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关于”古诗“的英语句子30个,句子主体:ancient poetry。以下是关于古诗的托福英语句子。

英文句子模板1:ancient poetry


1、Buried hills in Dongpu sag consist of many oil bearing strata, which distribute in the Archaeozic, Lower Palaeozoic, Upper Palaeozoic and Mesozoic.


2、There are two different lyric patterns and relevant aesthetic styles in The

19 Ancient Poetries. Firstly, roundabout indirect lyricism and mild graceful aesthetic style;



3、I am CHEERY ROOSTER, cheery and charming.


4、The missing subjects of the

19 Ancient Poems were wife and family, in a private-ownership society. The style was mild, indirect and agreeable, because of influences of the feudal ethical codes.


5、Peculiar Guxianggu color art effect , outstanding antiquated style, make home display more elegant , elitist.


6、The shop is filled with a whimsical farrago of artwork, antiques, and vintage clothing.


7、He is an eccentric and always behaves oddly.


8、Many Nicholas Gray watches still use the unique alchemy character of ancient Nicholas family.


9、Confucius' approach to one's education advocates that poetry makes a man, courtesy develops a man, while music fully matures a man. Much can be learned from this idea and practice.


10、I thought about the former days, the years of long ago;


11、You have given me a seat where poets of all time bring their tribute, and lovers with deathless names greet one another across the ages.

金矿密集带位于太古宙中朝古陆板块与元古宙蒙古海板块之间的缝合线上,受北西向的富尔河- 古洞河岩石圈断裂带控制。

12、Dense Au deposit zone is located in the suture between Archaeozoic Zhongchao ancient land plate and Proterozoic Mongoliasea plate , controlled by NW Fuerhe and Gudonghe lithosphericfractures.


13、The century-old ancient well, ancient tree, the blue brick flies in the eaves, antique tatami bed, got back to home of history at last.


14、The article introduces the methods of ancient books protection from these aspects:collection environment, mothproof approach, repairing the damaged ancient books.


15、Darwin and Wedgwood shared a hatred of the slave trade, contributing money and propaganda — in the form of anti-slavery verse and ceramic curios — to the “sacred cause” of abolition.


16、These two literary delights still linger in my memory--and there is the other, the infants' classic: "The rain falls pit-a-pat, the tide comes up the river."



12 kinds of popular ancient rituals and rules.

古文化 遗址 、古墓葬是反映古人类生活的重要文化遗迹。

18、Ancient culture sites and ancient tombs are important cultural trace which reflect the ancient mankind lives.


19、Ancient paintings and old china were found in the tomb.


20、Previous oceans in the area include the Paleo-Pacific and Paleo-Asian oceans.

21、Hsieh Tiao pays so much attention to Yuefu poems, because he is affected by the social atmosphere, and on the other hand, he devotes himself to be against the common…谢脁对乐府诗的极大关注,缘于时代氛围的影响,同时也由于他本人致力于对时人拟乐府古题的反拨。

22、By the development of the poets the Aeschylus, the Sophocles and the Euripides, the life tragedy went through the process from the birth and the flourish to the deterioration.古希腊的生命悲剧经过埃斯库罗斯、索福克勒斯和欧里庇得斯三位悲剧诗人,实现了它的发展、繁荣到衰落的历程。

23、The palaeogeomorphology of Hetian palaeohigh has been resumed by using thickness method.利用厚度法恢复了和田古隆起古地貌,并对其古地貌特征进行了划分。

24、Chinese paleography studies the ancient writing and the literature material which is recorded with the ancient writing.古文字学是关于古文字及用古文字来记录的文献资料的学问。

25、Satire was a favoured weapon in ancient Irish tribal societies where the satirical pen of the poet was feared even by the king and whose position was carefully protected by law.在古爱尔兰部落社会里,讽刺作品是受欢迎的武器讽刺诗人的笔即使遭到国王的恐吓,依然得到法律的密切保护。

英文句子26:,26、Mongolian cattle are raised mainly on the Mongolian plateau.蒙古牛主要产在蒙古高原。

27、The appellations of some characters' names in old poems and essays are rather special. It can be concluded into five types. And this essay gives explanations in details.古诗文中一些人物姓名的称谓相当特殊,归结起来大致有五种类型:假设之名、刑余之名、割裂人名、行第相称和身份相称。

28、450-480 Earliest known Old English inscriptions. Old English450-480 最早的古英语碑铭 古英语

29、The meteorite events have a large influence on ancient weather, ancient environments and geological evolution.陨击事件对古生物灭绝、古气候、古地质环境演化有重要影响。

30、The ancient town of Shaxi is situated on the ancient post road between Dali and Lijiang prefectures in the territory of jianchuan County, Yunnan Province.沙溪古镇在云南剑川县大理与丽江之间的古驿道上,是滇藏茶马古道上唯一幸存的古集市。

31、A distinction between ancient Wen state and ancient Su state is imperative in studying the territory and boundary of ancient Su state.研究古苏国地理及其疆域,应区别古温国与古苏国。

32、The old town, the old village, and the old temple form a historical, custom and cultural atmosphere.古城、古村、古寺给球场更增添了独特的历史、风情和文化氛围。

33、The fountainhead of this pedigree was the golden age of Mongolian, were Genghis Khan who had changed the progress of world history with whirlwind cavalry and the epic of grassland.这条谱系的源头,便是蒙古人的黄金时代,是以铁骑狂飙改变了世界历史进程的成吉思汗与草原史诗。

34、He is president of the Paleontological Society (2004-2006) and editor in chief of the journal Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology.他同时也是古生物学会的会长(2004-2006),以及《古地理学、古气候学、古生态学》期刊总编辑。

35、All these ancient books and paintings have been marked up.所有这些古书古画都标了价。

36、There was a courier station in Dongba in ancient times.东坝自古就是茶马古道的驿站。

37、Shangli ancient town:After this stone-piled ancient bridge, the town is there.上里古镇》经过这座石头堆砌的古桥,就是上里古镇。

38、Archeologists have found ancient Russian town Divyagorsk which was mentioned in chronicles but which has been found only now.考古学家在俄罗斯图拉州吉维亚戈尔斯克发现俄罗斯古城,古书中曾记载这个古城,但现在才被发现。

39、Dense Au deposit zone is located in the suture between Archaeozoic Zhongchao ancient land plate and Proterozoic Mongoliasea plate, controlled by NW Fuerhe and Gudonghe lithosphericfractures.夹皮沟主剪切带位于太古宙中朝古陆板块与元古宙蒙古海板块之间的缝合线上,受北西向的富尔河—古洞河岩石圈断裂带控制。

40、Here in the town of Mithankot, women share a mystical moment at the shrine of Khwaja Ghulam Farid, a revered 19th-century poet they consider a saint.在米滕果德镇,妇女们在哈瓦贾·古拉姆·法拉德的圣殿分享神秘时刻,她们敬畏这位十九世纪的诗人,认为他是圣人。

41、So, Chinese classical poetry Pays great attention to the relations between emotion and art, and further more, gives a full interpretation to the emergences and the types of art in its own view.中国古典诗学十分关注情感与艺术的关系,并从这一角度对艺术发生以及艺术形态进行了充分地阐述。

42、Disciple Jing Xing asked me to give a talk on a Praise to Kurukulla as found in Guru Chen's fire puja ritual to the Mother Buddha.弟子敬行请我讲解他在陈上师的〈古鲁古里佛母怀法火供仪轨〉中找出的〈古鲁古里佛母颂〉。

43、Specializes in antique watches & clocks and provides overhaul & repair services.专营古董表、古董钟、古董机械时计、维修钟表,提供保养服务。

44、He had many friends and vivid passions: for music, sailing and chess, for ancient Greek and Greece, for composing Latin verse and raising orchids.他憧憬着古希腊,热衷于它的语言;



45、Headgear in ancient times included hats for men and hairpieces for women.古时候的帽饰古时候的古时候包括男子的帽子和女子的假发。

46、Paleosalinity recovery is one of the important methods for paleoenvironment and paleoclimate study.古盐度的恢复是对古环境和古气候研究的重要方法之

47、He's an awkward / queer old cuss .他是个笨手笨脚的[古里古怪的]家伙。

48、It is well known Mongolian character is what the Mongolian have learned from ancient Uighur, but few people knew ancient Uighur once used Ph'ags-pa Script in the Yuan dynasty.蒙古人自古至今使用的蒙古文是从回鹘人那里学来的,但回鹘人也曾一度使用过蒙古八思巴字,这是古代民族相互学习的结果。

49、Most of their study of the ancient capital, the limited research results in perspective is to start from the literature and the power in the "Annotations" research itself is extremely rare.对于其古注本的研究,在有限的研究成果中也是从文献学角度入手,专力于《温飞卿诗集笺注》本身的研究少之又少。

50、Most Mongolians are Mongol in descent.大多数蒙古人在血统上都缘于蒙古(Mongol)。

经典英文句子51:古诗,51、Jiading ancient town, Songjiang ancient town, Nanxiang ancient town and Zhujiajiao ancient town have been approved the first four history culture of Shanghai town.嘉定古镇与松江古镇、南翔古镇、朱家角古镇被列为上海市首批四座历史文化名镇。

52、The stagnation of the prose writing of the Hanyu School is the sign of exhaustion of the intellectual movement in Tang Dynasty.韩派古文作家是中晚唐古文运动的主力军,韩派古文创作的销沉是唐代古文运动衰歇的标志。

53、This ancient belief has lingered on through the ages.这个古老的信念扰攘千古。

54、The yellow crane tower of silk painting &roll packaging ility is elegant, pure craft is original, classical and modern pleasing and smelting, poetic, process and the collection value is high.真丝书画图卷《黄鹤楼》包装高贵典雅,工艺精纯独到,是古典与现代熔铸、诗化与美意构筑的精品,工艺和收藏价值都极高。

55、The fiery tomato and couscous soup – fantastic!热辣的番茄和古斯古斯汤—太棒了!

56、All these countless ancient building, ancient villages dispaly the long history to the people .桃坪羌寨、卓克基土司官寨、松岗古碉群数不胜数的古建筑、古村落。

57、A connoisseur of painting, antiques, wine.绘画、古瓷、古董、葡萄酒鉴定家。

58、Palynology is a powerful means of scientific research not only in biostratigraphy but also in palaeoenvironment.本文探讨了孢粉学在研究古植被、古气候、古地理方面的意义。

59、So some ancient medical relevant knowledge of the language is the main content of the ancient ancient medical.所以古代医学有关的语言知识是古代医古文的主要内容。

60、Project Gutenberg - Project Gutenberg is one of the oldest and largest sources of free ebooks.古登堡计划—古登堡计划是一个古老而大型的免费电子书资源。


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