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1、Second level of change -- Implementing a change initiative


2、Burial and increase in temperature bring about physical and chemical changes called coalification.


3、As the change of media, our cerebra also is changing.


4、All things will be change except change!


5、That's taking note of shades and inflexions.


6、Some of the changes took place in the hippocampi.


7、Language co-varies with the development of the society.


8、The change of environment in Jiangnan region during 1820-1953 can be divided into the slow, structural and radical changes.


9、The coefficient between the annual variation of groundwater table and annual variation of precipitation is 0.482 from 2002 to 2003.


10、The integration between PSV and MSV was proposed, and the strategy and method to implement variety were researched as well.


11、As is mentioned above , substances are constantly undergoing physical and chemical changes.


12、In the different area, the trends of change are similar, but the degree of charging is maximum in the north altiplano.


13、Because it's dealing with yesterday's price. Change, with the change.


14、The difference in your physique will become more apparent with every passing month.


15、And like the real world, plans always change and reprioritise with situations.


16、Similarly, forested wetland soils can vary from mineral soils to deep organic soils, and their occurrence often co-varies with the hydro-geomorphology.


17、Results The change of temperature of ewes is faster than the one of fetuses. The former is active.


18、Ob-serve the changes of EKG and microcirculation of auricle.


19、Well, it will change in part because theta changes, and in part because b changes. But, we want to know how it depends on theta in this situation.


20、But we are forever changing with our lives.

21、Deformation and Gravity Change: Indicators of Isostasy, Tectonics, Volcanism, and Climate Change ( Pageoph Topical Volumes )形变和重力变化:指标均衡,构造,火山活动和气候变化。

22、The dipper is gradually changing, and when this change becomes noticeable - as might be calculated from the Pyramid - there will be the beginning of the change in the races.北斗七星逐渐地正在变化,并且当这个变化变得显著时-通过金字塔能计算出这种变化-将是物种变化的开始。

23、The first reason of dryness index variation is the rainfall change, the second is the chang of accumulated temperature.造成 干燥 度变化的主要原因是降水量的变化,其次是积温的变化。

24、Record method about propagation of function-requirement change is addressed based on trace-matrix of change-source, of change-object and of change component.给出了基于变化起源跟踪矩阵、变化对象跟踪矩阵、变化构件跟踪矩阵、以及可达矩阵的功能变化传播记录方法;

25、The semi-monthly changes of the mud fluid are controlled by the amount of fine sediments supply.半月周期的变化受潮流半月周期变化引起的泥沙供给量的变化控制;

英文句子26:,26、Socio-cultural Factors e. g. population changes, lifestyle changes, changes in culture and fashion, emigration, international students.社会文化因素如人口变化、生活方式的改变,文化和时尚,改变移民的国际学生。

27、The changes of amino acids in grape wine during wine brewing covered N compounds change in brewing, N compounds change in half-anaerobic aging, and N compounds change in half-aerobic aging.酿造过程中葡萄酒氨基酸的变化包括:酿造过程中含N 化合物的变化、半厌氧老熟过程中含N化合物的变化和半需氧老熟过程中含N化合物的变化。

28、For Z direction, the principal periods are annual, semi-annual, 51-day and 609-day periods.方向的主周期是年周期变化、半年周期变化、51天和609天的周期变化。

29、When the driving voltage changed in a special range , the EL spectrum nearly didn't change, just with the CIE coordinates from (0.34, 0.33) to (0.33, 0.32) .当电压在一定范围内变化时候,电致发光光谱几乎没有变化,CIE色坐标从(0.34,0.33)变化到(0.33,0.32),变化很小。

30、The main influence factors leading to the changes of rivers and lakes include air temperature change, precipitation change, glacier change and climatic snow line change.导致河流、湖泊演变的主要影响因素有气温变化、降水变化及冰川变化、气候雪线变化等。

31、Reinforcement should be given to the diversity of sores, longitude, three dimensions, season, color and vertical greening, and so on.应加强植物的种类变化、层次变化、空间变化、季相变化、色彩变化、垂直绿化等。

32、So notice that the acceleration is constant in time, is not changing but the velocity is changing.请注意此处的加速度,是一个常数,不随时间变化而变化,不过速度是变化的。

33、The value of gravimeter surveys for gravity change detection lies in the fact that gravit