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关于”主语加谓语加表语“的英语句子43个,句子主体:subject plus predicate plus predicate。以下是关于主语加谓语加表语的高中英语句子。

英文句子模板1:subject plus predicate plus predicate

其后是 RFC 3066 中定义的语言码;这是主要的语言指派符号(“en”代表“English”(英语),“es”代表“Spanish”(西班牙语)等)。

1、It is followed by a language code as defined in RFC 3066; this is the primary designation for a language ("en" for "English", "es" for "Spanish", and so forth.).



4: Public-key cryptography terminology



3、Of course, " Wulfgar agreed archly, his tone dry."


4、It should enlarge the input of language, strengthen the guidance of learning tactics, and help students design learning goal to promote their ability in application.


5、Some things, again, are present in a subject, but are never predicable of a subject.


6、With the appearance of the English variety such as India English and Singapore English, world Englishes have been recognized gradually by people.


7、For many, Welsh is their first language and it's growing as a second language.


8、Describing the English language with the corpus-based lexical grammar makes the description more objective and accurate.


9、Please to foreigners Chinese bridge!


10、I buy gifts for my parents


11、Colloquialism that is different from written language has some special grammatical traits, inversion, overlapping of the words , mending words and so on.


12、Examples of English-based creoles are Jamaican Creole, Hawaiian Creole and Krio in Sierra Leone, West Africa.


13、Seventy-one students majoring in English in Shaoguan University, 37 freshmen and 34 seniors, partited in the comprehension test.


14、Third, the value of linguistics is that by increasing his aw…


15、Why don't you join an English club to practice English conversation?


16、The history of Chinese dialect grammar, the study of which needs to be strengthened greatly now, is an integral part of the history of Chinese grammar.


17、Some were born in homes in which only Spanish is spoken, some in homes who residents only spoke Catalan (a romance language spoken in northeastern Spain), and some in bilingual homes.


18、8% of the Bulgarian population speak Bulgarian, a member of the Slavic languages, as mother-language.

这种语言由盎格鲁-撒克逊语言为基础,再加上来自 丹麦和 挪威的语言。

19、The language consisted of an Anglo-Saxon base plus words from the languages of Denmark and Norway.


20、As a part of the folk song's language, the extra words have strengthened the popularity and endemicity of the lyric language, and have enhanced the expression of the music language.

21、With Koro, linguists now count 加上柯罗语,语言学家统计到现金全世界有6909种语言。

6, 909 languages worldwide.

22、Any means of expression has its pragmatic competence, so the genre, the context and the main body of the pragmatics have great effect with the expression of Chinese future tense.任何一种表达方式都有其语用价值,因此语体、语境和语用主体对汉语“将来”时制的表达也都有着至关重要的影响。

23、So the study of Chinese abbreviation is an important task of Chinese teaching.因此,加强汉语缩略语研究,是汉语言教学的重要课题。

24、In this chapter the author explores the textual and pragmatic functions of disjuncts.在这一章中,作者对外加状语的语篇语用功能进行了初步探索和详细的论述。

25、Phonetic rhetoric is a language phenomenon with the help of which we employ phonetic means to embellish and improve our conversation during our oral communication.语音修辞是修辞的一种,它指的是人们在使用有声语言进行交流或表达时,利用语音因素对话语进行修饰、加工的语言现象。

英文句子26:,26、It's very hard to see how you explain that in physicalist terms.都很难运用物理主义术语加以解释

27、Other things, again, are both predicable of a subject and present in a subject. Thus while knowledge is present in the human mind, it is predicable of grammar.另一些事物既可以表述主语又存在于主语中。知识存在于头脑中,它能够表述语法。

28、The flux of social history and the change of the life are all represented by people's language, especially by the catchwords.社会历史的变迁、生活的变化无不通过人们的语言表现出来,流行语则表现的更加突出。

29、Self-reference rating, recognition test and Beck Depression Inventory sment were conducted for the self-reference group.语义加工组实验程序是语义加工、再认测验、贝克抑郁量表评定。

30、Yu, , L. (2000). Phonological representation and processing in Chinese spoken language production. Unpublished Doctorial Dissertation, Beijing Normal University.余林。 黦(2000)。 汉语语言产生中的语音表征与加工。 博士学位论文。 北京师范大学。

31、In cross language conditions, two hemispheres can offer more gain effect.对于跨语言语义加工,双脑有增益效应;

32、In processing the phonetics of Chinese characters associated with semantics, subjects showed within-hemispheric dominance.与语义相关联的汉字语音加工表现出半球内优势。

33、It could have been just as reasonable to expect that there'd be an advantage for speech over sign.有理由相信,口语比手语更加优越

34、They speak English in Kanada.在加拿大说英语。

35、In keeping with the philosophy behind GFI students learn grammar communicatively that is by practicing it in context.与《 英语》的宗旨保持一致,学生是在交流中学习语法的,也就是说,在语境中对语法加以训练。

36、Multilingual projects are on the rise, encouraging coordination and interaction between language teams;多语种项目的数量正在增加,要求各语言团队之间加强协调与互动;

37、I practice speaking English by joining an English-language club.我通过加入一个英语语言俱乐部来练习讲英语。

38、In keeping with the philosophy behind GFI, students learn grammar communicatively, that is, by practicing it in context.与《英语(新目标)》的宗旨保持一致,学生是在交流中学习语法的, 也就是说,在语境中对语法加以练习。

39、The essay tries to find out the expressions corresponding to Chinese quantifier concept from abundant expressions in Russian along Chinese-Russian orientation.本文拟沿着“汉语—俄语”方向,从俄语丰富的语言表现手段中,找出对应汉语表量意念的俄语表达方法。

40、Yu, L. (2000). Phonological representation and processing in Chinese spoken language production. Unpublished Doctorial Dissertation, Beijing Normal University.余林。 (2000)。 汉语语言产生中的语音表征与加工。 博士学位论文。 北京师范大学。

41、The teacher must try to create language environment, enlarge the input of the target language through practical methods, to promote the internalization of language rules, to cultivate language sense.高中英语教学应加强听力训练,创造语言环境,运用有效的方法,加大语言输入量,促进语言规则的内化,培养语感。

42、Jiahua has English Corners in the Language Lounge twice a week.加华每周都在语言活动室里举行两次英语角。

43、This study was designed to investigate the facilitative effects of causal coherence of a text on constructing the theme of a narrative text by Chinese EFL learners.本研究旨在考察语篇因果连贯对中国英语学习者叙事语篇实时主题推理加工过程的影响。

44、Once a language and the grammar that formally describes it becomes complex, however, the number of valid expressions in the language grows rapidly.但是,一旦正式描述它的某种语言和语法变得复杂,那么语言中的有效表达式数量将迅速增加。

45、ConclusionsChinese dyslexic children exist phonological processing deficits, just like the peers of alphabetic languages.结论汉语阅读障碍儿童与表音文字的同辈类似,也存在语音加工缺陷。

46、In conclusion, semantically, ue expressions in MEE increase the fuzziness, but pragmatically, some of them serve to decrease the fuzziness.总之,轮机英语中的模糊语在语义上增加了模糊性,而在语用上,部分模糊语却具有减轻模糊性的作用。

47、His speech needs polishing.他的言语需加润饰。

48、Added French localisation thanks to Helghast.无意义,只是加了法语。

49、Syntax is a more technical term but it means the same thing as grammar.这里说的语法是更加专业的术语,在意义上和平时说的语法是一样的

50、Third and fourth English-team allowed only if Mandarin teams have been entered above.如果以上英语队参加了汉语部比赛,允许派出第三支和第四支英语队。

经典英文句子51:主语加谓语加表语,51、I'm trying to learn French.我正加劲学习法语。

52、With Koro, linguists now count 加上柯罗语,语言学家统计到现金全世界有6909种语言。

6,909 languages worldwide.

53、After a period of learning, our trainees can reach a productive skill both in speaking and writing.现在沃尔得国际英语特地在学校举行英语角活动,欢迎广大英语爱好者的参加,共同提高英语水平。

54、And add the grammar information, semantic information and pragmatic information to the six parts.对这六个部分附加了语法信息、语义信息、语用信息。

55、And why should an English speaker be barred from reading blogs written in Malagasy or Zulu?而且为什么用马达加斯加语或者祖鲁族语写的博客,说英语的人就看不了呢?

56、However, with the changing local sociolinguistic environment, an increasing number of Chinese students in Singapore take English as their dominant language at home.但是,随着新加坡社会语言环境的改变,越来越多的当地华族学生以英语为主要家庭用语。

57、The author also advocates that teachers of English should improve the students' applied competence in their English teaching pratices.倡议英语教师在英语教学中,加强对学生的语用能力的培养;

58、The translations between 可以通过添加英语作为目的语言来促进两种非英语语言之翻译。

2 non-english languages may be accelerated a lot if you add the english as a target language.

59、Traditional grammar studies English conditionals in terms of truth value and logic while pragmatics from the angle of speech acts and speech meta-representation.英语条件式在传统语法里是从真实值和逻辑的角度去分类研究的,在语用学里则是从言语行为、言语元表征的角度来加以研究。

60、During the teaching, teachers should attach importance to students'basic skills of oral English, and to the establishment of the context for students to improve their oral English.师范院校的英语教学要通过加强英语口语基本功训练、重视课堂口语教学,创设英语口语环境等方式来大力提高师范生的英语口语能力。

61、A few words have been added into contemporary mainstream American English.其中有些文字已被加进现代主流美语中。

62、He needs to perfect his spoken English before going to work in Canada.他需要把英语口语学好才能到加拿大工作。

63、These models provide some theoretical guidance on idiom semantic processing in the fields of psycholinguistics and neurolinguistics.这些模式能够为关于熟语语义加工理解的心理语言学和神经语言学研究提供理论方面的启示。

64、The language and culture differences of cross-cultural communication mainly exist in semantics, pragmatics and body language.跨文化交际的语言文化差异主要表现在语义、语用、体态语差异上。

65、Singlish is like a dialect.“新加坡英语”像一种方言。

66、I missed you the moment I left your side. I am hurrying back to be with you.我是加拿大人,英语母语

67、In this example, an english, french, german, and italian version of the name is provided when adding the product.在本例中,在添加产品时,将提供英语、法语、德语 和意大利语 的产品名。

68、I don't want to get married. 英文和中文不一样,中文可以不加主语,但是英文一定要。

69、T:I do not think I can compare the English learning in China and in Singapore because Singapore treats English learning as a primary language while China treats it as a secondary language.T:我觉得很难比较在中国和在新加坡学习英语。 因为新加坡是把英语作为第一语言的,而中国是把英语当作第二语言的。


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