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关于”背诵诗歌“的英语句子27个,句子主体:recite poetry。以下是关于背诵诗歌的专业英语句子。

英文句子模板1:recite poetry


1、All children were required to learn the Green Book, and some could recite passages by heart.


2、On grey mornings of rain I have

5) crooned many an idle song.


3、The 4th, oneself decide, if can, leave last time to use recital all professional class books and note.


4、My son, who suffered the flash card assault, was by age

7 the family’s most voracious reader.


5、There will be a test on Tuesday ; based on homework one; ten minutes at the beginning of the recitation.


6、The ancient Romans held year-end celebrations to honor Saturn( the harvest god) and Mithras( the god of light).


7、The following audio recordings include praying the joyful mystery, divine mercy chaplet, prayers and songs.


8、Der Chapel Royal, der St. Pauls Cathedral und der Westminster Abbey sangen die Trauerhymne.


9、After doing her homework, my daughter recited half of the content in lesson 91 this evening.


10、There’s drum poetry, actually language on drums, that is recited — the history of the king, and so forth.


11、There would be coffee and tea tastings in the mornings. In the evenings, music and poetry readings.


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有六个月时间,艺术家在这个安适的地方开画展、表演、 朗诵诗、聚集祷告。

13、For six months the artists held exhibits, performances, poetry readings, and prayer gatherings in this safe place.


14、Dr. Kryger says any ritual will do, including meditating, reading a poem or keeping a journal.


15、Under the class, always can see the schoolmates surmised the pocket-sized notebook, recites the text, the word form.


16、There are

7 chanting combinations covering all titles in the chanting book.


17、APPETIZERS (in 30 minutes while eating your lunch) Look through and memorize the long, hard to remember new words or the stubborn words that have been reviewed lots of times.


18、The things that they taught us in school, when they required us to remember poetry, no matter how we try, we can't forget it, and the stuff that we had to remember that was in prose, no matter how we try we can't remember it.

山峦间的溪水, 潺潺流穿每家人的前院, 昼夜歌诵著大自然的音乐。

19、A mountain creek flows through the village and brings its natural music to the people here day and night.


20、The chart was hung in classrooms throughout the country, and millions of children memorized the basic food groups.

21、By the way, all the names that I read and that are not on the power points, you don't need to remember or write down.我所提到名字不会出现在幻灯片上,不必背诵或记录。

22、Ms Li, who divorced more than 李女士20多年前离婚,她背诵单词的目的是为了获得更多的翻译工作。

20 years ago, undertook the mission in order to receive more translating work.

23、I encourage you to memorize this summary of truth in Philippians 我鼓励你背诵有关腓立比书

2:5-11 and keep it in your heart.


24、In poetry, Rossetti had set before himself similar ideas, though his mind, visionary and symbolical , combated the realism which his principles suggest.在诗歌上,罗塞蒂曾给自己提出类似的思想,尽管他耽于幻想和象征的心灵同他的原则所提出的现实主义背道而驰。

25、My daughter recited the whole content of lesson 97 when she finished her homework this evening.今天晚上,我女儿做完家庭作业之后就背诵了第九十七课的全部内容。

英文句子26:,26、As the congressman tries to change the subject, the woman suddenly demands everyone recites the Pledge of Allegiance.当这位国会议员想要转移话题时,这名妇女突然要求所有人背诵《效忠誓词》。

27、My daughter recited the whole conversation in lesson 115 after she finished her homework this evening.今天晚上,我女儿在做完家庭作业之后背诵了第一百一十五课的全部对话内容。

28、The sentimental "poesy recitation" with background music touched everybody's soul, as a fresh spring washing away the dust.同学们饱含感情的配乐诗朗诵犹如一股清泉荡涤着每个人的心灵。

29、Laude are the most important form of vernacular sacred song in Italy in the late medieval era and Renaissance.意大利中世纪晚期和文艺复兴时期以本国语言唱诵的圣歌。

30、That's the average of all of your weekly quizzes in the recitation. Each of those three monthly tests gives also a sixth.就是你们每周背诵课的测试的平均分,而三次的月考,的成绩也占六分之

31、The first chapter argues that the appearance of the Xikun Group is inevitable historically in term of the social cultural background and the tendency of the poetry.第一章首先从社会文化背景和诗歌发展规律两个方面论述了西昆体的出现是一种历史发展的必然。

32、As a result, car Yin books content can only be recited during the night, such a situation so that he was very distressed.于是,车胤只能在夜间背诵书本内容,这样的情形让他很是苦恼。

33、Ebbinghaus then carried out experiments to see if reciting made a difference to our ability to remember.艾然后进行一些实验想看看是否背诵会对我们记忆的能力起作用。

34、There the devoted Bharata daily recited the fourth chapter of the Bhagavad-gita.虔诚的巴茹阿特每天都朗诵着博伽梵歌的第四章。

35、We are horse-back singers of the Tangbula Grassland.我们是唐布拉草原马背歌手。

36、The above address has 281 words which need nearly three minutes to recite. I will spend a week reciting seven of them. Jack thinks.以上的发言有281个字,背诵它有三分钟足够了。杰克想:我要用一周的时间把这样的答案背上七,八段。

37、There's another good song on the back of this record.这个唱片的背面另有一支好歌。

38、In the far distance, voices of the young king's bearers echoed through the streets, singing songs of praise.年轻国王的子民们吟诵赞歌的声音回荡在远方的街道上。

39、This also applies to mechanical memorisation without the emotional involvement for the purpose of generating automatic feeling with the language.同样,为了形成自然语感,没有感情投入的机械的背诵也是不可取的。

40、Yang can repeat the tenets on his pre-job training brochure word for word: “Careful, patient, considerate, enthusiastic”.杨永发能够逐字背诵出岗前培训手册上的信条:细致,耐心,周到,热情。

41、My daughter recited two thirds of the conversation in lesson 111 after finishing her homework this evening.今天晚上,我女儿在做完家庭作业之后,背诵了第一百一十一课的三分之二的对话。

42、The singing is accomplished by an offstage chorus that also recites the narrative and dialogues.歌唱部分由舞台后面的合唱队完成,他们同时担任着诵读旁白和对话的任务。

43、The process of changing a name can be intimidating, said Kit Yan, a 25-year-old poetry slam artist and performer with a hint of facial hair who was born Laura.改变名字的过程可能非常可怕,Kit Yan说,这是个xx岁的诗歌朗诵艺术家和表演者,面部有一点毛发,以前是Laura。

44、In a word, the research has proved that reciting input can effectively improve senior high students' English learnability.本研究证明:背诵输入能有效提高高中学生英语学习能力。

45、Jingles, songs, and chants teach children the fun of English rhythm while at the same time building vocabulary.利用歌曲和朗诵练习,教会学生英语节奏的技巧,并扩充词汇量。

46、And she recited three conversations about the pictures in lesson 140 at home this evening.今天晚上,她自己在家里背诵了与第一百四十课的图片有关的三个对话。

47、As the son recited the third chapter of Bhagavad-gita, a loud sound came from the sky.当这位儿子朗诵博伽梵歌的第三章时,空中传来一声巨响。

48、People of Youyu deemed that there was nothing worthy of recording or paying a tribute to.大家都认为那是稀松平常的事,没有什麽特别值得歌诵记载的。

49、The son returned home and began reciting daily the third chapter in front of a Deity of Lord Krsna.儿子返回家并开始在主奎师那的神像前每日朗诵博伽梵歌第三章。

50、My daughter recited the two words and some sentences about five pictures in lesson 116 this evening.今天晚上,我女儿背诵了第一百一十六课的两个生词和与五幅图画有…

经典英文句子51:背诵诗歌,51、When she finished her homework, she recited the six conversations in lesson 132 soon.当她完成了家庭作业之后,她很快就背诵了第一百三十二课的六个对话。

52、He showed no anxiety to hear me render the Sanscrit into Bengali, and as soon as I had read out a few verses he simply remarked "Very good" and walked away.我刚朗诵了几首颂诗,他就说了声“很好”,便离开了,他并不想听我把梵文译成孟加拉文的朗诵。

53、Lectures often seem very formal and empty things; recitations generally prove very dull and unrewarding.课堂讲授常常显得一本正经而空洞无物;背诵往往非常枯燥而收效甚微。

54、Reciting was used as a traditional teaching method for hundreds even thousands of years in China.千百年来背诵作为传统教学模式一直被我国教育者在教学中所沿用。

55、Five hours is contact time. That's three hours here, and two hours with the recitation instructor.联系时间是5个小时,这有三个小时,其余2小时是和背诵课的讲师。

56、That was when I began to get a sense of why Ajaan Fuang had asked me to memorize the chant, why he wanted all of his students to think about their present experience in terms of the properties.那时候,我才开始懂得为什么阿姜放要我背诵这段诵文,为什么他要他的所有弟子都从元素的角度思考他们的体验。

57、Lectures often seem very formal and empty things; recitations generally prove very dull and unrewarding .讲座给人的感觉常常是非常正式且言之无物;背诵总是非常的枯燥且徒劳无益。

58、As soon as it came near, he recited a mantra, and the snake lay at his feet like an earthworm.它很快地走得更近了,他背诵了一段咒语,蛇像蚯蚓一样向他攻击。

59、I try to wake up every morning with a big smile on my face as I recite my list of gratitude.我努力每天早晨醒来脸上带着一个微笑,一边背诵自己的感激清单。

60、Kryger says any ritual will do, including meditating, reading a poem or keeping a journal.Kryger说任何其他的习惯都有同样效果,比如冥思、朗诵一首诗或写一篇日记。

61、The part also meant memorizing endless monologues that needed to be delivered with Hoover’s own breakneck cadence.这个角色还需要他背诵大段大段的独白,并且是以胡佛独特的急促节奏表达出来。

62、But she still spent some time reciting the rest part of lesson 104 tonight.但是,今天晚上她仍然花了一些时间背诵完了第一百零四课的剩余部分。

63、Musical Language had six forms: starting, talking, chanting, reading, speaking and conversing, which are types of songs.乐语有“兴、道、讽、诵、言、语”六式,实际上也就是徒歌类型。

64、Before we came back home, she recited the whole conversation in lesson 101 to me this afternoon.今天下午,在我们回家前,她将第一百零一课的全部对话给我背诵了一遍。

65、I could spell and write a little now and could say the multiplication table up to six times seven is thirty-five.我现在已会一点拼写,也学会背诵九九表到六乘七等于卅五了。

66、Those thoughts make me glad and I murmur the words again. because I am also grateful.这些想法使我高兴,所以我又低诵这两行诗,因为我心中充满了感激之情。

67、This memorization overhead takes away from having a clear head to solve problems and muddles communication between team members.这背诵开销会抢走有一个清晰的头脑去解决问题,混在团队成员之间的沟通。

68、In fact, the recite-teaching method is essential and should not doff in future teaching.事实上,背诵教学法的存在是很必要的,在以后的教学过程中是不可以被遗弃的。

69、My daughter recited the former half of the conversation in lesson 129 when she finished her homework this evening.今天晚上,我女儿做完作业之后就背诵了第一百二十九课的前半部分对话。

70、Oneself used the core recital of strong grass in wind to study bit of one book, 本人用了风中劲草的核心背诵考点一书,网上买的3色印刷版。

3 kinds when buy on the net presswork edition.

71、Part1 Enjoy the song and know some background of the song.欣赏歌曲了解歌曲的背景。

72、Because of his recitations of Bhagavad-gita, his body had also become pure.因为朗诵了博伽梵歌,他的躯体也变得纯净了。


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