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关于”好好学习“的英语句子22个,句子主体:study hard。以下是关于好好学习的初三英语句子。

英文句子模板1:study hard


1、This can be a reference for PE teachers to handle teacher-student relations and set up a good study at…


2、I want to maintain a fertile learning environment.


3、Practice intensely, without interruption for short periods of no longer than 90 minutes and then take a break.


4、We all know we must study hard!


5、There was a significant correlation between learning preferences and academic achievement(P<0.05, P<0.01).


6、Because this must learn precautionary medicine knowledge more , the habits and customs with good nurturance.


7、The correct way of saying it should be: Study hard and make progress every day.


8、The truth is that I should study hard then find an ideal job!


9、Write I miss you or We’ll meet up when you’re older or Stick in at school.


10、Mornings are the best time to study foreign languages.


11、Curiosity is the wick in the candle of learning.


12、Sometimes these hobbies cange in the way of schoolwork…

你好! 我叫李禛雨。 学习过汉语两年。

13、And I have studied English for several years.


14、Ability to think will accrue to you from good habits of study.


15、These two presents aim to let me study hard and not to waste time.


16、You study well; nevertheless, you seldom help the others.


17、But also to teach him discipline and to work hard and to study hard


18、You must take after the best example.


19、Ambitious dilettantes might learn to fly a plane or pick up a language as a hobby, but few people dabble in nuclear engineering.


20、SHK Business Chinese Advanced Book I shall provide excellent foundation to students, which shall be a start for an excellent course.

21、Only the curious will learn and only the resolute overcome the obstacles to learning.有好奇心才会学习新东西,有决心才能克服学习的障碍。

22、You have set us a good example to follow.你为我们树立了学习的好榜样。

23、This is a perfect teaching plan. but how can we deal with the students who can't pronouce or spell the words correctly?词汇的教学方法同样很多,我们还是要好好学习。

24、Sometimes these hobbies can get in the way of schoolwork.有时这些爱好会妨碍学习。

25、So you will learn all of them at the same time, and所以你同时要学习好几门学科。

英文句子26:,26、If you don't study hard , you'll be a dumb blonde.如果你不好好学习,你就会成为一个绣花枕头。

27、Follow these tips, and you will become a good learner. 033.你将变成一个好学习者。

28、Perfrom attendance checks and submit statistics reports.做好学习考勤和统计上报工作。

29、Edutainment? No Thanks. I Prefer Playful Learning.寓教于乐?不,我更喜欢好玩的学习。

30、Libary is a good place for students to study in.图书馆是学生学习的好地方。

31、Could you give us some guidance in studying this article?学习这篇文章, 你给我们辅导辅导好不好?

32、Thirty percent of students that parents read with their parents well, not only enable us to concentrate on their studies so that we develop good study habits to complete the task.有百分之三十的同学认为父母陪读好,不但能使我们专心学习,使我们养成良好习惯完成学习任务。

33、He learns so well he to study at Beijing University.他学习特好,北大请他去就读。

34、Like, I mean... I don't know. I, like, really didn't study for it or anything,我想说……其实,我根本就没怎么好好学习这门课,

35、To increase knowledge, be curious about everything.为增广见闻,故要“事事好奇,处处学习”

36、After the school attends class, I learn seriously, lucky gas divides me to best English class.学校上课之后,我就认真学习,好运气把我分到了最好的英语班。

37、Daniel: That is good for our study too.丹尼尔:那对我们的学习也有好处。

38、What’s happening there could be a model we’d best learn from.这些发生的事情可能是我们应该好好学习的榜样。

39、And as far as right now, just study hard, learn the material that will help you succeed.就现阶段来讲,最重要的是勤奋学习,有一些知识是走向成功必不可少的,你要好好学习这些知识。

40、She alwayes sings songs with me.And she is friendly with our,so we all like her ! (是我自己写的哦、你要加油哦、好好学习哦!

41、Thongh she is not good at study, she is popular in our class.虽然她学习不好,但她在班里人缘很好。

42、学习更好的知识,提高就业竞争力 Study better knowledge, raise an employment competition ability

43、Armidale is good to study in, and I have learned many professional and communication skills at UNE .阿米德尔是学习的好地方,我在新英格兰大学学到了好多专业和交流技能。

44、This is the best stage to study grammar.这是学习语法的最好阶段。

45、The mysteries of learning English well are just practice and review frequently.学好英语的秘决就是经常实践练习和复习。

46、I will study English harder and become a young spiritual being for Olympics.我要好好学习英语,作一名奥运小使者。

47、⑤Li lei is the best student in our class. 李磊是我们班学习最好的学生。

48、Good luck with your Chinese. 祝你的汉语(学习)能有好运。

49、It was difficult to conciliate football and study, but I could have devoted to my studies in a better way.虽然足球和学习不太好兼顾,可我本应该在学习方面做得更好些的。

50、you have set us a good example to follow.你为我们树立了学习的好榜样。

经典英文句子51:好好学习,51、Xuejing works very hard in school and gets outstanding grades.姜雪静学习成绩优异,一直是三好学生。

52、Bright and eager to learn, has promising potential.聪颖机敏,好学不倦,有优越之学习能力。

53、But it's kind of nice because I have so many friends to like, study with,但是那很好,因为我有好多朋友,可以一起学习,

54、We must do a good job of studying and working to improve, how can we take?既要搞好学习,又要搞好工作,怎么才能兼顾呢?

55、Find a good teacher, learning fun. Free Trial.找好外教,学习快乐。免费试讲。

56、Anyway, I promise you I'll try to focus on study from now on.总之我答应你,以后会好好学习。

57、This is also a great activity for your kinaesthetic learners.对于好动的学生来说,这更是一个很好的练习。

58、我已经尽力了 I've done my best. 好好学习,天天向上 To make goods efforts in study and make progress everyday!

59、Agood teacher must be an example in study.一个好的教师必须是学习的模范。

60、He won scholarship every year because of his wonderful academic performance.他学习成绩很好,每学年都能拿到学校的奖学金。

61、The instructor maintains good interaction with students and creates a good learning atmosphere.教师能与学生维持良好的互动关系,营造良好的学习气氛。

62、There is no royal road to learning .在学习上没有康庄大道好走。


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