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关于”热爱祖国“的英语句子59个,句子主体:love the motherland。以下是关于热爱祖国的xx年级英语句子。

英文句子模板1:love the motherland


1、Suspicious Person: Im a tourist. I love China, especially her culture and history.


2、"They love this man.They love the people of Palestine," he said.


3、The warmth of strangers: But perhaps my most compelling reason to love China is the indescribable warmth and kindness of ordinary folks.


4、The British love of music is often unfamiliar to foreigners, probably because there are few renowned British composers.


5、China's love for towering skysers just got turned upside down.


6、The German writer Goethe said, “We are shaped and fashioned by what we love.


7、In memory of the enthusiasm of the overseas Chinese in Java, the Hall was thus named.


8、Children are the flowers of our motherland.


9、I love my country, the surge of blood in the Yangtze river rushing wave wave.


10、He described it (Latvia)---its forests, its little villages , its people , their fierce nationalism---with an eloquence that could arise only out of deep love one's motherland.


11、He described it (Latvia) — its forests, its little villages, its people, their fierce nationalism — with an eloquence that could arise only out of deep love for one's motherland.


12、Comrade mapping units that qualification, the team measured a hero groups loyal to the cause of the deep love of the motherland and engaged in the cause of the high degree of identity mapping .


13、With the same fate;


14、She had also loved Sarajevo.


15、Grandpa drank up again with tears in his eyes.


16、My country Binet of east culture.


17、I always say: if no love of nation, well, you just like a piece of dust lingers away.


18、Their common ancestor is John of Gaunt, Duke of Lancaster and son of the 14th-century King Edward III of England.


19、China was also under the influence of this upsurge. Xun Zuwu completed the first laparoscopic cholecystectomy in February, 1991.


20、We must be loyal to our motherland.

21、" dared not country" the world as, youth blood Xian homeland, tenacious efforts and selfless dedication for the prosperity of the motherland and contribute their wisdom and strength of all.“位卑未敢忘忧国”,以天下为己任,青春热血献祖国,顽强地努力,无私地奉献,为祖国的繁荣昌盛贡献自己的全部智慧和力量。

22、Exotic moonlight number, you"ve never met grandfather heritage, grandfather set up by the checkpoint buried behind, actually a tangle of how love story?"充溢异国情调的月光号,素未谋面的祖父遗产,祖父设下的关卡后面, 有声小说终究深埋了一个如何纠结的爱情故事呢?

23、Traditional Chinese paintings record a true emotional rapport with a beloved native country which we never tired of probing into the precincts of abundance.传统国画载录了国民与令人钟爱的祖国河山的融洽关系,而这种默契灵交亦令我们不厌烦地探索这丰饶的领域。

24、These opinions are so contrary to traditional values, like loving one's country and respecting one's elders. But we can't do anything if these people just like ugly things.这些观点和传统价值观进酷爱祖国,尊老爱幼等背道而驰,但人们若是真的做出这些笨拙的事情,我们也爱莫能助。

25、Imagine you could fly in the blue sky. You will see your lovely hometown with green hills and blue waters.展开想像的翅膀,飞翔在蓝蓝的天上,祖国的青山绿水,是我可爱的家乡。

英文句子26:,26、So let us love our Chinese mahjong in!所以让大家一起来热爱我们的国粹麻将千术!

27、I wish the eldership of my motherland and all over the world would direct us to grow up happily.愿我的祖国和全球所有爱护我的长辈们指引我们幸福成长。

28、But he never forgot he was a Chinese descendant and he cherish a deep love for his country.但是他没有忘记自己是炎黄子孙,对祖国始终充满了爱。

29、I was reconnecting with my vegetable-loving ancestors.我和我爱吃蔬菜的祖先又重新相连了。

30、With a long civilisation, Dhina favours international exchange and loves world peace.中国有着悠久的文明,促进国际交流并热烈地爱世界和平。

31、The honour remained with our motherland.光荣属于我们的祖国。

32、Ask not what your country can do for you,ask what you can do for your country.不要问你的祖国能为你做什么,要问一问你能为你的祖国做什么。

33、Patriotic fervour and a surging economy will help to keep a lid on unrest by domestic malcontents.爱国热情和经济增长有助于遏制国内不满者的动荡。

34、We warmly welcome Muay Thai enthusiasts from home and abroad.我们热烈欢迎来自国内外的泰拳爱好者。

35、Chinese scholars, stresses the integrity. A painter if does not love people, love the motherland, is the loss of national integrity. The value of the painting, focus on personality.中国的文人,历来重气节。画的价值,重在人格。


36、They pledged their allegiance to the motherland.他们保证忠于祖国。

37、Train hard and build the motherland.锻炼身体,建设祖国。

38、Everyone is welcomed to feel the pion given by this group of young students adoring the traditional Chinese music.欢迎各位莅临,来感受这群年轻学子热爱国乐的热情。

39、The Democratic Party is a family, and it's now time to restore the ties that bind us together and to nete together around the ideals we share, the values we cherish and the country we love.现在,正是时候,重新拉上把我们绑在一起的纽带,为我们同样的理想,珍视的价值,热爱的祖国而献身吧。

40、In Chinese culture mottos, many are warning people to love lives.中国文化格言中,有许多是警示人们热爱生命的。

41、Strong and beatiful country like flowers.祖国东方文明的摇篮。

42、My country Binet of east culture。 祖国东方文明的摇篮。

43、We like learning Chinese very much. We love the Chinese culture.我们非常喜欢学习汉语,也非常热爱中国文化。

44、Different nationalities, with a motherland.不同的民族,同一个祖国。

45、Chinese women have a glorious peace-loving tradition.中国妇女有着热爱和平的光荣传统。

46、When you first come to China you can almost imagine that it isn’t really that different from home.当你第一次踏上中国这片热土,你完全会惊讶地发现:它和你的祖国并没有太大的区别。

47、I speak today the topic is: "patriotic, respects the ancestor, to encourage the world peace."我今天发言的题目是:“爱国、敬祖、力促世界和平。”

48、He described it (Latvia)—its forests, its little villages, its people, its fierce nationalism—with an eloquence that could only arise out of deep love for one's motherland.他描绘它(拉脱维亚)的风土人情—森林啦、小村庄啦、啦、的强烈民族主义啦等等,只有深深热爱祖国的人才能说得如此娓娓动听, 滔滔不绝。

49、She loves soft skill training and joined Schouten China with full of pion.因热爱软技能培训事业而加入思腾中国。

50、We are China's new strength, love the motherland, will protect the culture of China, and put forward its positive.我们是中国的新生力气,爱祖国,就要保护中国的文化,并把它积极的发扬下去。

经典英文句子51:热爱祖国,51、Nevertheless, nothing could be possible if we had not had the unceasing love and support from our motherlands.然而,若是没有来自祖国源源不断的爱与支持,今天的一切都不可能成为现实。

52、wrote "Janefree Big Love" on China's popular Weibo microblogging site.JANEFREE大爱在中国热门的微博上如此写道。

53、I love my motherland, black eyes shows a modest dimples.我深深地爱着我的祖国,黑色的眼睛流露着谦逊的笑窝。

54、We should be loyal to our country.我们要忠于祖国。

55、I love my motherland, vast land filled with my happy all the hopes.我深深地爱着我的祖国,辽阔的海疆装满了我所有的寄托。

56、As for the rest of the world, I am also here seven years and love China and her people dearly.我已经在中国生活了xx年,我热爱中国。

57、I asked my students to write acomposition about a proverb in his or her own country.我乘热打铁,要求学生写一篇作文,介绍其祖国文化中的一个谚语。 第二天,作文交了上来。

58、However, he never forgot that he was a Chinese descendant and he cherished a deep love for his country.但是他没有忘记自己是炎黄子孙,对祖国始终充满了爱。

59、ask not what your country can do for you but ask what you can do for your country不要问你的祖国能为你做什么,要问你能为你的祖国做什么

60、I defended this country as a young man and I will defend it as President.我是一个年轻人的时候参加过保卫祖国,我作为总统时,我将继续保卫祖国。

61、The Chinese living overseas are thinking of their motherland.国外华侨都思念他们的祖国。

62、Bernd Krausse was a German engineer who loved nature.Bernd Krausse 是个热爱自然的德国工程师。

63、Yao carried the Chinese flag at the Olympic opening ceremonies, soaking in the love of his country.姚在奥运会落幕式上作为中国代表团的旗手,沉醉于对本人祖国的酷爱中。

64、The competition’s slogan for this year patriotically proclaims “Celebrating Chinese women, bringing glory to China,” though, tellingly, only the first part has been translated to English.今年大赛的口号宣称“为中国女性喝彩,为祖国争光!” ,不无爱国主义色彩,但只有前一部分被翻译成了英文。

65、The Anglo-Zulu War was fought in 1879 between the British Empire and the Zulu Kingdom.祖鲁战争发生于xx年,是大英帝国与南非祖鲁王国之间的战争。

66、I do love my home country France aswell .我当然同样喜欢我的祖国——法国。

67、Lovely country ah, whatever I go there, I hold you strength BeiBo.可爱的祖国啊, 无论我走到那里, 我都挽住你力量的臂膊。

68、The old lady is so fond of lively parties, I was sure there must be some reason for her absence.我说老祖宗是爱热闹的,今日不来,必定有个原故,若是这么着就是了。

69、Long after South Africans saw their own team eliminated from the tournament, they kept up their vuvuzela-blowing, flag-waving, patriotic exuberance across the racial divide.虽然开赛不久后,南非球迷就目送他们的球队被淘汰了,但他们仍然吹着呜呜祖啦,挥舞着旗帜,爱国的热情跨越了种族的鸿沟。


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