscape platform.


13、Structure:The machine tool using fixed beam and fixed colum structure, reasonable and advanced construction, have high rigidity.


14、The machine is made from all steel, vibration treated roil to reduce internal stress.


15、Use for structural diagrams, bathroom layouts, building automation , architectural drawings, and riser diagrams.


16、Improper application of industrial structure means the inconsistency between production value structure of industry and employment structure of labor force.


17、The raw materials contain two structures of ZnS, which are wurtzite and zinc blende respectively.


1 illustrates the high-level organization of the slab structures.

1 给出了 slab 结构的高层组织结构。


19、IPN gel shows network structure and the aggregate of the network structures is spherical particle, the crystal structure can also be observed obviously.

耳 阀门具有扇形结构和全阀体结构。

20、Lug valves are furnished in scallop and full body designs.

21、Macro structure is the higher level semantic structure of a text.宏观结构是篇章的高层次语义结构。

22、Is the structure of a city ? identical to the structure of a soul?城市的结构,等同灵魂的结构吗?

23、Guyed mast is a type of widely used pre-stressed space structure.桅杆结构是用途广泛的空间张拉结构。

24、Fully differential structure is used to reduce the common mode noise. The ADC consists of nine 全电路结构是采用九级流水线型结构,每级

1.5bit stages, time-interleaved, dual-pipeline and digital correction.


25、The distributed database (DDB)architectures as well as their data query strategies, are quite different from traditional HLR-VLR structure.分布式数据查询策略及其结构(DDB结构) ,与传统的HLR VLR结构有很大的不同。

英文句子26:,26、But, present researches cast little light on interior relation of primary, secondary and tertiary industries and relation of industrial structure and space structure, employment structure.但目前的研究在一二三产业内部结构和产业结构与空间结构、就业结构的相互关系方面仍较为薄弱。

27、Corporate governance structure of business groups such as Keiretsu or Chaebol;商业组织治理结构,如集团公司的治理结构;

28、The existing industrial building has a cast iron column structure.这栋现存的工业建筑结构为铁柱结构。

29、Structure designers are concerned about whether the statically determinate or indeterminate structure is lighter.究竟是静定结构轻还是静不定结构轻,一直是结构设计人员所关心的问题。

30、Structure of heliostat is unusual and different from common ones.定日镜结构的形体特殊,不同于普通的建筑结构。

31、Compare the open-loop MDAC with the traditional close-loop MDAC from the working principle and circuit structure.从工作原理和电路结构上,将开环结构MDAC与传统的比闭环结构进行比较。

32、The program influences the structure of rural industry, the structure of land use and the structure of employment in Song county.工程对嵩县的农村产业结构、土地利用结构及就业结构产生了一定的影响。

33、The process of overlying multi-strata structure forming is dynamic and constitutes the transition of rock girder structure and arch structure.覆岩多层结构的形成过程存在岩梁结构和拱结构转换的过程,是动态的。

34、Different from the traditional rigid structure such as steel and concrete, membrane structure is a flexible one.膜结构是一种柔性结构,其设计和施工过程与传统的钢、砼等刚性结构有很大的差别。

35、And what do you do if the amount of structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data is roughly equal?另外,如果结构化、半结构化和非结构化数据的数量大体相当,那么怎么办呢?

36、Method for forming a semiconductor structure and structure thereof.张达 ZHANG DA: 形成半导体结构之方法及其结构。

37、Results showed that structural soft clay displayed special engineering characteristics relatived to non- structural soil and structural weak soil.相对于非结构性土和结构性较弱的土,结构性软土表现出特殊的工程特性。

38、The short-stress line structure can great improve the rigidity and prevent the distortion of the machine.短应力线结构能够在很大程度上提高机械结构的刚度,防止结构发生多余的变形。

39、The spatial correlation functions of the regular distribution structure , quasi-regular distribution structure and stochastic distribution structure are calculated.计算了规则分布结构、类规则分布结构以及随机分布结构的空间相关函数。

40、Can you deduce other structure formations based on the peptide bond structure?你可以基于肽键结构推导出其它结构吗?

41、The structure of rhizoma was the same as that of aerial shoot.地下根状茎的结构类似地上茎的结构。

42、The (001) structure image revealed also the lattice modulation of wustite.取向的结构象也清楚地显示该调制结构。

43、Multilayer structure tree-shrub-grass had the highest air negative ions concentration and the best air quality, followed by tree-grass, shrub-grass, and grass.城市不同结构绿地空气负离子浓度大小、空气质量优劣的排序均为乔灌草结构>乔草结构>灌草结构>草坪。

44、The formula showed that the comb structure is more suitable for the shutters.计算结果表明,梳齿结构更适合作为百叶窗的驱动结构。

45、"Cream cake" texture is the characteristic strain texture of the ductile compressed zone.“奶油饼”结构是韧性挤压带的应变结构。

46、The concrete columns at the two ends were supported on the ground to improve the whole stiffness of the structure.结构两端由原砼柱支承改为网壳结构直接四点落地,以提高结构整体刚度。

47、The corporation management structure originated from the corporation share holding structure, while the latter relys on the development of market structures and capital market.公司治理结构源于公司股权结构,公有股权结构与市场结构和资本市场的发展具有较强的相关性。

48、Now "Structure, Sign and Play" is a critique of "structurality."结构、符号和游戏》是结构性的评判“

49、Financial market, the macro- structure of the financial markets is that the organizational structure of the financial markets.金融市场结构是指金融市场的宏观结构,即金融市场的组织结构。

50、Today, the economic disequilibrium is displayed as the result of a mutual twist caused by the supply structure and demand structure.目前,供求结构表现为供给结构僵化和需求结构萎靡不振相互扭拉的一种非均衡的结果。

经典英文句子51:结构,51、The research results show below: (结果表明:(

1) The bark of Acacia spp.


52、The weight of buildings is lightened, and the span of structures is increased, and the durability of structures is improved by using RPC instead of conventional concrete.用RPC代替传统的混凝土进行结构设计,可以使结构轻型化、提高结构跨度,同时大大改善结构的耐久性。

53、The loading structure of pre-tightening force and the cooling structure were designed.设计了预压力加载结构和强制冷却结构。

54、Stem structure 阀杆结构

1) stem - inside screw bronze multi-turn valves for the most common and preferred structure.

1) 明杆-内螺纹结构对于青铜多回转阀门来说是最通用、首选的结构形式。


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