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关于”很酷的短句“的英语句子26个,句子主体:Very cool short sentences.。以下是关于很酷的短句的专业英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Very cool short sentences.


1、But I'm still not sure I can take you around my cool friends.


2、This cool PC case is actually a mini version of a real motorcycle.


3、Jiang Liwei's hair looks cool. His hair goes well with his trousers. (His hair matches his trousers)


4、People who are convinced this style of design is “cool” have continuously imitated Tokyo.


5、There are few places on earth where life is as short and brutal as in Bundelkhand, the

6)desolate region straddling the southern tip of Uttar Pradesh where Banda lies.


6、Just get a cool tool and we're set".


7、Even my always "cool" daddy was almost burst into tears and he gave me a very warm hug.


8、One was a so-called "adorned condition" where the partints were turned out clothed and styled.


9、Jack the Lad is conscious of his image and will drink a bottled beer, or cider.


10、Bobby: What if I offered to show you some cool moves for the boards?


11、Basically, founders who are unprepared for the rigors of a startup are less likely to make it.


12、I am riding① a bike②. I am good at cycling! Do I look cool③?


13、"My name is Kudou Shinichi, I'm a detective ! " the cool boy always says .


14、Because I thought it was cool, since I am into technology and other geeky things.


15、It used to be cool to have a credit card and be all high-flying.


16、Sasaki interrogation Li Erqin, but Li Erqin all dont say a word, a torture to Li Erqin sasaki is.


17、For example, there's an amut park in my dream world with some pretty cool rides.


18、Despite the avalanche of competition it’ll face, it still looks pretty cool.


19、Speaking of MAN, a lot of people will think that, cool, personality, and so words…

“对于外空生物学,在火星上的事情看起来是很严酷的”,Christopher F。

20、"Things looked so grim for exobiology on Mars, " said Christopher F.

21、And seriously, don’t pull a “King Otto”. That would not be cool.同时真诚希望你不要成为国王奥托,这并不很酷。

22、When he was asked what was the most cruel Chinese saying, he quoted this proverb: ‘However grand the feast, it always has to end’.当有人问他中国人最残酷的一句话是什么时,他说: 天下没有不散的筵席。

23、I would look so cool that Sylvia’s red lowlights would be out of fashion.这会使我看起来很酷,西尔维娅的暗红色头发要过时了。

24、This cool timepiece was inspired by Salvador Dalí's creative art.这款很酷的计时器受到萨尔瓦多·达利(著名画家)的创作画启发而设计。

25、This all might seem very cruel but from a genetic standpoint it makes sense.这可能看起来很残酷,但从基因角度行得通。

英文句子26:,26、One of the cool coconut water is the day most eat 1-2, eat more easily apparent.的一个很酷的椰子汁是最一天吃

1 - 2,多吃容易明显。

27、Usually well-camouflaged cold, was deep into his eyes, suddenly collapsed.平时伪装得很好的冷酷,对着他那深邃的眼睛,一下子崩溃了。

28、I wasted a lot of energy when I was younger worrying about being cool.在我年轻的时候花了很多精力来成为一个酷哥。

29、Sound like one of those cool-but-too-crazy-to-work kind of transit schemes?这种新颖的交通设计听起来很酷,但可以真正实现吗?

30、Bob Bet from Ukraine has created a cool looking dragon bag out of leather.来自乌克兰的Bob Bet用皮革制作了一个外形很酷的龙背包。

31、All the UI enhancements, especially multi-touch and jump lists, are cool.所有关于UI的优化,尤其是多点触摸和跳跃列表(Jump List)都很酷。

32、“He was brutal,” said Mark Ratner, a materials chemist at Northwestern University.“他很冷酷,”一位西北大学材料化学家马克.拉特纳说道。

33、Chloramine resistance – for long life under the harshest water conditions.抗氯胺腐蚀-在最严酷的水环境下能够维持很长的使用寿命。

34、Of course, it's not easy for those professional motions such as jumping, turnover and maintaining balance at the petty edge.当然了,想玩儿到很酷很专业的腾越、翻转或边缘平衡肯定是不容易的。

35、Many people might think this is cruel, but there are a few mitigating cirtances.许多人或许认为这很残酷,而实际上有一些缓和的环境。

36、so you have few cool underground galleries and clubs and all that.有几个很酷的地下美术馆、俱乐部和诸如此类的地方。

37、Year ped, the king got married again, the people didn't love the new queen, because she was cruel.许多年过去了,国王又迎娶了一位新皇后,新皇后很美丽可是很残酷。

38、If you wanna be the best,you gotta beat the best!:如果你想成为最强的,那你就得击败最强的!

39、No doubt you will think that it’s cruel, but it saves the life of my sheep.是的,如你们所猜想的,那很残酷,但那挽救了我的羊的生命。

40、Okay, so maybe it's more of a tickle, but still...好啦,可能其实这更像是在挠痒痒,但还是很酷对不对

41、We thought it’d be really cool to do it so the neighbors could see.我们觉得这么做很酷,这样邻居就能看到这菜园。

42、The unique location-based application presents some very cool opportunities for non-profits.它独特的地图应用,为非营利组织提供了一些很酷的机会。

43、It looks pretty cool sitting next to the snorkel in the sail cap.看起来很酷的坐在旁边向液压升降台在船帆的上限。

44、Not at all. I think the tattoos are so cool and chic. I have never seen those in my entire life. Have you?没有啊。我觉得这些纹身很酷也很时髦。我这辈子没见过这样的东西。

45、Maybe drivers feel they are okay and driving fast seems very cool.也许司机们认为自己能开吧,而且开快车似乎很酷。

46、A cool pair can make a man look quite handsome, cerebral, a bit of a thinker.一款酷炫的眼镜可以让人看起来很漂亮、理性、有思想。

47、是的,如你们所猜想的,那很残酷,但那挽救了我的羊的生命。No doubt you will think that it’s cruel, but it saves the life of my sheep.

48、Youku and Ku6 were both founded by former Sohu managers.优酷和酷六都是由前搜狐高管创立的。

49、Basically, it is just a plywood box with a cool Oriental name (Furo).通常,它仅是用胶合板制造而成的,有一个很酷的东方名字(澡盆)。

50、I saw all these cool crews in thepilation videos. I want to start my own crew too!我在视频集锦中看到了很多很酷的组织,我也想组织我自己的组织,怎么样呢?

经典英文句子51:很酷的短句,51、White people think theyre so cool, but in reality, white people .白人觉得他们很酷,但是实际上,白种人糟糕透顶。

52、Well, of course, but what makes someone cool and interesting to you?当然,这很不错。 可是什么样的人对你来说是“酷、有意思”的呢?

53、That's cool. The Robert must be very clever. I would like to have one.真酷。这个机器人一定很智能。我想要一个。

54、Hello? Can someone open this door so I can get to the cool gadgets?哈喽?有人能开下门吗,我想用下那个看起来很酷的机器。

55、It will be one or many things that form an impression that Ancient Egypt is cool.可能是让他们觉得古埃及人很酷的什么事。

56、Finally, once electricity from the wall could be counted on, we began to get cool things like radios and tvs.终于,当墙上的电源很可靠时,我们开始拥有很酷的东西,比如说收音机和电视。

57、A harsh mountain winter ends the short planting season abruptly. The margin between starvation and survival is slender.严酷的山区寒冬使得作物短暂的生长季节戛然而止,人们常年在饥饿中苟延生存。


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