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关于”旅游的短句“的英语句子3个,句子主体:Short sentences of Tourism。以下是关于旅游的短句的专业英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Short sentences of Tourism

1、After a brief rest we halfheartedly glanced through the tourist pamphlets liberated from the hotel lobby. 短暂休息以后,我们随意浏览了摆在大厅的一些旅游册子。

2、In China, the tourism heat has also made a shift from city sightseeing to ecotourism. 在中国,旅游热也由城市观光旅游逐渐演化为生态旅游。

3、Space tourism may soon open up to citizen explorers, businessmen and tourists. 例句在不久的将来,太空游将向平民探险家、商人和旅游爱好者开放。

4、Then it discusses the productive nature of tourism from tourism hierarchy, the core position of tourism in leisure activity and tourism supply-demand. 接着,从旅游层次、旅游在休闲活动中的核心地位以及旅游供需的角度具体地分析了旅游的生产本质。

5、Recent years, we have carried on the following new routes: wild tour, random tour, incentive tour, "Tour station", "China century", Red Army tour, Old men tour. 近年来,本公司先后推出了生态游、自助游、奖励旅游、“旅游车站”、百年中国之旅、红色之旅和老年人之旅等30多条旅游新线路、新产品。

6、Tour souvenir is belonging to the special tour goods. 旅游纪念品是特色旅游商品。

7、Impression to tourist industry and travel frequency have certain predicable functions to travel attitude. 对旅游业的印象、旅游频次对旅游态度有一定的预测作用。

8、Ancient village tourism is a special kind of rural and cultural eco-tourism activity. 古村落旅游是一种特殊的乡村旅游、文化生态旅游。

9、For seasoned travelers, culture shock is only a short-term problem. 对于经常旅游的人来说,文化冲击只是一个短期的问题。

10、Along with Ezhou tourism advancement's quickening, the traveling professional cannot meet the tourism need. 随着鄂州市旅游业进程的加快,旅游专业人才不能适应旅游业的需要。

11、Tourism agency, tourists' transportation and accommodation are the three main contributions to the modern tourism industry, among which the fist plays a vital role. 旅行社业、旅游交通业与旅游住宿业被公认为现代旅游业的三大支柱,而且旅行社业又是旅游业的龙头产业。

12、This can easily be a day excursion–no need to get hotel rooms. 这通常是一天的短途游——因为没必要住旅馆。

13、In summer when days are longer, all the people are on their journey. 在昼长夜短的夏季,大家纷纷外出旅游。

14、In addition to the regular tourist, the Company also contractors ancient Silk Road tourism, Plateau, desert adventure tourism, mountaineering tourism, hospitality and other meetings. 除常归旅游外,本公司还承办古丝绸之路旅游,高原、沙漠探险旅游,登山旅游,会议接待等。

15、China Travel Packages Beijing bus tour is one of our best china tour packages. The…China Silk Road Tour is a clic China tour, In this tour, …A Tibet Tour will be… 中国旅游第一门户,中国旅游公众信息网,中国旅游活动、中国旅游优惠、中国景区景点、中国旅游线路、出境游、中国旅游攻略游记、中国自驾游、自助旅,机票,车票,酒店预…

16、Roots Travel by Tour - Tour the main motive for the trip into a travel type. 寻根旅游是按旅游主体的出游动机划分的一种旅游类型。

17、However, the tourism industry in Hubei develops better than most of the provinces in the middle of China, it has a very long way to go compared with the developed provinces in the east of China. 但是,与旅游发达省份相比,湖北省的旅游业还存在明显差距,其旅游收入和旅游接待人数与其旅游资源大省的地位不相称,在全国居中游水平。

18、Tourist flows are the results of the interaction between tourist destination and tourist origin. 旅游客流是旅游目的地与旅游客源地之间空间相互作用的结果。

19、It consists of innovations in tourism subject culture, tourism object culture and tourism media culture. 旅游文化创新包括旅游主体文化创新、旅游客体文化创新和旅游介体文化创新。

20、In this case, internal travel, is it grow vigorously to travel abroad, form travel abroad, inbound tour, situation that internal travel stand like the legs of a tripod. 在这种情况下,国内旅游、出境旅游蓬勃发展,构成了出境旅游、入境旅游、国内旅游三足鼎立的局面。

21、University tourism refers to the campus as a tourist destination characteristics, it is an emerging tourism. 高校旅游是指以高等院校作为旅游目的地的一种新兴特色旅游活动。

22、Package travel contract refers to business people and tourists travel between the tourism business to provide comprehensive tourist services, tourists pay the price of the agreement. 包价旅游合同是指旅游营业人与旅游者之间达成的,旅游营业人提供综合性旅游服务,旅游者支付价金的协议。

23、Tourist texts play the crucial role in propagandizing tourism resources, expanding tourism market and attracting more foreign tourists. 旅游文本担负着对外宣传旅游资源、开拓旅游市场、吸引国外游客的重大责任。

24、Gradually, people's pursuit of traveling gradually turns from view-based tourism to culture-based tourism. 人们对于旅游的需求逐步由观光旅游转向人文旅游。

25、The negative externality of tourism consumption results from the publicity of tourism production, unreasonable development plan, the low quality of tourists and tourism employees. 旅游消费活动的外部不经济性源于旅游产品的公共物品属性、旅游开发规划的不合理、旅游者及旅游从业人员素质较低等原因。


26、It offers news and information about cheap travel, adventure travel and off-the-beaten-path travel tips. 上面提供了关于廉价旅游、冒险旅游、非常规冷门旅游等的信息。

27、I traveled to Nanjing this summer and stayed for just short of a month. 今年夏天我去南京旅游并在那里停留了短短一个月的时间。

28、Rural Tourism; Tourism Products; Marketing; Yongding County. 乡村旅游; 旅游产品; 市场营销; 永定县。

29、The design of tour route include tour route designed by tourism planning specialist, tour road design in the detailed planning and tour route designed by specialist in travel agency. 旅游线路设计包括旅游规划专家在旅游规划中所设计的旅游线路、景区景点详细规划里的游道设计和旅行社负责人设计的旅游线路。

30、At present, main direction of developing tourism is ecological and leisured tourism. 当前旅游发展的主要方向是生态旅游和休闲旅游。

31、But agency business is lagging out of tune with the fast pace of tourism industry and its market. 但是,随着旅游业的快速发展,旅游市场环境的变化,旅行社业成为旅游产业的“鸡肋”。

32、A number of them departed for an outing. 他们当中许多人外出作短途旅游。

33、The new "tourist ticket" has been designed to act as a travel card for those visiting Athens for short stays. 新旅游通票的设计理念是作为旅游卡,为短期在雅典旅行停留的游客服务。

34、The tourism subject is the core of tourist activities, during the course of travelling, they ll have particular thoughts and behaviors, which is called cultural model. 本文将从旅游主体和旅游客体两个方面分析旅游体验的真实性,认为旅游客体的真实性是旅游主体的本真体验的重要来源。

35、Firstly, it discussed the China tourism geography's contribution to tourism as well as China's traveling education. 讨论了中国旅游地理学对旅游业的贡献以及中国的旅游教育;

36、Big xian area tourism development of the advantages for tourism expectations and tourist attractions, Disadvantage factors for environment and tourist shopping. 大西安区发展入境旅游的优势因素为旅游期望和旅游景点;劣势因素为环境氛围和旅游购物。

37、Developing Heilongjiang provincial tourism, we should synthesize leisured tourism and ecological tourism and make the forest tourism the supporting industry of Heilongjiang province in the end. 黑龙江省的旅游开发必须以森林旅游为主体依托框架,整合休闲旅游和生态旅游,最终将森林旅游打为全省的支柱产业。

38、Your online travel agency with destinations all around the world - Book hotels, buy airline tickets, travel packages, cruise holidays, or hire a car with … 提供团体旅游、机票、航空自由行、环游世界、旅馆、票券、国内旅游旅游资讯,包括旅行团、机票、订房、邮轮、旅行社联络等最详细完善资料。

39、Several local organisations have started selling guided trips through Kibera, a short drive from the luxury hotels that serve most foreign visitors in Nairobi. 几个当地旅游组织已经开始推销由导游带领的漫步基贝亚之旅,从绝大多数来内罗毕的外国游客入住的奢华酒店到那里的车程很短。

40、The blue tourism economy includes marine tourism, island tourism, coastal tourism, and coastal-land tourism related to marine culture. 蓝色旅游经济应该包括海洋旅游、海岛旅游、滨海旅游,以及与海洋文化有关的临海陆上旅游。

41、Qingming relatively short-lived vacation, people choose to travel more than short-long-distance travel, the Qingming Festival to promote the role of air travel is not obvious. 清明假期较为短暂,人们选择短程旅游多于长途旅游,因此清明节对航空旅游促进作用并不明显。

42、Thus he may abridge his travel with much profit. 这样就能缩短旅游的时间,而又获益更多。

43、The sustainable tourism development has been restricted by the externality of tourist exploitations. So the externality should be internalized. 旅游开发的外部不经济性严重制约了旅游业的可持续发展,消除旅游开发中的外部性是构建可持续旅游的关键。

44、Traveling in Ming Dynasty was so prevailing that there appeared many famous travelers and traveling writers. 明代旅游风气盛行,出现了很多著名的旅游家和旅游文学家。

45、Night tour is a newly-born tourism form. With the deepening development of the tourism industry, night tour is bound to become the new approach of the development in future tourism. 夜间旅游是一种新兴的旅游形式,随着旅游产业的深入发展,夜间旅游的开展必然会成为未来城市旅游的发展之路。

46、Tourism market in South of the Yangtze River has still had huge space to develop. especially vocation tour, ecological tour, exhibition tour and other special tour. 江南的旅游市场,依然有极大的发展空间。特别是跟进国际旅游潮流而来的度假旅游、生态旅游、会展旅游和其它特种旅游。

47、Why has South Korea been able to become our biggest tourist resource country to China in a short period of 10 years while the Japanese develops more and more slowly? 韩国为何能在短短的十几年时间成为我国的最大旅游客源国?而日本旅华客流增长速度越来越缓慢?

48、There are universal misreads which comprehend tourism culture coming from academic circle. Peoples always lumps tourism culture together tourism or tourism resources. 学界对旅游文化的理解普遍存在误区,常常把旅游文化同旅游、旅游资源等相关现象混为一谈。

49、The author holds that authenticity of tourism object is an im. 旅游客流是旅游目的地与旅游客源地之间空间相互作用的结果。

50、The rational tourism consumption, new tourism concept and psychological factors of tourists are the reasons for "tour elusion". 旅游者旅游消费的理性化、旅游理念更新以及心理因素等是产生“旅游规避”的原因。


51、Most holiday travelers preferred short trips during the 3-day May Day holiday, according to reports from various travel agencies in Hefei City. 记者走访合肥多家旅行社了解到,今年五一假期期间,短途出游依然唱主角; 而一些带有文化节目演出,能给游客带来文化享受的旅游项目越来越受欢迎。

52、Households curtailed leisure travel plans, substituting lower-cost short-haul and domestic travel for more expensive long-haul trips, and corporations reduced business travel budgets. 老百姓的休闲旅游计划被缩减,很多人放弃了昂贵的长途旅游,取而代之的是费用更低的国内短途旅游,而企业也减少了他们的差旅预算。

53、And it introduces the development of tourism industry in Qianguo from the construction of tourist resources and tourist attractions and tourism economic benefits. 并通过旅游资源与旅游景区建设和旅游经济效益两个方面,介绍前郭县旅游产业的发展情况。

54、Conclusion Tourist behavior has inner relation with the traits of tourism product. Consumption characteristics is the obstacle to the development of tourism industry in Lintong. 结论游客行为规律与旅游资源产品特点存在内在联系,滞留时间短及初端游览层次成为临潼旅游发展的主要障碍。

55、Community-tourism is a kind of new tourism model with tourist industry developing. 社区旅游是随着旅游业发展而产生的一种新的旅游形态与模式。

56、Guiyang should grasp the current opportunity of developing MICE tourism, give full play to its own strengths and set differentiated position in MICE tourism. 贵阳应当紧抓当前会展旅游发展热的大好机遇,充分发挥自身优势, 扬长避短,设置个性化的会展旅游定位;

57、Tourism market can be broadly divided into three parts: group travel, business travel and self-service travel. 旅游市场大致可分为三块:团队旅游、商务旅游和自助游。

58、The fifth chapter introduces six tourism brand and designs five excellent itineraries of great Western Guangxi tourism circle according to the theories of tourism circle and itinerary design. 第五章提出大桂西六个旅游品牌,并以旅游圈理论和旅游线路设计的基本理论为依据,设计了大桂西旅游圈的五条精品旅游线路。

59、The scope of business for international tourist agencies shall include entry tourist services, exit tourist services and domestic tourist services. 国际旅行社的经营范围包括入境旅游业务、出境旅游业务、国内旅游业务。

60、Research into tourism impacts is an important part of tourism geography. To investigate residents' perception is a good method to study the character and degree of tourism impacts. 旅游影响研究是旅游地理的重要研究内容,旅游地居民对旅游影响的感知是研究旅游影响性质及程度的重要途径。

61、As the essential medium, the travel agency is the bridge between the tourists and tourism-related sectors. 旅行社作为沟通旅游者和旅游相关部门的桥梁、纽带,是旅游活动必不可少的媒介。

62、It could be a day trip or a two-week excursion to your dream destination. 可以是梦想目的地的xx日游,也可是两个星期的短途旅行。

63、Many experts are studying how to plan and propagandize red tourism, to conformity the resource of red tourism, to drive the development of red tourism. 很多专家学者都在认真研究红色旅游,谋划红色旅游,宣传红色旅游,整合红色旅游资源,推动红色旅游发展。

64、It majors in in-bound tour, out-bound tour, domestic tour as well as air and train ticketing. 主营入境旅游、出境旅游、国内旅游业务,代售机票、火车票。

65、Demographical features of tourist flows are the basic content in the research of tourism geography. 旅游客流是旅游目的地与旅游客源地之间空间相互作用的结果。

66、That would open Vietnam up to a new kind of tourism -- historical ecotourism -- which goes beyond the Ministry of Tourism's preference for packaged tours in coastal beach resorts. 这将为越南带来一种新的旅游形态,历史生态旅游。 这一旅游超出了旅游部门倾向于的海岸沙滩休闲旅游。

67、Life is a long journey, challenges keep pace with opportunites during this journey. 生命是一场短途游览,在旅途上有应战和机缘。

68、"Restarting the tourism industry" in Yunnan Province necessitates a notion of large tourism in planning the prospective development and in exploiting profoundly the tourism resources in this area. 云南旅游的“二次创业”要求用大旅游的观念谋划旅游业的发展,对旅游资源进行深度开发。

69、The project focusing on medium and short term tour and holiday spending , combines characteristic amut projects such as ecological tour and farmhouse tour with excellent natural environment. 以旅馆租赁方式的中、短期旅游、度假为主,把生态旅游、农家游等特色项目融入优美的自然环境中。

70、Research range of tourism in our country is parochialism, low in arrangement, and pinch in theoretic, which closely related with unilateral, narrow, eyeless development of tourism of our country. 我国旅游研究范围狭隘,层次低下,理论匮乏与我国旅游发展的片面性、短视性、盲目性密切相关。

71、On the Suzhou Industrial tourism Abstract: Industrial tourism in China is an emerging form of tourism. 浅谈苏州工业旅游摘要工业旅游在我国是一种新兴的旅游形式。

72、Ecological chain in this context is composed of four elements of tourism: subject, object, media (in broad sense) and environment. 旅游生态链是由旅游主体、旅游客体、旅游媒体(广义)和环境四要素组成。

73、The low level of the traveling shopping not only has affected our country traveling obtaining foreign exchange dynamics, also has restricted our country tourism depth development. 旅游购物占旅游收入的低比例,不仅影响了我国旅游创汇的力度,也制约了我国旅游业的深度发展。

74、The voluntourism is a new form of tourism, which is regarded as irreplaceable tourism emphasizing on sustainability, accountability and education as well as a form of eco-tourism. 而公益旅游是一种新兴的旅游形式,公益旅游被看作为强调可持续性,负责性和教育性的可替代性旅游和生态旅游的一种形式。

75、When a tourist fixes on an international tourism, the perception factors of tourism destinations are higher than those in tourism-generating countries. 当旅游者确定国际旅游后,旅游目的地感知因素对旅游者决策行为影响高于客源国环境感知因素。

英文句子模板76:Short sentences of Tourism

76、Travel Alerts provide fast-breaking information about relatively short-term conditions that may pose risks to the security of travelers. 旅游快讯提供快速打破信息相对短期的条件,可能危及旅客安全。

77、Cebu and Boracay won the "Best Short-Haul Travel & Leisure Destination" Award for the Philippines during the Travel Weekly Magazine's "China Travel & Meetings Industry Awards" for 2010. 宿雾和长滩岛为菲律宾赢得xx年旅游周刊杂志中国旅游业内奖“最佳旅游休闲目的地”(短途类)称号。

78、The rural travel is a new branch of tourism, also the special aspect of the developing of western region tourism. 乡村旅游是旅游业的新分支,也是西部旅游开发的重要方面。

79、Sha-Hu tourism area and Sha-Potou tourism area, which are both AAAA tourism area, are main tourism areas in the north of Ningxia, and are two the most important tourism areas. 沙湖、沙坡头旅游区位于宁夏北部“两沙一河”旅游带,是宁夏境内最重要最具影响力的两处旅游区,也是主导旅游资源相似与互补的临近旅游区,两者均为“ AAAA ”旅游区。


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