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关于”比较实用“的英语句子20个,句子主体:more practical。以下是关于比较实用的初三英语句子。

英文句子模板1:more practical


1、Aer little bit actuality of" Neptunian number", " the day after tomorrow" makes the most of the special effect, losing the true feeling.


2、The experiment results, show that the range of reduction ratio is very practicable.


3、An economical and practical detector in pentaerythritol production, its principle and application are introduced.


4、The authors compare different kinds of location pattern and design a kind of practical and convenient Guide.

该 API 较显著的用法之一是用来比较实现、测量性能、对 Perl5 语法的兼容性或其它标准之间的差异。

5、One of the clear uses of this API is to compare the differences between implementations, measuring performance, compatibility to Perl5 syntax, or other criteria.


6、I actually prefer real vintage cars.

在实践中,bzip2 压缩方法压缩文件的比率比使用 gzip 进行压缩的比率高,但是性能也较低。

7、In practice, the bzip2 compression compresses files at a higher compression ratio than those compressed using gzip, but it also has slower performance.


8、Each ertion creates a constraint object under the hood which evaluates the expected value against the actual value.


9、It can treat excess of evil very well, difference of the two teams is significant extremely.


10、Compared experiment, That is better than one-gas flow about gas-particle.


11、In contrast, utility apps will hang around on people's smartphones longer, provided they're actually useful.


12、I prefer reading ebooks rather than printed books.


13、The logic of each component of your application is freshest when you are actually implementing those components.


14、To compare the two models, the choice performance is boldness for final model and discusses the model of actual application.


15、With that mechanism we can now implement these comparisons sorts.


16、Finally, compared with CIRP method, a simulating example is discussed.

但有时直接从 XSLT 调用一个已有的实例函数比较方便。

17、However, sometimes it's convenient to invoke a preexisting instance function directly from XSLT.


18、The effect of removal split agent were compared by ultrafiltration and dialysis.


19、Finally, compared the three-dimensional field calculation results are compared with the measured ones.


20、What are your immediate 5yr goals?

21、I'd prefer something more practical. Like the exact recipe.我更喜欢比较实际的东西,比如确切的食谱。

22、The XML Diff & Merge utility can compare files, directories, and ZIP-based archives.XML Diff & Merge 实用工具可以比较文件、目录和基于 ZIP 的归档文件。

23、Note the use of XML entitities within the comparison, in order to escape the quotation characters.请注意比较中 XML 实体的用法,这种用法的目的是为了转义引号字符。

24、So the best weekend or holiday, stay at home is a "safe".所以最好利用周末或休假日,待在家里实行比较“安全”。

25、It's very convenient to use a SCM to design a digital clock with software.用单片机来设计数字钟,软件实现各种功能比较方便。

英文句子26:,26、Further more, theoretical and experimental compare between GFC and FX-LMS is given.除此之外,还将GFC和自适应滤波算法FX-LMS进行了理论比较和实验比较。

27、"They both have strong social conscience but both are equally practical and hardheaded as well," Panetta said.“他们都有比较强的社会良知,但都是同样的实用和脚踏实地”,Panetta说。

28、". How often we hear such words like there. 讲故事 (先说故事主体),this story is not rare. 。

29、Based on independence measurement and principle of square sum for the Uncertainties, a method named"track by track comparison method"is established.建立了一种“逐根径迹比较法”,用来严格比较高能物理实验中径迹重建的各种方法之间的差别。

30、An application of the BP network in a real case indicates that the forecasting model with the BP network may completely describe the relative between the…一个实例的应用实践表明,用BP网络预测地下水位较准确地反映了客观实际,比其它方法如回归模型具有较高的拟合精度和预测精度。

31、After that, you have real data to compare.在那之后,你需要真实的数字用来比较。

32、The author makes and foreign writing practices, elaborating on the relation between inheriting and creating in new concept composition.利用比较法和文献整理法对新概念作文及中外写作实践进行纵横比较分析,论述新概念作文继承与创新的关系;

33、This structure has been used in practice and the results are satis-factory.该结构已用于实际产品上,取得比较满意的结果。

34、This research made use of the static-group comparison design method for use in quasi-experimental research.本研究采用静态组比较设计方式进行实验研究。

35、The more books we read, the more learned we become. 我们书读愈多,我们愈有学问。

36、This application describes comparing two standard cells and comparing a standard cell with a precision voltage reference.下面的应用实例说明比较两个标准电池以及将标准电池和精密电压参考标准进行比较的情况。

37、In combination with the Yemen's actual conditions, it is reasonable to adopt overflow concrete face rockfill dam.结合也门国的实际情况,采用溢流混凝土面板堆石坝比较适用。

38、The improved dynamic comparator and telescopic OTA were adopted to achieve the design specification, and the main improvements for realizing low power dissipation.为实现低功耗设计目标,将比较器和OTA作为主要优化对象,采用改进的动态比较结构和套筒式余量放大器(OTA)分别实现上述功能。

39、Functional languages achieve reuse at a cor-grained level than object-oriented languages, extracting common machinery with parameterized behavior.相比于面向对象语言,函数式语言在一个较粗粒度级别上实现重用,使用参数化行为提取常用的实现功能。

40、The article presents the software reuse technology based on component by using the mature component design standard, proposes a more practical implementing model.阐述了基于构件的软件复用技术,利用其成熟的构件设计标准提出了一种比较实用的实现模型。

41、~~ cannot emphasize the importance of ~~~ too much. (再怎么强调。

42、The changes of the two receptors were compared by receptor ligand binding ay.运用受体配基结合实验比较脑海马中两个受体结合的改变。

43、With the comparison of planned cost and actual cost, we carry out cost dynamic control.采用计划成本与实际成本的比较,进行成本动态控制。

44、Through comparison, an effective anti-corrosion material for chemical industry is selected.经过对比筛选出一种比较实用的室温自硫化化工防腐材料。

45、MCU C example applications language , speak in more detail , suitable for beginners .单片机C语言应用程序实例精讲,讲的比较详细,适合初学者。

46、It is time we explore the truth of 。 Nowhere in history has the issue been more visible. 进一步提出观点: 。

47、The utility model can facilitate grinding by being turned into a round hole.本实用新型改成圆孔后打磨比较容易。

48、It adopts the comparing method between the experiment cl and the compared cl.我们采用了实验班和对照班比较分析的研究方法。

49、The reconstructions with good-quality signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) and contrast ratio are obtained in experiments using this method.在实验中运用该方法得到了信噪比和衬比度较好的物体的再现像。

50、The experiment compares the crankshaft life-span under different cases and shows that the relative value is very stable.实验比较不同情况的曲轴疲劳寿命,比较后的相对值非常可靠。

经典英文句子51:比较实用,51、Best does not compare "your" practices to "mine". Rather, it compares two or more approaches to solving a problem in the context of a set of requirements.最佳并非要拿“您”的实践与“我”的实践进行比较,而是针对一组需求对两种以上用于解决某个问题的方法所进行的比较。


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