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关于”问路“的英语句子23个,句子主体:Asking for directions。以下是关于问路的初二英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Asking for directions

大山:那我们找一家礼品店吧。 我们可以到问讯处去问路。

1、Dashan: Let's find a souvenir store. We can ask for directions at the information desk.


2、The highway program I proposed was designed to deal with the deterioration of our state highways, county roads, and city streets, and the need for new construction.


3、Routing is an important issue in multicast.


4、Nowadays many practical problems take both problems into account, it has formed location routing problems (LRP).


5、You used to walk straight before we were married.


6、Electronic Business: amalgamating for long or short time?


7、Urinary tract infection. Recurrent urinary tract infections are a problem for many postmenopausal women.


8、Which way will the world's most straight?

出现 SQL1042 还可能是因为无效的路径名或不可访问的网络路径。

9、SQL1042 can also occur due to a invalid path name, or an inaccessible network path.


10、Ping s will ask, Can I come in?


11、Aww, don't stop for directions, I'm sure you'll be able to figure out how to get there.


12、The most recent problem faced by the chiru is the new Tibet-Qinghairailway, which cuts right through their traditional migration routes.

然后提出了解决问题的策略 :其一是改善内山公路路况 ;

13、Put forward to settle the strategy of the problem next: Accept of Huang emperor apology remonstrates with quite?


14、What's mainly wrong with society today is that too many Dirt Roads have been paved.


15、Luke, the beloved physician, and Demas, greet you.


16、Wei :Oh! I forgot! We were lost. We just wanted to ask you for directions.


17、Excuse me, is this the right way to the People's Park?


18、As to multicast routing, the matter is to find a tree from the network covering the multicast source node and all destination nodes.


19、Don't ask strangers on the street for directions.


20、I see a question about a subnet mask .

21、The shortest path algorithm is one of the important question in pathfinding, and it is the base of the best path finding algorithm.最短路径算法是路径搜索领域的重要问题,也是最优路径分析算法的基础。

22、Luther published the Large and Small Catechisms in 1529.xx年, 路德出版了大小教理问答。

23、How to implement the initialization for synchronous sequential circuits is a important issue.如何实现同步时序电路的初始化是时序电路测试中的关键问题。

24、“Same as a street hot dog?” she asked.“和路边卖的热狗用的洋葱一样?”她问道。

25、Highway diseases often occur at the transition section between bridge abutment and embankment.结合秦沈客运专线,针对高速铁路路桥过渡段沉降问题开展研究。

英文句子26:,26、Horse riders and walkers exchanged greetings as they ped.骑马者和路人在相遇后互致着问候。

27、Railway officials don't know how to handle problems when pengers ask them.当乘客问他们的时候,铁路部门的人员不知道如何处理问题。

28、Questioner : I have come a long way to see you.发问者:我走了很长的路来见你。

29、It is all too easy to blame the railway authorities when something does go wrong.因此,一旦铁路上真出了问题,人们便不加思索地责备铁路当局。

30、Excuse me. Where's No. 打扰一下,请问西湖路二号在哪里?

2, West Lake Road, please?

31、I'm serious -- this problem ain't going away anytime soon.说真的,这个问题短期内没有出路。

32、'Is this the right way to Weatherbury?' asked Gabriel .“这是去威瑟伯里的路吗?”盖伯瑞尔问。

33、The old age insurance is the only way to solve problems and contradiction and construct harmonious society.养老保障作为铺设“和谐之路”的铺路石,是化解矛盾、解决问题、构建和谐社会的必由之路。

34、The VRP was changed into a quasi-continuous problem by designing a new real coding. Constrained terms in VRP were processed by the penalty function.设计了求解车辆路径问题的一种新的实数编码方案,将车辆路径问题转化成准连续优化问题,并采用罚函数法处理约束条件。

35、Their father asked them, 'Which way did he go?父亲问他们说,神人从哪条路去了呢?

36、What is the quickest way to get to the stadium, please?请问去体育场最近的路怎么走?

37、The terminal path cover problem is to find a terminal path cover of G of minimum cardinality with respect to T.终端路迳覆盖问题在于找到一个相对于T的G上最少路迳数的终端路迳覆盖。

38、The Routing and Remote Access snap-in is open.路由和远程访问管理单元已打开。

39、Excuse me. Which is the way to East Park, please ?请问,哪条路是去东方公园的?

40、The question is:Do I wish to walk this path consciously, or unconsciously?问题是:我是希望有意识地走这条路,还是无意识地走这条路?

41、A novel dynamic router and wavelength ignment (RWA) algorithm for the dynamic wavelength router optical network (WRON) was presented here.针对波长路由网络中动态光链路建立问题,提出了一种快速动态波长路由算法(RWA)。

42、I asked the pedestrians how may hospitals there were in Wuhu.我问路上的人,芜湖有几个医院?

43、He breezed up to the police officer and asked for directions.他信步走到警官跟前问路。

44、Sophie said, as the car lurched down the road.汽车东歪西斜地开上公路,索菲问。

45、In Lk. 路

1:41, Luke says John jumped in his mother's womb when he heard Mary's greeting!


46、Adopt from Evaluation Questionnaire of Project Astro Mind.摘录自《飞跃成长路训练计划》评估问卷。

47、Hello! Which bus should Itake to railway station?你好!请问到火车站,我该做哪路车?。

48、Question of the Month: Why Is the Dead Sea Dying?每月一问:死海,只有死路一条?

49、I've got so many people that I stopped on the streets for directions在街上,我找了很多人问路。

50、The rutting of asphalt pavement is always one of the research focuses in road engineering.对沥青路面车辙问题的研究一直是道路工程领域的热点之


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