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关于”5句的春节“的英语句子32个,句子主体:Five sentences of Spring Festival。以下是关于5句的春节的雅思英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Five sentences of Spring Festival


1、Boaz asked his servants who she was (v.

5), which prompted his special consideration toward her.


2、Gibson hit five 3-pointers in the first quarter.

5 个

3 分球。


3、He has given us now as a pledge, the presence of the Holy Spirit in our lives (v.



4、The new edition substantially updates the earlier volume, and includes

5 new chapters and color ilrations.


5、Especially 3-5 years old, is the development of children's rhythm and tones of sensitivity to employment.


6、Cooper's Hill Annual Cheese Rolling, Gloucester, England - May

never later than 我的闹钟有时会在清晨四点至五点间响起。不会迟于

7、My alarm goes off sometime between

4:00 and


5:00am, even on weekends and holidays.



8、If the machine gets to node

2, the interaction at this node repeats itself until it fully meets a preset condition and then goes to the final node, node

5, to implement another interaction flow.

2 处,那么这个节点处的交互将一直重复自身,直到它完全满足预置条件才转到最后的节点,即节点

5 处来实现另一个交互流。


9、When he was

5, he developed Legg-Perthes disease, a hip disorder, and a doctor thought ballet dancing might be a good idea.


10、The first female flowers borne the Lord cirsoid

8 ~

11 quarter around

5 knots, female flowers spacing, easy, and a sequential results gained habit.


11、How does Rev

8:3-5 signal for what John is about to see?

8 章3-5 节怎样给我们指示?

「先去同弟兄和好,然后来献礼物。」 (马太福音5章24节)

12、First be reconciled to your brother, and then come and offer your gift. —Matthew



13、Then notice in verse

5, "The King of the South shall grow strong," and the next verse, "The daughter of the King of the South shall come to the King of the North to ratify the agreement."


14、The X-ray patterns of

10 cases were clified into the following

3 types; (

1)nodular type

5 cases; (

2)segmental infiltration type

2 cases;




15、Results Except for degenerative changes, the facet joint angle at L(subscript 4~

5) was much smaller in patients with degenerative spondylolisthesis than that in normal group.


目的为了观察一个特殊运动节段L 4~5的小关节方向性与椎间盘变性是否有着内在联系。

16、Objective Our study concentrated on one particular motor unit(L4~

5) in order to determine if there is any relationship between orientation of facet joint and the degeneration disc.


5 shows the partiting nodes and protocols, as well as their essential interactions.

5 展示了一些参与节点和协议以及它们之间必要的交互。


18、Another AAL5 attribute contributing to its efficiency is that is uses only

5 bytes of header.


19、SHIP-1 is an SH2 domain containing inositol-5-phosphatase that appears to be a negative regulator of hematopoiesis.


20、The fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, longsuffering , kindness, goodness, faithfulness. —Galatians


21、Five triterpenoids were isolated and their structures were identified to be cauloside C (分离鉴定了5个三萜类化合物:葳岩仙皂苷C(

1), akebiasaponin D (

2), akebiasaponin F (

3), ursolic acid (

4) and hederagenin (




3)、 熊果酸(



22、The extraordinary energy-saving effect, significantly raising the driving force to enhance horsepower, average fuel savings over 5%, meet the need of long-term high-speed vehicles;超凡的节能效果显著提高动力,增强马力,节约燃油5%以上,满足车辆长期高速行驶需要;

23、Don't be ashamed if you join a program only to cancel yourself from that program 不要羞愧,如果您仅加入节目到取消从在调查收兑以后5分钟后不合适在您的战略内的那个节目。

5 minutes later after investigating the redemptions do not fit within your strategy.

24、Gibson hit five 3-pointers in the first quarter.吉布森在第一节命中5个3分球。

25、If someone strikes you on your right cheek, turn to him the other also. (Matt 如果有人打你的右脸,连左脸也转过来由他打。(马太福音5章39节)


英文句子26:,26、Visual scenario storyboards -- and the relationship between business and user goals -- are shown in Figure 可视化的场景情节串连板 — 以及业务和用户目标之间的关系 — 如 图


5 中所示。

27、This is exactly what Paul had in mind when he exhorted us to "be imitators of God" (Eph. 保罗劝我们要「效法上帝」(以弗所书5章1节),正是这样想的。


28、This year, Vesak Day falls on 今年的卫塞节是在xx月xx日星期

17 May Tuesday.


29、Seven vertebrae in 按这种方法对5例患者(平均71.4 岁)的

5 patients (mean age of 71.4 years) were managed with this procedure.

7 节椎体进行手术。

30、Most lesions showed no enhancement after Gd DTPA administration, but nodular enhancement was seen in 增强扫描大部分病变无强化,5例患者局部有结节状的强化。

5 cases.

31、Tongxinluo and Allium extract protected the structure and function of endothelial cell, regulated the gene expressions of 5-HT1D and 5-HT2A receptors in artery.通心络和薤白提取物可有效保护血管结构和功能,调节主动脉5-HT1D和5-HT2A受体基因和蛋白表达。

32、According to 根据

5:3, will the unbeliever be able to escape God's judgement on the Last Day?


33、When you were 在你xx岁时,她给你穿上节日的盛装,你跳进最近的水坑来回报她。

5, she dressed you for the holidays. You thanked her by plopping into the nearest.

34、Organic heat carrier boiler using the Biom as fuel, save 5%-10% running cost than coal, the heat energy is a kind of high efficiency and energy saving environmental protection equipment.生物质锅炉运行成本低,比燃油、燃气、电加热锅炉可节省40%-60%,比燃煤节省5%-10%运行成本,是一种高效节能环保的热能设备。

35、Chapter 第五章为柬埔寨明天的亡人节。

5, The Tomorrow of The Ancestor Festival of Cambodia;

36、The epiphyseal plate cartilage in the phalanges of 本文用透射电镜观察5例大骨节病人指(趾)骨的骺板软骨。

5 patients with Kaschin-Beck disease was observed by transmission electron microscopy.

37、Both the cell bodies and the proximal axon segments of pleural sensory neurons were surrounded by 5-HT-IR fibers with numerous 5-HT-IR varicosities.可见侧节感觉神经细胞胞体和轴突近侧段被含有大量膨体的5-HT-IR纤维所包绕。

38、When conservation measures were rolled out on week 当在第

5, the partiting population rose to the challenge and significantly reduced its carbon emissions by taking the recommendations made to heart.

5 周实施节约指标时,参与测试的人群已经熟记关于节约的建议,并且大大减少自己的碳排放。

39、Most customers can achieve out-of-the-box CPU savings of 大部分客户可以实现开箱即得的CPU节省,节省5%-10%的传统工作负荷,以及高达 40% 的特定工作负荷。

5 -10% for traditional workloads and up to 40% for specific workloads.

40、Kaplan, and Norton. Systems Engineering Measurement Primer. INCOSE, Sections 1-5. The Balanced Scorecard-Measures that drive performance.系统工程测量法入门〉。INCOSE, 第1-5节。驱动绩效的平衡计分测量。

41、OBJECTIVE: To construct a lumber spine (L3-5) biomechanical model using three-dimensional finite element method.目的:应用三维有限元法建立L3~5腰椎活动节段力学模型。

42、The steam generated quickly and steam builted enough about 4-5 min , energy saving.产生蒸气快速约4∼5分钟即可产生足够蒸气,节省燃料。

43、However, at last, Jiang Chunyang gained a place for his son by sponsoring the flight tickets of 最后,姜春阳居然以赞助20个学生和5位带队教师往返机票的方式,为姜浩争取到一个宝贵的名额。

20 students and

5 teachers.

44、With E4X, you can select a node or nodes using filters, as in Listing 通过 E4X,可以用过滤器选择一个或多个节点,见清单



45、(View an ilration of distinct-values() at work in the "choosing between functions" example in Part distinct-values() 的例子请参阅本系列 第

5 of this series.)

5 部分 “选择函数” 一节。

46、Let's say that verse together again: I Thessalonians 让我们再说一遍今天学习的圣经经节:帖撒罗尼迦前书第5章24节说:“那召你们的本是信实的,他必成就这事。”

5:24, Faithful is he that calleth you who also will do it.

47、What you think would be David's thoughts when he received the message in verse 5?在第5节,当大卫听到拔示巴怀孕的消息时,你认为他会想到甚麽呢?

48、Yunan Street; ;江西省宜春学院医学院卫生统计学教研室;

5. Department of Health Statistics; School of Medicine; Yichun University; Yi…

49、Peter 彼得前书第5章第7节说:“你们要将一切的忧虑卸给神,因为他顾念你们。”

5:7 says Casting all your care upon him; for he cares for you.

50、Pedicels of spikelet pair equal, as long as rachis internode; upper glume with 0. 5–1 mm mucro.小穗对的花梗等于,倍于轴节间;上面颖片具0。5-1毫米短尖头。

经典英文句子51:5句的春节,51、Discussed and decided by the relevant departments in each of January 经有关部门讨论决定, 每年xx月xx日为哈尔滨冰雪节。

5 as the Harbin Ice and Snow Festival.

52、When treating tibia Pilon fractures, 螺钉固定5例,三叶草钢板固定5例,胫骨远端钢板固定2例,一期行踝关节融合3例。

5 cases were fixed with screws,

5 cases with cloverleaf plate,

2 cases with distal tibia plate and

3 cases were performed ankle fusion.

53、If you love those who love you, what reward will you get? (Matt 你们若单爱那爱你们的人,有什么可赏赐的呢?(马太福音5章46节)


54、Is He trying to persuade you to get back in step with Him? (Gal. 祂是否劝导你跟着圣灵行事(加拉太书 5章 25节)?


55、Result All the subcutaneous nodules in the 112 cases disappeared 结果112例有皮下结节者服用干芜散xx年经复查皮下结节均已消失,消失率为

5 years after treatment with Ganwusan with a disappearing rate of 100%.

10 0 %。

56、Luke 路加福音

1:5,this is right after the very beginning of the prologue which I mentioned last--which I talked about last time.


57、Be filled with God' s Holy Spirit (Eph. 要被圣灵充满(以弗所书5章18节),让上帝使你的灵欢欣。

5:18), and let Him provide you with a "bubbling in your soul."

58、Patch-clamp technique was used to study the characteristics of 5-hydroxytryptamine (5-HT )-activated current(I5-HT) in rat trigeminal ganglion neurons.采用全细胞膜片钳技术观察大鼠三叉神经节神经元5-羟色胺激活电流(I5-HT)及其特征。

59、The program live at 5o'clock on Mondays.这次节目星期

一 5 点钟实况转播。

60、Yahoo previously held a major round of layoffs last spring, when it cut 5% of its staff, or around 700 people.雅虎上一次大规模裁员是在今年春天,当时裁撤了大约700人,占员工总人数的5%。

61、Thus, the upbeat to bars 从而,



5 etc. probably should receive identical execution as a triplet quaver;


62、Genesis 创世记

2:5-7 re-describes the creation of man, and provides more detail than we saw in chapter




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