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关于”适合表白“的英语句子34个,句子主体:Suitable for confession。以下是关于适合表白的六级英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Suitable for confession


1、A suitable chemical matrix, such as laminin and alginate, could promote the regeneration of nerve.


2、As a whole, Fengzhen rootstock was considered most suitable for grafting the Heiwushi watermelon.


3、"Is very suitable you. "Seven treasure honesties announce their own attitudes.


4、Linear table chain storage, suitable for beginners contact use.

在被问及为何耗时如此之长时,白宫发言人佩丽诺表示,“总统希望找到合适的人,他找到了Sada Cumber。”

5、Asked about why it took so long, White House spokeswoman Dana Perino said, "The president wanted to find the right person and he found that in Sada Cumber."


6、Day dreaming is the right word for this article. The editor should filter stories like this before such BS gets published on time of India.


7、NOTE: Use an appropriate image to represent your news component.


8、Excellent as an aperitif or to accompany antipasti, soups, seafood or white meats.


9、The optimal dietary prooin of

1 to 41 days pheasants was 24%.


10、Pour in the creme de cis, top with chilled, dry white wine and stir. Use champagne instead of white wine for a Kir Royale.

设置与所遇标记关联的合适的 DB2 表和列。

11、Set the proper DB2 table and column ociated with the token encountered.


12、I would recommend the Chablis. I think this wine would be perfect with your fish.


13、Facial foundations available for Caucasian skin must be formulated in at least 7-8 shades;


14、And why red wine with cheese when white wine is so much better with it?


15、The delicate rose gold and gold-plated hoops are embellished with rhodium-plated circles in clear crystal pavé.


16、Comes standard with universal handlebar and sensor mounts for quick easy set-up.


17、Thanks to the invention of the watchband , wrist watches have made time management easier for everyone.


18、The results showed that white clover as green manure could be fit for the production of organic vegetables.


19、Ignatious Joseph, whose clic dress shirt, in crisp white with a pleated front, is destined not only for the red carpet but for clubs, bars and restaurants too.


20、And in that instant I know that the outfit will suit Judy down to the ground.

21、Food pairing: It is suitable for vegetables in season, salad, fungus, white meat and fish.配餐:适合搭配时鲜蔬菜、沙拉、菌类、白肉以及鱼类。

22、This will facilitate the further study on the funtion of carboxypeptidase related to fitness cost at protein and immune level.另外,体外成功表达棉铃虫羧肽酶,为从蛋白和抗体水品进一步研究羧肽酶在棉铃虫抗性适合度中的作用奠定基础。

23、The product can be used by most people especially age people and exhausted mental worker or physical worker.结果表明,复方SOD奶粉除了适合大多数人群外,尤其适合中老年人与脑力、体力疲劳过度者。

24、Conclusion Non-phacoemulsification small incision extracapsular cataract extraction(ECCE) and intraocular lens implantation for hard nucleus cataract is effective for the basic hospital.结论非超乳小切口囊外白内障摘除术联合人工晶体植入术治疗硬核白内障是有效的,适合在基层医院开展。

25、For girls, we have T-shirts in red, green and white for only ¥18 each.我们有适合女孩的红T恤衫,绿T恤衫和白T恤衫,只要18元。

英文句子26:,26、The results of fitness test indicated that additive-dominant genetic model was adequate for litter size.适合性检验结果表明,窝产仔数符合加性—显性遗传模式。

27、The best carbon source is glucose, and the best nitrogen sources are peptone, beef extract paste and wheat bran. The most favorable ratio of C/N is 40: 结果表明:最适宜的碳源是葡萄糖,最适宜的氮源是蛋白胨、麦麸、牛肉膏,最适宜的碳氮比是40:



28、Choosing the right hold-all accessory is as important as selecting the right suit, shirt, watch and ss.选择适当的包饰与挑选合适的西服、衬衫、腕表和鞋履一样重要。

29、I would recommend the Chablis . I think this wine would be perfect with your fish.我建议您点夏布丽白葡萄酒。我认为这种酒很适合您点的鱼。

30、The proper addition of Re-B-S is 0.25%.实验表明,稀土硼锑复合孕育剂的适宜加入量为0.25%。

31、The results indicated that 9908 catalyst was a kind of fine performance selective hydrogenation catalyst, and the 9910 was suitable for extreme hydrogenation.结果表明,9908型催化剂适合油脂的选择性氢化,而9910型则适合植物油的极度氢化。

32、The numerical experiments show that integrated E-Bayes estimation is fit for the reliability research of hull.数值实验结果表明,综合E-Bayes估计适合船体可靠性的研究。

33、"It's perfectly appropriate to ask to talk later, " Whitehouse says.怀特豪斯表示:“要求随后再谈再合适不过。

34、Case study shows that this method is suitable to Tahe oilfield.应用实例表明,该方法适合于塔河油田。

35、Pale people should wear light colored clothes and dark people should wear deeper colored shades.肤色较白者应该穿浅色衣服而肤色较黑者适合选深色衣服。

36、With particular humid and soaking ability, it can completely remove stain and keep clothes clean long time.具有强劲的去油能力,特别适合于重污的白色布件。

37、Green Orchids Scent --- Mixture of flowers , with magnolia flower as main . mildly scented .绿色兰花为——花香混合味,以白玉兰花为主香调,香味适中,清新清纯。

38、Finally, the optimization of expression conditions, such as temperature, concentration of IPTG and media, were studied.优化诱导表达的条件,如温度、IPTG浓度、适用的培养基,探讨不同温度下蛋白的表达形式;

39、You could indulge in a daydreaming session - naturally, this would work best with relaxing music.你可以尽情地做白日梦-当然,这种情境最适合放松的音乐。

40、But when I look at my father, he's all white and it really fits him.不过当我看着我爹的时候,他头发已经都白了,也很适合他。

41、Hepatobiliary disease for the seafood: white pomfret, swordfish, silver pomfret, salmon, snapper pieces, shrimp, scallops, squid, sea cucumber … and so on.等等。


42、Simulation results show that this solution is appropriate for the triple-play access networks.仿真结果表明,本方案是适合三网融合的接入网解决方案。

43、It was shown that peat was an ideal substrate for the seedling cultivation of L. formolongi.结果表明,草炭是最适合新铁炮百合幼苗培育的基质;

44、Thus, Phragmitas communis and Populus alba were selected as the best remediation plants.可见,芦苇和白杨是该地比较适合的土壤石油污染修复植物。

45、The results showed that MT can be induced in the liver of Sebastiscus marmoratus by cadmium.结果表明,镉能诱导褐菖金属结合蛋白的合成。

46、Natural polyamides, for example casein, gelatin and collagen, are suitable polyamide components.天然聚酰胺,例如酪蛋白、明胶和骨胶原,是合适的聚酰胺组 分。

47、ABSTRACT: The white wine from Spain and Portugal is perfect for Asian cuisine.摘要: 本文为您介绍最适合搭配亚洲菜肴的白葡萄酒——阿尔巴利诺。

48、It is not required to synthesize a special affinity-chromatographic matrix in this method which is particularly useful for the large-scale isolation of ricin.从而经一步柱层析便可得到电泳纯的蓖麻毒蛋白。此法不需另行合成亲和胶,适合于蓖麻毒蛋白的大规模纯化。

49、This is the case where using a multi-page table is highly desirable.这种情形下非常适合使用多页面表。

50、you often write to your father比较合适,好像没有write with的说法,那应该是中文的表达方式。

经典英文句子51:适合表白,51、And tissue compatibility tests reveal this body's compatible,suitable donor.测试也表明这个身体是个合适的捐赠者。


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